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Five Consuls Dismissed for Mismanagement

[ANGOP] Luanda -At least five consuls have been sacked due to irregularities and poor management of financial resources and other behavior contrary to ethics and labor discipline, Angop learned in Luanda. (AllAfrica)

Electricity Sector to Reach 7,000 Megawatts By 2022

[ANGOP] Saurimo -The country's electricity sector plans to reach 7,000 megawatts by 2022 to meet the country's needs in terms of regular energy supply, Prodel's chairperson José Neto said in Saurimo on Thursday. (AllAfrica)

Vice President Returns Home

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan Vice President, Bornito de Sousa, returned to the country last Thursday after representing the Head of State in the funeral ceremony of the former secretary-general of the United Nations (UN), Kofi Annan. (AllAfrica)

Minister Discusses Internationalisation of Angolan Culture With Ambassadors

[ANGOP] Luanda -Culture minister Carolina Cerqueira last Wednesday, in Luanda, analysed matters relating to the internationalisation of the Angolan culture with the country's ambassadors to Rwanda, Congo Brazzaville and Japan. (AllAfrica)

Angola Committed to Peace and Security in Africa

[ANGOP] Lubango -The promotion of peace and security in Africa are priorities for Angola, whose authorities have been developing political and diplomatic efforts in the creation of solid premises for sustainable development, said last Wednesday in Lubango City, southern Huila Province, the National Defence minister, Salviano de Jesus Sequeira. (AllAfrica)

Attorney-General Emphasises Staff Training

[ANGOP] Moçamedes -The Angolan Republic Attorney-General, Hélder Pitta Grós, last Tuesday in Moçâmedes City, south-western Namibe Province, defended the need for specific training of cadres, having into account the existence of a diversity of crimes. (AllAfrica)

Danish Firm Accused of 'Making Obscene Profits at Expense of Workers'

[Maka] The Danish multinational giant, Maersk, stands accused of making obscene profits at the expense of Angolan dockworkers amid calls for the contract awarded to its subsidiary, Sogester, to be ripped up. (AllAfrica)

Dos Santos Quits As Party Boss After 40 Years

[Deutsche Welle] After four decades as head of the MPLA, Angola's former President Dos Santos has stepped down and handed over the leadership of the party to his successor President Joao Lourenco. (AllAfrica)

Will President Joao Lourenco Bring Change?

[Deutsche Welle] A new dawn appears to be on the horizon as Angola's President Joao Lourenco prepares to replace former head of state dos Santos as leader of the ruling MPLA party. But the path to reform is paved with obstacles. (AllAfrica)

Number of Visiting Tourists Fall

[ANGOP] Benguela -Around 25,000 tourists visited the Benguela province in the first half of this year, less 7,000 from the same period last year, said the president of the local Association of Hotels, Resorts and Similar, Jorge Gabriel. (AllAfrica)

Ministry Prioritises Adult Literacy Programme

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Education Ministry has placed in its priorities for the coming times the drafting of the National Education Policy and Adult Literacy Programme, a move that is being supported by UNESCO. (AllAfrica)

Nurses Union Contests Job Vacancies

[ANGOP] Menongue -The provincial secretary of the National Nurses Union of Angola in southeast Cuando Cubango, Adelino David Moisés, said on Thursday, he was disgruntled about the short number of vacancies (six) for graduated nurses out of the overall (76) vacancies made available for public tender. (AllAfrica)

Brazilian Ambassador Highlights Angola's Peacemaker Role

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Brazilian ambassador to Angola, Paulino de Carvalho Neto, on Thursday in Luanda, said Angola has played a crucial role for the pacification of the Southern region of Africa. (AllAfrica)

Defendants in Embezzling Case of Million of Kwanzas Await Trial On Remand

[ANGOP] Lubango -The defendants in the case of embezzling of 200 million kwanzas intended for the acquisition of laboratories for 23 high schools in southern Huíla province, will await trial under pre-trial detention. (AllAfrica)

Over Four Million Angolans Still Illiterate

[ANGOP] Luanda -The minister of Education, Maria Cândida Teixeira, said last Wednesday in Luanda that over four million Angolans, aged between 15 and 35, are still considered illiterate, meaning they cannot write and read. (AllAfrica)

Transports Ministry Sets Up Commission to Investigate Causes of Train Accident

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Transports Ministry last Wednesday set up an inquiry commission to find out the causes and those possibly responsible for the train accident that took place last Tuesday in the south-western Namibe Province. (AllAfrica)

Journalist Highlights Agostinho Neto's Poetry

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan journalist and writer José Luís Mendonça last Wednesday, in Luanda, highlighted the poetry of the country's first president, António Agostinho Neto, as a factor of motivation, encouragement and sensitisation for the struggle of oppressed people. (AllAfrica)

Train Collision Casualties Rise to 18

[ANGOP] Moçamedes -The number of deaths caused by the collision of two trains in the south-western Namibe Province rose to 18, plus fourteen other citizens that are receiving treatment in hospital for serious injuries. (AllAfrica)

Culture Minister Highlights Deeds of Angolan Singer Bonga

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Culture minister, Carolina Cerqueira, highlighted on Wednesday in Luanda, the works of the Angolan singer, Barceló de Carvalho "Bonga" stressing the need for him to continue spreading with pride the country's culture abroad. (AllAfrica)

Train Collision Claims 17 Lives in Namibe

[ANGOP] Luanda -At least 17 people were killed in a collision between two trains, which took place today, in Bibala, Munhino, Namibe province. (AllAfrica)

Head of State Shows Deep Consternation for Victims of Train Accident

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço, last Tuesday expressed great consternation for the death of 18 citizens and 14 others who got injured following the collision of two trains in the south-western Namibe Province. (AllAfrica)

Angola's Action Gets Positive Assessment From UN

[ANGOP] Beijing -Angola's action in the international framework and in the defence of multilateralism last Monday received a positive assessment from the Secretary-General of the United Nations (U.N), António Guterres. (AllAfrica)

Angola and Brazil Analyze Priority Projects

[ANGOP] Brasília -The Angolan ambassador to Brazil, Nelson Cosme, has analyzed with Brazilian authorities the first "priority" projects submitted by the Angolan Government, which will be financed with funds from the Angola-Brazil Understanding Protocol of February 2018. (AllAfrica)

Road Accidents Cause Over 1,000 Deaths in Angola

[ANGOP] Luanda -At least 1,159 people died and 5,452 others ended up injured as a result of 5,000 road accidents that occurred all over the country during the first semester of the year 2018. (AllAfrica)

Minister Encourages Families to Produce Coffee and Cocoa

[ANGOP] Cabinda -The minister of Agriculture and Forests, Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, has encouraged peasant families and groups organised in small and medium firms in the northern Cabinda Province to support the Agricultural Value Chains project in the production of coffee, groves of palm trees, cocoa and cashews. (AllAfrica)

Education Ministry to Create Adult Learning Spaces All Over Angola

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Education Ministry (MED) through the National Adults Education Directorate will set up all over the country, specific classrooms for adults teaching inside the Secondary Education system. (AllAfrica)

João Lourenço Will Change Angola - Former MPLA Secretary-General

[ANGOP] Luanda -The former secretary-general of the governing MPLA party, Marcolino Moco, last Sunday made a positive assessment of the performance of the Angolan Head of State, João Lourenço, in one year of work since he was sworn-in as the country?s Chief Magistrate. (AllAfrica)

Xi Meets Angolan President

[Focac] Noting that China and Angola have jointly explored a unique path of common development since the two countries established a strategic partnership eight years ago, Xi called for efforts to advance this partnership to a higher level as this year marks the 35th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between China and Angola. (AllAfrica)

President João Lourenço On His Way to China

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan president, João Lourenço, left Friday morning Luanda for the People's Republic of China to participate in the 3rd China-Africa Cooperation Forum (FOCAC), which will be held in Beijing from 3 to 4 of September. (AllAfrica)

Angola Sets Up Commission to Implement Judiciary Reform

[ANGOP] Luanda -The plenary of the Higher Council of the Judicial Magistracy has decided to set up the Commission to Implement the Judiciary Reform (CIRJ). (AllAfrica)

Angolan President to Meet With Chinese Counterpart

[ANGOP] Luanda -A bilateral meeting between Angolan President João Lourenço and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping is scheduled for next Sunday in Beijing, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)