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Mnangagwa Urges Unity; Rival Challenges Election Result

[VOA] Emmerson Mnangagwa called Friday on his country to unite, a day after he was declared the narrow winner of Zimbabwe's presidential election, while the opposition leader said the poll was a fraud and pledged to challenge the result. (AllAfrica)

What MDC Violence! Zanu-PF Is Home to the Godfathers of Genocide

[New Zimbabwe] FROM independence, the nationalist government did not intend to hand over power to any other organisation that was not Zanu PF. (AllAfrica)

Bail Hearings Delayed for Zimbabwe Opposition Protesters

[VOA] Twenty-two opposition activists, facing charges of inciting violence and causing malicious damage to the ruling ZANU-PF party offices, were told Saturday to return to court Monday for bail hearings because there wasn't enough time to hear their cases. (AllAfrica)

Harare Violence Another Wake-Up Call for SADC

[Zimbabwe Independent] First, there is the voting. Then, there is the counting. But what happens next? This is the sad question now on everyone's mind after the military was deployed to suppress post-election protests in Zimbabwe today. No-one wanted the answer to be gunfire, tanks and injuries. (AllAfrica)

Opposition Supporters Charged With Inciting Electoral Violence

[Deutsche Welle] Opposition supporters stand accused of 'committing public violence' in the wake of contested elections claimed by incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa. His main rival says he will challenge the results in court. (AllAfrica)

Two Narratives Are Being Spun About Zimbabwe's Poll. Which One Will Win the Day?

[The Conversation Africa] It is said that two things are inevitable in life: death and taxes. To these a third might be added - election victories for former southern African liberation parties. This is especially true in Zimbabwe, whose governing Zanu-PF party is steeped in the politics of entitlement. One with a brutal history whenever it is confronted by dissent and opposition. (AllAfrica)

Musicians React in Emotionally Tense Election Week

[Zimbabwe Standard] At a time uncertainty clouded the elections outcome this past week, there are artistes who have expressed their misgivings over the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission's delay to announce the presidential election results, deplored the death of civilians in the ensuing protest and the disputed outcome. (AllAfrica)

'Zanu-PF Youths' Threaten Comedian

[Zimbabwe Standard] National Arts Merit Awards and Roil Bulawayo arts awards winning comedian Mandla fears for his family after his mother was intimidated by suspected Zanu PF youths on Wednesday afternoon at their residence in Pumula South, Bulawayo, while he was in the central business district. (AllAfrica)

Zanu-PF Defends ED's Poor Showing

[Zimbabwe Standard] Zanu PF has come out in defence of president-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa's personal poor showing in the recent elections, which saw him garnering far less votes than his party's parliamentary candidates. (AllAfrica)

Sombre Atmosphere As Army Shooting Victim Buried

[New Zimbabwe] ONE of the six people shot and killed in Wednesday's shootings by the army was buried at Zororo Memorial Park Cemetery in Harare amid a sombre atmosphere. (AllAfrica)

Mnangagwa's Lame Excuses Show Dearth of Leadership

[Zimbabwe Standard] The death of at least six people who were shot and killed in cold blood by Zimbabwe's military forces on the streets of Harare last Wednesday was the biggest blight on the country's controversial election. (AllAfrica)

Khupe Led MDC Rules Out Rejoining MDC Alliance

[New Zimbabwe] THE MDC-T led by former deputy prime minister Thokozani Khupe has ruled out prospects of a re-merger with the Nelson Chamisa led MDC in the wake of electoral defeat by the former allies in the just ended national elections. (AllAfrica)

Civilian Killings By Army Dent Peaceful Zimbabwe Poll

[New Zimbabwe] THE United States of America says the use of live ammunition by Zimbabwe's armed forces leading to the death of six civilians in Harare last Wednesday has dented what was set to become the country's most peaceful election since independence. (AllAfrica)

MDC Alliance Mulls Merging Into a Single Party

[New Zimbabwe] MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube has hinted on the possibility of the popular opposition coalition further merging into one single political party. (AllAfrica)

Amnesty International Urges Probe Into Army Killings

[New Zimbabwe] Global rights lobby, Amnesty International has urged the Zimbabwe government to put up a prompt and effective investigation into army killings on six people and the injury of a dozen others following post-electoral violence in Harare last Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

21 People Charged With Public Violence to Spend Weekend in Prison

[263Chat] TWENTY-ONE people who were arrested and charged with committing public violence will spend the weekend in prison after a Zimbabwean court remanded them in custody to Monday 06 August 2018. (AllAfrica)

Not So Sexy After All, Chamisa and the MDC Alliance

[New Zimbabwe] THE tragedy of the MDC Alliance in toto is its narcissistic stance. The party's mirror suggests that it is rich and handsome. Rich in numbers and handsome to behold. For some reason, the fabled numbers appear to have been a chimera. And while there was something attractive in the punchline, "Behold the new", regrettably there really wasn't anything new to behold. Job Sikhala and Tendai Biti are certainly not new. Chamisa will soon discover that the two men have other agendas. (AllAfrica)

Army Fingered in Renewed Onslaught Against Street Vendors

[New Zimbabwe] LESS than a week since the fatal shooting of six civilians during post-electoral protests in Harare's CBD, Zimbabwe's army has reportedly been unleashed to destroy vending stalls at Harare's busy Copacabana Flea Market. (AllAfrica)

Controversial Businessman Chivayo Remanded in Custody

[The Herald] Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo who appeared in court today charged with fraud, money laundering and contravening the Exchange Control Act, has been remanded in custody until tomorrow for bail hearing. (AllAfrica)

I'll Be President for All - Mnangangwa

[The Herald] President Mnangagwa has pledged to serve all Zimbabweans irrespective of political affiliation following his election to the presidency during the harmonised elections held on Monday this week. (AllAfrica)

Opposition Has to Go Back to the Drawing Board

[Deutsche Welle] As Zimbabweans elect a new leader from the old establishment, it is time for the opposition to go back to the drawing board, says DW's Privilege Musvanhiri. (AllAfrica)

Mnangagwa Says to Hire Foreigners to Probe Harare Army Killings

[New Zimbabwe] Zimbabwe's President-elect Emmerson Mnangagwa says his government would engage foreign experts to assist locals in investigating Wednesday's killing of six civilians and the injury of a dozen allegedly by the army. (AllAfrica)

Mugabes' Mansion Roof Collapse Symbolic

[Zimbabwe Independent] On Sunday, Muckraker was impressed to see how a lonely former president Mugabe tricked people into visiting him. It was, however, sad to learn of the poverty and misery over there at Blue Roof. Apparently, the roof is caving in on the Mugabes, literally. It's symbolic of the collapse of their long rule. (AllAfrica)

Endorsing Flawed Polls - Africa's Shameful Charade

[Zimbabwe Independent] It was the swashbuckling Kenyan lawyer, Professor Patrick Lumumba, who made a poignant observation with regards the shambolic state of electoral management on the African continent. (AllAfrica)

Mnangagwa 'Humbled' by Presidential Win

[VOA] Emmerson Mnangagwa has won Zimbabwe's presidential election in a poll marred by violence and charges of fraud. The election commission gave Mnangagwa 50.8 percent of the vote, barely ahead of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa. (AllAfrica)

Image Rebuilding Campaign Derailed

[Zimbabwe Independent] Tragic events of this week that saw soldiers open fire on protestors have indeed set the nation back significantly. (AllAfrica)

Military Seizes Farmer's 100 Cattle

[Zimbabwe Independent] NEARLY a month after seizing 250-hectare Victory Farm belonging to Reverend Isaac Tititi Moyo at gun point in Kwekwe, the millitary has now confiscated the elderly cleric's herd of over 100 cattle, the Zimbabwe Independent can report. (AllAfrica)

Manyenyeni's 'Turbulent Tour of Duty'

[Zimbabwe Independent] The outgoing Harare mayor, Bernard Manyenyeni, describes his five-year term of office at Town House as a turbulent tour of duty, a tenure marred by meddlesome interference from Zanu PF ministers and lack of confidence from his own party, the MDC-T. But the journey has not been without its successes. Zimbabwe Independent reporter Nyasha Chingono (NC) sat down with Manyenyeni (BM, pictured) at the end of his five-year stint with council to discuss the future of Zimbabwe's capital city in the aftermath of the (AllAfrica)

Increase in Journalists Assaulted During Harare Riots

[Kubatana.net] MISA Zimbabwe has received two more reports of journalists injured while covering events that took place in Harare on Wednesday afternoon. (AllAfrica)

Police Still Outside Harvest House As Harare Returns to Edgy Normal

[New Zimbabwe] ANTI-RIOT police remained at the head offices of the opposition MDC-T party in central Harare as the capital returned to a tentative normal after President Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared winner of the presidential elections. (AllAfrica)

Visiting Kofi Annan Says No Time for Mugabe

[New Zimbabwe] Harare -A delegation of The Elders council of respected international personalities led by former UN secretary general Kofi Annan said Saturday that they did not have time to see former President Robert Mugabe. (AllAfrica)