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Close Encounters of the Creepy-Crawly Kind

Written by Dave Spider with egg sack - McLeod Ganj, India Have you ever jumped atop a piece of furniture in your home or workplace after seeing a mouse run by?  Grab your significant other to squash a spider?  Or douse a trail of ants with a full can of Raid? The above reactions are all normal in the cities and suburban dwellings of developed nations, though if you’re going to be a world traveler, it’s time to desensitize yourself to close encounters of the creepy-crawly kind.  And not

Trip Advice for South Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, and Botswana

Written by Dave Preface:  The following information was submitted to me in 2000 by a traveler named Alexander.  Having been to South Africa and Botswana in 2008, his tips and warnings still hold true.  The photos are mine. Sunrise mokoro ride - Okavango Delta, Botswana I lived in Southern-Africa, including South-Africa, until 1995, and traveled the whole area extensively. Also, I visited South-Africa, Swaziland, Namibia, and Botswana last April. There are many group-travels ava

Trip Advice For Kenya

Written by Dave Preface:  I did some house cleaning around GoBackpacking in preparation for the launch of the new layout.  Any useful bits of information that had been stored in the corners of the castle are being dusted off and presented anew.  The following information was sent to me around 2000 by a traveler named Alexander. Flight across Africa Since we are all running on our stomachs here the kitchen first: Kenya, among all the African countries has the richest

Malawi’s junior Queens fired up for World Youth Championship

It is their first time to participate in a global tournament but the Junior Queens are not alarmed. They are set to follow the foot steps of their sisters who have done it several times and brought pride to the nation. The Junior Queens are in camp preparing for the forthcoming Under 21 World Youth Netball Championship to be held in the Cook Islands but the message in camp is that of bringing honor to Malawi. The 12 young netball national team playerss are scheduled to leave this Wednesday f

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Africa: the 'Super Size Me' tour

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has returned to Africa for an 11-day, seven-country tour of the continent. I use the term “returned to Africa” because Hillary Clinton has been to Africa before, most recently accompanying President Obama during his visit to Egypt in May and in her role as the U.S. ‘First Lady’ during former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s administration. Some readers may not remember the 1997 whirlwind tour through Africa by Hillary Clinton together with her daughter

Heart of Dryness -- The Review

James Workman (someone I've met over lunch) wrote an excellent book about the Bushmen in Botswana. What's the book have to do with water? Quite a lot more than I expected. In Heart of Dryness: How the Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Oncoming Drought [ book site Amazon ], Workman (a journalist and former staffer at the World Commission on Dams) draws on five years of personal and professional observation of Botswana's Bushmen. With fluid, authoritative, informative prose, Workman describes ho

Photographer | Wildlife Photography | Aerial Photos

Martin Harvey Photographer Martin Harvey is an internationally acclaimed photographer with an extensive stock photography library that consists of Wildlife, Travel, Landscape, Aerial and Commercial Photographs. The Stock photography library includes wildlife, travel, aerial, landscape, domestic animals, commercial and indigenous people from more than 20 different African countries. Martin Harvey has done photography in countries as diverse as Morocco, Gabon, Cameroon, Central African

Biology ; Exhaustive Question Bank Explanatory Notes and Hints Assertion and Reasons Model Test Papers of AIIMS, CBSE (PMT), CPMT

Biology ; Exhaustive Question Bank Explanatory Notes and Hints Assertion and Reasons Model Test Papers of AIIMS, CBSE (PMT), CPMT UAE ‘Magicians’ Arrested for Bank Note Swindle. The men would show their victims what they said were the supernatural powers of the powder, which if sprinkled over a banknotes in a bag, would double the amount, The National cited the … The Middle East’s Leading English Language Daily (Arab News) This letter is in response to the article covering the funeral

Crisis At UB

source: Mmegi Chandapiwa Baputaki Staff Writer Continuing students at the University of Botswana (UB), who were staying on campus last semester, have been sleeping in the Students Representative Council (SRC) conference hall since Monday last week. According to the SRC secretary general, Molekane Mojaki, the 57 students are those who will be starting their second, third and fourth years after staying on campus since they started their tertiary education. He revealed that the students had

Press Statement/Public Notice on the Existance of Certain Unscrupulous Individuals and Companies operating in Botswana

source: Republic of Botswana (1/8/09): TAUTONA TIMES no 19 of 2009 The Electronic Press Circular of the Office of the President “Democracy, Development, Dignity and Discipline” D1) 31/7/09: PRESS STATEMENT/PUBLIC NOTICE ON THE EXISTANCE OF CERTAIN UNSCRUPULOUS INDIVIDUALS AND COMPANIES OPERATING IN BOTSWANA Please find below a statement issued by the Director General DIS, I.S. Kgosi: The Office of the Minister for Defence, Justice and Security wishes to hereby inform and warn the public

Rumpus On Campus Over Lodging

source: Mmegi Chandapiwa Baputaki Staff Writer The University of Botswana was thrown into chaos last Friday when students flocked to the institution to seek accommodation on campus following the reduction of off-campus allowances by P500. The chaos was worsened by the government’s decision to dole out cash to on-campus students for their meals and toiletries instead of dealing with refectories. In earlier interviews, the Ministry of Education said it would pay off-campus allowance only a

Police and Prison officers to be lectured on how to unionize

source: Sunday Standard by Gowenius Toka 02.08.2009 11:22:01 A Botswana has been identified as a strategic venue for the hosting of a 3-day international symposium on Police labour relations in Southern Africa , which is due tomorrow (Monday), up to 5th August, 2009. Head of Training Unit in the Botswana Police Services, Senior Superintendent Isaac Pale, has confirmed that at least 15 officers from this department are scheduled to participate in the debates at the Symposium. “However,

BP assures Botswana of constant supply

source: Sunday Standard by Sunday Standard Reporter 02.08.2009 11:09:31 A British Petroleum (BP)—the second biggest petroleum company in the country — assured Botswana this week that it will kept its taps flowing next year amid concerns that a lot of volumes will be directed to South Africa due to the FIFA World Cup games. Advocate Rams Ramashia, the BP’s president for Sub Sahara Africa, said Friday that they had “factored in” the possibility of high demand in the coming year. Ramashia

Lerala Mine Faces Uncertainty

source: Mmegi Wanetsha Mosinyi Staff Writer The future of Lerala Diamond Mine is in limbo and will remain so at least for as long as DiamonEx Botswana Limited (DBL) is under judicial management, or up to the end of the year, while its shares will remain suspended from trading until December 31, the company announced last Friday. In the meantime, DiamonEx is struggling to restructure. “The timing for the completion of the restructure and the re-admission of the shares to trading will be

Citizen empowerment in tourism industry eludes Botswana Government

source: Sunday Standard by Gowenius Toka 02.08.2009 11:03:28 A The potential of the tourism industry to impact positively and directly on the lives of ordinary citizens in Botswana, and the extent to which participation of locals in the tourism business can make a difference has become a subject of scrutiny. So much so that, there is a loud debate going on regarding the feasibility of existing Government policy initiatives as well as interpretation of what would best improve the lives of

Swindlers Leave 1,000 Batswana Stranded Overseas

source: Mmegi Monkagedi Gaotlhobogwe Staff Writer About 1,000 Batswana lured overseas by employment agencies have found themselves having to seek refugees status in several countries among them Canada, Australia and Ireland so that they may stay in these overseas countries legally. The head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) Isaac Kgosi says they have received information detailing how many Batswana have turned refugees overseas on the ‘advice’ of job placement agencie

Global Diamond Production Rose 6.7% Lead By Botswana

Global diamond production rose 6.7 percent to $12.7 billion last year, led by Botswana, according to a group aimed at curbing trade in so-called blood diamonds. The 49 members of the Kimberley Process produced 162.9 million carats last year, 3... [[Summary Only, Click Headline for details]]

35: Reflection on the Passage of Time

As I look back on the past 35 years, the overwhelming feeling that shines through is one of immense gratitude. I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me by virtue of being born in the West to great parents. I am grateful to be living in such an amazing age of technical wonder and opportunity. We not only live better than anyone in the history of humanity before us, but have incredible opportunities to pursue our dreams whatever they may be! I am grateful to my amazing friends who have a

Wonderful Win: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith Publisher: Anchor I won this book during the read-a-thon from Books on the Nightstand ! About the book: Meet MMA RAMOTSWE, the endearing, engaging, simply irresistible proprietress of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, the first and only detective agency in Botswana. With persistent observation, gentle intuition, and a keen desire to help people with the problems of their lives, she solves mysteries great and small for friend

Global Diamond Output Rises to $12.7 Billion, Led by Botswana

Global diamond production rose 6.7 percent to $12.7 billion last year, led by Botswana, according to a group aimed at curbing trade in so-called blood diamonds.