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Condolences from Pine Hill Alumni Association

THE FAMILY OF THE REV. FLEMMING HOLM Dear Heather, Pamela, Michael, Carol, June and all the extended Holm Family: It was with I profound sense of sadness, mixed with a note of celebration, that we received the news of Flemming Holm’s recent passing. We appreciated the heads-up which arrived by email and somewhat prepared Sadie and me for the news that came on Thanksgiving Sunday. I’m writing on behalf of the Pine Hi


Hot: Staten Island Advance - Saved By a Bell Reunion Photo : Where's Screech? Wall Street Journal Blogs Chances are, you've already seen this week's emanate of People magazine, that facilities a print -heavy 20-year Saved by a Bell reunion as well as … Saved by a Bell Reunion Photo - Vote upon a Reunion Show but … Read a original: Saved By a Bell Reunion Photo: Where's Screech? - Wall Street Journal Blogs People Visiting This Page Also Visiting August

Saved by the Bell Reunion Photo – Vote on a Reunion Show without … –

A Pakistan News Saved by the Bell Reunion Photo – Vote on a Reunion Show without … The Saved by the Bell Reunion photo came out this week in PEOPLE magazine. You can read all about my excitement for it in this article. … Saved By The Bell reunion photo : Why Dustin Diamond was excluded? Saved by The Bell Reunion Photo A Pakistan News ' Saved by the Bell ' reunion in People magazine Staten Island Advance –

This One Goes Out To The One I Love

This one goes out to the one I love - There was a perfect song that described exactly how you felt and you could say “ this one goes out to the one I love .” Now, before anyone gets too excited, .... The Grocery Game: fun and saving - Gaea Times Cum at KelliKanyon HotGoogleTrends this one goes out to the one i love the grocery game sugarland sosie bacon adam leroy lane sheer bliss ice cream jennifer .... Michael Douglas' son 'arrested over drugs' - Gaea Times hotg

Ashton Kutcher Twitter Demi Moore Pic

Watch Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore Twitter Video! Ashton Kutcher Twitter Demi Moore pic cash for clunkers requirements, June 2009 PRC Nursing Board Exam Results, Nursing Board Exam June 2009 news, E Lynn Harris died, E. Lynn Harris death, cash for clunkers stimulus bill, Escape the Working Room walkthrough, … Ashton Kutcher Twitter Demi Moore Pic Leaked | Ready2Beat Demi Moore Pic Leaked on Ashton Kutcher Twitter Some days ago, Ashton Kutcher has posted a picture of his famous wife De

Robert Palmer

Robert Palmer - Some People Can Do What They Like - 1976 - Island Out of print in the U.S.! From his solo debut in the mid '70s to his death three decades later, Robert Palmer was one of Rock's finest vocalists, with each performance filled with soul, power and emotion. His undying musical creativity ensured that each of his albums would retain his signature sound, yet would be a successful step in a different direction. He was truly a Rock chameleon, as this album proves. Original

Ronaldo’s former flame’s foiled attempts at reunion

The Real Madrid footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo was approached by his ex-flame Nereida Gallardo when he was leaving a nightclub in Seville along with a male friend on Friday night. Just a year back the duo was blissfully enjoying each other’s company in a dreamy Italian holiday. The 26-year old Spanish model who was out taking a smoke at once waved out to him and rushed to meet up with Ronaldo, who gave her a cold shoulder. Nereida who has been sporting long curl extensions after their breakup w

Journal (2009-08-03 06:04)

I am back.  Most of you didn't even realize I was gone.  I don't like to inform the general public when I leave town.  I am both a worrier and paranoid, perpetually concerned that some depraved soul may choose to break into my lovely home while I am out of town in part due to my publicizing my absence on the internet.  That would neither be good for my psyche nor relationship with the husband.  Hence, I find it better to keep the travel plans under wraps, at least until the trip is over.  Wher

Book Tour: A Better View of Paradise by Randy Sue Coburn

A Better View of Paradise by Randy Sue Coburn (touring Aug 3-Aug 28) Publisher: Ballantine Books About the Book: Dramatic, moving, and exquisitely written, A Better View of Paradise explores the tender bond between fathers and daughters, ponders the delicate nature of healing, and celebrates the redemptive power of forgiveness and love. Thirty-six-year-old Stevie Pollack has come into her own as a celebrated landscape architect. Her designs, famed for their evocative natural beaut

LOST ReWatch Updates (Twitter)

This episode reveals Ana’a backstory and why she is a bit trigger happy on the island.  Ana, although she looked fine at the airport talking with Jack, has not led a happy life since being kicked out of the police force.Things basically pick up where they left off.  Ana has just killed Shannon and Sayid is ticked, so he tries to shoot Ana, and fights Eko but ends up being tied up to a tree.  The irony is palpable as Sayid was the one who questioned Sawyer by tying him up to a tree and torturing


One of the numbers that many people are interested in is whether we surpassed the greatest number attending a reunion. The signatures still need to be compared to school records and duplicates eliminated, but over 4,000 alums signed in for Guinness record. The old record was 2,521 set in Guben, Germany in 2002; Here are a few more numbers: 10,000 for the game 1,000 Golden Grads reception 10,000 visitors during Saturday 3,000 Concert attendees 8,000 Sunday visitors 1,000 plus for Pancake B

Updates too hot for much else :(

It is getting redunculous! It is not only +30 – it has 30% humidity. There is a breeze but the sun is just too hot and overpowers it all! There was a severe thunderstorm warning though it did not materialize in Topley! It did in Houston! So no relief at all for the unrelenting heat. Dogs are cranky, I am cranky even Dave who is always upbeat is touchy. It say relief by Tuesday – I hope we can survive. Two foundlings have arrived. The little (intact) maltese went back home after two days. The l

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Vacation Ideas – 5 Great Places to Visit in Texas

Are you looking for some great vacation ideas? Consider a trip to the Lone Star State for your next family vacation. Texas covers a huge area and includes many different types of terrain. From major cities to mountains, magnificent beaches, hills, deserts and forests, Texas has much to offer. There are so many things to see and do that it is hard to choose, but here are some great vacation ideas that are definitely worth considering for your next trip. Big Bend National Park Big Bend Nationa

Roundup Of Weird News For 31 July, 2009

Muffy comes back home . . . Yay! A young Australian Friday held an emotional TV reunion with her dog Muffy, who went missing nine years ago before reappearing filthy and flea-bitten 2,000 kilometres (1,250 miles) away. Chloe Rushby, now 17, who was given the mongrel on her eighth birthday, stroked and hugged the white-haired Muffy in a meeting shown live by Channel 10's satirical "The 7pm Project." "Hey Muffy, hey girl," Rushby said, before admitting she wa


It’s a small world. I thought Pamela will be the only one I knew in the group but as it turned out, we sort of have a mini reunion. I met Pamela’s brother Prince, Debbie who is a close friend of my sister and Stephen who is my classmate in grade school. Prince and Stephen were the only male in the group and their girlfriends are one of the attendees too. The group hired a van for 100 pesos each that will take us back and forth from SM Mall to Ferry Terminal located just beside Hilton Resort in P

Concerts and Events On Sale and Presale Today, Aug, 01 2009 (times in Eastern)

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USA getting involved in Covert Affairs with Piper Perabo

Filed under: Other Drama Shows , Pickups and Renewals , Casting , Reality-Free Piper Perabo's most recognizable roles have been in the Cheaper by the Dozen films, as well as a turn in Coyote Ugly . And yet, hers is one of those names unique enough to remember. Someone at USA recalled Perabo well enough to cast her in Covert Affairs , a pilot about a young CIA trainee abruptly called up as a field operative. While she thinks it's because she's so awesome and all, it turns out that it

Mauritius, Paradise Vacation for The World

Some of you may have known the Mauritius, a place that is located in a hidden place in the Indian Ocean, are often perceived to be as a vacation paradise for the world. Mauritius island is a very romantic and perfect for honeymooners. Or can be also as a place for family reunion or holiday with your friends. If you plan to visit there, make sure you find hotel Mauritius that will serve you well with your holiday so that there does not disappoint. One I recommend is the Ocean Villas Hotel Gr

Aruba around the corner, Annie Duke in Washington, and P0ker J0 working out??

Hey Hey Hey Another Friday - wow the Summer is flying by.  It won’t belong before the weather starts getting cooler - and we all know what that means…..Aruuuuuuuuuuuba bound!  I just booked my flights yesterday so I’m on my way.  This will be my 5th year in Aruba and it truly feels like a family reunion.  I am so blessed to have met so many players that return each year with a smile on their face - just happy to be on one happy island.  Well this year will mark UB’s 10th birthday so I am assum