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News : Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) : News

Constitutional Court Okays Postponement of General Elections

[Deutsche Welle] Congo's constitutional court has approved a request by the electoral commission to postpone the November election to update voter lists. The controversial move means President Kabila could stay in office until 2018. (AllAfrica)

'Dialogue' Aims to Set Elections for April 2018

[VOA] In the Democratic Republic of Congo, participants in an African Union-mediated dialogue are expected to unveil a controversial deal to hold elections in April 2018. The country's main opposition coalition has boycotted the talks and called for a general strike Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

Congo's South Sudan Rebel Problem

[IRIN] Butembo/North Kivu -The last thing eastern Congo needs is more armed groups, so the arrival of hundreds of South Sudanese rebels in the violence-prone region is cause for concern. (AllAfrica)

EU Steps up Pressure to End Unrest, Organize Polls

[VOA] The European Union is ready to step up pressure on the Democratic Republic of Congo, including imposing sanctions, to end the unrest in the east of the vast nation and to push for elections next year. (AllAfrica)

Cholera Death Toll Doubles

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -THE deadly cholera is wreaking havoc in the Democratic Republic of Congo with the number of cases and deaths doubling from last year. More than 22 000 cases have been reported, including more than 5 500 involving children. (AllAfrica)

Bandits' Attacks Target Peacekeepers

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -ESCALATING attacks against United Nations peacekeepers in Central African Republic may be classified as war crimes and punishable by international law. The warning comes amid a spate of violence on personnel of the United Nations Mission for Stabilization in Central African Republic (Minusca) by bandits. (AllAfrica)

DRC Calls for General Strike - Report

[News24Wire] The Democratic Republic of Congo opposition parties have reportedly called for a general strike in protest of government's decision to delay next month's election to April 2018. (AllAfrica)

Govt Delays Election to 2018

[Al Jazeera] The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says it will push back next month's presidential election to April 2018, in a move that is expected to keep President Joseph Kabila in office until the delayed vote. (AllAfrica)

Warlord Must Be Tried for Atrocities

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -RIGHTS groups have called on the Democratic Republic of Congo to probe crimes against humanity committed by one of the country's most vicious warlords, Gédéon Kyungu Mutanga, who has surrendered to government. (AllAfrica)

Koffi Olomide Apologises to Kenyans After Deportation Drama

[Nation] Congolese music maestro Koffi Olomide has issued a belated apology to Kenyans, three months after he was deported for kicking one of his dancers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). (AllAfrica)

Reparations Plan for Lubanga Victims Takes Shape

[Lubanga Trial Website] The plan for making reparations to victims of Thomas Lubanga's use of hundreds of child soldiers in armed conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo a decade and a half ago is nearing completion. The Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) will spend ?1 million (US $1.1 million) over three years to support affected communities and individuals in eastern Congo. (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Voters' Registration Impresses SADC Team

[Daily News] African Union (AU)-led national dialogue and voters' registration in DRC Congo have impressed the Southern African Development Community (SADC)'s Troika Ministerial Mission. (AllAfrica)

Role for Berlin in Salvaging the Country's Elections?

[Deutsche Welle] The fate of DR Congo seems to hinge on President Kabila's apparent bid to stay in power. Berlin is being asked to help resolve a crisis, as Congolese recall how it financially supported their elections in 2006. (AllAfrica)

EU - Impose Targeted Sanctions Against Senior Officials

[HRW] Human Rights Watch distributed the following message to European Union Member States in advance of the EU's Foreign Affairs Council meeting on October 17. (AllAfrica)

EU Sanctions Looms for Congo's Joseph Kabila

[Zambia Reports] The European Union may impose sanctions on Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila and his surrogates following attempts to illegally stay in power. The Human Rights Watch has written the European Union pressing sanctions to force Kabila to cede power when his mandate expires in December. (AllAfrica)

Warlord Surrenders 5 Years After Escaping From Prison

[VOA] A wanted warlord in southeastern Democratic Republic of Congo has surrendered, five years after he escaped from prison following his conviction for crimes against humanity, the provincial governor said onWednesday. (AllAfrica)

Le communiqué conjoint sur les violences sexuelles au centre des discussions à Kinshasa

[Monusco] La conférence sur l'état de mise oeuvre du communiqué conjoint sur les violences va se tir du 11 au 13 octobre à Kinshasa vue de renforcer la lutte contre les violences sexuelles liées au conflit RDC. (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Set to Put Region to the Test

[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Political instability is likely to cast a dark shadow over the ambition of the Democratic Republic of Congo to join the East Africa Community (EAC), analysts have said. (AllAfrica)

UN Warns of 'Large-Scale Violence' in Congo Crisis

[Deutsche Welle] The UN has warned that an electoral crisis in the Congo may trigger widespread violence. Dozens of people were killed in violent protests against President Joseph Kabila last month. (AllAfrica)

Region Starts Assessing Situation in DR Congo

[Daily News] The Chair of the Southern African Development Community (SADC)'s Organ of Politics, Defence and Security (Troika) Ministerial Committee, Ambassador Augustine Mahiga, has started a three-day visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to assess the situation in the country. (AllAfrica)

How Long Will President Kabila Remain in Office?

[VOA] Tensions remain high as the scheduled presidential election date approaches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All sides agree that elections will not take place in November as planned, but the question remains: how long will the public allow President Joseph Kabila to remain in office without standing for reelection? (AllAfrica)

Civilians Killed As Rebels Clash With Army

[Al Jazeera] At least eight civilians have been killed during a firefight between the army and rebels in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

TRL Lurks in the Dark As JPM Revives Flag Carrier

[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -With the revival of the national carrier already on motion the government needs to focus on getting the central railways line back on tracks. (AllAfrica)

Luanda to Host International Summit On DRC - Announces Foreign Minister

[ANGOP] Luanda -The Angolan minister of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Rebelo Pinto Chicoty, announced on Sunday that Luanda will host the Summit of the Heads state of the Framework Agreement on DR Congo, signed in February in 2013. (AllAfrica)

Angolan Foreign Minister in Kinshasa

[ANGOP] Luanda -The minister of Foreign Affairs, George Rebelo Pinto Chicoty, arrived on Sunday in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he is attending in the next three days the meeting of the SADC Defense and Security Police board. (AllAfrica)

Tanzania, DR Congo Trade Pact Saves Jobs

[Daily News] The restoration of trade relations between Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo is expected to boost freight forwarding companies' capacity to re-employ about 6,000 workers who were previously laid off. (AllAfrica)

Pharaohs Sink Congo to Go Top

[CAF] Egypt moved to the top of Group E after a 2-1 win over Congo on Sunday away in Kintele. (AllAfrica)

Mbokani Strikes Twice As DR Congo Rout Libya

[CAF] Striker Dieumerci Mbokani scored a brace as DR Congo thumped Libya 4-0 in their Group A clash on Saturday at the Stade des Martyrs in Kinshasa. (AllAfrica)

We Are Surprised By U.S. Action, Says DRC Envoy

[News24Wire] The Democratic Republic of Congo's ambassador to South Africa, Bene M'Poko, has expressed concern over the way the United States is handling the political developments in the central African country. (AllAfrica)

DRC Is Not Going Back to Civil War, Says Envoy

[News24Wire] The Democratic Republic of Congo's ambassador to South Africa, Bene M'Poko, has vowed that the central African country will never experience another civil war, despite the ongoing unrest. (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Hails 'Peaceful Tanzania'

[Daily News] President Joseph Kabila of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has expressed his admiration for the state of peace enjoyed by Tanzania and praised successive country's presidents over the feat. (AllAfrica)