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Youths Centre Graduates New Trainees

[Cameroon Tribune] The 32 trainees were recently given their end of course certificates in a ceremony at the premises of the institution. (AllAfrica)

Okola Sub-Division - CERAC Rehabilitates 54-Year-Old School

[Cameroon Tribune] The work, carried out by the diplomatic wing of the association was officially handed over to the Okola educational family alongside gifts to the population. (AllAfrica)

'Our Reports Become Basis for Actions in the Special Criminal Court'

[Cameroon Tribune] Mbah Acha Rose, Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of the Supreme State Audit Office. (AllAfrica)

Emergency Humanitarian Assistance Plan - Effective Work On the Field Begins Soon

[Cameroon Tribune] The Head of State, Paul Biya has instructed the Ad Hoc Committee to get to action immediately. (AllAfrica)

Govt Struggling to Get School-Age Miners Back in Class

[VOA] Cameroon is urging children in the eastern part of the country to stop leaving school to work in the gold industry. The campaign was launched after a report said 74 people have been killed in mine accidents this year, a majority of them of school age. (AllAfrica)

Pygmies Protest Destruction of Forest Resources

[VOA] Baka Pygmies in eastern Cameroon are protesting the destruction of their forest habitat by European and Chinese logging companies. The Pygmies say the logging companies reap huge profits and leave little in return. (AllAfrica)

Physical, Sporting Activities - Promotion Bill Ready for Scrutiny

[Cameroon Tribune] The bill already adopted by the National Assembly was tabled during a plenary sitting of the Senate on July 3, 2018. (AllAfrica)

Okola High School - CEREC Hands Over Rehabilitated Structure

[Cameroon Tribune] Below is a press release from the civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic. (AllAfrica)

Political Parties Multiply Pre-Electoral Manoeuvres

[Cameroon Tribune] Mobilisation of supporters, designation of presidential aspirants and formation of alliances now preoccupy political parties. (AllAfrica)

Car Manufacturing - Budding Factory Targets Central African Market

[Cameroon Tribune] The Cameroonian industry manufacturing 70-sitter buses in Douala is already gaining grounds at the national level. (AllAfrica)

Emergency Humanitarian Assistance - Giant Solidarity Steps

[Cameroon Tribune] Since the announcement of the plan to assist Cameroonians in the North West and South West Regions due to violence, six regions have so far responded. (AllAfrica)

Programme-Based Budgeting 2019 - 2021 - Selection of Projects for Begins

[Cameroon Tribune] A five-day meeting for validation of the three-year programme is underway in Yaounde. (AllAfrica)

How I Lost My Loving Wife to Another Man - Husbands, Do Not Be Callous

[Cameroon Tribune] The 2016 Nigerian movie is about the marriage between Fred and Susan. Fred is that tall, cute guy with a good job. He is every girl's dream. Susan's encounter with Fred is swift. (AllAfrica)

Senate-Public Finances - Bills On Transparent, Modern Management Tabled

[Cameroon Tribune] Senate President Marcel Niat Njifenji chaired the plenary sitting dedicated to the tabling of the bills on July 2, 2018. (AllAfrica)

Popular Movement Party - Maiden Congress Holds

[Cameroon Tribune] The convention on the theme "A pan Africanism of government", took place on June 14 and 15, 2018 in Douala. (AllAfrica)

State House School - Pupils Celebrate With Matron

[Cameroon Tribune] This was during the end-of-year 2017-2018 academic closing ceremony chaired by the school's matron, First Lady, Chantal Biya. (AllAfrica)

French Secretary of State Visits Buea

[Cameroon Tribune] South West youths will henceforth enjoy greater empowerment through France-Cameroon partnership. (AllAfrica)

MTN Elite One - Dragon Escapes Relegation

[Cameroon Tribune] They beat Feutcheu FC of Djiko 3-2 in one of the day 29 encounters in Yaounde yesterday July 1, 2018. (AllAfrica)

South West - 100 Lawyers Join Bar Association

[Cameroon Tribune] They took their oath of office in Buea in the presence of three Judges of the Buea Court of Appeal. (AllAfrica)

Curbing Illicit Financial Flows - Joint Efforts Recommended for CEMAC Region

[Cameroon Tribune] The President of the Banking Commission for Central Africa made the recommendation in a meeting with bankers in Yaounde June 27. (AllAfrica)

Meeting Ever-Growing Housing Needs

[Cameroon Tribune] Difficult access to land and real estate loans at the origin of housing deficit estimated at over a million in Cameroon; a daunting challenge government strives to surmount. (AllAfrica)

The Country Is On the Brink of Civil War Over Colonially Created Barriers

[This is Africa] The current turmoil in Cameroon is dire and stems from the Anglophone minority which makes up roughly 20% of the country's population protesting their forced assimilation into the dominant Francophone society contrary to agreements that date back to the 1960s. The Francophone majority has been trying to quell the minority group's public show of discontent. (AllAfrica)

Govt Says Military Casualties Mounting

[VOA] Cameroon's government says the number of soldiers and police killed while fighting armed English-speaking separatists who want to split from the French speaking regions of the country has increased from 80 to more than 100 in the last two weeks and kidnapping of members of the security forces also continue to rise. (AllAfrica)

AU Summit 31 - Cameroon Needs Its Friends More Than Ever

[ISS] The situation in the anglophone provinces of Cameroon has become increasingly unstable, with regular confrontations between secessionist groups and security forces. Yet this is not on the agenda of this week's African Union (AU) summit. Meanwhile, Cameroon is preparing for presidential elections later this year. (AllAfrica)

Paving the Way to Real Industrialisation

[Cameroon Tribune] Experts meeting in a National Forum on Industries in Yaounde are aiming at turning the tide. (AllAfrica)

Going Beyond Simple Proposals

[Cameroon Tribune] A medley of industrial think tank began meeting in Yaounde yesterday, June 26 in the very first National Forum on Industries in a bid to pull the industrial sector out of the doldrums. The experts who end their reflection today at the Conference Center, are expected to identify the possible channels through which the industrial sector can be enhanced. (AllAfrica)

Possible Extension of MP's Mandate - Government Solicits Parliament

[Cameroon Tribune] The bill extending the term of office of Members of the National Assembly by one year was tabled during a plenary sitting of the House on June 26, 2018. (AllAfrica)

From Football Superstars to Engaged Politicians

[Deutsche Welle] Some African players have become very politically influential to the point of winning presidential elections -- such as Liberian President George Weah. Could footballers succeed where politicians have failed? (AllAfrica)

Concern Voiced About Education of Refugee Children

[VOA] Thousands of Nigerian refugees, who fled violence from the Boko Haram insurgency for Cameroon, say they are uncertain about returning to their country because they have lost everything to the insurgents. Humanitarian officials say conditions for refugee children may worsen if the youngsters continue to avoid school in the Minawao refugee camp. More than half of the thousands of children there either stay home or are involved with child labor. (AllAfrica)

'We Have Seen a Marked Improvement'

[Cameroon Tribune] Charles Kouh Koteh, Secretary General of the Cameroon Athletics Federation. (AllAfrica)

Us Throws Weight Behind Cameroon's Humanitarian Plan for Anglophone Regions

[RFI] The US says it may support a humanitarian plan unveiled by the Cameroonian government aimed at responding to the crisis in the north west and south west regions of the country. The authorities in Yaoundé outlined a 19-million-euro project to carry out reconstruction as well as provide food and basic necessities including blankets and mattresses. (AllAfrica)