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Heavy Fighting Breaks Out in Afgoye Town, Outside Mogadishu

[Shabelle] More details are emerging from a heavy gunfight between Al-Shabaab militants and Somali national army which flared up on Saturday morning in Afgoye district of Lower Shabelle region, south of Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Recurrent Political Stand Off Derails Progress in Somalia, Says UN Envoy

[Shabelle] The outgoing United Nations (UN), Michael Keating said a protracted wrangle in Somalia is complicating progress on political and Security, warning that political differences will derail progress in Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Senate Readies Delegates to Mediate Between Federal States and Central Govt

[Shabelle] The Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia has issued a list of delegations planned to send to the regional administrations for mediation in the rift between and federal states and central government. (AllAfrica)

Women Claim Their Place in Somalia's Politics

[ISS] Women's participation in Somali politics has traditionally been low, and a controversial topic in the country. Somali society typically ascribes to more conservative notions of a woman's role in family and community life, rarely envisioning a position of political leadership in a male-dominated system. This has been changing, but there's a long road ahead. (AllAfrica)

Hirshabelle Parliament Plots Ouster Against President Mohamed Abdi Waare

[Dalsan Radio] Hirshabelle Parliament has sought the audience of regional leader, President Mohamed Abdi Waare, with reports indicating a no-confidence motion against him was on card. Ali Osman Ibrahim, one of the Hirshabelle legislators said the President had been called to Jowhar city for questioning. (AllAfrica)

African Artists Wow Another Continent Down Under

[The Conversation Africa] In recent years, increasing numbers of people have moved from all parts of Africa to Australia. The largest numbers have come from South Africa, Sudan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Sierra Leone. (AllAfrica)

Regulation of Somalia's Mobile Money Market Can Spur Innovation in Financial Sector Development - WB

[Dalsan Radio] Somalia's economy has grown modestly between 2013 and 2017, with real annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 2.5%, according to the new economic update. (AllAfrica)

Sharif Launches Campaign Ahead of South West November Polls

[Dalsan Radio] Somalia's South West regional President Sharif Hassan Adan has launched a campaign to retain his seat in the November elections. (AllAfrica)

Islamic Development Bank Freezes Somalia Project

[VOA] The Islamic Development Bank has suspended a multimillion-dollar project in Somalia due to accusations of corruption and mismanagement. (AllAfrica)

Car Bomb Hits Mogadishu

[VOA] Officials in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, say a car bomb has hit a district headquarters, killing at least six people and injuring 16. (AllAfrica)

Are Somali Troops Prepared to Lead the War Against Al-Shabaab?

[VOA] As the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) prepares to implement the planned phased withdrawal of more than 21,000 troops fighting militant groups, including al-Shabab and the Islamic State in Somalia, some experts are concerned that the country may not be prepared to take on the task in the face of growing political divisions and lack of military equipment and training. (AllAfrica)

Car Bomb Hits Somali Capital

[VOA] Officials in Mogadishu, Somalia's capital, say a car bomb has hit a district headquarters, killing at least six people and injuring 16. (AllAfrica)

Puntland, Galnmudug VPs Slam Decision to Break Off Govt Relations

[Shabelle] The vice presidents of Puntland and Galnmudug States have opposed and criticized the decision by the Federal Member States to break off relations with the central Government. (AllAfrica)

President Revokes All Ranks of Former Intelligence Deputy Chief

[Shabelle] The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, dismissed former Deputy Director Gen Abdalla Abdalla Mohamed from NISA for violating the rules. (AllAfrica)

Regional States Break Off Relations With Central Government

[Shabelle] The leaders of Somali regional administrations declared to have suspended relations with the federal government of Somalia on Saturday as they wrap up meeting in Kismayo city. (AllAfrica)

Calls for Miraa Traders to Move to Isiolo Airport

[East African] Cargo operators want miraa export shifted from Jomo Kenyatta International and Wilson airports to Isiolo, citing inadequate aircraft parking space. (AllAfrica)

Senate Boycotts Farmaajo's Parliament Opening Session

[Dalsan Radio] The Somalia Upper House on Monday boycotted the joint reopening of the Federal Parliament, Radio Dalsan reports. (AllAfrica)

Car Bomb Targets Mogadishu's Hodan District HQ

[Dalsan Radio] A suicide car bomb on Monday morning targeted the Hodan district headquarters, Radio Dalsan reports. (AllAfrica)

Record Breaking Five-in-a-Row Great North Run Titles for Mo Farah

[RFI] Mo Farah has won the world's biggest half marathon, the Great North Run, for a record-breaking fifth consecutive time. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Ministers of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia Left for Djibouti

[Shabait] Asmara -Foreign Ministers of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia have travelled to Djibouti. (AllAfrica)

The Road to Peace? Diplomatic Ties Strengthen in Horn of Africa

[Deutsche Welle] Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia established a joint cooperation agreement this week, in another major step towards achieving stability in the conflict-ridden region. So is peace finally on the horizon? (AllAfrica)

Matiangi to Face MPs on Petition to Withdraw KDF From Somalia

[Capital FM] Nairobi -Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi is on Thursday morning set to appear before a parliamentary committee over a petition on the withdrawal of Kenya Defence forces from Somalia. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Reopens Its Embassy in Asmara

[Addis Standard] Following a Tripartite Summit between PM Abiy Ahmed, President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, and President Isaias Awerki, the leaders of Ethiopia, the Republic of Somalia and Eritrea, respectively, which took place yesterday in Eritrea's capital Asmara, the trio issued a four pillar comprehensive joint declaration which included the establishment of a high level committee tasked to oversee the multifaceted collaborations included in the declaration. (AllAfrica)

We Are Working On Plan to Improve Somali Police Performance, Says Dualle

[Shabelle] Somali security minister Mohamed Abukar Islow Du'ale said they are working a plan to enhance the performance and capacity of Somali police force. (AllAfrica)

Somali Migrants Caught in Libya Clashes Evacuated, Says UNHCR

[Shabelle] Hundreds of migrants held in a detention centre south of the Libyan capital were evacuated this week amid fierce clashes between armed groups, the UN's refugee agency said on Thursday. (AllAfrica)

IOM Facilitates the Return of 63 Rescued Ethiopian Migrants From Somaliland

[Addis Standard] IOM, the UN Migration Agency Sub-Office in Hargeisa facilitated the return of 63 Ethiopian migrants who became stranded at sea for six days when their boat engine failed. The migrants left Hargeisa in several groups after they had received medical attention, food, shelter, clothing and counseling through support from IOM. (AllAfrica)

Mogadishu Suicide Bombing Kills 6, Destroys School

[Dalsan Radio] At least six people were killed when a suicide car bomb struck a local government office in central Mogadishu on Sunday, destroying the building and a Quranic school opposite. (AllAfrica)

Mogadishu Suicide Bombing Kills Children and Soldiers

[Deutsche Welle] At least six people have been killed in a car bombing at a local government office in Somalia's capital. Militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for the blast, which also destroyed a mosque and an Islamic school. (AllAfrica)

Loud Explosion Just Heard in Mogadishu - Witness

[Shabelle] A loud explosion was heard around the Somali capital, Mogadishu on Sunday morning which followed by heavy gunfire, a witness said. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Federal Court Rejects a Bail Request By Abdi Iley

[Shabelle] tweet (AllAfrica)

Farmajo Holds Bilateral Talks With His Chinese Counterpart Xi Jinping

[Shabelle] tweet (AllAfrica)