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Police Should Know Who Cabo Delgado Militants Are

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi said on Thursday that by now the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) ought to know who the armed groups are that have been launching murderous attacks in parts of the northern province of Cabo Delgado. (AllAfrica)

Government Seeking Agreement On Debt By Early 2019

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican Minister of Economy and Finance, Adriano Maleiane, said on Thursday that the government is negotiating with its creditors to achieve, as quickly as possible, an agreement on the syndicated debt which is led by the banks Credit Suisse and VTB of Russia. (AllAfrica)

Appeals Court Rules That Nini Satar Will Stay in Jail

[AIM] Maputo -The Maputo Higher Appeals Court has rejected an appeal from Mozambique's most notorious assassin, Momad Assife Abdul Satar ("Nini"), and has backed an earlier dispatch from the Maputo City Court revoking his parole, reports Thursday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias". (AllAfrica)

Frelimo Supports the Police, Renamo Condemns

[AIM] Maputo -For the second day running, the Mozambican Minister of Justice, Joaquim Verissimo, speaking at a question and answer session in the country's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, defended the behaviour of the police during the 10 October municipal elections. (AllAfrica)

North-South Highway Will Soon Run the Whole Length of Mozambique

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's Minister of Public Works, Joao Machatine, has told the country's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic that, with the current efforts to extend the main north-south highway (EN1), it will soon link the entire country "from the Rovuma to the Maputo" - the two rivers marking Mozambique's northern and southern boundaries. (AllAfrica)

Bitter Dispute Over Municipal Elections in Assembly

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican government on Wednesday defended the behaviour of the police during the 10 October municipal elections, against claims by the former rebel movement Renamo that the police had facilitated fraud and "theft of votes" by the ruling Frelimo Party. (AllAfrica)

Constitutional Council Rejects Appeal By Frelimo

[AIM] Maputo -It is not only opposition parties whose appeals against the results of the 10 October municipal elections have been thrown out by the courts - the latest ruling from the Constitutional Council, Mozambique's highest body in matters of constitutional and electoral law, supports the decision by the district court in the northern city of Cuamba to reject an appeal from the ruling Frelimo Party against the results in thus municipality, which was won by the main opposition party, the former rebel movement Renamo (AllAfrica)

Nampula Soldiers Accused of Murder and Rape

[AIM] Maputo -Members of the Mozambican armed forces (FADM) have been accused of murder and rape in the northern city of Nampula, according to a report on the independent television station STV. (AllAfrica)

Security Situation in Cabo Delgado 'Under Control'

[AIM] Maputo -The security situation is now "under control" in the districts of Mocimboa da Praia, Palma, Macomia and Nangade, in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, Justice Minister Joaquim Verissimo assured the country's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

Economy Shows Signs of Gradual Recovery, Says PM

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican economy "is continuing to show encouraging signs of gradual recovery", Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario told the Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

'Expedite Commissioning of Katiyo Border Post'

[The Herald] The Mutasa business community has urged Government to expedite the commissioning of Katiyo Border Post in Honde Valley that links Zimbabwe and Mozambique, as delays were prejudicing them of potential revenue. (AllAfrica)

Government Reviving Distance Learning

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican government and its partners intend to revive the distance learning system so as to meet the challenges posed by the long distances that separate potential pupils from the nearest school, and the shortage of school places. (AllAfrica)

French Grant for Maputo Water Supply

[AIM] Maputo -The French government has granted 6.2 million euros (about seven million US dollars) to improve the availability of clean water in the southern Mozambican municipalities of Maputo, Matola and Boane. (AllAfrica)

Nyusi Urges Contractors to Test Their Materials

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday urged contractors to respect the legal requirement to test the materials they are using at the Mozambique Engineering Laboratory (LEM) in order to ensure better quality and greater resilience in their building jobs. (AllAfrica)

Mozambique and Angola Call for Increased Trade

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican and Angolan governments on Friday declared their interest in increasing trade between the two countries, and stepping up the exchange of experiences in the exploitation of hydrocarbons. (AllAfrica)

Tolls Announced for Bridge Over Bay of Maputo

[AIM] Maputo -Vehicles crossing the new suspension bridge over the Bay of Maputo will pay tolls that vary from 160 to 1,200 meticais (from 2.7 to 20 US dollars, at current exchange rates), according to a Sunday release from Maputo-Sul, the publicly owned company that will operate the bridge. (AllAfrica)

Two More Renamo Election Appeals Rejected

[AIM] Maputo -The Constitutional Council, Mozambique's highest body in matters of constitutional and electoral law, has rejected two more appeals by the main opposition party, the former rebel movement Renamo, against the results of the 10 October municipal elections. (AllAfrica)

Anti-Corruption Office Questions Ambassador

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's Central Office for the Fight against Corruption (GCCC) interrogated Helena Taipo, the country's ambassador to Angola, on Monday and Tuesday, according to a report in the independent daily "O Pais". (AllAfrica)

Mozambique Hopes to Boost Cooperation With Botswana

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi pledged on Wednesday that Mozambique wishes to develop more fruitful economic cooperation with Botswana, so that it reaches the same level as the political cooperation between the two countries. (AllAfrica)

Assembly Abolishes Two-Stage Primary Education

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, on Thursday unanimously passed the first reading of a government bill scrapping the current system of two stages of primary education. (AllAfrica)

150 Environmental Crimes Tried in Nampula

[AIM] Maputo -The authorities in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula have taken 150 cases of environmental crimes to court so far this year, resulting in fining the offenders around five million meticais (about 83,000 US dollars, at current exchange rates). (AllAfrica)

State Bodies Fail to Implement Ombudsman's Recommendations

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambican state bodies are still failing to implement most of the recommendations made by the country's Ombudsman. (AllAfrica)

Govt Pledges No Speculation in Festive Season

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican government on Tuesday said it is committed to ensuring that all basic goods will be available, at fair market prices, over the 2018-19 festive season. (AllAfrica)

Vendors Sell Pigeon Pea in Mozambique as State Marketing Board is Broke

[Nyasa Times] Peasant farmers who grow pigeon peas as a cash crop continue to sell their legumes to vendors because Admarc has no money to buy as the vendors have found a market in neighbouring Mozambique. (AllAfrica)

Indian Company to Invest 800 Million Dollars in LNG

[AIM] Maputo -The Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd (BPCL), which is owned by the Indian state, plans to invest up to 800 million US dollars in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in northern Mozambique where it already holds a 10 per cent stake, according to reports in the Indian press. (AllAfrica)

Renamo Wants MDM to Join a Boycott

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's main opposition party, the former rebel movement Renamo, is planning to boycott the inauguration of the new municipal assemblies, resulting from the local elections held on 10 October, and is attempting to persuade the second opposition party, the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), to join it. (AllAfrica)

Over 500 Corruption Cases Initiated This Year

[AIM] Maputo -So far this year, Mozambique's Central Office for the Fight against Corruption (GCCC) has initiated 516 cases concerning the theft of state funds, according to GCCC spokesperson Cristavao Mondlane, cited in Monday's issue of the Maputo daily "Noticias". (AllAfrica)

Buses Allocated to Zambezia Municipalities

[AIM] Maputo -Quelimane (Mozambique), 29 Oct (AIM) - The governor of the central Mozambican province of Zambezia, Abdul Razak, on Monday delivered three buses for urban passenger transport to businesses in the provincial capital, Quelimane and the municipalities of Mocuba and Alto Molocue. (AllAfrica)

26 Cattle From Mozambique Recovered, Four Suspects Arrested

[SAPS] On Tuesday, a joint operation between Emanguzi police and Mozambican police was conducted in the Emanguzi policing precinct and it resulted in the arrest of four suspects and the recovery of stolen cattle. Suspects aged between 18 and 26 allegedly stole the herd of cattle from Mozambique, crossed the border into South Africa into Mtikini area, Emanguzi. (AllAfrica)

Voter Registration Kit Found in Mozambique

[Nyasa Times] A biometric machine being used in the ongoing voter registration exercise for the May 21 2019 elections has been found on a train coming from Mozambique, Malawi police spokesman has confimed. (AllAfrica)

Misa Calls for Legal Action Against Moatize Mayor

[AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican chapter of the regional press freedom body MISA (Media Institute of Southern Africa) has urged the Tete provincial attorney's office to prosecute the mayor of the mining town of Moatize, Carlos Portimao, for threatening to assault a journalist. (AllAfrica)