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Politically Motivated Killings, Arrests on Rise in Burundi - Report

[VOA] In Burundi more than 500 people have been killed in the past year, most of them by the ruling party youth wing and security forces, according to a recent report from a Burundian human rights group. The allegations have raised concern as the country heads toward a contentious referendum. (AllAfrica)

Without Urgent Funding, Burundi Risks Becoming a 'Forgotten Crisis' - UN Refugee Agency

[UN News] Warning that Burundi could become a "forgotten crisis," with the number of people struggling for survival increasing by the day, United Nations agencies together with aid partners on Wednesday launched a funding appeal to keep the humanitarian situation from deteriorating further. (AllAfrica)

Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi to Roll Out EAC E-Passport

[East African] Tanzania has joined Kenya in rolling out the East African Community electronic passport, ahead of the December 2018 deadline, when countries are expected to phase out the national passports. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Welcomes Refugees Fleeing DR Congo Violence

[Deutsche Welle] Thousands of refugees have flooded into Burundi to escape a fresh outbreak of fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The UNHCR has praised locals for welcoming their traumatized neighbors. (AllAfrica)

8,000 Congolese Flee to Burundi

[East African] Burundi has in the past week received more than 8,000 refugees fleeing the fighting between Mai Mai rebels and government forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

EU Sets Bad Example On Human Rights With NGO Crackdown - UN Expert

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The EU has historically done a good job supporting and protecting rights advocates worldwide but the bloc's authority is now being undermined from within (AllAfrica)

Louis Rwagasore, the Unifying Prince

[Deutsche Welle] Prince Louis Rwagasore was supposed to lead Burundi into independence. He was named prime minister but was killed shortly before independence. (AllAfrica)

Bujumbura's Belvédère Restaurant Delights the Senses

[East African] Despite being one of the poorest countries in Africa, Burundi is one of the most beautiful, with rolling hills surrounding the capital city of Bujumbura. The city sits on the northeastern shores of Lake Tanganyika. (AllAfrica)

Recall of Lactalis Products in Rwanda and Burundi Starts

[East African] Rwandan government has begun recalling products by French food giant Lactalis days after it issued an order similar to that given by manufacturers. (AllAfrica)

Five Women Burned Within Two Weeks in Western Burundi

[Iwacu] Victims are from Rugombo, Buganda and Mugina communes in Cibitoke western province. Women activists decry these despicable acts and demand justice and administration executives to intervene. (AllAfrica)

Youth Think Tank for Great Lakes

[Iwacu] Those young people are from Burundi, DRC and Rwanda. They network for the development of the Great Lakes region by promoting entrepreneurial initiatives of young people. (AllAfrica)

Opposition to Contribute to 2020 Elections

[Iwacu] 36 unions and the parliamentary group from Amizero y'Abarundi coalition have protested against the withdrawal of money from workers' salary to contribute to the elections in 2020. They denounce the use of force. (AllAfrica)

Bujumbura - Small Denomination Banknotes to Provoke Quarrel Between Bus Drivers and Passengers

[Iwacu] Following the rise in fuel prices at gas stations, bus fare in Bujumbura town and in the countryside has increased. The price of transport in Bujumbura neighbourhoods has increased from BIF 350 to BIF 380. The lack of BIF 10 and 20 bills causes problems. (AllAfrica)

Save 'Aaron Tunga'

[Iwacu] This musician and arranger with dual nationality (Burundian-Canadian) must have an operation in India. Burundian and Rwandan singers and artists are mobilizing to have him treated. (AllAfrica)

'Fuel Will Be Available Within Three Days', Says Ministry of Energy

[Iwacu] Since last Thursday 11January, many of the gas stations in Bujumbura town are not providing fuel. Long queues of vehicles are seen at the few gas stations that have fuel. Léonidas Sindayigaya, Spokesperson for the Ministry of Energy and Mines reassures: "Fuel will be available within three days." (AllAfrica)

"Amizero Y'abarundi" MPs Say Electoral Contribution Is "Illegal" and "Unconstitutional"

[Iwacu] In a correspondence addressed to the Speaker of the National Assembly, a group of 25 MPs of the Independent coalition "Amizero y'Abarundi" consider the process of collecting the contribution to 2020 elections as unclear and illegal. "We cannot support a process that violates the law", reads the correspondence. They say Article 4 of the joint ministerial ordinance on the contribution to 2020 elections stipulates that the contribution is not compulsory. (AllAfrica)

Voter Registration Card for 2018 Referendum to Be Used in 2020 Elections

[Iwacu] Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, Chairman of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), launched on 16 January, the registration of voters from Bujumbura City and Bujumbura Province in the constitutional referendum scheduled for May 2018. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Lodged Complaint Against EAC Secretariat

[Iwacu] Burundi has filed a complaint against EAC secretariat this 17 January 2018. In a legal file "The Attorney General of the Republic of Burundi vs. The Secretary General of the East African Community, Reference No2 of 2018", Burundi asks EAC court to refer to the law and answer their complaint about EALA Speaker controversial election. (AllAfrica)

8 Percent of Adolescent Girls Fell Pregnant in Burundi, Reveals Isteebu Report

[Iwacu] Eight percent of teenage girls fall pregnant early in the country, reveals the 3rd 2016-2017 Demographic and Health Survey conducted by Burundi Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (ISTEEBU). Ignorance about reproductive health is one of the main causes. (AllAfrica)

Human Rights Watch - '2015 Crisis Continued Through 2017'

[Iwacu] In its 28th annual world report made this Thursday 18 January, the Human Rights Watch has published a 643-page report reviewing the human rights practices in more than 90 countries including Burundi. The experts of the Human Rights Watch report that the political and human rights crisis that erupted in April 2015 continued through 2017, as government forces targeted real and perceived opponents with near total impunity. (AllAfrica)

About 250 People Claim Compensations Over Lands Taken By Government in Kamenge

[Iwacu] After 17 years, residents of Mirango I and II and Gituro zone of Kamenge neighborhood in the northern part of Bujumbura Capital are still claiming compensations after they lost their lands in 1999. (AllAfrica)

Gasenyi Evicted Residents Remind Environment Minister That They Are Leading Miserable Life

[Iwacu] Since their eviction in April 2017, former inhabitants of Gasenyi quarter have not yet been relocated. They have staged a sit in this 16 January 2018 in front of the office of the ministry of environment to remind the minister that they are still leading a perilous life. (AllAfrica)

Why Kenya Opted Out of EAC Project to Link Stock Markets

[East African] Kenya has opted out of the East African capital markets integration (CMI) project that is to be effected later this year in a bid to make trading in shares quicker and cheaper. (AllAfrica)

Opposition to Fight Law Review

[East African] Twenty-three civil society groups have launched a campaign against the Burundi government's plan to amend the Constitution to enable President Pierre Nkurunziza to run in the 2020 elections. (AllAfrica)

Do Global Actors Have What It Takes to Help Burundi?

[ISS] Since Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza announced that he would run for a third term in early 2015, political instability across the country has tested the limits of global conflict prevention responses. This instability has included a failed coup d'état, violent clashes between government and opposition forces, increasing suppression of the media and civil society, as well as targeted assassinations. (AllAfrica)

Resigning National Electoral Commission?

[Iwacu] Some government delegates are already campaigning for yes in the upcoming constitutional referendum. This is not the moment, says the National Independent Electoral Commission -CENI, which said it does not have the power to stop the government from campaigning for the referendum. (AllAfrica)

Minister of Interior Warns Those Who Don't Want to Contribute to 2020 Elections

[Iwacu] The response given to the complaints of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Burundi-COSYBU on Saturday, 13 January by Pascal Barandagiye, Minister of the Interior is unequivocal: "We intend to hold a dialogue with trade unionists. But, that they do not pretend to hinder the contribution process." (AllAfrica)

Talks Set Over Burundi Disputed Marriage Law

[East African] Burundi is planning consultations with the Muslim community on the implementation of a controversial law requiring all marriages to be registered. (AllAfrica)

Ceni Says to Be Unable to Stop Government Campaign for Upcoming Referendum

[Iwacu] The National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) has declared to be unable to prohibit the Burundian government from campaigning for a "yes vote" in the upcoming constitutional referendum before allowing all other partners to do so. (AllAfrica)

Two Loyal Supporters of Agathon Rwasa Arrested in Nyabihanga Commune

[Iwacu] Stany Ntakarutimana and Innocent Niyungeko, both supporters of the leader of the Burundian opposition, Agathon Rwasa were arrested on January 7, 2018, in Nyabihanga Commune of Mwaro province in the center of the country. (AllAfrica)

Torrential Rain Destroys Seven Houses and Damages Several Crops in Cankuzo Province

[Iwacu] The heavy rain, that poured down in the afternoon of this 8 January in the hills of Cankuzo and Muterero of Cankuzo Commune in Cankuzo Province, destroyed houses and hectares of crops of rice, maize, sweet potatoes, beans and bananas. (AllAfrica)