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Free Halloween Fun For Kids at Old Town This Sunday

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Take a Tour of Haunted Halloween Fun at Fantasy of Flight

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Stimulus Flowing As Planned But Still A Long Way To Go

jtaa65pg68 NEW YORK: The 787.2 billion stimulus plan is a lightning rod for criticism and second guessing, but love it or hate it, the massive program’s funds are flowing as planned.According to Obama administration figures that date back to July 31, 240.4 billion, or more than 29%, of stimulus funds are now available for use. That’s better than the roughly 25% that the Obama administration estimated for the end of July. Just 120.4 billion, or 15% of the stimulus total has actually been paid o

Bella Paghasian : Philippines

Please consider providing a small donation to assist the following person in need. Ad revenue from this site is used to help support new assistance requests. See the people we’ve helped already . Please visit an advertiser so we can help even more people. $25 of $125 raised. Started raising funds on Aug 4, 2009 Bella Paghasian, 49, is from the village of Bitibut, Sapang Dalaga, Misamis Occidental, where she is the married mother of six school-aged children

Two Days in Sydney: Itinerary Ideas

You only have two days in Sydney and you are thinking what you would do. Below are some ideas that you can add to your itinerary and enjoy the wonders of Sydney although you don’t have too much time to spare. The best thing to do is to stick near all the action. It might [...]

Where I Read – Nintendo Power #14

Well, we continue on with the Nintendo Power recaps/reviews with the first proper issue (one that isn’t a strategy guide) of Nintendo Power’s 3rd year. Our cover story is Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers from Capcom, which is another of the Disney licenced platformers that I haven’t played. The art is a bit of step down for Nintendo Power, but that isn’t saying much – it’s like saying “that movie wasn’t so great – for a Hitchcock movie”. It’s still better than the Ninja Gaiden cover. Anyway,

Cristiano Ronaldo Legs Insured For £90 million By Real Madrid

World football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has had his legs insured for £90 million by his club Real Madrid. The Spanish giants recently paid Manchester United a world record £80m fee for the reigning FIFA world player of the year, and they are taking no chances in protecting their investment. The 24-year-old Portuguese international has received plenty of attention from defenders in his three pre-season appearances for his new club, suffering 34 fouls in a friendly match at League of Irelan

Recommendation from a friend

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Essays on Human Trafficking: People for Sale?

“People for sale”, by the way, is a kind of hint for you on how to create a title for your essay on human trafficking . You are going to talk about a very serious problem. So, an attention-grabbing title for your human trafficking essay is absolutely necessary.   According to the recent reports of the Council of Europe, human trafficking has reached its epidemic proportions. Billions of people are being trafficked for different reasons, mostly for sexual exploitation, forced labor, and e

Individual Health Insurance Can Be Tailored To Your Needs

The thing is that not everyone needs the kind of group insurance or catastrophic health insurance that’s offered on the Internet. Quite often people can get by with just enough health insurance for one and that means they need to look at individual health insurance . Individual Health Insurance On The Web So when people realize that they night need this form of health insurance, the question still remains about where to go to get the best health insurance quotes . And that’s why the sm

Cable fault cuts off West Africa

filed in Hi-Tech on Aug.04, 2009Large parts of West Africa are struggling to get back online following damage to an undersea cable.The fault has caused severe problems in Benin, Togo, Niger and Nigeria.The blackout is thought to have been caused by damage to the SAT-3 cable which runs from Portugal and Spain to South Africa, via West Africa.Around 70% of Nigeria’s bandwidth was cut, causing severe problems for its banking sector, government and mobile phone networks."SAT-3 is currently the only

So You Don't Want to Go to Church Anymore

The last couple of days I've been feeling better physically. I got the laundry completely done on Saturday, and that felt so amazingly good! Today I took Molly into work, ran a ton of errands, and had time to take a nap this afternoon. After I'm done blogging, I'm going to tackle the bathroom. This sounds completely normal to most moms (minus the nap), but for me I count it as a blessing. I hate it when the pain is so bad that I can barely walk to the bathroom much less hang laundry on the cloth

Posts about Mobile Internet as of August 3, 2009

Netbook Deals of the Day - 08/03/2009 Here’s hoping all of you had a great weekend! What better way to start off the new work week than by finding an excellent netbook deal. As we get closer to the back to the school season, I fully expect to see many retailers offering great deals for netbook systems – if anything to clear out existing inventory. With that said, here’s a couple of interesting deals for today. —- is selling the ASUS Eee PC 9

Where to Go: Fenway on ice

It’s hot and muggy in New York, but August’s first “Where to Go” contest entrant, Janet, is already dreaming of next year’s NHL Winter Classic at Fenway Park. For the last few years, the National Hockey League has showcased a Winter Classic game. It’s how we ring in the new year; the game is on January 1st and the best part — it is outdoors! The 2010 game will feature the Philadelphia Flyers vs. the Boston Bruins in Boston. My husband and I went to Boston for our 15th wedding anniversary,

Monday Mouse Mail: When’s The Best Time To Go To Disney?

When is the best time (least crowded) to go to Disney World? We get this question over and over, again.  When's the best time to go to Disney?  When are the crowds the lowest? The short answer is when it's most difficult for people to go! Seriously, the slowest time's at Disney World are when it's likely to be most difficult for the majority of travelers to leave home and come to Disney World.  Obviously, this does not include the summer months! The least crowded times for Disney Worl

Battle Of The Japan Sea (1969)

Title: Battle Of The Japan Sea AKA: Nihonkai daikaisen Year: 1969 Directed: Seiji Maruyama Genre: War / History / Drama Runtime: 2h 7m Country: Japan Language: Japanese Subtitles: IMDB: Cast: Toshirô Mifune: Admiral Heihachiro Togo Tatsuya Nakadai: Major Genjiro Akashi Yuzo Kayama: Cmdr. Hirose Chishu Ryu: General Maresuke Nogi Susumu Fujita: Uemura Mitsuko Kusabue: Mrs. Togo Ryutaro Tatsumi: General Gonbei Yamamoto Kosh

Thank you, Nashville!

I just returned from Nashville where we had a great Truth Project regional training conference. The people were so warm and engaged and interactive. It was hard to leave them! We had sold out the event a week before and were worried because we normally have 100 to 150 walk-up registrations. I would have been sick to turn anyone away. We had posted a notice on the website that there would be no registrations at the door. However, when we got to Nashville, we were greeted with the news that ther

Best prepaid phone service rankings revealed — what a turnaround!

A mobile phone without a contract? Ever? If you haven’t looked at the prepaid phone industry lately, you might want to look again. Customers are more satisfied then ever before, plus it’s cheaper.  According to the latest report from J.D. Power and Associates , the customer-service ratings group, prepaid service has changed from when it targeted credit-challenged customers. Today, a good chunk of new users are refugees of traditional post-paid service. Results in this year’s survey ranked

Is There Costly Electrical Loss In Your Home

by Michael Edwards When looking into saving energy using green products, have you forgotten those little 3 inch square power supplied in almost every power socket in your home? Those little black supplies are consuming power whenever they are plugged in. Every time we purchase some new green products, phone, small portable vacuum cleaner, radio, battery charger, computer speakers or audio surround sound speakers to name a few they come with these little power supplies. When you look around;


Testimonials Few pictures of partners who have flipped out Sincerely, I doubted this project from the first day I heard about it. I only said I was going to just take the risk and the risk was really worth it. Nobody really believed it worked until I got my brand new HP laptop. Please keep up the good work, you guys are the bomb. • Tayo Adeyemi, Ilorin. 08033948000 I’m an online marketer, a lot of people trust and believe in me so I didn’t want to pull them into what I didn’t understand. I sig