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Five Police, Five Soldiers Killed in Cameroon Violence

[VOA] Five soldiers and five policemen have been killed within 24 hours in Cameroon's two English-speaking regions. Separatists have claimed responsibility. (AllAfrica)

Continent's Editors Hope for New Era in Zimbabwe

[SANEF] The African Editors Forum (TAEF) has welcomed the political change in Zimbabwe and has expressed hope that the presidency of Emmerson Mnangagwa will usher in a new era for media freedom in Zimbabwe. (AllAfrica)

Work Milieu - Companies Reaffirm Health Care Commitment

[Cameroon Tribune] The second edition of the public/private partnership to fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria took place on Thursday in Douala. (AllAfrica)

Abidjan Summit Ends, New Page Opens

[Cameroon Tribune] President Paul Biya and wife Chantal Biya left Abidjan yesterday, November 30 with rekindled hope after participating in the 5th AU-EU Summit. (AllAfrica)

State Budget for 2018 - Priority to Completion of Infrastructure for AFCON 2019

[Cameroon Tribune] Following is government's economic, financial, social and cultural programme for the 2018 financial year presented by Prime Minister, Head of Government Philemon Yang at the National Assembly on November 29, 2017. (AllAfrica)

Attack in the SW - Government Condemns Violence

[Cameroon Tribune] "In the night between November 28 and 29, 2017, some heavily armed terrorists attacked the elements of our Defence and Security Forces dispatched within the framework of an assignment to protect the territorial integrity of our country in the Agborkem German locality, in the Manyu Division, South-West Region. (AllAfrica)

The University of Douala - Lecturers Call Off Strike

[Cameroon Tribune] Both parties have resolved to meet once every month to discuss and communicate on the projects going on in the institution. (AllAfrica)

Fight Against Aids - Chantal Biya Takes Campaign to Siantou University

[Cameroon Tribune] The First Lady's charity association launched an awareness and voluntary screening progamme at the Siantou University Institute in Yaounde, November 28. (AllAfrica)

Chad-Cameroon Pipeline - Safety, Security Prioritised

[Cameroon Tribune] The latest magazine of the Cameroon Oil Transportation Company (COTCO) shows that no accident has been recorded in the last 25 million hours of Work. (AllAfrica)

Crisis Management - EU Supports With FCFA 13 Billion

[Cameroon Tribune] The funds are destined for victims of terrorist attacks in the Northern Region of the country. (AllAfrica)

North West - BUNEC Agency Goes Operational

[Cameroon Tribune] Pioneer Regional Head, Nanjui Awunti commissioned to eradicate documentary fraud, enhance visibility for civil status system. (AllAfrica)

Boko Haram Considerably Weakened

[Cameroon Tribune] Members of the Regional Intelligence Fusion Unit Management Committee are mapping out its eradication strategies in Yaounde. (AllAfrica)

MINREX - Officials Undergo Refresher Courses

[Cameroon Tribune] They were appointed by Presidential decree on November 7, 2017 to the central and decentralized services of the Ministry of External Relations. (AllAfrica)

Majority of Electronics - Are Counterfeit, Vendors Admit

[Cameroon Tribune] The rise of importation of fake products discourages investment in the electronics sector. (AllAfrica)

Fake Electrical Materials - Veritable Time Bomb

[Cameroon Tribune] A flourishing demand in electrical items is fueling a boom in the market and rogue traders have taken advantage of this. (AllAfrica)

Contraband and Piracy - Intensity, Routes, Tricks Uncovered

[Cameroon Tribune] Available statistics show trafficking climbed to 25 percent in the Region year before last. (AllAfrica)

Youth Is Economic Power

[Cameroon Tribune] Entrepreneurship, fight against poverty and employment are key issues youths raised at the Abidjan summit yesterday. (AllAfrica)

African Judo Open - Cameroon Emerge Winners

[Cameroon Tribune] The First African Judo Open ended in Yaounde on Sunday November 26, 2017. (AllAfrica)

UB Resolves to Sail Free of Troubles

[Cameroon Tribune] The place to be was in a beehive mood yesterday as students and lecturers were in campus to begin the academic year. (AllAfrica)

Overlying Past Glitches

[Cameroon Tribune] Though programmed to come this late, resumption at UB yesterday aims at repairing past ills. (AllAfrica)

Decree on National Higher Polytechnic Institute of the University of Bamenda

[Cameroon Tribune] The President of the Republic, hereby decrees as follows: (AllAfrica)

Opposition MPs Demand Open Debate on Anglophone Crisis

[VOA] In Cameroon, opposition lawmakers disrupted parliament for a second day in a row Friday as tensions deepen over the government's handling of the crisis in the country's anglophone regions. (AllAfrica)

'We Anticipate a Hitch-Free Academic Year'

[Cameroon Tribune] Professor Ngomo Horace Manga, Vice Chancellor, University of Buea. (AllAfrica)

South West - ANAFOOT Solicits for Offices

[Cameroon Tribune] It was one of the issues discussed in an in-camera meeting at the Governor's Office in Buea. (AllAfrica)

North West - Human Rights Commission Sizes Up Practices

[Cameroon Tribune] The North West chapter of the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms ( NCHRF), is on record with a recommendation for the education of illiterates and young prisoners to become mandatory. The Commission has also appealed to the administration of the Penitentiary centers to inspire and help inmates towards an honest life in society after prison terms with a chance to generate and save income from their works in prison. (AllAfrica)

Order Reinstated

[Cameroon Tribune] The Prime Ministerial Decree of November 23, 2017 regulates and harmonises the book sector in primary and secondary schools. (AllAfrica)

Obsequies - Emile Onambele Zibi Laid to Rest

[Cameroon Tribune] The former President of Tonnerre Kalara Club of Yaounde was buried in Febe Village on Saturday November 25, 2017. (AllAfrica)

Commonwealth Games - Cameroon Association Launches Activities

[Cameroon Tribune] The ceremony took place in Yaounde yesterday November 23, 2017. (AllAfrica)

Low Value Minerals - Sector Needs Organisation

[Cameroon Tribune] Some 8,000 small-scale miners operate informally across the country. (AllAfrica)

Wone-Koba-Mbu-Itoki Road - Bakundu Chiefs Seek Rapid Intervention

[Cameroon Tribune] They made the plea last Friday in Yaounde during a meeting with the Minister of Public Works. (AllAfrica)

Fire Ravages Cameroon Parliament

[East African] A fire destroyed the administration and finance offices of the main building of Cameroon's parliament overnight in Yaoundé, officials said on Friday. (AllAfrica)