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Donald Trump Should Apologize for Remarks - African States

[Deutsche Welle] African UN ambassadors and the African Union have called for "a retraction and an apology" from Donald Trump after the US president reportedly described them as "s***hole" countries. Trump has denied using the phrase. (AllAfrica)

Oromo Refugees Face Bribes, Harassment in Kenya

[IRIN] Nairobi -Ethiopian Oromo refugees fleeing to Kenya to escape persecution say they are finding life on the streets of Nairobi no better than the insecurity they left behind, as they are targeted by bribes and harassment and forced into vast camps with few prospects or protections. (AllAfrica)

Soldiers Charged With Terror Plot

[ANGOP] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia's Federal Attorney General on Thursday filed terror-related charges against five Ethiopian soldiers. (AllAfrica)

'Peace' of the Tormentor and Resistance Toward Freedom

[Addis Standard] Fostering peace is much more abstruse than waging war or employing violence to address social woes. The multi-dimensional disposition of peace necessitates a wide-ranging approach that addresses all the underlying and deep-rooted factors interposed to the absence of peace in the first place. 'Positive peace' is not merely the absence of war and violence. Instead, it is the presence of justice, freedom and equality in the political, economic and social spheres of society. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Airlines Plan to Set Up Hubs Across Africa

[East African] Ethiopian Airlines is seeking to set up hubs in southern Africa, Central Africa and the Horn that connect neighbouring countries leading to faster trade, investment and tourism within the continent. (AllAfrica)

Federal High Court Reverses Decision to Summon Gov. Officials As Defense Witnesses, Angering Defendants - Sentences Seven On Contempt of Court

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba - The Federal High Court 4th criminal bench has today dismissed its own decision to summon high level government officials as defense witnesses in the case involving senior opposition party officials from the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC). (AllAfrica)

Autopsy of Ayele Beyene Says He Died of 'Natural Cause' - Contradicts Co-Defendants Who Say He Died of 'Torture, Neglect in Prison'

[Addis Standard] The autopsy of Ayele Beyene, 29, who died in the last week of July 2017 while he was imprisoned at Qilinto prison, a maximum prison facility on the southern outskirt of Addis Abeba, has declared the cause of his death as "natural." (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia to Close Down Notorious Prison, to Release All Political Prisoners

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -At a joint press briefing given by the four chairpersons of EPRDF's member parties, PM Hailemariam Desalegn, who is the chairperson of SEPDM, said his government will close down the notorious prison ward (and a torture chamber by all accounts) called Mae'kelawi. The Prime Minister said Mae'kelawi will be turned into a "modern museum". (AllAfrica)

Two Benches At Federal High Court Jail Nineteen Ethiopians Accused of Having Links With Pg7 to Lengthy Terms

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -The federal high court 19th and 4th criminal benches here in the capital Addis Abeba have today sentenced a total of nineteen Ethiopians who were accused of terrorism related offenses to jail terms ranging from three years and ten months to 16 years and six months. (AllAfrica)

The Ethiopian Tribe Where a Lip Plate Makes You More Attractive

[Guardian] Across the world, there are people who have not been swayed by the technological advancement but have rather maintained their traditional way of life. Some of this kind of people are found around Lake Turkana and the Lower Omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

Only a Strong Opposition Will Dislodge Govt Coalition

[The Conversation Africa] The political protests that destabilised Ethiopia's two largest regional states in 2016 have become a major test for Ethiopia's ruling People's Revolutionary Democratic Front. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia, Tanzania Electric Trains to Speed Up Cargo Movement

[East African] Ethiopia and Tanzania have raised the stakes in the competition for cargo business in the region by introducing electric trains. (AllAfrica)

The Lemma Megerssa Moment and the Oromo Dilemma - Between Resistance and Governing

[Addis Standard] Introduction (AllAfrica)

World Bank Foresees Rising Public Debt Moderates Ethiopia Growth Ahead

[Addis Fortune] The World Bank, in its latest Global Economic Prospects, has forecasted Ethiopia's growth in GDP at 8.2pc in 2018, further to shrink to 7.8pc the following year. However, the projection for Ethiopia is above the average 5.4pc for low-income countries, making it remain the fastest growing economy in the East Africa region. (AllAfrica)

Projects to Develop Livestock, Fishery Sector

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian government has recently signed 470 million USD loan and donation agreement with the World Bank, of which 170 million USD loan goes to livestock and fishery resource development. (AllAfrica)

To Shield Yemeni Crisis Domino Effect

[Ethiopian Herald] The ongoing crisis in Yemen has a considerable repercussion on its neighboring countries and beyond. It has altered the security dynamics at one of the world's busiest sea passages-Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea. (AllAfrica)

Turkish Company to Replace Steel Import in Ethiopia

[Ethiopian Herald] The Turkish steel company Tosyali Holding said that it is ready to enter into the Ethiopian steel industry using its experience of over 70 years in the sector. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia's Agriculture On Move - ATA

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia's agriculture, which is still at the early stage in using modern farming technologies, is moving forward and its transformation is well in progress, Agricultural Transformation Agency, (ATA) says. (AllAfrica)

Expanding Industrial Parks to Ensure Sustainable Growth

[Ethiopian Herald] It is a sheer fact that Ethiopia has been offering golden opportunities to those who want to invest in manufacturing businesses like textiles and garments/apparel, leather and leather products, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, engineering and metal fabricated products, and agro-processing . (AllAfrica)

National Security Council Reflects On Yet Another Daunting Security Assessment

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -In another meeting attended by members of Ethiopia's Security Council, participants at a day long meeting on Friday January 05 have reflected on yet another daunting security assessment compiled from various parts of the country since the council's first meeting was held, during which an alarming security assessment document was presented. (AllAfrica)

Peace Journalism - Media Role to Promoting Peace

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), the ruling party in Ethiopia, concluded its annual party convention and came up with a communique this week. Although it touched on numerous issues, it acknowledged the presence of media that intentionally try to create conflict between different ethnic groups. It also raised mistrust within the party and the people as one of the reasons for the exacerbation of recent conflicts. That got me thinking if peace journalism could be used to normaliz (AllAfrica)

Transportation - Local Service Success, Regional Integration

[Ethiopian Herald] Advancement in transportation is one of the signs of economic progress in nations' development. For countries, having efficient transportation system means plenty of opportunities to facilitate a better social and economic activities that bring about positive outcomes. The development of transport, hence, is crucial to connecting people both in a nation and people of different countries to one another. (AllAfrica)

TTV - Combining Traditional Technologies With Modern Ones

[Ethiopian Herald] Local and International stakeholders and investors are happy and positive to establish partnership and making business in Ethiopia. Due to the fast development in the nation, various international firms are massively investing in Ethiopia in the areas of agriculture, manufacturing industries plus various infrastructure developments. Among these, Today-Tomorrow Ventures (TTV) which is significantly investing in many parts of the nation is the one. (AllAfrica)

Enhancing Conference Tourism

[Ethiopian Herald] According to a recent study conducted by Dawit Tesfaye under a title 'Analysis of the Development of Convention Tourism in Addis Ababa,' conference tourism sector has been growing dramatically to become a dominant player in an economy. (AllAfrica)

Flourishing Culture of Voluntarism

[Ethiopian Herald] Since the past few years, voluntarism in Ethiopia has been showing some improvements day after day. However, as it is not supported by youth policy, voluntarism in Ethiopia has not reached at the level of desired. (AllAfrica)

Inclusion Strategy Incentivizes Financial Outreach

[Ethiopian Herald] People in the financial sector expecting the newly unveiled Financial Inclusion Strategy to further facilitate and incentivize financial outreach efforts in the private sector. (AllAfrica)

Hotel Ranking Enhances Competitiveness - Ministry

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) says that the second phase of hotel star rating would play an essential role in enhancing the hospitality sector and boosting international competitiveness. (AllAfrica)

Red Sea Fury Reaches Sharp Peak

[Ethiopian Herald] The political crisis along the Red Sea seems to have reached to its peak with the worsening crisis in Yemen, the ISIS militant's new base in Sinai and Libya, the intervention of Egyptian military commanders to Sawa Military Base in Eritrea and continued Saudi-led forces coalition operation in Yemen. (AllAfrica)

Perspective On the Quality of Education

[Ethiopian Herald] What has to be done to improve the quality of education in Ethiopia? What are the indicators of poor quality of education? In response to these and other related questions, Addis Ababa University Educational Research Institute Director Dr. Belay Hagos recently held an interview with The Ethiopian Herald. (AllAfrica)

'I Determined to Conduct Fruitful Research Since I Do Not Want to Be Left for Library Consumption'

[Ethiopian Herald] It is believed that if the outcomes of researches are well communicated, they have potential reasons to influence policies and improve practices, livelihoods and technologies. On the contrary, in several institutions of our world, most of the academic research findings have been left on the shelves and they have not been sufficiently contributing to the transformation of a society. (AllAfrica)

New Evidence Brought in Oromo Leader's Trial

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -The Federal High court 19th criminal bench has today rejected the request by Dr. Merera Gudina's defense team to declare as invalid the latest addition of audio,video and photo evidence by the prosecutors team against the defendant. (AllAfrica)