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News : Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) : News

Congo Brazzaville Deports 140,000 DRC Citizens

[Cameroon Tribune]The government of Congo Brazzaville is showing no signs of let-up in its efforts to rid the country of foreigners without the right papers. Radio France Internationale, RFI, reported yesterday, July 29, 2014, that a total of 140,000 citizens from neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, have either been expelled or returned home voluntarily in the last three months as a result of the drive. (AllAfrica)

Appointed to Fight Sexual Violence and Recruitment of Child Soldiers in the DRC, Jeanine Mabunda Lioko Accepts Position With Humility

[PR Newswire]Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo -President Joseph Kabila furthered his commitment to eradicating the systemic problem of sexual violence and the recruitment of children into armed groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) by nominating Jeanine Mabunda Lioko as his special representative. (AllAfrica)

'Arrest of Lumumba Was a Plot By His Enemies'

[Ghanaian Chronicle]The Chief Executive of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), Sylvester A. Mensah, says the "future is bright" for the younger generation of the country. According to him, "this is truly an exciting time to be growing up in Ghana." (AllAfrica)

Does RD Congo Withdraw From CAN 2019 Organization?

[Africa Top Sports]RD Congo withdraws from the organization of Africa nations 2019 Cup? It is what indicated the FECOFA (African Federation of soccer) on Thursday without giving the reasons of this withdrawal. (AllAfrica)

'Homophobic Police Attack' to Be Investigated

[GroundUp]The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) this morning confirmed that it is investigating claims of police officers dragging a gay Congolese man to a back room of Claremont police station and beating him with metal poles. (AllAfrica)

Empowering Sexual Violence Survivors By Enforcing Reparations

[IPS]Boston -Before a sexual violence survivor in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has her day in court, she must surmount many obstacles. Poor or nonexistent roads and costly transportation may prevent her from going to a police station to report the crime, or to a hospital to receive treatment for the injuries sustained during the violence. (AllAfrica)

Angola, DRC Discuss Boosting of Voluntary Repatriation Process

[ANGOP]Luanda -Angolan minister of Social Welfare, João Baptista Kussumua said on Monday in Luanda that he hoped greater step forward to the voluntary repatriation and local integration process, aimed at decreasing the phenomenon of refugees in Africa. (AllAfrica)

DRC Reiterates Support to Former Angolan Refugees

[ANGOP]Luanda -The Former Angolan refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) will continue benefiting from administrative and social support of Congolese government, reiterated on Monday in Luanda, the Minister of Interior, Security, Decentralization and Customary Affairs, Richar Muyej Mangeze. (AllAfrica)

A Team of MSF Vaccinated 38,000 Children Against Measles in Minova Before Continuing the Campaign in Kalonge

[MSF]Last week, the emergency unit of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in South Kivu ended the vaccination campaign in the district of Minova after reaching nearly 38,000 children and young people between 6 months to 15 years. The vaccination campaign in different parts of eastern DRC now continues in the neighboring district of Kalonge. (AllAfrica)

Georges Chikoti Returns Home From Kinshasa

[ANGOP]Luanda -The minister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Chikoti, arrived on Saturday in Luanda, from Cape Town City, South Africa, and Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Interior Minister in Luanda

[ANGOP]Luanda -A delegation of the DR Congo, led by its Interior Minister, Muyej Mangeze Richard, is paying since this Monday morning a two-day working visit to Luanda. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda Wanted to Dominate, We Wanted to Empower Congolese

[Observer]In Part XI of these series, we bring you the last part of the speech President Museveni delivered to MPs on August 30, 1999, about Uganda's invasion of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the UPDF later fought with their Rwandan allies. (AllAfrica)

Eaglets Set to Rout DR Congo in Kinshasa

[Independent]Players of Nigeria U-17 team, the Golden Eagles, have assured their handlers and Nigerians in general that their opponent in today Africa Championship qualifier, DR Congo, will be defeated. (AllAfrica)

CAR Reconciliation, Peace Talks Open On July 21

[Cameroon Tribune]Stakeholders will for three days in Congo Brazzaville try to put an end to the ongoing sectarian violence and the country's legacy of recurrent conflicts. (AllAfrica)

World Bank Approves U.S. $92.1 Million to Expand DRC's Connectivity to Regional States

[CIO]The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved a US $ 92.1 million International Development Assistance (IDA) grant to support the fifth phase of the Central African Backbone Program (CAB Program) for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

Troops Repel Attack On Kinshasa Military Base

[VOA]Gunmen attacked a military camp in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital on Tuesday, but the government says the situation was quickly brought under control. (AllAfrica)

Alleged Joseph Kabila Assassins Go On Trial

[Cameroon Tribune]Some 20 Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC, citizens went on trial yesterday, July 21, 2014, in the Pretoria High Court in South Africa, accused of plotting to overthrow and assassinate the country's leader, Joseph Kabila. (AllAfrica)

NGOs Against Monusco Drones for Humanitarian Work

[IRIN]Goma -International NGOs have rebuffed a recent offer by the UN Stabilization Mission (MONUSCO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to use drones for humanitarian information gathering, saying this could represent a dangerous "blurring of the lines" between military and humanitarian actors in the conflict. (AllAfrica)

World Bank Approves U.S.$92.1 Million Funds to Increase DRC's Connectivity to Other Great Lakes Countries

[CIO]The World Bank Board of Executive Directors has approved a US$92.1 million IDA grant to support the fifth phase of the Central African Backbone Program (CAB Program) for the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

Enough Project Reactions to Appointment of New UN Special Envoy On Congo

[ENOUGH]The United Nations Secretary-General announced yesterday that the new UN Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region will be senior Algerian diplomat Said Djinnit, replacing Mary Robinson. His mandate is focused on peace and security in the D.R. Congo and the region. The Enough Project warmly welcomes Ambassador Djinnit in his new appointment. (AllAfrica)

DRC's Trees Are Endangered Too

[Greenpeace]When one thinks of endangered species, the usual large animals spring to mind. Elephants, tigers, rhinos. And quite rightly they are the ones who get the lion's share of the attention at the meeting of the standing committee of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) held in Geneva last week. (AllAfrica)

Thousands return to DRC amid Brazzaville crackdown on migrants

KINSHASA 06 May 2014 (IRIN) - Some 60,000 Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) nationals have returned over the past month from neighbouring Republic of Congo (RoC) as a result of actual or threatened deportation in an operation that has cost several policemen their jobs because of brutality. On 6 May alone, some 2,600 made the journey by boat. (

Back to Rwanda

GOMA 11 April 2014 (IRIN) - The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR) has long been one of the most significant armed groups active in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), where it has been based ever since its founders fled neighbouring Rwanda after playing a key role in the 1994 genocide. (

Fighting an invisible enemy in DRC

BISHONGERA 09 April 2014 (IRIN) - It is difficult to identify the fighters of the Forces Démocratiques pour la Libération du Rwanda (FDLR), one of the many armed groups active in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), some of whose leaders played a key role in Rwanda’s genocide 20 years ago. Bearing neither uniform nor insignia, they are indistinguishable from the civilian population. (

Poverty amid mining riches in Katanga

KIUBO 27 February 2014 (IRIN) - Katanga, a province the size of Spain, holds many of DRC’s reserves of copper, cobalt and other valuable minerals. Scores of trucks thunder daily along its few paved roads laden with metals bound for export and shipping through Durban and other distant ports. However, few of the many millions of dollars in taxes paid by mining companies to DRC authorities are invested in Katanga’s economic or social development, leaving swathes of the population mired in poverty. (

Long road to an African rapid reaction force

JOHANNESBURG 21 February 2014 (IRIN) - The African Union (AU) is rethinking how it can most effectively deploy military forces to tackle the continent’s crises. (

Bad roads, insecurity hamper relief effort in DRC’s Katanga Province

MANONO 18 February 2014 (IRIN) - Terrible roads, the threat of violence and insufficient resources are hampering efforts to assist up to 400,000 people displaced by violence in the south of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), say humanitarian organizations. (

Argentina Braces For Default

Argentina is likely to default barring a last-minute breakthrough in negotiations with hold-outs or a court order.


Deportees stranded at border

BUSIA. A group of 27 people who were last week deported from neighbouring Kenya are stranded at Busia Border Post.


Picturing Ebola: Photographers Chase an Invisible Killer

Locals watch workers with Doctors Without Borders as they disinfect after leaving a private clinic, where they've been working to combat the spread of the Ebola virus, Teldou, Guinea, July 10, 2014.


Come on strong, but effectively

FEMALE genital mutilation. Rape. Prostitution. Child labour. Coming out. Bullying.