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Small Cabinet Meeting On Relations With European Union

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -A small cabinet meeting, held Friday afternoon in the Kasbah under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, focused on relations between Tunisia and the European Union, a statement of the Prime Ministry reads. (AllAfrica)

Tourist Receipts Up 46.1 Percent in First Half of Year (Prime Ministry)

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Tourism receipts reached 1293 million dinars (MD) during the first half of 2018, up 46.1% compared to the same period of 2017, a first since 2014, according to data released Thursday, by the Prime Ministry. (AllAfrica)

We Didn't Ill-Treat Sables Rugby Players, Say Tunisians

[The Herald] THE Tunisians have rejected claims that they ill-treated the Zimbabwe Sables delegation and claim the visitors were in the mood to cause problems for them from the moment they arrived in Tunis. There has been widespread condemnation of the way the Sables were treated, including being given a sub-standard lodge which they rejected, with the Zimbabweans ending up sleeping on the streets. (AllAfrica)

Caid Essebsi, Jhinaoui Review Outcomes of Tunisia's Participation in 31st Ordinary Session of AU Summit

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -President Beji Caid Essebsi received on Thursday at Carthage Palace Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui. (AllAfrica)

National Security Council Meets

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The National Security Council met on Thursday at the Carthage Palace under chairmanship of President Beji Caid Essebsi. (AllAfrica)

UK Government Does Not Fund Media Campaign for Tunisian Executive (Embassy)

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The British government does not fund any pro-government media campaign for the Tunisian executive or against social protests, says the UK embassy in Tunis. (AllAfrica)

2018 Baccalaureate Resits - Success Rate Stands At 36 Percent

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The success rate at the 2018 Baccalaureate resits stands at 36%, Director-General of exams at the Ministry of Education Omar Ouelbani Thursday told TAP. (AllAfrica)

Tunisia-Libya - Jhinaoui and Syala Agree to Resume Trade Agreements Concluded Before 2011

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Foreign Ministers of Tunisia, Khemaies Jhinaoui, and Libya, Mohamed Taher Syala, said that the preparatory meeting of the high joint commission has agreed on the need to resume trade and development agreements concluded between the two countries before 2011. (AllAfrica)

Pharmaceutical and Building Industries in DRC - Most Profitable Sectors for Tunisian Products

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Health sectors, notably pharmaceutical and building (building material and electrical components) are the most profitable sectors in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the Tunisian products, according to a market study presented Thursday as part of the Road Show on business opportunities in the DRC. (AllAfrica)

Fruit Exports Up 51 Percent

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Fruit exports recorded a 51% increase in value from January 2 to July 3, the Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries Ministry announced on Thursday. (AllAfrica)

Tunis Hosts International Conference On Migratory Phenomena in Euro-Mediterranean Region

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The proposed solutions to solve the migration and asylum phenomenon must take into account the humanitarian aspect and the immigrants' human rights so as to make of the Mediterranean a space of peace, stability and human rights protection as part of an interactive dialogue between all stakeholders, Social Affairs Minister Mohamed Trabelsi Thursday said. (AllAfrica)

Private Employment Agencies - Draft Law in Pipeline to Tackle Fictitious Contracts

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The Employment Abroad Committee is working on a new draft law governing private employment agencies, said President of the Union of Temporary Staffing Firms and Private Employment Services at the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (French: UTICA) Mahdi Ayadi. (AllAfrica)

Regional Meetings On Social Dialogue On National Health Policies Kicks Off in Hammamet

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Regional meetings on social dialogue on national health policies and strategies kicked off on Thursday in Hammamet and will focus on four major regions of the country before the end of July. (AllAfrica)

Inflation Rate Worsens to 7.8 Percent in June After Stability in Last Two Months

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The inflation rate rose to 7.8% at the end of June 2018, after a stability recorded during the last two months at a rate of 7.7%, said Thursday, the National Institute of Statistics (INS), in its monthly newsletter published on the web. (AllAfrica)

Sables Get Down to Business

[The Herald] AFTER weathering the storm that characterised their arrival in Tunis, Zimbabwe's Sables got down to business yesterday as they resumed preparations for their Rugby Africa Gold Cup clash against Tunisia on Saturday. Following the debacle which started at Cartage Airport in Tunisia and grabbed global attention after they later rejected a sub-standard lodge they had been booked into, the Sables were later moved to the Alrawabi Hotel. (AllAfrica)

Outrage Over Zimbabwe Rugby Players' Treatment in Tunisia

[New Zimbabwe] RUGBY Africa, the administrative body for rugby union on the continent has been forced to issue a public apology after Zimbabweans expressed outrage for the appalling treatment of the senior national rugby team by their Tunisian counterparts on Monday. (AllAfrica)

Ridha Belhaj Accuses Faction of Nidaa Tounes of Trying to 'Undermine Unification of Democratic Forces'

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -President of the "Tunisia first" party constituent body Ridha Belhaj accused Sofiene Toubel, president of the Nidaa Tounes parliamentary bloc and a faction of his party of trying to "undermine the unification Democratic forces." (AllAfrica)

Islamist-Supported Candidate Becomes First Female Mayor of Tunis

[Deutsche Welle] Souad Abderrahim dedicated her victory to "all women who have struggled" to reach senior positions. This was the first mayoral election in the Tunisian capital since the 2011 Arab Spring uprising. (AllAfrica)

Hell in Tunisia

[The Herald] Rugby Africa and Tunisia Rugby were yesterday forced to apologise to their Zimbabwean counterparts after the North Africans, in an act plucked from hell, detained the Sables at Cartage Airport for six hours on Monday night before booking them into a sub-standard lodge which the team rejected. (AllAfrica)

World Cup 2018 - Tunisia's Tournament in Review

[FirstTouch] Like all African states, the Eagles of the Carthage came into the World Cup oozing with hope and pride for the African continent. Little did they know that they will be slapped with a loss from England, followed by a heavy blow of loss from Belgium. To redeem themselves, the Tunisians exited the tournament with inflicting the same kind of loss on Panama with a 2-1 win. Even though the departure was sooner than hoped for, the lessons learned were timely. Below is an overview of the learning curve. (AllAfrica)

Dismay at Rugby Team Players Sleep on the Streets in Tunisia

[News24Wire] Rugby Africa and the Tunisia Rugby Union have apologised to the Zimbabwean national team after they were forced to sleep on the streets of the north African country. (AllAfrica)

Mohamed Tlili Mansri Resigns From ISIE

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -President of the Independent High Authority for the Election (ISIE) Mohamed Tlili Mansri announced Thursday his resignation. (AllAfrica)

Industrial Production Down 2.1 Percent in 1st Four Months of 2018

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The industrial production edged down 2.1% in the 1st four months of 2018, compared to the same period last year, according to the latest statistics published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). (AllAfrica)

Industrial Selling Prices Up 7.3 Percent Year-On-Year, March 2018

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The industrial selling prices index edged up 7.3% year-on-year in March 2018, (6.6% in February 2018), according to the latest statistics published by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). (AllAfrica)

Tunisia Hosts International Wisdom Festival, July 8

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Tunisia will play host on July 8 at the Tunis Culture City to the International Wisdom Festival "Let's Go Wise," which is part of the International Year of Wisdom to be crowned by the organisation of the Global Wisdom Summit Davos Tunisia, November 20-21. (AllAfrica)

Metrology - Qualified Suppliers for Better Export Quality

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The steering committee of the project "development of competences in quality assurance for export" met at the Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts (UTICA), with attendance of CETIME Director-General Brahim Chebili, Director- General at the Industry and SMEs Ministry Riadh Ben Rjeb and President of FEDELEC (UTICA) Adel Manaa, said on Thursday the confederation in a press release. (AllAfrica)

Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon in Tunis On Two-Day Official Visit

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -UK Minister of State for the Commonwealth and the United Nations Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon expected Thursday in Tunis for a two-day official visit. (AllAfrica)

Tunisia, 1st Arab Country to Benefit From Programme to Create 1 Million Jobs in Arab Region

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Tunisia has been chosen as the 1st Arab country to benefit from the encouragement programme to create 1 million jobs for youth in the Arab region. (AllAfrica)

Lawmaker Sentenced for Blog

[HRW] A military court sentenced a member of Tunisia's parliament to three months in prison on June 26, 2018, for a Facebook post criticizing the army, Human Rights Watch said. Yassine Ayari, the parliament member, has faced numerous military prosecutions for his Facebook posts mocking military top brass. (AllAfrica)

Esprit Wins Enactus Tunisia Competition

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -The Private Higher School of Engineering and Technology (Esprit) won on Tuesday, the prize of the 9th competition Enactus Tunisia placed this year under the theme "Social entrepreneurship vector of progress". (AllAfrica)

Tunisia to Host 22nd Edition of "Futurallia" International Business Forum, November 14-16

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Tunisia will play host for the first time to the 22nd edition of the "FUTURALLIA" International Business Forum, November 14-16. (AllAfrica)