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The white carbonatite showing through a window in the surrounding brown fenite

The carbonatite at Songwe Hill has a highly irregular shape that needs close-spaced drilling to define accurately.

Most of the Songwe exploration camp is tented

This brick building provides mess facilities for the exploration and drill teams. The tents have been removed while there is no active drill program.

Mkango cooperates with an NGO to rejuvenate classrooms in the local elementary school.

Because of the lack of text books, much of the study material is painted on the walls. The entry class at the tiny school has one teacher and 216 pupils!

Looking northeast from Songwe Hill.

The lake is Mpoto Lagoon, normally just a slightly swampy area, but now turned into a full-blown lake by the rainfall. The mountain in the distance, on the right, is another carbonatite intrusion.

Numerous bridges were partially or completely washed away but maintenance teams have been reacting quickly to repair them.

A panorama from half way up Songwe Hill, looking northwest.

The flat area, with the figures, is a drill pad.

Tough transport with the flooded roads

Approaching Songwe Hill, the hill in the middle distance. The hill is partially comprised of a carbonatite intrusion. The maize (corn) in the foreground is stunted due to the leaching of the fertilizer by the unusually heavy rain.

Lunch time

Sprott Global Research - site visits posted a photo:

Lunch time

The fresh carbonatite is generally white or pale grey. It is hard and resists erosion and so forms ridges and hills.

Sprott Global Research - site visits posted a photo:

The fresh carbonatite is generally white or pale grey. It is hard    and resists erosion and so forms ridges and hills.

The REE minerals will be separated from the gangue minerals by flotation

The tailings from this process will be stored on the flat area in the foreground, on the near side of the small ridge in the middle distance.

A late-stage, Mn-rich phase of carbonatite, forming a small dike in main-stage carbonatite that has been weathered to a yellow-brown on the surface.

Quartered drill core from Songwe Hill

The difference between the brown, barren fenite and the white/black, mineralized carbonatite is clear. The core was quartered to provide material for the current round of metallurgical testing being undertaken in Australia.

An typical outcrop of fenite, the wall rock material that has been hydrothermally altered by the carbonatite intrusion

It consists predominantly of K-feldspar. The REEs at Songwe Hill are mainly in carbonatite, rather than the fenite.

Малавийское небо. Орион.

Malawian sky

Малавийская деревушка

Africa, Malawi

Первая заправка в Малави

Africa, Malawi

Озеро Малави

Africa, Malawi Lake

Реклама по-африкански

Africa, Malawi

Реклама по-африкански

Africa, Malawi

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