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13 Killed 40 Injured in Interior Ministry Al-shabaab Attack

[Dalsan Radio] At least 13 people were killed in a complex attack launched by Somali militant group Alshabaab targeting the interior ministry headquarters in the capital Mogadishu. (AllAfrica)

Two Explosions in Mogadishu Leave At Least 9 Dead

[Shabelle] More than 9 people were killed in an attack on Somalia's interior ministry and security forces continued to battle gunmen inside, police said Saturday, as the al-Shabab extremist group claimed responsibility. (AllAfrica)

Somali Security Officials Conclude Training On Gender Equality and Human Rights

[Shabelle] More than 30 participants from the Somali national security forces have concluded a five-day course on gender equality and human rights. (AllAfrica)

Casualties Feared in Alshabaab Attack Targeting Interior Ministry Building

[Dalsan Radio] Alshabaab militants on Saturday launched a complex attack targeting tbe Interior and Security ministries building in the Somalia capital Mogadishu. (AllAfrica)

Huge Blast Heard in Somalia's Capital Mogadishu

[Shabelle] A huge blast was heard in Somalia's capital Mogadishu on Saturday and smoke was seen rising above the scene of the explosion although it was unclear what caused the blast. (AllAfrica)

85-Year-Old Grandma Gang Raped in Jowhar

[Dalsan Radio] An elderly woman was on Thursday raped by several men at a Sugarcane plantation outside Hirshabelle adminstrative capital of Jowhar. (AllAfrica)

Farmajo Congratulates Trump On U.S. Independence Day

[Shabelle] Dear Mr. President, (AllAfrica)

Al-Shabaab Attacks KDF Base in Southern Somalia

[Shabelle] Al-Shabaab has fired several mortar shells at a military belonging to Kenyan defence forces [KDF] serving under African Union Mission [MISOM] in southern Somalia, residents said. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Removes ONLF Rebel Group From Terror List

[Shabelle] The Ethiopian Parliament on Thursday unanimously approved a Council of Ministers resolution to rescind "terrorist" tags on three rebel groups. The Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), and Patriot Ginbot 7 will not carry the "terrorist" appellation anymore. (AllAfrica)

Ogaden Basin - Source of Peril or Prosperity for the Somali Region?

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -On June 28th Ethiopian government representatives, Somali Regional President Abdi Mohamoud Omar alongside Senior Executives of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group attended an inaugural ceremony of the first ever crude oil extraction tests in the Ogaden Basin sparking outrage and concern among Somali communities globally. (AllAfrica)

Jubbaland State President Reshuffles His Cabinet

[Shabelle] Jubbaland State president, Ahmed Mohamed Madobe has carried out a swift reshuffle of his cabinet, firing four ministers on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

ONLF's Qalbi Dhagah Receives Heroic Welcome in Nairobi

[Dalsan Radio] Freed Ethio-Somali rebel leader Abdikarim Muse Qalbi Dhagah on Wednesday arrived in the Kenya capital Nairobi wheere he was rejoined by his family ten months after he was renditioned to Ethiopia by Somalia government. (AllAfrica)

Villagers Resist al-Shabab Militants Recruiting Children

[VOA] At least 15 people were killed in central Somalia when villagers clashed with Al-Shabab militants trying to recruit their children as fighters. (AllAfrica)

Federal Govt to Fight Off Arms Importation by Al-Shabaab

[Dalsan Radio] A consultative meeting between the Federal Government Security Ministry officials and the regional governments security ministries has noted the urgent need of preventing arms importation by Al-Shabaab and ISIL, especially from coastal towns still under the militia groups' control. (AllAfrica)

Al-Shabaab Raids Jubbaland Army Base Near Kismayo - 3 Soldiers Dead

[Shabelle] Al-Shabaab said it has carried out an attack against Jubbaland forces' military base located on the outskirt of Kismayo, the regional capital of Lower Jubba province on Tuesday. The attack has left at least three regional state force members dead, while dozens wounded, according to a statement released by the Al-Shabaab militant group. (AllAfrica)

AU Troops' Convoy Targeted in Landmine Explosion

[Shabelle] A witness says a powerful landmine explosion struck a military convoy carrying African Union peacekeepers in Southern Somalia on Tuesday night. The attack took place in Shalanbood town, near the port city of Marka, Lower Shabelle regional capital early in the evening after troops came under IED blast. (AllAfrica)

Roadside Blast Injures Six Kenyan Police Officers Near Somalia Border

[Shabelle] Six Kenyan police officers were injured on Tuesday evening after the vehicle in which they were travelling in ran over an improvised explosive device (IED) in Garissa country near the Somali border. (AllAfrica)

Somali PM Meets With Security Chiefs in Mogadishu

[Shabelle] The prime minister of Somalia's Federal Government, Hassan Ali Khaire held meeting the country's top security chief amid a surge in attacks by Al-Shabab in the capital Mogadishu. (AllAfrica)

Gunmen Kill a Civilian in Somali Capital

[Shabelle] Suspected Al-Shabaab militants have shot and killed a civilian in Mogadishu, the Somali capital on Tuesday night, witnesses and Police said. (AllAfrica)

AU Special Representative Holds Talks With Senate Leadership

[Shabelle] The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Francisco Madeira, today held talks with members of Somalia's Federal Parliament. (AllAfrica)

Eco-Jihadism - Somali Terrorist Group Bans Plastic Bags

[VOA] The Somalia-based terrorist group al-Shabab has banned single-use plastic bags because of the threat they pose to the environment. (AllAfrica)

AU Summit Ends in Mauritania With Advisory Decisions On Somalia

[Shabelle] The 31st summit of the African Union wrapped up late Monday in Mauritania's capital with advisory decisions on Libya, Somalia and South Sudan. (AllAfrica)

AMISOM to Intensify Training of Police On Security Maintenance

[Shabelle] The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) will step up the training and be mentoring of Somali police officers during the transition period to prepare them for handover of security responsibilities. (AllAfrica)

Somali PM Receives Qatari Delegation in Mogadishu

[Shabelle] Somali prime minister, Hassan Ali Khaire has received a high-level delegation from Qatar at his office in Mogadishu on Tuesday. A statement released by the office of PM, the two sides discussed a range of issues, mainly the bilateral relations and Qatari's plans to invest key seaports in Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Mogadishu Mayor Terminates Previous Deals On City's Gardens

[Shabelle] Abdirahman Omar Osman [Eng Yarisow], the mayor of Mogadishu has on Tuesday cancelled the lease contracts on the city's gardens. Speaking to the media in the capital, the mayor has formally announced that all the agreements signed with the local businessmen have been cancelled out. (AllAfrica)

Saudi Arabia Lifts Ban On Somalia Livestock

[East African] Saudi Arabia has lifted the ban on Somali livestock imports, official confirmed. (AllAfrica)

Al-Shabaab Commander Captured in Qoryoley, Says Official

[Shabelle] A senior Somali regional district official says government forces have captured an Al-Shabaab commander during a joint security operation on the outskirt of Qoryoley town. Speaking to Radio Shabelle on the phone, Mohamed Abdi Abdullahi, the city's deputy commissioner on the security and political affairs said several militants were also arrested. (AllAfrica)

Three Injured in Mogadishu IED Explosion

[Dalsan Radio] At least three people were on Monday injured in an IED explosion near Cinema Nasri in Mogadishu's Hodan district, Radio Dalsan reports. (AllAfrica)

Al-Shabaab Executes Somali Elder in Southern Somalia

[Dalsan Radio] A Somali elder who was a member of the Somali electoral delegates was on Monday publicly executed by militant group Al-Shabaab in Gamboole village, Middle Shabelle region, Radio Dalsan reports. (AllAfrica)

Two More Shabaab Militants Surrender in Sanguni

[Dalsan Radio] Two militants surrendered to authorities in the Lower Juba town of Bar Sanguni. One of the militant had been identified as Ali Abdullahi a middle level ranked AlShabaab commander in charge of the Haji Musa area. (AllAfrica)

For Once, Mogadishu Can Watch World Cup With Little Fear

[VOA] For years, residents of Mogadishu wanting to watch the World Cup on TV have done so at risk to life and limb. Islamist militant group al-Shabab -- an opponent of both sports and entertainment in general -- threatened violence against anyone watching the games. (AllAfrica)