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AU Silent Over Cameroon Separatist Crisis

[Deutsche Welle] Cameroon has disputed a report that said 100 people died in anti-government protests. The African Union has largely remained quiet as secession sentiments gather steam in the central African nation. (AllAfrica)

Teachers' Strike in Anglophone Regions Nears 11-Month Mark

[VOA] The teachers' strike in Cameroon's two English-speaking regions is coming up on 11 months with no end in sight, though the government tells VOA that talks are ongoing. (AllAfrica)

Bamenda - Life Returns As Teachers Celebrate

[Cameroon Tribune] World Teachers day message challenges North West teachers to excel in education mission. (AllAfrica)

Chantal Biya International Cycling Race - Government Prescribes Diligence in Preparations

[Cameroon Tribune] The Minister of Sports and Physical Education has cautioned the Cameroon cycling federation against plans to postpone the event. (AllAfrica)

Carnet Diplomatique - Cameroon, Korea Celebrate Fruitful Ties

[Cameroon Tribune] Ambassador Lim Jae-Hoon used the occasion of his country's National Day Wednesday to acclaim strides recorded thus far. (AllAfrica)

Descent Into Crisis - the Long History of Anglophone Discord

[IRIN] Cameroon's anglophone crisis reached a new low at the weekend when at least 17 people were shot dead by security forces and 50 wounded, according to Amnesty International. (AllAfrica)

Uphold Precious Peace!

[Cameroon Tribune] Information from the North West and South West Regions speaks of a gradual return to normalcy of activities that characterise man's life. Pupils and students who can overcome fear of the unknown are now going to school, workers and users of public service can equally go about their activities unperturbed. In fact, people are reportedly back to their routine chores. This shows that inhabitants are turning their backs on violence that surrounded October 1, the day apologists of separation predicted to herald (AllAfrica)

Violence in NW & SW Regions - Govt Decries Biased Media Reporting

[Cameroon Tribune] Below is a press release from the Minister of Communication. (AllAfrica)

Curbing Excesses in Media Reporting

[Cameroon Tribune] The incessant creation of media organs necessitate more stringent regulations (AllAfrica)

New Energy Vehicles - Chinese Manufacturer Consolidates African Presence

[Cameroon Tribune] BAIC BJEV hopes to produce 50,000 vehicles a year from its new South African plant. (AllAfrica)

Flying Eye Hospital in Cameroon - 235 Patients to Be Treated Freely

[Cameroon Tribune] The Minister of Public Health granted a press conference yesterday October 4 on the mission of the humanitarian NGO. (AllAfrica)

Stage-Managing Information

[Cameroon Tribune] Recent events in the country with the ramifications taken by the crisis in the North West and South West regions have exposed threats of another nature namely, the type of misinformation being dished out to the public about Cameroon. Most people generally understand the circulation of false information on the social media since the medium can be accessed by just anybody irrespective of their knowledge in communication. The results have been that those going online to look for news could do the filtering th (AllAfrica)

Plastic Waste - 150 Tons Collected in Five Years

[Cameroon Tribune] Stakeholders in the sector are yet to come up with a viable waste management strategy. (AllAfrica)

Bamenda - Unperturbed Public Services Activities

[Cameroon Tribune] work that slowed in the public administration following threats of street protests ahead of October 1st, 2017 has regained steam in the North West capital. (AllAfrica)

Stabilisation Mission - Positive Contribution From Cameroon

[Cameroon Tribune] The third contingent of the national defence forces who just returned from the UN Mission in the Central African Republic, CAR, have been praised by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency, Joseph Beti Assomo for their good performance. They were received yesterday 4 October, 2017 in Yaounde. (AllAfrica)

South West - Generalised Harmony Is Back

[Cameroon Tribune] Hundreds who travelled out of the Region last weekend are returning to their activities. (AllAfrica)

Future Africa Economic Leaders - Cameroon's Bony Dashaco Among Top 10

[Cameroon Tribune] He recorded significant progress in the 2017 Choiseul ranking of Africa's top 100. (AllAfrica)

Violence in NW & SW Regions - UN Condemns, Calls for Investigation

[Cameroon Tribune] Hereunder is a statement of the Spokesman for the Secretary-General (AllAfrica)

Illegal Immigration - Risks, Challenges Presented to Youths

[Cameroon Tribune] The challenges were presented at the 7th regional workshop in Yaounde on October 3, 2017. (AllAfrica)

African Athletics Congress - Preparations Hot Up

[Cameroon Tribune] The President of the African Athletics Confederation granted a press briefing in Yaounde yesterday October 3, 2017 (AllAfrica)

2nd Wouri Bridge - Jubilation Over Opening

[Cameroon Tribune] Commuters crossing the second bridge raised their thumbs in appreciation while others stop to take pictures of the new artistic jewel. (AllAfrica)

Santa Mayor Buried

[Cameroon Tribune] Condolence message of Territorial Administration and Decentralization Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi salutes quality services rendered the nation by late Kan Payne Elroy Moses (AllAfrica)

FAO - Liaison Office Planned for Cameroon

[Cameroon Tribune] Discussions are underway in Yaounde for the establishment of the office (AllAfrica)

Konye - Reaping From Kumba-Mamfe Highway

[Cameroon Tribune] More than 85% of the populations depend on agriculture and livestock for livelihood. (AllAfrica)

UN Denounces Killing of Cameroon Protesters

[CAJ News] Yaounde -THE international community is concerned at the deadly clashes in Cameroon where the English-speaking region are protesting alleged mistreatment by the largely Francophone government. At least 17 people are feared dead in the South-West and North-West regions after security forces opened fire at civilians during a symbolic declaration of independence. United Nations Secretary General, António Guterres, condemned the loss of life. He called on the Cameroonian authorities to investigate the incidents (AllAfrica)

In Cameroon, Rwandan Refugees Strive to "Live Like Brothers"

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Yaoundé -Refugees have built up an impressive support network, but August's election has resurfaced old political tensions (AllAfrica)

Will 'Ambazonia' Become Africa's Newest Country?

[Deutsche Welle] The English speaking people of Southern Cameroons are demanding an independent, sovereign nation they call Ambazonia. Cameroonian President Paul Biya will have none of it. (AllAfrica)

Indomitable Lions - What Is Happening?

[Cameroon Tribune] While the refusal or not of Toko Ekambi to honour the call continues to animate public debate, Head Coach, Hugo Broos, approached by CT expresses disappointment with the attitude of the player and prays for an end to rumours around the team ahead of its Saturday's clash with Algeria in Yaounde. (AllAfrica)

Time to Talk Is Now!

[Cameroon Tribune] An exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, especially a political or religious issue, with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement is what can be described as dialogue. Since the escalation of the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, the word, dialogue seems to feature in almost all socio-political speeches but from every indication little is being done on the field. The consequence is what the country has been going through for well over one year now. As stated by one budding African (AllAfrica)

Cameroon-Canada - New High Commissioner Received

[Cameroon Tribune] Nathalie O'Neil on September 26, 2017 presented advanced copies of her letter of credence. (AllAfrica)

English Speakers Protest in Cameroon, Demand Equal Rights Amid Calls for Secession

[Deutsche Welle] The Anglophones in the predominently French-speaking country say they feel like second class citizens. Now some say equality isn't enough - they want independence. (AllAfrica)