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Unresolved Eritrea-Djibouti Tensions Threaten Regional Peace

[VOA] When Eritrea and Ethiopia agreed last month to end their decades-long conflict, the international community responded enthusiastically. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Does Not Recognize The Arbitral Award Rendered By The London International Arbitral Court

[35°N] Djibouti, August 3, 2018 -- On February 22, 2018, the State of Djibouti terminated the concession for the Doraleh container terminal, awarded in 2006 to Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), a company controlled de facto by the minority shareholder DP World. (AllAfrica)

DP World Wins Case Against Djibouti Over Doraleh Port

[East African] Dubai-based DP World has won a legal battle against Djibouti over the termination of a contract to manage the Doraleh Container Terminal. (AllAfrica)

Govt Working for Restoration of Friendly Relations Between Djibouti, Eritrea

[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA--In the spirit to effectively bringing the countries of the East African region together to work for peace and regional cooperation in all areas much better than hitherto, Ethiopia is trying to contribute towards the restoration of friendly relations between Djibouti and Eritrea, so said Ethiopian Ambassador to the UN Tekeda Alemu. (AllAfrica)

Row Brews Between Djibouti And Somalia Over Call for Eritrea Sanctions to Be Lifted

[Dalsan Radio] Djibouti says it is "deeply shocked" by the statement made by Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo in his last week visit of Asmara where he called for the UN Security Council to lift sanctions on the Red Sea nation. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Slams Call for End to Eritrea Sanctions

[VOA] Djibouti, an increasingly strategic nation in the Horn of Africa, has condemned last week's call by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed for the lifting of U.N. sanctions against Eritrea. (AllAfrica)

Guelleh Will Not Visit Eritrea Until Diplomatic Crisis Is Resolved, Djibouti Says

[Dalsan Radio] Djibouti's Foreign Affairs Minister Mahmoud Ali Yousouf has rubbished reports that President Ismail Guelleh is set to visit Eritrea next week to thaw diplomatic relations. (AllAfrica)

DP World, Djibouti Fail to See Eye to Eye

[Addis Fortune] The government of Djibouti offers DP World close to 500m dollars to buy out its share (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Border Dispute Could Roil Ethiopia-Eritrea Peace Deal

[Nation] The decision by Ethiopia and Eritrea to abandon war paths for peace and re-establish diplomatic and economic links has gotten everyone's praise. (AllAfrica)

Dubai Firm Takes Govt to London Court

[East African] Dubai-based DP World has commenced a legal battle with Djibouti over termination of a contract to manage the Doraleh Container Terminal. (AllAfrica)

Why Djibouti Is the Loser of the Horn of Africa's New Peace

[Atlantic Council] Ethiopians and Eritreans alike are celebrating the breakneck speed of a rapprochement between Addis Ababa and Asmara, two longtime enemies. Closer ties between the two, while not necessarily a done deal, could usher in a new era of peace and prosperity for the Horn of Africa, resuming a thriving trade relationship and granting landlocked Ethiopia access to a new port. (AllAfrica)

New Free-Trade Zone Creates Opportunities, Deepens Dependency

[VOA] In a ceremony last week attended by heads of state from across East Africa, Djibouti inaugurated what it says will become the largest free-trade zone on the continent. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia, Djibouti - Torchbearers of Regional Integration

[Ethiopian Herald] Ethio-Djibouti ties dates back to ancient times of pre-colonial Eastern Africa. There are abundant records indicating several hundred years of diplomatic history between kingdoms and sultanates of the two states and much of that long history of bilateral relations has been characterized by extraordinary neighborliness. (AllAfrica)

EU Navfor Building Djibouti Coastguard

[EU Navfor] Building and supporting maritime capabilities in the region is vital for on-going shared security and cooperation. EU NAVFOR is committed to assisting where it can to strengthen development with local partners. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Considers Building Oil Terminal in Djibouti

[Reporter] Capacity limitations at the Djibouti oil terminal has prompted the Ethiopian government to start planning to build an oil terminal at the port of Djibouti, The Reporter has learnt. (AllAfrica)

Kagame in Djibouti for Free Trade and Industrial Zone Inauguration

[New Times] The area that President Kagame inaugurates is one of the largest free trade zones in Africa and will welcome other industries such as automotive industry. (AllAfrica)

Kagame - Djibouti Trade Zone Will Benefit the Region

[New Times] Kagame said that Rwanda is behind Djibouti in the realisation of the project and that he is sure it will serve Africa, even as far as Rwanda and beyond. (AllAfrica)

The Rise of Djibouti as a Global Trade Hub

[DPFZA] An  International  Free  Trade  Zone  (DIFTZ)  in  Djibouti  to  better  connect  African  and  international  markets (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia's Public Diplomacy in Djibouti

[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA- Ethiopian Public Diplomacy Team (PD) has been visiting Djibouti and discussing various bilateral issues with Djiboutian officials to further strengthen ties between the two sisterly countries. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia, Djibouti to Speed Up Economic Integration

[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA (ENA) - Ethiopia and Djibouti are exerting efforts to further consolidate the existing bilateral relationship with regard to economic integration, according to the officials of two countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated. (AllAfrica)

Somalia, Djibouti Discuss Security Operation

[Shabelle] Somali PM Hassan Ali Khaire and his Djiboutian counterpart Abdulkadir Kaamil have discussed security and law enforcement cooperation between the two brotherly countries. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti's many international investment projects set a new pace for economic emergence

[35°N] Djibouti, June 07, 2018 - On 22 February, the Republic of Djibouti terminated the DCT (Doraleh Container Terminal) concession, in which DP World is a shareholder and operator. This decision was taken after numerous unsuccessful attempts to get DP World to renegotiate a contract that was clearly contrary to the fundamental interests of the nation. (AllAfrica)

President Guelleh's Surprise Eid Gift for Mogadishu Orphans

[Dalsan Radio] Eid-Ul-Fitr celebrations came early for Mogadishu orphans when they received a surprise visit by the Ambassador of Djibouti and the Mayor of the Somali capital with special gifts and message from President Ismail Omar Guelleh. (AllAfrica)

From Djibouti to Jeddah, the Western Indian Ocean Needs Security

[ISS] Crimes like piracy, illegal fishing and the smuggling and trafficking of firearms, narcotics and people continue to threaten security in the Western Indian Ocean. If left unopposed, they severely hamper shipping and the growth of blue or ocean economies. (AllAfrica)

Small Country With a Big Heart, Djibouti Rescues Hundreds in Cyclone Hit Somaliland

[Dalsan Radio] Djibouti became the first country to come to the rescue of victims of the cyclone Sagar that had pounded the coastal Somaliland a trail of destruction and deaths after it's landfall on Saturday. (AllAfrica)

UAE, Djibouti Send Rescue And Medical Team to Cyclone Hit Somaliland

[Dalsan Radio] The United Arab Emirates and Djibouti became the first countries to respond in the wake of the tropical cyclone Sagar that has hit the Awdal region of Somaliland. (AllAfrica)

16 Die After Cyclone Sagar Landfall in Somaliland And Djibouti-UN

[Dalsan Radio] On 19 May, the tropical cyclone Sagar, which had formed in the Gulf of Aden - between Yemen and Somalia made landfall in north-western Somaliland and Djibouti three days after it formed. (AllAfrica)

After Berbera And Djibouti, Ethiopia Now Eyes Kenya's Lamu Port

[Dalsan Radio] At the invitation of the President of the Republic of Kenya,H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, the Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, made a State Visit to the Republic of Kenya from 6th to 7th May, 2018.H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali led a high-powered delegation comprising Ministers, Senior Government Officials. (AllAfrica)

Free Trade Deal Offers Kenya, Djibouti Chance to Increase Partnership - Kenyatta

[Capital FM] Nairobi -President Uhuru Kenyatta has said the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement offers Kenya and Djibouti opportunity to increase public and private partnerships towards better prosperity. (AllAfrica)

Kenya and Djibouti Strengthen Security and Trade Links

[Nation] Kenya is reaching out to Djibouti in a bid to benefit from the Horn of Africa nation's strategic location for security and trade links. (AllAfrica)

Continental Free Trade Deal Offers Kenya, Djibouti Chance to Increase Partnership, Says President Kenyatta

[Kenya Presidency] President Uhuru Kenyatta this evening said the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement offers Kenya and Djibouti opportunity to increase public and private partnerships towards better prosperity. (AllAfrica)