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Africa's Generational War

[Democracy Works] In Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta finally secured a second term on Nov. 28 after two flawed elections, outbreaks of violence, and a series of court battles. (AllAfrica)

Dutch Arms Dealer Case Postponed in Wait of Extradition Documentation

[News24Wire] The Cape Town Magistrate's Court has granted a postponement in the case involving a Dutch arms dealer convicted of crimes against humanity and for selling firearms to former Liberian president Charles Taylor. (AllAfrica)

House Adjourns, Shelving Ellen's Last-Minute Bills

[Observer] The House of Representatives has finally adjourned the 53rd Legislature and leaves behind the much-unfinished business, including all the listed bills of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, which she described as "draft bills of vital importance to the economy and revenue generation." (AllAfrica)

VP-Elect Taylor Cries in Ghanaian Church

[New Republic] Vice President-elect, Senator Jewel Howard Taylor, braved the tense atmosphere occasioned by the victory of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and held back tears even when her boss wept before thousands of hands-waving crowd at the party's headquarters on the first day NEC announced results of the December 26 polls. But in Ghana, in an Accra-based Church, she did not hold back her tears before hundreds of unassuming congregants. (AllAfrica)

Inauguration May Turn Sour

[New Republic] Liberia's historic inauguration ceremony for new government could turn sour if threats coming from the Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia worth believability. (AllAfrica)

32 Players for Aminata Tennis Open 2018

[Observer] At least 32 players are expected to participate in a three-day lawn tennis knockout tournament, dubbed the Aminata Tennis Open 2018, beginning today -- Friday, January 12 to Sunday, January 14. (AllAfrica)

Ellen Dealt Big Blow

[New Republic] What appears as a big blow has been dealt President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's push for the passage of several bills before leaving office in few days' time. (AllAfrica)

Broh Sheds Light On Seizure of Govt. Vehicles

[New Republic] The Director General of the General Services Agency (GSA) of Liberia, Mary Broh has shed light on ongoing seizure of government vehicles, while rejecting public insinuations that she is going on the rampage disgracing government officials by taking their vehicles. (AllAfrica)

Morocco - a Beacon of Hope for Christianity in the Middle East

[New Dawn] Throughout history, Christianity has played a central role in the Middle East and North Africa. Distinct sites from both the ancient and modern times demonstrate Christianity's unique and vast place in the region. Tragically, Christianity's cultural and contemporary position in the region is persistently under attack. (AllAfrica)

Can the Late Doe's Academic Dilemma Affect President Elect Weah?

[New Dawn] President-elect George Tawlon Manneh Oppong Ousman Weah is feeling presidential. His lifetime dream is fulfilled, but his educational dilemma still hovers over his head as he anxiously moves into his young and exciting presidency comes January 22nd, 2018. The president-elect case is not different from the case of the late President Doe's own academic dilemma he once experienced after he gained prominence when he overthrew the 'Congo elements' in the early 80s and became president of the Republic of Liberia (AllAfrica)

President-Elect George Weah and His Uphill Task of Pro-Poor Governance

[Observer] The 2017 presidential elections runoff has taken place and the National Election Commission (NEC) has announced the results. The opposition leader, Senator George Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), has won. The ruling Unity Party (UP) of Vice President Joseph Boakai has accepted the results. Vice President Boakai deserves credit for accepting defeat graciously, which has helped stave off the threat of mass violence in Liberia. Most people are expecting a new Liberia and are the celebrating (AllAfrica)

'I'm Not a Fugitive From Justice'

[Observer] Gender, Children and Social Protection Minister Julia Duncan Cassell yesterday said she was prepared to appear before the Commercial Court at any time to answer to contempt charge related to her ministry's alleged refusal to honor the US$93,805.72 judgment against it. (AllAfrica)

Dj Blue Eyes Vacant Senate Seat for Montserrado

[Observer] Liberian radio personality Bernard Benson, known popularly as DJ Blue, has expressed interest in the Montserrado County senatorial by-election due in May after two weeks of speculations. The Montserrado senate seat became vacant after Senator George Weah emerged victorious in the just-ended presidential runoff election. (AllAfrica)

Mr. President-Elect, Take Note of What You Are Inheriting

[Observer] Liberia's President-elect, George Manneh Weah, is expected to be sworn into office 10 days from today. He will be succeeding the UP-led Government that has spent 12 years managing the political and socio-economic activities of the country. (AllAfrica)

Prez. Sirleaf Dedicates U.S.$8 Million Water Treatment Plant

[Observer] President Sirleaf cut the ribbons to the White Plains Water Treatment Plant in Harrisburg outside Monrovia while LWSC Managing Director, Hun-Bu Tulay, Dr. Kimmie Weeks; chairman of the Board and AfDB Country Manager's Amu (AllAfrica)

No More 'Free Money' for Legislators Who Refuse to Work


'Monrovia Is Village Without Rules' - General Broh

[New Democrat] The director general of the General Services Agency (GSA) Mary Broh told new Democrat that Monrovia is a village with too many cars without rules. (AllAfrica)

Jewel Suffered Intimidation As Wife to Charles Taylor - Ghana's Prelate

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Nicholas Duncan Williams, Archbishop of the Christian Action Faith Ministries (CAFM) in Accra, Ghana says Liberia's Vice President-elect Jewel Howard Taylor endured intimidation as First Lady of Liberia, adding that the international community misinterpreted her situation. (AllAfrica)

Marketers Cry Out

[New Dawn] Petty traders and foreign exchange bureaus in Liberia are expressing frustration over a skyrocketing money exchange rate of US$1.00 to LD$130.00 that has impacted prices of goods and potentially weakened purchase power mainly for a significant portion of the country's population that survives on very little or no income. (AllAfrica)

EU Empowers Ntal, Libtralo, Others

[Observer] The European Union (EU) on Tuesday donated several items of office equipment to eight local and international organizations, including the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL) and Liberia Translation and Literacy Organization (LIBTRALO). (AllAfrica)

Don't Loot Government's Assets

[New Dawn] Ahead of the official handover of power from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to President-elect George Manneh Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change, a local pro-democracy group, People United for Change (PUFC), is warning out-going government officials not to loot the country's assets. (AllAfrica)

15,000 Youths to Be Recruited for a U.S.$10 Million Agriculture Project

[Observer] The technical team manager of the Youth Opportunity Project at Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) has disclosed that his agency has begun the recruitment of 15,000 young people to benefit from job opportunities across the country. (AllAfrica)

President Sirleaf's Legacy, Failures in Liberia's Arts and Culture

[Observer] Carol Alexander the consultant who spearheaded the renovation and redesign the National Museum, guides President Sirleaf through the museum's new exhibits (AllAfrica)

Dialogue Among Peace Messengers - Resilience for Peace-Part 1

[Observer] For a moment, it seems empty, time stood still for many of us as world crisis reached tipping points. We continue to observe on going crisis of nuclear threat in North Korea and the rest of the world, suicide bombings by Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al Shabab in Somalia, ISIS in the Middle East, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. (AllAfrica)

Who's Holding Economy Hostage?

[Observer] In 2017 the business advocacy group Patriotic Entrepreneurs of Liberia (PATEL) staged a protest against government policies which they said were strangulating Liberian businesses. (AllAfrica)

Thousands of Young People Troop to CDC Headquarters Seeking Job

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -President-elect George Manneh Weah has a lot to grapple with when he is inaugurated as President of Liberia. (AllAfrica)

Give No Second Chance for 'Corrupt Officials' in New Govt

[Observer] A Civil Society Organization (CSO) has warned President-elect George M. Weah to not give second chances to former or current officials or any Liberians, who have been indicted, convicted or are perceived to be corrupt. (AllAfrica)

'All Is Not Lost,' - VP Boakai Assures Supporters

[Observer] Ambassador Joseph Boakai, the Vice President and political leader of the defeated ruling Unity Party, has told citizens of his home county Lofa that all is not lost for the county and its people though he lost the December 26 presidential runoff election. (AllAfrica)

Weah Meets Boakai

[NEWS] As part of effort to heal the wounds that were created during the electoral process, President-elect Ambassador George M. Weah on New Year's Day visited the residence of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai in the Rehab. Community, near Monrovia (AllAfrica)

Lord, Let Him Be Aware of the New Relationships

[New Dawn] Dear Father: (AllAfrica)

President-Elect Weah On His Plans

[Deutsche Welle] Former football star George Weah will be Liberia's new president. He spoke with DW during the campaign about his plans for the country, as well as the controversy surrounding the choice of his running mate. (AllAfrica)