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Somalia, Turkey Sign Deal to Rebuild Parliament House in Mogadishu

[Shabelle] The speaker of Somali Federal Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman (Jawari) has signed an agreement to rebuild a parlaiment house in Mogadishu with the Turkish government. (AllAfrica)

Govt Welcomes Arab League Statement On Berbera Port Deal

[Shabelle] Somalia's Minister of foreign affairs Ahmed Awad has welcomed the Arab League statement over the controversial tripartite agreement between Somaliland, DP World, and Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

Troops Recapture Key Town From Al-Shabaab Militants

[Shabelle] Somali Federal Government forces have retaken control of a strategic town in Middle Shabelle region on Saturday from Al Shabaab militants, authorities said. (AllAfrica)

Pakistan Will Assist Somalia in Registering Its Citizens

[Shabelle] The National Database and Registration Authority Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Somalia to provide services to the country. (AllAfrica)

Under-Pressure Donors Urged to Help Avoid Famine in Somalia

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -The competing demands of numerous global crises mean some 2.7 million people in Somalia who need food are at risk of being ignored by donors, increasing the country's likelihood of famine, aid agencies said on Monday. (AllAfrica)

Leader Plans Talks With Al-Shabaab, Says U.S. Commander

[East African] Somalia's president is trying to force Al-Shabaab to negotiate a political settlement with his government, the commander of US forces in Africa said on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Slain Regional Minister and Hirshabelle MP Laid to Rest in Mogadishu

[Shabelle] The dead bodies of a regional Minister and MP killed in Al Shabaab roadside bomb blast near Afgoye town on Wednesday have been laid to rest in Mogadishu on Thursday morning. The bodies of Abdirahman Abdulkadir Baraf who was the state Minister of Security for Southwest and HirShabelle MP Abdi Farah were buried at a cemetery in Medina hospital. (AllAfrica)

UN Envoy Lauds Somali Women for Championing Inclusivity

[Shabelle] The United Nations senior envoy in Somalia on Thursday praised the role of Somali women in promoting a more inclusive and equitable Somali society. (AllAfrica)

Families of Somali Detainees Awaiting Deportation Hold Protest

[Shabelle] As another round of Somali detainees are set to be deported later this month, dozens of families protested outside of the federal courthouse in Minneapolis to stop the immigration arrests. (AllAfrica)

Jubbaland President Resumes Illicit Charcoal Exports Despite UN Ban

[Shabelle] The President of Somalia's southern semi-autonomous region of Jubbaland, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, known as [Ahmed Madobe] has been accused of resuming charcoal export despite UN ban. (AllAfrica)

Somalia Seeks to Benefit From Jordan's Security Expertise

[Shabelle] Interior Minister Samir Mubaidain, late Tuesday, discussed with his Somali counterpart Mohamed Abubakar Islow bilateral relations and means to benefit from Jordan's security and policy expertise. (AllAfrica)

Roadside Bomb Kills 4, Including 2 Officials

[VOA] A roadside bomb struck a car Wednesday southwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu, killing two government officials and two of their bodyguards, regional officials said. (AllAfrica)

U.S. Announces U.S.$533 Million in Humanitarian Aid for Africa

[Shabelle] US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Wednesday announced nearly $533 million in humanitarian assistance for food-insecure people in Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, and Nigeria, as well as countries in the Lake Chad region. (AllAfrica)

Qatar Calls for to Respect for Somalia's Sovereignty

[Shabelle] Qatar has participated in a high-level international conference on Somalia, hosted in the British capital London. Qatar's delegation to the meeting was headed by Tariq Ali al-Ansari, director of the International Technical Co-operation Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (AllAfrica)

Kenya Says to Help Somalia Build Strong Judicial System

[Shabelle] Kenya would support ongoing efforts by the Somali government to strengthen its legal and justice system to tackle the Horn of Africa state's social and political challenges, a senior Kenyan official said Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Hirshabelle Lawmaker Accuses State President of Corruption

[Shabelle] Abdiweli Sheikh Ali, a member of HirShabelle regional parliament has accused the state President Mohamed Abdi Waare of corruption. (AllAfrica)

U.S. Secretary of State Spells Out Priorities for Africa Visit

[State Department] The text of an address by United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, at George Mason University, Virginia, ahead of his visit to Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Chad and Djibouti. The address is followed by a question-and-answer session. (AllAfrica)

AMISOM Warns of Increased Al-Shabab Ambushes

[VOA] Al-Shabab attacks against African Union peacekeepers and Somali government forces could worsen as troops try to reopen Somalia's main supply roads, currently cut off by the militants, a spokesman for the peacekeepers warns. (AllAfrica)

Kenya to Assist Somalia Develop Legal and Justice Systems

[Capital FM] Nairobi -The Government of Kenya has reaffirmed its commitment in assisting the Federal Government of Somalia re-establish its governance systems by redeveloping the country's legal and justice systems. (AllAfrica)

Military Force Won't Solve Africa's Problems - U.S. Military Commander

[Africom] A presentation by General Thomas D. Waldhauser, Commander, U.S. Africa Command, to the Armed Services Committee of the United States House of Representatives in Washington, DC: (AllAfrica)

Security Forces Launch Massive Operation in Mogadishu

[Shabelle] Dozens of people have been arrested in Mogadishu in an operation carried out by the Somali government forces, targeting individuals suspected to have links with militants. (AllAfrica)

Australia Announces U.S.$5.Million Aid to Assist Drought Victims

[Shabelle] The Australian Government announced it is providing humanitarian assistance to people in Somalia facing severe food insecurity due to conflict and drought. (AllAfrica)

Somaliland Journalist Detained Without Charge

[CPJ] Nairobi -Somaliland authorities should immediately release Mohamed Aabi Digaale, the Hargeisa bureau chief for the London-based broadcaster Universal TV, the Committee to Protect Journalists said today. (AllAfrica)

Troop Contributing Countries Disagree With UN, Donors on Amisom Withdrawal

[East African] Eleven years after the first boots landed on Somali soil to pacify the troubled Horn of Africa country, a major disagreement between the main troop contributing countries and the Somali National Army and the international community on the other has arisen. (AllAfrica)

Authorities Free 177 Foreigners Held By Human Trafficking Group

[Shabelle] Sudanese authorities on Sunday freed 177 foreigners held by a human trafficking group in a neighborhood east of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, official SUNA news agency reported. (AllAfrica)

Charity Calls for Increased Humanitarian Aid to Avert Famine in Somalia

[Shabelle] An International charity organization on Monday called on donors to increase humanitarian aid to help avert famine in Somalia where the lives of some 2.7 million people are at risk. (AllAfrica)

Gunmen Kill a Civilian in Mogadishu

[Shabelle] Unidentified gunmen have shot and killed a civilian in Mogadishu, the Somali capital on Tuesday, the latest in a string of assassinations in the seaside city in the past few months. (AllAfrica)

Forces Carry Out a Security Operation in Beledweyne City

[Shabelle] The security forces of Somalia's Federal government have launched a massive security operation in Beledweyne city, the regional capital of Hiran province on Tuesday. Hussein Osman Mumin, the deputy governor of Hiran region on security affairs told Radio Shabelle that the operation was aimed to beef up the overall security in the town. (AllAfrica)

Four South Africans Among Victims of Bomb Attacks

[Shabelle] Four South Africans have been reported among those killed in two separate attacks in Somalia. The attacks were carried by militant group, Al Shabaab, near the capital, Mogadishu. (AllAfrica)

Mogadishu Mayor Speaks About the Closure of the Streets

[Shabelle] Mayor of Mogadishu and the governor of Benadir Region, Eng Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow has spoken about the closure of the capital's main streets by the security forces. (AllAfrica)

U.S. Joins Govt in Airstrike Against Al-Shabaab

[State Department] U.S.  Africa Command (AllAfrica)