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Connecting Africa Through Art

[Ethiopian Herald] "At the beginning there is culture. In the middle there is culture at there is culture". This is one of the famous saying of Léopold Sédar Senghor, Senegalese poet, politician, and cultural theorist who served Senegal as the first president. (AllAfrica)

Prospects of Ethiopia's Fashion Industry

[Ethiopian Herald] Textile and apparel industry is a strategic investment sector with an annual market transaction of more than three trillion USD worldwide which accounts for about two percent of world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This also gives opportunity for the fashion industry to thrive. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Boy (5) Back Home Months After Kidnap

[CAJ News] AN Ethiopian boy who was kidnapped and saw the abductors shoot his mother has been reunited with his parents six months after the incident. The minor had been taken to the neighbouring war-torn South Sudan. (AllAfrica)

Saudi Vision 2030 Centers On Mutual Benefits With Ethiopia - Ambassador

[Ethiopian Herald] Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Ethiopia Abdullah Faleh Alarjani says Ethiopia is one of the potential beneficiaries of his country's economic restructuring plan, Vision 2030. (AllAfrica)

Role of Industrial Parks in Reducing Unemployment

[Ethiopian Herald] The government of Ethiopia is unwavering in its commitment to making the country the leading manufacturing hub in Africa by 2025. Development of world class, specialized, vertically integrated, export driven and competitive industrial parks is the central driver and catalyst of the Vision. (AllAfrica)

'Country Has Become Africa's Investment Hub for Textile and Garment Industry'

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's non-oil driven rapid economic growth, which has got recognition by international financial institutions is attracting more Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to the country. The government's massive infrastructural development projects such as industrial parks, roads, railways, airway, electricity and telecommunications are also widely believed to be major factors in drawing FDI. In an exclusive interview with The Ethiopian Herald, Ethiopian Investment Commission Commissioner Fistum Arega said Ethi (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Goes Fully Digital

[Ethiopian Airlines] Flying even more greener; Ethiopian Airlines Group, the largest airline in Africa, is pleased to announce that it has fully digitalized all its business processes like aircraft maintenance and Flight Operations, Commercial Operations, Finance, HRM, Customer Services, Procurement and supply Chain Management, Online learning, management approvals and authorizations etc... by removing paper from the entire system as of today, September 28, 2017. (AllAfrica)

Institute Aiming for Optimal Technology Transfer

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute (ECPMI) underlined the need on creating a joint platform that would enable it to cooperate with other entities in order to carry out optimal technology, knowledge transfer into the local construction sector. (AllAfrica)

Commission Foresees FDI Amounting to U.S.$4.5 Billion

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) discloses that it has set target to secure Foreign Direct Investment /FDI/ amounting to 4.5 billion USD in 2017/18 fiscal year. (AllAfrica)

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

[Ethiopian Herald] In Ethiopia, we have been sporadically witnessing seedlings of every stripes of radicalism. Therefore, the government has identified religious fanaticism as a threat that could undermine the country's democratization and developmental effort, and hence it has vowed to work hard to undermine every tendency of extremism. (AllAfrica)

Strategy - a Means to an End, Not an End By Itself

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources has recently launched a 10 year National Horticulture Development and Marketing Strategy to boost up sector's performance. (AllAfrica)

Long Way to Go Towards Medical Tourism - Official, Practitioners

[Ethiopian Herald] Experts and officials in the health sector accented that Ethiopia should exert efforts to reduce the huge foreign currency spent to medical tourism by building its internal capacity. (AllAfrica)

British Ambassador Visits Children's Hospital and Recovery Centre

[PR Newswire] London -HMA Susanna Moorehead was able to see CURE Hospital and Alemachen recovery centre support each other to give hope to children with disabilities. (AllAfrica)

Make Vision Count - a Call for a Sight

[Ethiopian Herald] Fitsum Tekola, 26, is resident of Jimma Town in Oromia State. She has been suffering from long sightedness that caused vision problem and challenged her not to effectively perform well in schooling and daily activities for over two decades. (AllAfrica)

The Bitter Pill's Back, With Little Hope of Cure

[Addis Fortune] Almost all multilateral finance institutions were in tandem warning Ethiopian authorities about the Birr, which weighted against a basket of major currencies is overvalued. The IMF has its experts zooming in their estimates in private conversations that the Birr is up by 40pc, but the officials say it is overvalued by 30pc. (AllAfrica)

Opposition Leader Gudina Pleads Innocent On All Charges

[Addis Standard] Appearing in court for the first time after the court's summer recess, Dr. Merera Gudina has pleaded his innocence against all criminal charges brought by the federal prosecutors.The defense team told the court that Dr. Merera's plea of innocence was late by eleven months since the charges were brought against him. (AllAfrica)

MFM Inaugurates TVET College

[Ethiopian Herald] Menschen fuer Menschen (MfM) Foundation officially inaugurates an up-to-the-standard Technical and Vocational Education and Training College (TVET) at Hawariat Town, Gurage Zone of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' State with a cost of 55 million Birr. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Airlines Mulling Flights to Hangzhou As 6th Chinese Destination

[Focac] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia's national air carrier Ethiopian Airlines (ET) is mulling flights to the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. (AllAfrica)

Calls for Sustaining Diasporas' GERD Support

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Diaspora Association aims to mobilize and reach more Diasporas to sustain their financial contribution to Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam(GERD) while calling for the government to come up with alternative income generation sources to unleash the potential. (AllAfrica)

Authority Urges Stakeholders to Prevent Artifact's Theft

[Ethiopian Herald] Raising the public's awareness has to be central in the effort of protecting ancient heritages from theft and damage. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Airlines to Partner Tour Firms

[Observer] Ethiopian Airlines is looking for tour and travel companies to partner in order to boost regional tourism and trade between Uganda and Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

From Barren to Fertile Scaling Up Tigray's Experience

[Ethiopian Herald] Drought affected States will become more advantageous if they emulate the voluntary public mobilizing experiences of Tigray State to efficiently restore degraded lands and intensify the food security efforts of the country. (AllAfrica)

Bureau Promotes Domestic Tourism

[Ethiopian Herald] The number of local visitors for festivals and other events has increased from time to time, however many of the historical and natural heritages of the city have remained unvisited due to lack of awareness, according to the Addis Ababa City Tourism Bureau. (AllAfrica)

NBE Devalues Birr, Adjusts Interest Rate

[Ethiopian Herald] National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has devalued Birr by 15 per cent and made interest rate policy adjustments as of today. (AllAfrica)

Deputy Premier Calls for Integrated Work On River Basins

[Ethiopian Herald] Deputy Premier Demeke Mekonnen urges an integrated river basin development work through designing strategic plans that consider the economic, social and life ecosystem of the people in basin countries. (AllAfrica)

HPR Establishes, Restructures Standing Committees

[Ethiopian Herald] The House of Peoples' Representatives (HPR) yesterday endorsed the bill for the provision to increase the number and restructure Standing Committees in a bid to augment its supervision task. (AllAfrica)

Ministry Eyes At Strengthening Onchocerciasis Elimination Efforts

[Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Health and development partners disclosed that the program to eliminate Onchocerciasis - disease caused by parasitic worm - is progressing in most affected areas of the country. (AllAfrica)

National Flag Strengthening Cohesion

[Ethiopian Herald] Due to the ardent efforts of Ethiopia's sons and daughters; the tricolor National Flag has been associated with courage, hope, prosperity and unity. (AllAfrica)

Capacity Building, Technology Improving Urban Land Administration

[Ethiopian Herald] Ensuring sustainable urban development comes to reality if and only if the urban land administration system can go in line with the common interest of residents and that of government. (AllAfrica)

Villagization Improving Pastoralists' Life

[Ethiopian Herald] Establishing communal life at pastoral and semi-pastoral areas of the country has received increased attention from the government. Thus, activities relating to making sure whether the necessary requisites are in place are central to the tasks of the Ministry of Federal and Pastoral Development Affairs as well as respective states. The program is effective in States like Afar, Benishangul-Gumuz, Gambela, Somali and in pastoralist communities of Oromia and Southern people. (AllAfrica)

Parkinson Another Silent Killer

[Ethiopian Herald] It is not known when people began being affected by Parkinson disease. There is an assumption that the disease is an age-old one. In 1817, an English physician called Dr.Parkinson referred to it the shaking palsy and made a scientific description about it which was published on science journal. His publication is entitled "Essay on the shaking palsy" . He made the assessment in his own clinic with three patients of Parkinson. Sixty years latter, a French researcher who was called Martin Charket again made (AllAfrica)