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After Making Peace, Ethiopia and Eritrea Now Focus On Development

[Africa Renewal] Both countries say they must make up for lost times (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway to Start Moving Goods Early in 2019

[East African] The Ethiopia-Djibouti electric railway will start transporting containerised goods from next January, official said. (AllAfrica)

In Southern Ethiopia, Herders Join Forces to Revive Rangelands

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Dar es Salaam -Restoring grazing land and forest can help communities stand up to the more frequent droughts climate change is bringing, farmers say (AllAfrica)

Touted As a Model Abroad, Rural Land Registration Raises Serious Questions At Home

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Government and aid agencies are trying to regularize land rights through registration but do rural people benefit? (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia's Change Is a Bold Chance for Gender Reform in Pakistan

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. (AllAfrica)

Ethio-South Korea Textile, Apparel Investment Forum Held in Addis

[ENA] Addis Ababa -A forums aimed at enhancing ties between Ethiopia and South Korea in the textile and apparel investment was held Addis Ababa. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Airlines Wins Race to Partner Ghana for Home-Based Carrier

[Ghanaian Times] Ethiopian Airlines has been selected as the strategic partner for the proposed new home-based carrier. (AllAfrica)

Festive Fun or Festive Fail? Christmas Classics Cause Offence

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Music is as much a part of the Christmas season as nativity scenes, snow and Santa grottos. (AllAfrica)

Satellite Launch Could Blast Economy Forward

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia plans next year to join an exclusive club of African nations: those with their own national satellites. (AllAfrica)

What Puts Children in Ethiopia More At Risk of Being Injured

[The Conversation Africa] Children in poorer countries are far more at risk of death and disability from injuries than their developed-world peers. These injuries include; road traffic injuries, drownings, poisoning, falls, burns and intentional injuries - like harm caused by another person. (AllAfrica)

Abiy's Big Steps Shouldn't Obscure Undercurrents in Ethiopia

[The Conversation Africa] Positive headlines about Ethiopia have been frequent since the country's new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took over in early April. (AllAfrica)

Ethio-Djibouti Ties to Contribute to Economic Integration in Horn

[ENA] Djibouti -The bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Djibouti that the two countries have been enjoying for more than two decades would contribute to attempts towards economic integration in the Horn of Africa, officials of the two countries said. (AllAfrica)

Ethio-South Korea Textile and Apparel Investment Forum Hosted in Addis

[ENA] Addis Ababa -A forum aimed at enhancing textile and apparel investment ties between Ethiopia and South Korea kicked off in Addis Ababa today. (AllAfrica)

The Moral Imperative to Stand By Eritreans

[Addis Fortune] The lifting of the sanctions against Eritrea by the United Nations Security Council was seen as a reward for rapprochements with neighbouring countries and a vindication of the allegations of supporting radical terrorist groups in Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Local Leather Firm Branches Out to Washington

[Addis Fortune] ZAAF Collection, a local leather company that manufactures handcrafted leather goods and accessories, is opening its first overseas store in Washington, D.C. (AllAfrica)

Judges Grant Police Custody Right of MetEC Officials

[Addis Fortune] Judges at the Federal High Court granted police another 14-day extension to keep in custody 26 officials from the state-owned military-industrial conglomerate Metals & Engineering Corporation (MetEC). The police requested the extension to continue their investigation of the suspects, who are accused of grand corruption involving 37 billion Br in public procurement. (AllAfrica)

Planners Debate Fate of Africa's Political Capital

[Addis Fortune] Addis Abeba was host to the 2018 Urban Age conference, where urbanisation, its future and its effects were discussed among experts, last week. (AllAfrica)

Public Universities Feel the Heat of Nation's Political Tension

[Addis Fortune] Conflicts and political tensions in some regional states have caused anxieties among parents who were reluctant to send their university-bound children when schools opened this academic year. The Teppi campus of the University of Mizzan Tippi, and universities in Gondar, Hawassa and Assosa have experienced student unrests this year, writes BERHANE HAILEMARIAM, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER. (AllAfrica)

Parliament Gives Green Light to Census Commission

[Addis Fortune] Parliament approved the members of the Census Commission on November 27, 2018. The newly appointed members of the Commission are responsible for managing and overseeing the upcoming census of the country. (AllAfrica)

Chinese Firm Seals Deal to Install Bus Shelters

[Addis Fortune] Addis Abeba will receive 500 additional bus shelters before the end of the current Ethiopian year at a cost of 156.6 million Br. (AllAfrica)

ECX Seat Fetches Record High

[Addis Fortune] The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange has sold a single membership seat for 3.2 million Br, the highest bid price in its young history. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian to Connect L.A., Addis Through Togo

[Addis Fortune] Ethiopian Airlines is set to begin flights that connect Los Angeles with Addis Ababa through the West African city of Lomé, Togo. (AllAfrica)

The Microeconomics of Ethiopia's Underdevelopment

[Addis Fortune] Since April 2018, a new optimism is visible in urban Ethiopia. Local intelligentsia and alike have warmly welcomed the change in the national leadership. Ethiopian press seems to be enjoying new found freedom by printing "suggestive write-ups," which is a good sign of the nation's march toward matured democracy. (AllAfrica)

Unpaid Workers Hold Indians Hostage

[Addis Fortune] Angered over unpaid salaries, local employees in Nekemte, Bure and Woliso towns, in Oromia and Amhara regional states, took seven Indian employees hostage on Sunday, November 23, 2018. (AllAfrica)

Liquor Company Rises to Meet Demand for Bottling Caps

[Addis Fortune] A new aluminium and plastic bottle cap factory will join the market to supply both domestic and export markets. (AllAfrica)

Coffee, Tea Export Yields 200 Million Dollars

[Addis Fortune] Over 200 million dollars was generated from 84,000tn of commodities in the first quarter of the fiscal year, including coffee, tea and spices. (AllAfrica)

Harassment - Consequence of Social Imperfections

[Addis Fortune] It is right to be considerate and modest in our dealings with the people we encounter daily. Yet let us face it, sometimes this is easier said than done, especially when there are those that are unfair to us and choose to harass and abuse. It is not right when people impose their wishes upon others and oppress the right to one's liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (AllAfrica)

The and-and Formula to Growth, Environmental Sustainability

[Addis Fortune] To double the forest industry's share of gross domestic product and create over half a million jobs, we need to ensure Ethiopia's forests are maintained, nurtured and restored, write Bethlehem Tilahun Alemu, founder and CEO of SoleRebels footwear, Kitty van der Heijden, director of WRI Africa and WRI Europe, and Sebsebe Demissew (Prof), professor at Addis Abeba University. (AllAfrica)

With Abiy Ahmed Actions Speak Louder, for the Better

[Addis Fortune] Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) sat last week before leaders of the political opposition and members of his coalition to launch the much-awaited dialogue to restructure democratic institutions. It includes the possibility of exploring laws long blamed for constraining competitive politics and opening negotiations to fix them. (AllAfrica)

Real Estate Firm Selects Architects to Design 25-Storey Complex

[Addis Fortune] A 25-storey apartment, office and entertainment complex has stepped closer to realisation after OIB Oda Real Estate selected K2N Architecture & Engineering Consultancy to prepare a final design. (AllAfrica)

Hidar Sitaten - Thrives, but With Implications

[Addis Fortune] Each year, residents of Addis Abeba bow to Hidar Sitaten, an annual tradition of burning refuse. Given that plastic makes a substantial portion of the solid waste in Ethiopia today, this tradition may be doing more harm than good, writes Ambessaw Assegued ( (AllAfrica)