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Jerusalem must be capital of both Israel and Palestine, UN chief says

UNITED NATIONS, Oct. 28 (Xinhua) — Jerusalem must be the capital of two States — Israel and Palestine — living side-by-side in peace and security, with arrangements for the holy sites acceptable to all, if peace in the Middle East is to be achieved, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned on Wednesday. “This is the road to the fulfillment of both the vision of (the United Nations) Security Council resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative, and the yearning for peace of people from all over th

Mami Screening schedule

This year’s addition has more films and World Cinema’s leading film maker Jafar Panahi on the Jury!  Please give your feedback and suggestions for the movies to watch. See you at the festival! Screening Schedule Location: Fun Cinemas Screen: 3 (Three) – 383 Seats Show Time Date/Day 1st Show 10.00 am 2nd Show 12.30 Noon 3rd Show 3.30 pm 4th Show 5.30 pm 5th Show 8.00 pm 29-10-2009 Thursday No Shows No Shows No Shows At: 7.00 p.m. Opening Function followed

Congo soldiers kill unit chief after no-looting order

KINSHASA — Congolese soldiers killed their unit commander when he ordered them not to steal and pillage in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, the UN mission to the country (MONUC) said Wednesday. A UN armored vehicle is pictured in front of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic...

Rwanda-Uganda: Go home, Uganda tells Rwandan refugees

Thousands of Rwandan refugees in Uganda could lose their status following the expiry of a deadline for voluntarily return to their country, officials said.

Rwanda Introduces Credit Program to Strengthen Women’s Economic Capacity

Rwandan officials recently announced a new initiative aimed at advancing women’s economic development through the provision of access to credit that would enable women to pursue income generating projects, as IPS news reports. The central bank of the nation is set to determine beneficiaries, with the only criteria before officials being women’s empowerment. Projects funded thus far by the Women Guarantee Fund, as the program is called, include coffee farms, shops, agribusiness and tourism.The Di

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Africa: the 'Super Size Me' tour

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has returned to Africa for an 11-day, seven-country tour of the continent. I use the term “returned to Africa” because Hillary Clinton has been to Africa before, most recently accompanying President Obama during his visit to Egypt in May and in her role as the U.S. ‘First Lady’ during former U.S. President Bill Clinton’s administration. Some readers may not remember the 1997 whirlwind tour through Africa by Hillary Clinton together with her daughter

Rwandan Refugee, is he or isn’t he a mass murderer?

That is the question this Buffalo News story asks us to consider.   Let me say at the outset, I have no clue and apparently hardly anyone else knows either.  Read the whole article and see what you think.   It begins: In America, Benoit Kabayiza is a success story — a family man who came here as a refugee a decade ago, not knowing a word of English, but later graduating from two colleges before becoming an accountant. But back in his homeland of Rwanda, government prosecutors portray him

Atlantic-Congo ports to reopen as strike ends

Trade union leaders in Democratic Republic of Congo have called off a port strike which crippled shipments in the west of the vast central African nation and said the country’s sea ports would reopen on Monday. Workers at state-owned national transport firm ONATRA, who have been in a dispute over pay and management of the company since June, began striking at the Atlantic sea ports of Matadi, Boma and Banana on July 20, bringing activity there to a halt. Congo has a small slice of Atlantic

Responsibility to Protect? By Jean Bricmont

3 August, 2009 — MRZine – Monthly ReviewOn July 23, a debate concerning the Responsibility to Protect took place in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations.  The responsibility to protect (R2P) is a notion agreed to by world leaders in 2005 that holds States responsible for shielding their own populations from genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing, and related crimes against humanity, requiring the international community to step in if this obligation is not met.  This last point is

Conflict Still Taking Innocent Lives in Eastern DR Congo

Rebel groups backed by Rwandan emigrés appear to be stepping up attacks on civilians in the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. After more than 10 years of roving internal conflict, the DR Congo has seen an estimated 5 million killed, and now sees its UN-backed military unable to protect innocent civilians caught in the danger zone between their positions and those the rebels are using to stage attacks. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) now says 536,000 people have be

Success in Thailand for ASPIRE Football Dreams

Success in Thailand for ASPIRE Football DreamsBANGKOK, Thailand, August 4/PRNewswire/ –- More Than 15,000 Young Hopefuls Narrowed Down to Three Lucky Boys Over the past three weeks Thailand has played host to ASPIRE’s Football Dreams program – the largest football talent search of its kind in the world. Experts from ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence teamed up with some of the sport’s top coaches as they assessed over 15,000 would-be footballers.(Logo:

The Big Four -

The Big Four - The Big Four An e-retailer’s guide to social network marketing By Bill Siwicki A few years ago, social networking was a novelty. Today it’s part of the fabric of most Internet users’ lives. In fact, earlier this year, social networking Mavens Marketing - Abbotsford News Sonya Gibson wants the flexibility to spend more time with her daughter, Sage, who was born deaf. Sage was born with a genetic defect but with a recent cochlear implant, can hear and

Rwanda: Swine Flu Emergency Plan Under Review

Following the confirmation of Swine Influenza (H1N1) cases in the region, health officials in the country have embarked on a review of the National Preparedness Response Plan (NPRP) in an effort to boost response systems to handle probable Swine Flu pandemic.

Alphabet Soup

That is, perhaps, the best way to describe my brain right now. It is swimming with languages, and when I open my mouth, who knows what will come out. I decided to come to Burundi for multiple reasons. The first—and most important—was that the job offer was the most challenging. The second was that I would be able to use my French full-time (Burundi is still Francophone, although it is moving toward English due to its recent membership in the East African Community), and continue to improve my K

On course?

Rwanda faces high deficits and lower growth Rwanda has got a broadly positive review from the IMF. However, the budget balance is set to deteriorate, while growth could halve because of the impact of the global economic slowdown. The IMF has completed its sixth review of Rwanda's three-year Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF) arrangement, giving the country a broadly positive review. According to the Fund, macroeconomic stability has strengthened, while the authorities have adopted "b

Hommage à Capt. Mbaye Diagne

I have a super splitting migraine tonight – the result of God knows what. Thankfully, dinner at my Rwandese friend Emerance’s place didn’t last long. Her mom is around visiting from another part of Canada where she lives and it was quiet and easy. We ate a good chicken curry prepared by Guy (Emerance’s boyfriend) and then chit-chatted for a bit. Emerance’s mother is really nice and jolly. I like her a lot. For someone who lost her husband, two sons, siblings and almost their entire familie

We Need a USAID Administrator!

The Obama administration’s nomination of Dr. Paul Farmer to run USAID, the aid agency, seems to be in trouble. The vetting process is way over the top, and it’s absurd to me that Dr. Farmer — who is pretty much a saint, as well as an expert on development issues with mud-between-the-toes experience in Haiti and Rwanda — is running into obstacles in the process. Look, I’m sure if you look hard enough and far back enough, you can find things he said or did that maybe he shouldn’t have. But this k

Somaliland: The Land of the Killers and the Home of the Cowards?

As the United States of America calls itself-The land of the Free and the home of the brave, Somaliland has demonstrated to be the opposite. The killers of the Ceelbardale are still running around and committing crimes against humanity with impunity. The tribalism is the order of the day and there is no hope that the people of the eastern Somaliland will ever change the culture of violence they endure. From the SNM murderers to Ceelbardale cowards, Somaliland has no future for Awdal Nation th

Revolution or Retread: Thoughts on Starbucks’ 15th Avenue

Let me get this out of the way. I’m a big fan of Starbucks from a marketing and corporate perspective. While they have certainly fallen on relative hard times lately as a result of quarterly results driven growth, they remain an incredible group of business creators and marketers. Perhaps their greatest strength has been their refusal to accept the status quo and continue to innovate. By that same token ones greatest strength is oftentimes the greatest weakness. Interestingly enough the vibrant