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Burundi Counts Losses Over Axed Comesa Meet

[East African] The 20th Comesa heads of state summit, which was scheduled to take place from June 1- 10 in Bujumbura, has been postponed, catching government officials by surprise as they were putting final touches on preparations for the meeting. (AllAfrica)

AU Must Re-Engage in Burundi to Push for Inclusivity As a Way Out of Violence

[ICG] The constitutional changes, if passed, could reset the clock on term limits for President Pierre Nkurunziza -- potentially giving him an additional 14 years in power -- and paving the way for the dismantling of ethnic balances embedded in the 2000 Arusha Agreement, which brought an end to Burundi's protracted civil war. (AllAfrica)

What Twitter Data Review Says of Region's Presidents

[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza is the most shunned leader in East Africa while Yoweri Museveni of Uganda is likely the community's foremost champion, a review of data on twitter shows. (AllAfrica)

UN Envoy Urges 'Inclusive' Talks to Resolve Crisis in Burundi

[UN News] Inclusive talks remain the only way to find a lasting solution to the political, socio-economic and humanitarian crisis that has engulfed Burundi since 2015, the United Nations envoy for the African Great Lakes country said on Thursday. (AllAfrica)

ATCL to Extend Wings to Mumbai, Bujumbura, Entebbe

[Daily News] ATCL will begin direct flights to India and China when the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner arrives in July and extend regional routes to Bujumbura, Burundi and Entebbe, Uganda using the Bombardier Dash 8 Q 400. (AllAfrica)

Govt Signals Readiness to Lift Ban on VOA, BBC Broadcasts

[VOA] Burundi said it is ready to lift a six-month ban on VOA and BBC broadcasts, but after it meets with delegations from the two global media outlets. (AllAfrica)

Visitor Logbooks Still Required 3 Years After Unrest

[VOA] The shadow of the Burundian government's 2015 crackdown on political unrest lingers over the capital. Amid tightened security, residents must keep log books in their homes to track visitors. Security services dropping by can demand to see them and failure to produce them can result in arrest. (AllAfrica)

Referendum - Who Will Stop Pierre Nkurunziza?

[Deutsche Welle] With the newly approved constitution in Burundi, President Nkurunziza can rule until 2034, joining a club of dictators in Africa. It's high time that African youth stood up against tyranny, DW's Fred Muvunyi writes. (AllAfrica)

Death Blow to Democracy in Burundi

[This is Africa] The majority of Burundians have voted in favour of a new constitution that could keep current President Pierre Nkurunziza in power until 2034. (AllAfrica)

Voters Back Changes to Extend Presidential Term Limit

[Deutsche Welle] Voters in Burundi have overwhelmingly backed reforms that would allow President Pierre Nkurunziza to stay in power until 2034. The president's 2015 bid to seek a third term in office plunged the country into crisis. (AllAfrica)

Ebola Risks, Gaza Stats, and a Vote in Burundi - the Cheat Sheet

[IRIN] Geneva -Vanuatu: everyone off the island (AllAfrica)

Limit President to Two Five-Year Terms, Says Burundi's Former Leader

[Deutsche Welle] A five-year term -- renewable once -- is enough, Burundi's former president Sylvestre Ntibantunganya says in a DW interview as Burundi decides on presidential terms in a constitutional referendum. (AllAfrica)

Who is President Pierre Nkurunziza?

[Deutsche Welle] Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza was named "eternal supreme guide" by his CNDD-FDD party on the eve of the constitutional referendum. A 'yes' vote could keep him in office until 2034. (AllAfrica)

Citizens Kept in the Dark Ahead of Controversial Referendum

[Fahamu] Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza has intensified his brutal campaign to stay in power by stifling international news reporting of his government's repressive actions, events ahead of his controversial referendum to extend presidential term limits. (AllAfrica)

Regional Handball - Rwanda Down Burundi to Reach Semis

[New Times] The national junior handball team overpowered Burundi in a comfortable 37-22 victory on Thursday afternoon at Namboole Stadium courts to advance to the semi-finals of the ongoing regional IHF U20 Challenge Trophy in Kampala, Uganda. (AllAfrica)

Burundians Living in Nairobi Vote in Country's Referendum

[Nairobi News] Hundreds of Burundians living in Nairobi on Thursday lined up at the International Life House to participate in a referendum on the country's presidential term. (AllAfrica)

Burundi Votes in Referendum to Keep Nkurunziza in Power

[RFI] Burundi votes Thursday in a referendum on sweeping changes to the constitution that will allow President Pierre Nkurunziza to stay in power until 2034. (AllAfrica)

A Flawed Constitutional Referendum

[Atlantic Council] Burundians will go to the polls on Thursday, May 17 to vote in a constitutional referendum set to allow Pierre Nkurunziza, president since the end of the country's civil war in 2005, an opportunity to stay in power until 2034. (AllAfrica)

Referendum to Extend Presidential Term Raises Fears of Violence

[Deutsche Welle] Following in the footsteps of several other African countries, it is now the turn of Burundi to hold a referendum aimed at making sure that its president stays in power beyond present constitutional limits. (AllAfrica)

Burundi's Dangerous Referendum

[ICG] On 17 May 2018, Burundians vote on constitutional amendments that would prolong the rule of President Pierre Nkurunziza, dismantle a carefully negotiated Hutu-Tutsi ethnic balance, and ultimately could lead to instability. In this excerpt from our Watch List 2018 - First Update early warning report, Crisis Group urges European policy makers to explore channels for pressuring the government, and African leaders to renew mediation attempts between the regime and opposition. (AllAfrica)

Arrest, Don't Execute Burundi Killers

[HRW] Last Friday night, a group of assailants armed with guns and machetes, some in military uniforms, entered a small Burundi village near the Democratic Republic of Congo border and started attacking civilians. (AllAfrica)

Democracy in Peril - Burundi's Referendum Will Cement Nkurunziza's Grip On Power

[The Conversation Africa] The citizens of Burundi, the small country in Central Africa that borders Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are about to vote in a controversial referendum. (AllAfrica)

Interview: Politically Motivated Violence Ahead of Contentious Referendum

[RFI] Burundians go to the polls on 17 May for a controversial constitutional referendum to decide on changes that could extend the president's term limits. (AllAfrica)

Anxious Burundi, Hopeful Mozambique

[Nation] In typical fashion, Burundi has in the past few months been embroiled in mounting anxiety as a controversial referendum looms. (AllAfrica)

Exiled Activists Call for Action Against Bujumbura

[VOA] Exiled Burundian activists and the Paris-based FIDH, or International Federation for Human Rights, are sending a strong message to world powers: It's time to impose more effective sanctions and other measures on President Pierre Nkurunziza and his government. (AllAfrica)

Citizens to Vote on Changes to Constitution

[VOA] Burundians head to the polls Thursday to vote yes or no on proposed changes to the constitution. The ruling party says the changes are aimed at shaking off vestiges of colonialism. The opposition says they are designed to extend the president's term in office. (AllAfrica)

UNICEF Denounces Killing of Children

[Unicef] UNICEF has denounced an attack that killed more than 25 people including 11 children, on 11 May in northwest Burundi. (AllAfrica)

The Nation Gears Up for Constitutional Referendum

[VOA] Burundians gathered in churches Sunday to pray for peace as the country prepares for a controversial referendum which could extend the president's term in office. The Catholic church has said it will fight to protect the democratic gains in the country after its request to postpone referendum vote was denied. (AllAfrica)

As Risks Rise in Burundi, Refuge in Tanzania Is No Longer Secure

[IRIN] A political almanac, a miniature desk flag, a poster of presidents past and present: symbols of Tanzania, the country that has given her refuge since she fled violence in neighbouring Burundi in 1972, dot the home of Magreth Lameck Mtema in the town of Kigoma, on the shore of Lake Tanganyika. (AllAfrica)

Many Killed in 'Terrorist' Attack Ahead of Referendum

[Deutsche Welle] The attack comes days before a disputed referendum that could extend President Pierre Nkurunziza's term. The Burundian government has blamed "terrorists" from neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo for the assault. (AllAfrica)

Teen Judo Fighter From Uitenhage Flies to Burundi

[GroundUp] Lithemba Magajana, a grade 10 learner at Gamble Street High School in Uitenhage and ranked number one in the Cadet Division by Judo South Africa, flew on Monday to take part in the African Judo Cadet Championship. The event runs until Friday. (AllAfrica)