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I am Civil Service

A while ago, Matt Yglesias linked to this band, Future of the Left—presumably because the first song, Arming Eritrea, tickled him. He’d been writing on U.S. policy in Ethiopia for a while, and bands with any kind of even remote awareness of current affairs are fairly rare. 1 My friend Hank has since been telling me to give the band more of a listen. I’ve owned the album for a few months now, but I never really found it too compelling. It might be that my judgment was being clouded by the

Eritrea wants peaceful Somalia – Reuters

Eritrea wants peaceful SomaliaTue Aug 4, 2009 11:51am GMT By David ClarkeNAIROBI (Reuters) - Eritrea wants a peaceful and united Somalia and believes now is the best time in nearly two decades to foster genuine political dialogue involving all in the Horn of African nation, Eritrea's information minister said.Washington's new top diplomat for Africa has been seeking to engage with Eritrea, and met the country's foreign minister in Libya last month, but has also blamed Asmara for fuelling c

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Africa: the 'Super Size Me' tour

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has returned to Africa for an 11-day, seven-country tour of the continent. I use the term “returned to Africa” because Hillary Clinton has been to Africa before, most recently accompanying President Obama during his visit to Egypt in May and in her role as the U.S. ‘First Lady’ during former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s administration. Some readers may not remember the 1997 whirlwind tour through Africa by Hillary Clinton together with her daughter

Somalia – Somalia: Our Soldiers Not Poisoned – AU (

Somalia: Our Soldiers Not Poisoned – AU ( The African Union Mission in Somalia has ruled out water poisoning as the cause of a “strange” disease that has struck its soldiers in Mogadishu. Somalia leader says US-Somalia meeting important (AP via Yahoo! News) Somalia’s president says his upcoming meeting with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presents a “golden chance” for his war torn country. Somalia: Somaliland Opposition Loses Confidence in Electoral Commission (AllAfrica.c

Eritrea: Country Festival in Scandinavian Countries Colorfully Concludes

The 11the Eritrea Festival in the Scandinavian countries in which more than 10,000 Eritrean nationals took part concluded yesterday in a colorful manner.

Simien National Park - A popular Ethiopia travel destination

August 4th, 2009 | by addis portal | Surrounded by Eritrea and Djibouti to the North, Sudan to the West and Northwest, Somalia to the East and Southeast and Kenya to the South, Ethiopia is one of the most attractive countries in Africa.The Simien National Park is one of the many popular and important sites boasted by Ethiopia. The park covers an overall area of approximately 14,000 hectares and is located on the vast Amhara plateau in the Western Simien highlands of Northern Ethiopia. The Simien

Get out of Somalia [ for now]

As US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton arrives in Nairobi where she is attending a trade conference as part of her Africa tour and is expected to meet with Somali President Ahmed Sheriff- Australian authorities are said successfully foiled a terrorist attack planned by a group allegedly involved with the Al-Shabaab in Melbourne. The Somali conflict is attracting a lot of volunteer fighters across the world. It has come to pass that a young man from Minnesota was killed in Mogadishu and could h

Italian Army Adds “Horn” Section to the Band

In 1940, the Horn of Africa had taken on a distinctly Italian flair.  And that was to be expected, since much of it had been conquered by Italy.  Eritrea became an Italian possession in 1935, Abyssinia was invaded in late 1935 and overrun in May of the following year .  Italian Somaliland had been under Italian control for some time. In the late 19th Century, Britain, France, and Italy had all gained footholds in the area around Africa’s Horn.  All had signed pacts with the local sultans to

Our immodest Afghanistan project

It seems Jim Molan and I have been talking past each other. In his latest post, Jim says  that, 'given that the probability of leaving seems to me to be very low, most of our brain power should be directed at how to proceed.' That means Jim wants to talk mostly about questions of 'how', whereas I remain stubbornly attached to discussing the 'why'. Jim is probably right to say that it is too late to have the 'why' debate, because the die is cast. But good arguments can change minds and eventua

what cairo taught me.

Here I am. I’m sitting on my bed, about the size that I shared with two other people while living in Cairo, Egypt for the past ~6 weeks. I’m currently a little daunted by the fact that i have to get up in the morning and actually have to make a CHOICE about what i want to wear. i have more than two shirts to choose from! and i dont know how i feel about that. even the choice to open up my itunes library had to be pre-planned and internally processed… tossing toilet paper into the toilet is als

Download the !! FREE !! Incubate 2009 Mixtape!

It has been a while since we’ve ‘released’ a mixtape for our festival , but here is the new one! We’ve selected 35 songs from Incubate 2009 artists . All songs are shared by the artists/labels through their own websites or the great as a free download, so Brein/RIAA or whatsoever, eat your fucking heart out (if they have one left anyway)! You are free to mix the songs in every random order you want, we don’t claim any copyright and won’t release it on physical cd. Just the songs. F

Eritrea: authorities terminate ICRC role in repatriations of Ethiopians

ICRC, Geneva August 3, 2009 The Eritrean authorities have informed the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that it will no longer be involved in any repatriation of Ethiopians from the country. According to the authorities, this decision was motivated by the unilateral cancellation of two repatriation operations in late 2008 and early 2009 by Ethiopia. Since 2000, more than 43,000 Ethiopian and Eritrean civilians wanting to return home have been repatriated to their respecti

Ethiopia jails Canadian ONLF rebel for life

Reuters August 3, 2009 Barry Malone * Canadian jailed for life * Convicted of membership of separatist group * Escapes death penalty ADDIS ABABA – An Ethiopian court jailed a Canadian for life on Monday after he was convicted of membership of a rebel group fighting for independence for an ethnically Somali part of the country. Bashir Ahmed Makhtal was born in Ethiopia but travelled to Canada as a refugee and became a citizen in 1994. He was found guilty last week on three charge

Eritrea: authorities terminate ICRC role in repatriations of Ethiopians – ICRC

Eritrea: authorities terminate ICRC role in repatriations of Ethiopians 03 Aug 2009 07:29:15 GMTSource: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) – SwitzerlandReuters and AlertNet are not responsible for the content of this article or for any external internet sites. The views expressed are the author’s alone. Geneva (ICRC) – The Eritrean authorities have informed the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that it will no longer be involved in any repatriation of Ethiopians fr

Canadian gets life sentence in Ethiopia on terror conviction – The Star

Canadian gets life sentence in Ethiopia on terror conviction SUPPLIED PHOTOBashir Makhtal was arrested on the Kenyan-Somalia border in December 2006, and the next month was illegally delivered to Ethiopia. Canadian lawyer calls for Ottawa to interveneAug 03, 2009 08:51 AMDebra Black Staff ReporterThe StarAn Ethiopian court has sentenced a Canadian man to life in prison on terrorism charges.The family of Bashir Makhtal told the Star this morning that the court has delivered his sentence

Photo-essay on Eritreans asylum seekers in France

Guardian , UK August 1, 2009 Photoessay is available at the link above. Inside Africa House in Calais, so called because it’s where the Eritrean asylum seekers are squatting

How a business trip ruined a man’s life

DAVID MCDOUGALL Special to The Globe and Mail — Mohamed Osman Hassan never questioned his close friend and mentor Bashir Makhtal when in early 2001 he announced plans to leave a well-paid job as an information technologist at CIBC in Toronto for the unlikely sounding, but lucrative, business of hawking used clothing across the volatile Horn of Africa. “He saw an opportunity,” said Mr. Hassan, who at the time was finishing a degree in computer science at Brock University. “He’s one of those peo

US Secretary of State Heads to Africa

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton heads to Africa Monday on a trip aimed at highlighting the Obama administration's commitment to making Africa a priority in U.S. foreign policy. Clinton's first scheduled stop on her seven-nation trip will be Kenya where she will attend the U.S.- Sub Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum in Nairobi on Wednesday. The forum is designed to help increase trade between the U.S. and African countries. Human Rights Watch is urging Secre


Testimonials Few pictures of partners who have flipped out Sincerely, I doubted this project from the first day I heard about it. I only said I was going to just take the risk and the risk was really worth it. Nobody really believed it worked until I got my brand new HP laptop. Please keep up the good work, you guys are the bomb. • Tayo Adeyemi, Ilorin. 08033948000 I’m an online marketer, a lot of people trust and believe in me so I didn’t want to pull them into what I didn’t understand. I sig


A Canadian citizen has been jailed for life after being convicted of terrorism charges in an Ethiopian court. Judges found Ethiopian-born Bashir Makhtal was a member of a separatist group fighting for independence for an ethnically Somali part of the country. Prosecutors had wanted him executed, but the judges decided against it. Rights groups say the prosecution failed to produce any credible witnesses and Bashir’s lawyers say he will appeal against the conviction. The Ethiop