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Madonna, visiting Malawian village with her 4 children, promises electricity

more images more images Madonna promises light for Malawian village MPHANDULA, Malawi ? Madonna has promised electricity to a village in Malawi, the impoverished southern African country where she runs a charity organization and from which she has adopted two children. Speaking in Mphandula, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) from Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe, the singer said Thursday: “I know [...]

Navigating the Adventures In Travel Expo

Written by Dave The day after attending the launch party for The Best American Travel Writing 2009 , I noticed (via Twitter) that several other big events were occurring in New York City over the weekend.† While the Anthony Bourdain’s talks were sold out for The Food Network New York Wine & Food Festival , it’d be no trouble for me to attend the Adventures in Travel Expo at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. Back in Spring 2007, before my backpacking trip around the world, I attend

Trip Advice for South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, and Botswana

Written by Dave Preface:† The following information was submitted to me in 2000 by a traveler named Alexander.† Having been to South Africa and Botswana in 2008, his tips and warnings still hold true.† The photos are mine. Sunrise mokoro ride - Okavango Delta, Botswana I lived in Southern-Africa, including South-Africa, until 1995, and traveled†the whole area extensively. Also, I visited South-Africa, Swaziland,†Namibia, and Botswana last April. There are many group-travels†ava

Trip Advice For Kenya

Written by Dave Preface:† I did some house cleaning around GoBackpacking in preparation for the launch of the new layout.† Any useful bits of information that had been stored in the corners of the castle are being dusted off and presented anew.† The following information was sent to me around 2000 by a traveler named Alexander. Flight across Africa Since we are all running on our stomachs here the kitchen first: Kenya, among all the African countries has the richest

Steven Spielberg to Receive 2009 Liberty Medal at The National Constitution Center

Steven Spielberg to Receive 2009 Liberty Medal at The National Constitution CenterAward to be presented by President William J. ClintonPHILADELPHIA, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The National Constitution Center’s 2009 Liberty Medal will be awarded to filmmaker and humanitarian Steven Spielberg for his artistic and personal commitment to the preservation of human rights. Through his award-winning films, Spielberg has presented stories of the struggle and triumph of humanity over tyranny, inf

ESPN announces new 30 for 30 documentaries

Our University of Miami Hurricanes football documentary, The U , is part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series — thirty documentaries made by different filmmakers about events that have taken place during ESPN’s thirty years on the air. Other filmmakers working on the series include Spike Lee , Barry Levinson , Alex Gibney , Albert Maysles , Peter Berg , Barbara Kopple , Steve James , Dan Klores , Mike Tollin , Ron Shelton , Frank Marshall , Brett Morgen , Ice Cube , Morgan Freeman , S

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Africa: the 'Super Size Me' tour

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has returned to Africa for an 11-day, seven-country tour of the continent. I use the term “returned to Africa” because Hillary Clinton has been to Africa before, most recently accompanying President Obama during his visit to Egypt in May and in her role as the U.S. ‘First Lady’ during former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s administration. Some readers may not remember the 1997 whirlwind tour through Africa by Hillary Clinton together with her daughter

German Afrika-Linien offers \ u0026quot; Premium \ u0026quot; shipping services to Israel \ u0026 # 39; s trading community

DAL – Deutsche Afrika-Linien, one of the most highly respected operators in the trade between Europe and Southern Africa added last week Israel to its service schedule. DAL offers, as from 1 July 2009, weekly southbound sailings from Marseille to SA main ports. The routing of the Israeli cargo will be via Valencia on the Core Service to South Africa. The company announced that Seventy One Shipping Co. headed by Eran Hassid will act as their agents in Israel. †DAL is a founder member of



Local university helps turn nurses into teachers - Tulsa World

August 4, 200910:12 amChris RobertsOnline College StudentsPamela Stokes finished nursing school four years ago, but she’ll be on the other side of the podium in less than two years through the newest nurse educator program in Tulsa and the state. Southern Nazarene University is one of four Oklahoma-based …Original Article: Local university helps turn nurses into teachers - Tulsa World Share and Enjoy: Related Posts:South Africa: Local Academic Helps Found Online VarsityStudent helps fill news

Thalictrum delavayi

Douglas Justice took today's photo and wrote the accompanying entry in the final days of last month. Peter Wharton, late curator of the David C. Lam Asian Garden, collected seed of this fine, if floppy, species in 2006 in Sichuan Province, China, near Hongxi (Hung-hsi) at an altitude of 2780 metres. Thalictrum delavayi is not exactly rare in cultivation, but the double-flowered cultivar, 'Hewitt's Double', is more often seen than this or other "unimproved" forms. Here the lax stems of the

Floatin' Powa News Service: Mighta Choked Artie, But It Ain't Gonna Choke Babba...

The artichoke is actually a humongous thistle; a flower, not a vegetable. The various names for artichoke in European languages all ultimately derived from the Arabic term al-kharshuf . Artichokes probably originated in northern Africa and from there spread throughout the Mediterranean world. They were being cultivated in Sicily during the Greek occupation, the Greeks called them kaktos . The Romans inherited the artichoke from the Greeks and called them carduus . The Dutch introduced artic

‘Baptism Of Fire’ Was Inevitable

Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara’s recent “baptism of fire” by African leaders at the Global 2009 Dialogue in Uganda exposed the “shadow” of post-revolutionary actors as illustrated by one newspaper columnist, if not a spectacular backfiring by one lecturing insignificant sophistries to sober, experienced and tactful veterans. DPM Mutambara reportedly incurred the ire of African leaders when he said no African leader had a brand worth selling, where national visions were concerned, and

The Best Locations to Travel in South Africa

Cruising on a boat at sunset while sipping champagne or driving down a winding road while majestic mountains protect the massive waves caressing the cliffs are all things witnessed and experienced when you arrive in the Southern most point of South Africa. The best places you won't want to miss are Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Hermanus.

Caught on Tape: Getting Sleazy With ZZ

Every day for two weeks, I had heard the song rise from what must have been a pair of seriously powered speakers, floating out over the hills of Hollywood like some sweetly-scented audio pollen. The music had to be screaming from those distant monitors because Billy’s guitar scuttled the birds in the trees and the vocals came down from the heavens like the very voice of God himself — if the Lord had spoken in a southern dialect and had a preoccupation with modified racecars. Precisely at 11 A.M.

Top Ten Traveling Locations in Southern Africa

by Annette Hendley Cruising on a boat at sunset while sipping champagne or driving down a winding road while majestic mountains protect the massive waves caressing the cliffs are all things witnessed and experienced when you arrive in the Southern most point of South Africa. The best places you won’t want to miss are Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Hermanus. Some history, magical forests and a lonely roaming elephant will lead you to the fairytale Garden Route area in the Southern parts of South

Pink Floyd recipe

There are so many different drinks available these days that it is difficult to know what to buy. One of the best ways to find out which the best quality wines are is to read reviews. That means you will have some inclination of the type of wine it is as well as the quality of the wine. Others opinions are really a great way of finding great wines. I did mostly drink cocktails and have a good Pink Floyd recipe which I used to make up. Even the most elaborate cocktails are actually easy to mak

Responsibility to Protect? By Jean Bricmont

3 August, 2009 — MRZine – Monthly ReviewOn July 23, a debate concerning the Responsibility to Protect took place in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations.† The responsibility to protect (R2P) is a notion agreed to by world leaders in 2005 that holds States responsible for shielding their own populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and related crimes against humanity, requiring the international community to step in if this obligation is not met.† This last point is