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The Launchpad and Home for African Migrants

[IPS] Cotonou -Last year, Mohamed Keita returned home to Mali after living and working in Libya for six years. Eighteen months ago he was arrested by security forces in Libya as he and other migrants tried to cross the Mediterranean Sea to Europe via a makeshift boat. (AllAfrica)

60,000 Nigerians Stranded in Libya - EU

[Premium Times] The Deputy Head of the European Union, Richard Young, on Tuesday said that about 60,000 Nigerians are being camped in Libya. (AllAfrica)

'Naptip Convicted 359 Human Traffickers in 15 Years, Rescued 3,500 From Libya

[Guardian] Lagos and Abuja -The National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) yesterday said it had prosecuted and convicted 359 persons for human trafficking offences and rescued over 3,500 Nigerians from Libya in its 15 years of existence. (AllAfrica)

Govt, IOM Rescued 10,500 Human Trafficking Victims From Libya - DG Naptip

[Leadership] The federal government and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) have rescued no fewer than 10,500 Nigerians who are victims of human trafficking from Libya. (AllAfrica)

EU/Italy/Libya - Disputes Over Rescues Put Lives At Risk

[HRW] The European Union's obstruction of nongovernmental rescues and handover of responsibility to Libyan coast guard forces is a recipe for even greater loss of life in the Mediterranean and a continuing cycle of abuse for people trapped in Libya, Human Rights Watch said today. (AllAfrica)

Migrants in Libya Face Rising Threat From 'Stronger' Gangs and Traffickers

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Migrants in Libya face the greatest danger in years of being trafficked, exploited or enslaved by armed groups and criminal gangs - which are becoming stronger - as Europe clamps down on migration, the United Nations and analysts said on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Status Quo Cannot Be Sustained, UN Envoy Tells Security Council

[Africa Renewal] Despite encouraging signs on the political and humanitarian front, efforts must be sustained and intensified in Libya to avoid further "economic collapse, the breakdown of public services, and more frequent and intense outbreaks of violence", said the United Nations Special Envoy for the country on Monday. (AllAfrica)

Eight Migrants Found Dead Inside Refrigerated Vehicle

[Dalsan Radio] Eight migrants including six children were found dead on Monday after suffocating from petrol fumes while packed into a lorry container on the west Libyan coast, authorities said. (AllAfrica)

Libyan Food Delivery Service Looks to Serve Up Gender Equality

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -Just one in four Libyan women are employed (AllAfrica)

EU Can't Ignore Alarming Conditions in Libya's Migrant Centres

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation. (AllAfrica)

Detainees in Libya On Hunger Strike

[Radio Dabanga] Tripoli -At least 1,500 Sudanese imprisoned in the Tajoura prison, east of the Libyan capital of Tripoli, have entered into a hunger strike since Friday in protest against their continued detention without charge or trial. (AllAfrica)

NEMA Receives 160 Nigerians From Libya

[Guardian] The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) says it has received a batch of 160 assisted voluntary returnees from Libya who were stranded in failed attempts to reach different European countries. (AllAfrica)

African Migrants Deaths Escalate At Mediterranean Sea

[CAJ News] Tripoli -MORE than 1 400 people, mostly African migrants, have this year drowned in the treacherous routes in the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to reach Europe by boat. (AllAfrica)

Libyan FM Stresses Importance of China-Arab Cooperation Forum

[Focac] Tripoli -Libya's UN-backed Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala Monday stressed the importance of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) which will be held on Tuesday in Beijing for all participating countries. (AllAfrica)

Detention of Migrants Rescued at Sea Cruel and Must End - UN

[VOA] The Head of the UN Migration Agency, William Lacy Swing, is appealing to Libyan authorities to stop detaining migrants intercepted or rescued at sea by the Coast Guard after trying to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. (AllAfrica)

UN Set to Open New Refugee Transit Center in Tripoli

[VOA] The U.N. refugee agency says it has had a permanent presence in Libya this year, providing humanitarian assistance and medical aid to refugees and migrants in detention centers. The UNHCR works with Libyan authorities to obtain the release of vulnerable refugees and their evacuation from Libya. (AllAfrica)

Head of Migration Body Arrives to Advocate for Migrants' Rights

[Africa Renewal] Ambassador William Lacy Swing, International Organization for Migration Director General, arrived in Tripoli this morning (04/07) to visit the survivors of the latest migration tragedy off Libya's shores, and Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Sarraj. (AllAfrica)

War Against Civilians - the U.S. in Libya and Yemen

[Fahamu] During the Vietnam War, American historian Howard Zin wrote: "all wars are wars against civilians, and are therefore inherently immoral" and "political leaders all over the world should not be trusted when they urge their people to war claiming superior knowledge and expertise." (AllAfrica)

Tunisia-Libya - Jhinaoui and Syala Agree to Resume Trade Agreements Concluded Before 2011

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Foreign Ministers of Tunisia, Khemaies Jhinaoui, and Libya, Mohamed Taher Syala, said that the preparatory meeting of the high joint commission has agreed on the need to resume trade and development agreements concluded between the two countries before 2011. (AllAfrica)

Two Shipwrecks Add to 'Alarming Increase' in Migrant Deaths

[UN News] More than 200 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean in the past three days, bringing the overall death toll so far this year to more than 1,000, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reported on Monday. (AllAfrica)

Statement of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission On Libya

[African Union] Statement of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission on Libya (AllAfrica)

100 Drown in Latest Mediterranean Tragedy

[CAJ News] Tripoli -More than 100 people have drowned in the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea. (AllAfrica)

UNHCR Appalled By the Loss of Life At Sea Off the Coast of Libya

[UNHCR] UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is deeply saddened at the latest tragedy in the Mediterranean Sea. On 29 June, at least 100 people died after a boat carrying around 123 refugees and migrants sank off the coast of Tajoura in Libya. (AllAfrica)

FM Calls for Reaching Political Solution to Libyan Crisis

[Egypt Online] Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry on Friday called for reaching an inter-Libyan political solution to the ongoing crisis in the country, stressing the UN pivotal role in this regard. (AllAfrica)

'Tunisia Always Working to Bring Libyan Stakeholders' Views Closer' - FM

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -"Tunisia is working to advance the political process in Libya, bring the views of the Libyan stakeholders closer and provide the conditions for the achievement of the expected political milestones," said Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui. (AllAfrica)

Libya, Somalia on List as U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Travel Ban

[VOA] Washington -Washington - The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the Trump administration's travel restrictions on citizens from five Muslim countries, handing President Donald Trump a victory in enforcing one of his most controversial policies. (AllAfrica)

Italy Refuses to Help Migrants, Leaves Task to Libya

[VOA] Italy continued its hardline stance against migrants stranded off its coast, telling European charities to stop rescuing the migrants and leave them to be picked up the Libyan coast guard instead. (AllAfrica)

Egyptian-Libyan Ties Are Strong, Profound - Khalifa Haftar

[Egypt Online] The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan Army Khalifa Haftar praised the depth and strength of the Egyptian-Libyan ties, adding that both countries share common fate relationship. (AllAfrica)

122 Jailed Refugees Evacuated From Libya

[CAJ News] Tripoli -MORE than 120 extremely vulnerable refugees, mostly women and children, have been evacuated from Libya where they had been held in detention. (AllAfrica)

We Never Sent Nigerian Migrants Back to Libya - Italian Envoy

[Daily Trust] The Italian Ambassador to Nigeria, Stefano Pontesilli has dismissed reports that Italy sometimes sent some migrants, including Nigerians on sea route to Europe back to Libya. (AllAfrica)

UN Extends Arms Embargo On War Afflicted Libya

[CAJ News] Tripoli -THE Security Council, a principal organ of the United Nations (UN), has renewed measures designed to implement the arms embargo on crisis-torn Libya for another year. (AllAfrica)