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Efforts to Claim Teff Patent Right

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia has been undertaking various efforts to claim the patent right, whether through negotiation, public campaign and the legal system. (AllAfrica)

Release of the 2017 Human Rights Report for Ethiopia

[U.S. Embassy Addis Ababa] The 2017 Human Rights Report for Ethiopia reflects serious challenges to the Ethiopian people's ability to exercise their basic rights last year. We believe there is reason for optimism that the 2018 Human Rights Report will tell a different story, one of progress. (AllAfrica)

Tana High-Level Forum to Kick Off Tomorrow

[ENA] The 7th Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa will kick off tomorrow in the city of Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Reaching 112 Int'l Destinations, Serving Millions - CEOs

[ENA] Ethiopian Airlines is currently flying to 112 international destinations, which is short of the target set for the year 2025 by only eight destinations. (AllAfrica)

Newly Appointed Ministers Express Readiness to Addressing Public Demands

[ENA] Newly appointed ministers expressed readiness to carry out the responsibility of addressing public demands and grievances in their respective sectors. (AllAfrica)

First Phase Airport Expansion to Go Operational By June

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Airlines Group yesterday disclosed that the first phase of the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport expansion expected to go operational by the end of June this year. (AllAfrica)

8,000 Ethiopians to Perform Hajj Pilgrimage

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council (EIASC) disclosed that some 8,000 Ethiopian Muslims are expected to perform the 2018 Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. In a press conference he gave yesterday, EIASC Hajj and Umrah Sector Head Sheikh Ahmed Yusuf said that the Council has commenced the registration of financially capable Ethiopians to perform the pilgrimage and take part in the five-day event in Islam's holiest place. (AllAfrica)

Forum, Canada Launch Project to Strengthen Federal Governance, Pluralism

[Ethiopian Herald] Forum of Federations and the government of Canada launched 'Strengthening Federal Governance and Pluralism in Ethiopia', a project to address challenges and opportunities in Ethiopia's federal governance with the aim of creating a strengthened and more responsive federal system. The Canadian government funded 5.675 million US Dollar for Forum of Federations to implement the project in five years. (AllAfrica)

Prospects of Conference Tourism

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia should extensively work to expand tourism infrastructure and develop strategy so as to exploit its potential and become center of conference tourism, tourism experts say. (AllAfrica)

Remembering Tewodros II - the Emperor Who Ended the Era of Division

[Ethiopian Herald] In Ethiopian history, the time between the mid 18th to 19th centuries is known as 'Zemene Mesafint' or Era of Princes. The main feature of time was absence of central authority that the country was divided between regions run by different princes. It was Emperor (King of Kings) Tewodros II who came to the picture at this critical juncture in the country's history. (AllAfrica)

A Nation in Need of a New Story

[African Arguments] The kings told a story. Meles told a story. Abiy needs to tell one too. (AllAfrica)

PM Abiy Ahmed Forms New Cabinet

[Addis Standard] Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has today formed his new cabinet members. The Prime minister presented sixteen names, of which ten are new names for ministerial positions, while the six were recycled from one ministry to another. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia to Dominate Global Coffee Market Soon, Says Expert

[ENA] Ethiopia has colossal opportunity to dominate global coffee market in the near future as the global coffee consumption is increasing, Director of Jimma Agricultural Research Center, Ashenafi Ayano said. (AllAfrica)

President of the Republic to Partake in High-Level Tana Forum in Ethiopia

[SNA] Khartoum -President of the Republic, Field Marshal Omer Al-Bashir is due to head to Ethiopia , Friday chairing Sudan delegation to the high-level Tana Forum on Peace and Security in Africa, scheduled to convene in Bahir Dar town in Ethiopia , April 21-22. (AllAfrica)

Parliament Approves the Appointment of Ministers

[ENA] The House of Peoples' Representatives unanimously approved the appointment of 16 ministers presented by Prime Minister Doctor Abiy Ahmed today. (AllAfrica)

Initiative a Recipe in Normalizing Ethio-Eritrea Relations - Scholars

[Ethiopian Herald] With the hope of normalizing the hostile situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea, citizens of the two neighboring countries have recently initiated a new movement under the name 'Peace Song for Ethio-Eritrea Initiative'. As the movement adopted a new bottom up approach to the deal with the issue, scholars believe that it would bring about tangible result. (AllAfrica)

Practicing Coffee Tissue Culture to Boost Ethiopian Coffee Production

[Ethiopian Herald] Coffee is an important international commodity next to oil. According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO) report, as more of the world population turns to coffee consumption particularly Latin America and the populous nations like India and china, demand for the beverage estimated to increase by nearly 25 percent over the coming five years. (AllAfrica)

'Ethiopia to Install Additional Power Transmission Lines to Sudan and Djibouti' - Engineer Azeb Asnake, CEO Ethiopian Electric Power

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is endowed with huge renewable energy potentials and currently it has been aggressively engaged in increasing national energy generation, transmission and distribution capacity to satisfy domestic demand whilst surplus production ready to export market to supplement its foreign currency earnings and enhance regional economic integration. Apart from renewable energy sources, Ethiopia reached agreement with Russia tobuildanuclear facility and nuclear research instituteduring country's Foreign Minist (AllAfrica)

Workneh Urges Saudi Investors to Engage in Agricultural Sector

[ENA] Foreign Minister Workneh Gebeyehu has urged Saudi Arabian investors to engage in agricultural sector of Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Airlines Urged to Quickly Finalize Airports, Begin New Construction

[ENA] Transport Affairs Standing Committee of the House of People's Representatives has called on Ethiopian Airlines Group to give due attention to finalize the delayed construction of its new airports. (AllAfrica)

House Appoints Muferiat Kamil As New Speaker

[ENA] The House of Peoples' Representatives has appointed Muferiat Kamil as new Speaker of the house as replacement of Abadulla Gemeda. (AllAfrica)

Institute Offers Trainings in Bio, Emerging Technologies

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Biotechnology Institute said that it has been delivering trainings and awareness raising programs for secondary school students on bio and other emerging technologies. (AllAfrica)

Cecafa U-17 - Kenya Held By Ethiopia

[CAF] Kenya was held to a barren draw by Ethiopia in their Group A Day Two match played on Tuesday, April 17, 2018 in Ngozi. (AllAfrica)

Four Killed, Over 20 Injured in Moyale Bomb Attack

[Nation] Four people on Tuesday were killed and more than 20 hospitalised following a bomb attack on the Ethiopian side of Moyale town. (AllAfrica)

Grenade Explosion, Gunshot Kills Three, Wounds More Than 50 in Moyale Town

[Addis Standard] Moyale town communication and Oromia regional state administrative and security bureaus blamed "Liyu Police" and "armed forces from Ethio-Somali regional state" respectively for the explosion (AllAfrica)

Ethio-Saudi Joint Ministerial Commission Meeting Kicks Off

[ENA] The fifth Ethio-Saudi Joint Ministerial Commission meeting that focuses on issues of bilateral cooperation and validity of agreements has kicked off today here in Addis Ababa. (AllAfrica)

UN Commends Ethiopia's Contribution in Peacekeeping Efforts

[ENA] The United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix commended Ethiopia's efforts in peacekeeping highest achievement. (AllAfrica)

Public Vow to Support PM in Bringing Peace, Dev't

[ENA] Some participants who attended the public address by Prime Minister Abiy at the Millennium Hall yesterday have expressed their readiness to support the effort of the government to bring peace, unity and solidarity. (AllAfrica)

The Pusher Formal Sector

[Addis Fortune] One of the macroeconomic headaches of Ethiopia is a low domestic revenue. It has sunk the nation into debt stress and strained the adequate allocation of resources into critical parts of the economy. This lacklustre mobilisation of resources to support development or at least sustain recurrent government budgets has led the authorities to tighten their grip on businesses suspected of tax avoidance and the implementation of new taxes. (AllAfrica)

Charm Offensive

[Addis Fortune] Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) has continued to charm the nation, addressing the public from east to west to north, last week. His latest appearance was in Meqelle, the capital of the Tigray Regional State, where thousands of people showed up at the airport to welcome him on Friday, April 13, 2018. It was one piece of the bigger picture, where he is touring the nation in an attempt to reassure communities that change is on the way. (AllAfrica)

ANDM Chairperson Demeke Committed to Support Newly Elected EPRDF Chairperson

[ENA] Deputy Prime Minister and Chairperson of Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), Demeke Mekonnen expressed his readiness and commitment to support the newly elected Chairperson of Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF). (AllAfrica)