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Top ten unusual injuries in cricket

A news website has revealed top ten injuries of cricket players across the world:> Andre Nel, bless him, has managed to put himself out of action in comical fashion. He was walking through a door, or rather in the general direction of a door, but clonked his left elbow on the door frame, rupturing the lateral collateral ligament near the joint. He so badly injured himself that he will need surgery in the next fortnight.> At No 9 is Tony Greig, the former England captain, who once missed a

Review:East India Company (PC)

East India Company Genre: Trading Sim Developer: Nitro Games Publisher: Paradox Interactive Release Date: 7/31/2009 People these days are wary of companies getting anywhere near a monopoly, and for good reason; they usually proceed to act like prats when they do achieve it. But of course, no company has managed to achieve the supreme epitome of the monopoly that the East India Companies of the 17 th and 18 th century achieved. Armed with the blessings of their monarch they proceeded to

Worldwide New Moon Release Dates

According to the  Official New Website these are the release dates from around the world: Argentina – November 19, 2009 Austria – January 8, 2010 Australia – November 19, 2009 Belgium – November 18, 2009 Bolivia – January 1, 2010 Brazil – November 20, 2009 Bulgaria – November 20, 2009 Canada – November 20, 2009 Chile – November 26, 2009 China – TBD Colombia – January 1, 2010 CIS – December 3, 2009 Costa Rica – November 2009 Croatia – December 10, 2009 Czech Republic – Novembe

Wimco Adds Villas in St. Barts

Wimco Villas has added three contemporary luxury vacation homes to its St. Barts villa collection in this culinary capital of the Caribbean. These villas all have Wi-Fi access, audio and video equipment and a host of modern amenities and all offer the flexibility of being rented at lower prices by taking fewer bedrooms than listed. Villa SIB ACR is a two-bedroom villa with a pool on a Vitet hillside. It can be rented as a one or two bedroom with rates varying accordingly. From now thr

New Moon World Wide Release Dates!

Check out this new promo pic of Kristen Stewart as Bella! Tons of New Moon stuff is popping up this week. Did you know that they’re launching a beauty line too? Twilight Beauty — featuring eye glitter, red hot lipstick and light blushes — the official website launches next week! New Moon hits theaters in the USA on November 20, 2009. When does it come out in your country? Click inside for the full list… New Moon Release Dates Argentina – November 19, 2009 Austria – J

‘New Moon’ World Release Dates

According to ‘ New Moon ‘ Official Site, they have stated the release dates for ‘New Moon’ worldwide. Argentina – November 19, 2009 Austria – January 8, 2010 Australia – November 19, 2009 Belgium – November 18, 2009 Bolivia – January 1, 2010 Brazil – November 20, 2009 Bulgaria – November 20, 2009 Canada – November 20, 2009 Chile – November 26, 2009 China – TBD Colombia – January 1, 2010 CIS – December 3, 2009 Costa Rica – November 2009 Croatia – December 10, 2009 Czech Republic

New Moon Movie Worldwide Release Dates

New Moon the movie official website has been updated with all the worldwide release dates! See them all by going to the “wordwide” section of HERE! Or see them below… Argentina –—-–——- November 19, 2009 Austria –———––——-  January 8, 2010 Australia –—––——- November 19, 2009 Belgium –——–——- November 18, 2009 Bolivia –———––——–  January 1, 2010 Brazil –—-–—–——- November 20, 2009 Bulgaria –—––——– November 20, 2009 Canada –——–——  November 20, 2009 Chile –———–

News Slideshows (08/03/2009 03 hours)

Tags People Celebrities High Tech Sports Odd News Top Information Health Business Spoken News News Photos Slideshows 1/108I'm lucky to be alive, says Massa (AFP) AFP - Ferrari ace Felipe Massa admitted on Sunday he was lucky to be alive after surviving a 275kph horror crash at the Hungarian Grand Prix. (AFP) Click on the image for the full size.Click here for more description. 2/108Sandler's 'Funny People' wins weekend with $23.4M (AP) AP - Adam Sandler's

The Surprisingly Cool History of Ice

Until two centuries ago, ice was just an unfortunate side effect of winter. But in the early 1800s, one man saw dollar signs in frozen ponds. Frederic Tudor not only introduced the world to cold glasses of water on hot summer days, he created a thirst people never realized they had. In 1805, two wealthy brothers from Boston were at a family picnic, enjoying the rare luxuries of cold beverages and ice cream. They joked about how their chilled refreshments would be the envy of all the colonists

Explore the Green Side of Martinique

Now more than ever, people are interested in how their food is produced. They want to meet the producers and talk with them about what goes into the food production process. Agricultural tourism, or agritourism, responds to this new demand. This is a style of vacation that normally includes staying on a farm, getting engaged into farm activities ranging from picking fruits or feeding animals, to planting crops. In our actual highly urbanized life, agritourism creates a great opportunity

Interesting article, about finding an affordable beachfront villa …….

We found an interesting article on It got my attention as I represent the villas described in this article as well and was professionally ‘involved’ during the development and construction of this project as I was the Coral Beach developer’s property manager and villa rental specialist for 18 years in Oyster Pond, St Maarten. It’s a very good, interesting and accurate article and as the writer stated, it shows you how helpful a travel agent (in this case it was a well know

“I love thee dearly, my Dutch language!”

Ik heb u lief, mijn nederlands! - I love thee dearly, my Dutch language! By Hennie Reuvers, original articleLong ago, my family and I spent our Easter holidays on the Spanish island of Majorca. One of my little sons suddenly asked an interesting question: “Why are we speaking Dutch in Spain?” He thought we should have changed languages immediately after our arrival in Majorca, and he couldn’t accept that everyone there knew Spanish except us.His question made me ponder: where else in the world b


He was born at Fort Dauphin, St. Joseph’s Parish, San Domingo, West Indies, 16 September 1753, died at Middletown, Connecticut 20 September 1807. He was the son of Jean and Marie Jeanne (Guillotin de la Vigerie) Baury. He married 7 June 1784 at Middletown, Conn. to Mary Clark. She was born at Middletown, Conn. 19 July 1767, died 16 December 1856, aged 88 yrs. Mary was the daughter of Elisha and Sarah (---) Clark of Middletown. She was interred at Newton Lower Falls, Massachusetts. After having

Saint Barth For The Best High Class Vacations

St Barts in English or Saint Barth in French is located in the French West Indies is considered by many to be Monte Carlo in the Caribbean islands. This little Caribbean gem measures just 21sq km or only 8 sq miles, and is a magnet for the European jet set as well as the American well heeled. An international flavor combines with French chic, West Indian cool and stunning scenery to produce one of the most idyllic vacation destinations to be found not only in the Caribbean but and anywhere i

Dictionary Of Mythology

Dictionary of Mythology Authors: J.A.A. Coleman Release: 2007 Format: Hardcover 1408 pages ISBN: 0572032226 (0-572-03222-6) ISBN 13: 9780572032227 (978-0-572-03222-7) Synopsis The Dictionary of Mythologyis packed with information on heroes and heroines, mythical beasts, imaginary characters, legendary artifacts, mythological places and celebrated historical figures whose life stories have been embellished by myth. The scope of the book is breathtaking, covering as it does many cultu

10 Best Places You Dont Want To Miss Diving In

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HMS Victory in Portsmouth England

HMS Victory in Portsmouth England HMS Victory in 1884 HMS Victory is a first rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy , built between 1759 and 1765, and most famous as Lord Nelson ’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar . She is the oldest naval ship still in commission. She sits in dry dock in Portsmouth, England as a museum ship. HMS Victory in Portsmouth HMS VICTORY Nelson Vice-Admiral Nelson hoisted his flag in Victory on 16 May 1803

Three of the World's Most Luxurious Resorts

Las Ventanas (Los Cabos, Mexico): Since its opening in 1997, Las Ventanas has met critical acclaim as one of Mexico’s most exceptional resorts. Featuring 71 spacious suites that welcome guests with in-room tequila, fresh fruit, and personal butler service, Las Ventanas pampers until one’s heart is content. Cap Juluca (Anguilla, West Indies): Situated on the southwest coast of Anguilla and overlooking Maundays Bay and the mountains of St. Maarten, Cap Juluca blends the flavo

Villa Ange Bleu – Toiny, Northeastern end of St Barth

Villa Ange Bleu is perched high above Petit Cul de Sac and presents to the lucky visitor a spectacular panorama of the unspoiled north-eastern end of St. Barths, including the Marine Reserve. On an island that is world-renowned for its unique hybrid of sophistication and refuge, Ange Blue captures the essence of this duality. The area is private, quiet and still only minutes away from

Candlelight: a visual history

At the height of Goya’s career, when he was deluged by demand for his brutal and profoundly cynical visions of humanity, the patron saint of young, angstful intellectuals and political revolutionaries painted a quiet and humorous work that has escaped much scrutiny. It is a self-portrait. Goya is working in darkness in front of his easel. He is wearing a large black felt hat, and on the brim blazes a halo of several dripping candles. He is looking out at us (at himself in the mirror, really), hi