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Ex-Dadaab Refugee Breaks Record in Congress Elections

[Nation] A Somali-American woman who lived briefly as a refugee at the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Garissa County has been elected to Congress in America's midterm elections. (AllAfrica)

Ex-Refugee's U.S. Congress Win Sparks Debate in Former Home

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -Somali-American Ilhan Omar won a seat for the Democrats in Minnesota - one of the first two Muslim women ever to sit in the House of Representatives (AllAfrica)

AU Peacekeepers Accused of Killing 4 Somali Civilians

[VOA] Authorities in Somalia are investigating the deaths of four civilians reportedly killed by African Union troops Tuesday, after a roadside bomb targeted the peacekeepers' convoy. (AllAfrica)

What Next for Maverick Politician Sharif Aden?

[Dalsan Radio] The political crisis that hit South West State ahead of the November 17 regional presidential elections may finally have come to an end with the shocking announcement by the region's leader that he had tendered his resignation and will not be vying to retain his seat. (AllAfrica)

Sharif Resigns As South West Leader, Drops Out of Race

[Dalsan Radio] South West State president Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden on Wednesday announced his resignation as the region's leader. (AllAfrica)

Democrat Ilhan Omar Becomes First Refugee and Somali-American Elected to Congress

[This is Africa] Today we celebrate Ilhan Omar who has made history becoming first Somali American, and first refugee ever to be elected to Congress. Omar, together with Rashida Tlaib, also become the first Muslim congresswomen. (AllAfrica)

Jambojet to Fly to Mogadishu and Bujumbura

[Capital FM] Nairobi -Kenya Airways Chief Executive Sebastian Mikosz has said local carrier Jambojet will start flying to Somali and Burundi as part of its plan to grow its regional presence. (AllAfrica)

Ten Years On, Is Somali Piracy Still a Threat?

[ISS] On 6 November the United Nations (UN) Security Council renewed the authorisation for international naval forces to carry out anti-piracy measures off Somalia's coast. It is now 10 years since the first resolution was passed in 2008 to respond to piracy and robbery against humanitarian and commercial ships in the region. (AllAfrica)

Mogadishu Mayor Demands Answers From AMISOM Over Civilian Deaths

[Dalsan Radio] Mogadishu Mayor Abrahman Osman "Yarisow" has condemned the deaths of civilians following a shooting incident by Amisom troops in the Somali capital. (AllAfrica)

Mogadishu Hit By Protests As 4 Civilians Killed By AMISOM Troops

[Dalsan Radio] At least four civilians are reported to have been killed by Amisom troops on Tuesday in the Somali capital Mogadishu, Radio Dalsan reports. According to residents the civilians were caught up in a shooting that followed an IED explosion targeting Amisom convoy near the Holaha market. (AllAfrica)

Excitement as Mogadishu Gets 4G Mobile Network

[Nation] Somtel telecommunications, a mobile telephony company in East Africa, has introduced a 3G/4G mobile network, and eDahab mobile money transfer services to its customers in Mogadishu, Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Sharif Hassan in Focus As South West Polls Thrown Into Dissaray With the Resignation of Polls Commission

[Dalsan Radio] Serious questions are been asked on whether the November 17 South West State regional presidential elections will take place as scheduled after the election commission resigned en masse on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Towns Get Health Care After 30 Years of War

[VOA] The UN Migration Agency has begun providing life-saving health care to two Somali towns previously inaccessible because of war and conflict. (AllAfrica)

Ban Fish From Tanzania and Somalia, Lamu Group Tells Kenyatta

[Nation] Fishermen in Lamu County want President Uhuru Kenyatta to ban the sale of fish in Kenya by their counterparts from Somalia and Tanzania. (AllAfrica)

'Stand-Off' Between Somalia's Federal, State Authorities Could 'Paralyze' Progress - UN Envoy

[UN News] Ongoing tensions between the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS) and the country's state authorities were centre stage, as the United Nations top envoy for the country visited the country's South West State on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

UN Warns Ongoing Standoff Between Somali States ,FGs Could Paralyze

[Dalsan Radio] The new United Nations envoy to Somalia today continued his round of introductory meetings with state leaders with a visit to South West State, where he flagged the need for it hold "credible and acceptable" presidential elections next month and renewed his call for collaboration to solve ongoing tensions between the country's federal and state authorities. (AllAfrica)

Leaders Must Do More to End Impunity and Crimes Against Journalists

[Dalsan Radio] The National Union of Somalia Journalists (NUSOJ) today issued a desperate appeal to leadership of the Federal Government of Somalia to end impunity and violence against journalists and media staff after losing 3 journalists so far murdered in Somalia in 2018. In all these cases the killers have walked scott free and no one has been brought to justice at all. (AllAfrica)

New UN Boss Meets With SW Presidential Hopefuls

[Dalsan Radio] United Nations Representative to Somalia, Ambassador Nicholas Haysom together with AMISOM boss, Ambassador Francisco Madeira held hours-long meeting with Southwest Presidential hopefuls. (AllAfrica)

Journalist Murdered During Afternoon Prayers

[CAJ News] Mogadishu -GUNMEN believed to be members of the Al-Shabaab terror group have shot dead a Somali radio journalist during afternoon prayers at a mosque. (AllAfrica)

Somalia and World Bank Ink U.S.$80 Million Deal

[Nation] The Somali government has signed $80m grant deal with the World Bank (WB). (AllAfrica)

Federal Parliamentarians Accuse President Farmaajo of Meddling in the Southwest State Election

[Dalsan Radio] Federal Members of Parliament from Southwest state last night held a meeting in Mogadishu where they accused President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo of interfering in the state's planned elections. Up to 30 MPs accused the President of directly meddling in the state's election, scheduled for 17th November 2018. (AllAfrica)

Statement From President Farmaajo Wasn't Communicated to us Officially, Reacts CIC Spokesman

[Dalsan Radio] Southwest Minister of Constitutional Affairs and Spokesman of the Council of Interstate Cooperation (CIC), Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan, has said the recent statement by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed "Farmaajo' inviting regional state leaders for a fresh round of consultative talks, was not communicated officially to them. The meeting is aimed at resolving current disagreements between the federal and regional states. (AllAfrica)

EFASOM Jowhar Education Forum

[Dalsan Radio] EFASOM today concluded a 2-day education forum to promote quality education for primary and secondary schools in Jowhar, the HirShabelle State of Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Cabinet Approves $340m Budget for 2019

[Dalsan Radio] The cabinet of the federal government of Somalia on Monday approved a $340 million budget for 2019. Finance minister Abdirahman Duale Baileh told a cabinet meeting that his ministry is expected to generate a huge amount for the budget from local revenues. Mr. Beileh said the internal revenue increased by $30 million -- thanks to the government's Domestic Revenue and Public Financial Management Capacity Strengthening Project. Part of the budget will come from foreign donors. (AllAfrica)

Puntland Clerics Urge State Leaders to Respect National Govt

[Dalsan Radio] Religious leaders in the semi- autonomous regional state of Puntland have called upon state leaders in the country to respect the national government in Mogadishu. (AllAfrica)

'Fragile Countries' Urge 'Trade for Peace' at WTO Forum

[allAfrica] Geneva -The g7+ grouping of nations -- a voluntary association of countries in transition from conflict to development -- is not as well-known as the G7 group of leading industrial nations but it has been vigorously promoting how trade can integrate fragile states into the global economy and thus help to establish peace and resilience. (AllAfrica)

A Plane Carrying Medical Supplies Barred From Landing in Las Anod

[Dalsan Radio] A plane carrying medical supplies dispatched by the Federal Government of Somalia has been denied access to land at Las Anod Airport in Sool region, where deadly fighting between members of two sub-clans of the Dhulbahante clan is ongoing. (AllAfrica)

Somalia's Zero-Sum Politics Will See No Winners

[ISS] The announcement by Somalia's Federal Member States in September that they've suspended cooperation with the Federal Government of Somalia has thrown the country into internal crisis. Amid numerous complaints, the member states are unhappy with resource and power allocation within Somalia's federal structure. They also accuse President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed's administration in Mogadishu of a lack of cooperation, and even outright interference in their local affairs. (AllAfrica)

Minister Closes Conference for ICT Professionals

[Dalsan Radio] Minister for Post, Telecom and Technology, H. E. Abdi Ashur Hassan, has officially closed the third conference for Somali Network Operators Group (SomNOG 3), which brought together decision makers and professionals from private sector, academia, and government. (AllAfrica)

Somalia ICT Event a Pointer to an Economic Revival

[The Exchange] Somalia has not be known for many other things apart from a crippling feud that has taken decades to heal and with it thousands of life and wasted wealth and resources. (AllAfrica)

Somali Military Court Sentenced a Soldier 5 Years Jail After Shooting His Commander

[Dalsan Radio] Somali military court on Tuesday sentenced a soldier to five years in jail after finding him guilty of shooting his commander of the Somali in Mogadishu on 23rd June this year. (AllAfrica)