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Their parties feed the hungry in Africa

By Christopher Huber Chicken. Spice. Lentils. Rice. Such was the chant of approximately 75 members of Sammamish-based Missio Lux church as they scooped, measured, dumped and packaged food to make 8,000 nutritious meals for hungry orphans in Sierra Leone. The original “Party with a Purpose” was held June 7 at Pine Lake Covenant Church, but various members have since sponsored more meal-assembly gatherings to benefit children through Silverdale-based Children of the Nations International.

Thursday, August 6, 2009: Beer Garden and FREE Concert Featuring STEADY BONGO!

Post from: Kennedy Plaza Copyright 2008 Greater Kennedy Plaza, Providence City Hall, 25 Dorrance St Room 111, Providence RI 02903 Fax 401.455.8824 | Phone 401.421.2489 ext. 273 | Thursday, August 6, 2009: Beer Garden and FREE Concert Featuring STEADY BONGO! Wind down after work in Burnside Park with a rare performance by Steady Bongo - renowned pop star from Sierra Leone!  In addition to producing songs that promote peace and reconciliation, he has also teamed up

No rest for Mama Posseh - another two chimps arrive at Tacugama

Yesterday sadly saw two more small chimps arrive at Tacugama - Abu and Thulani add to the recent orphan arrivals of Chippe , Blama and Sunny and leave us close to bursting at the seams. We now have 96 chimpanzees needing Tacugama’s care. Thulani was taken to the Gola Forest Project team in the south-east of Sierra Leone on Saturday by a local man hoping to sell him - he was quickly corrected and Thulani was confiscated. The Gola forest team have brought several chimps to us including Gola

Ugandan Foreign Minister on Peace-keeping and the Al Shabaab

Foreign Minister Hon Sam Kutesa [NRM, Sembabule] on 22nd July chaired a United Nations Security Council debate on the theme “ Post-conflict peace building”. Uganda, a non-permanent member representing African countries, ends a one-month period as chair of world’s most powerful body. Here is a text of that interview in which he discusses the Security Council, peace-keeping and Somalia’s Al Shabaab. peace-keeping troops. The interview was done at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. It wa

Intaa… Fele… Sawa… Mende! [One...Two...Three...Mende]

All of us here at GMin have been doing our best to learn Mende, the local language in the Malen chiefdom and predominantly in the Southern and Eastern regions of Sierra Leone. As is our custom, we’ve developed a guide to help future GMin generations follow our lingual lead. As is also our custom, we’ve named this guide after ourselves. Here, now, for an unlimited time, we offer you, our faithful readers, a sneak peak at GMende: 5 Ways To Rock The Talk. 1. When in doubt, say Kayi Goma. I

To.. make your eyes water

I’m still on my hols but I wouldn’t want you to miss this great story I just saw in the Daily Mail.  Also my apologies to Jerry if he manages to log in from Sierra Leone - we unfortunately mistook his iP address for a spammer and cut him off in his prime just as he was getting addicted to my ramblings.  Oh, I forgot to comment on Amy Winehouse, apparently she was unfaithful to her husband - now there is a surprise

Chris Bohnhoff: Interview with a Minneapolis Photographer

Welcome to Lighting Essentials interview with Minneapolis Photographer Chris Bohnhoff. I was cruising from a site I can’t remember, and found Chris’s photos. I really like the style and the interesting way he photographs food and people. I hope you enjoy his work and the interview. Drop him a note if you liked it, that’s always great when you do. I am in San Diego as I write this. We spent 5 hours this morning in a Jeep looking at locations for two shots I will be doing tomorrow. Everything wa


ARE YOU CONCERNED BY THIS PROBLEM? U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 25 foreign-born sex offenders in the Houston area during a five-day operation that ended Friday. The ICE-led initiative was carried out with assistance from the sheriff’s departments of Fort Bend, Harris and Montgomery counties, and the probation departments of Galveston and Brazoria counties. ICE agents and officers located and arrested 25 aliens, some of them in the United States illegally an

Taylor Dismisses Allegations Of His Hidden Wealth As Lies

Charles Taylor today denied stashing away huge amounts of money, allegedly earned through through illicit diamond trading with Sierra Leonean rebels during the country’s 11-year conflict, in secret bank accounts around the world – and challenged his accusers to prove any such accounts existed.“I challenge the prosecutor to bring any evidence of a bank account that I have — they know it’s a lie but they keep repeating it,” Mr. Taylor said during his testimony at the Special Court for Sierra Leone

Obama Likes 'Em Young

After taking some criticism for appointing federal judges who need to wear Life Alert buttons Underneath their Robes , Obama seems to be reversing course. Politico reports : On Friday, Obama nominated Abdul Kallon, 40, of Birmingham, Ala., and Jacqueline Nguyen, 44, of Los Angeles, Calif., to district court judgeships. The two lawyers are the youngest of the 12 judicial nominees Obama has put forward since taking office. While the appointments are a departure from this administration

African Union must end impunity and work with ICC

 The African Union (AU) has a responsibility to promote and protect human rights and the rule of law on the African continent. But sadly, the institution has on more than one occasion failed to live up to that responsibility.   Instead of protecting human rights, the organisation has often contributed to violations of those rights by, among other things, failing to stand up to regimes that violate their citizens’ human rights and in some cases even offering support to dictators who abuse their

Video: Jay-Z - Diamond From Sierra Leone x Roc Boys x Can I Live (Live at APW)

Here’s more footage of Jay-Z at the All Point Festival that happened during the course of this weekend … Jay-Z killed it, I’ve got nothing else to say. previously : Jay-Z - No Sleep Till Brooklyn / Brooklyn We Go Hard Live at APW Festival

This week in review … Field linguist records one of Africa’s dying languages

  Scientist at Work: Tucker Childs: Linguist’s Preservation Kit Has New Digital Tools The New York Times , 27 July 2009 TEI, SIERRA LEONE: Field linguist Tucker Childs has been trying, for the past three years, to write down, record and understand Kim, one of Africa’s dying languages. He uses a solid-state recorder, and he has applications that will analyze the elements of a vowel in seconds or compare sounds across languages. The aim is not just to salvage, but to revive. Financed by the


Testimonials Few pictures of partners who have flipped out Sincerely, I doubted this project from the first day I heard about it. I only said I was going to just take the risk and the risk was really worth it. Nobody really believed it worked until I got my brand new HP laptop. Please keep up the good work, you guys are the bomb. • Tayo Adeyemi, Ilorin. 08033948000 I’m an online marketer, a lot of people trust and believe in me so I didn’t want to pull them into what I didn’t understand. I sig

Tacugama newsletter is ready to read

Our July 2009 newsletter is now available for you to catch up on a summary of our work for the first six months of 2009.   Click here to download your copy. . Many thanks to great design work from Ewa and to Rosa, Tess and Frankie for preparing the content. We hope you enjoy reading it and look forward to your comments. Also congratulations to Ewa and her fiance, Dominic O’Neil, who were married on Friday 31st July in Poznan, Poland! We wish them a very happy future together and loo

Shit We’re Diggin’: The Photography of Tim Hetherington

By adminPublished:August 3, 2009Posted in: BlogsTags:and-shoots, and-widespread, careers, combat-unit, have-learned, infamous-for, our-friend, rebel-group, revolutionary, shegbwema, sierra-leone, the-amazing, their-careers, united-frontComments [0]Digg it!Facebook From our friend Faith47 in Cape Town comes a link to the amazing photography of Tim Hetherington . Hetherington, born in Liverpool, is now based in New York and shoots for Vanity Fair magazine. Originally posted here:Shit We’re Diggin

Shit We're Diggin': The Photography of Tim Hetherington

From our friend Faith47 in Cape Town comes a link to the amazing photography of Tim Hetherington . Hetherington, born in Liverpool, is now based in New York and shoots for Vanity Fair magazine. He writes in a recent blog entry for the New York Times: In 2000, a U.N. combat unit entered a deserted village near Shegbwema in eastern Sierra Leone — territory then held by the Revolutionary United Front, a rebel group infamous for its use of child soldiers and widespread amputations. T

RFMF Soldiers are Cheap Line Dispensable Pawns

On July 29, 2009, the United States House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs held a hearing entitled - "New Challenges for International Peacekeeping Operations" - in Washington, DC. The following is the testimony of Susan E. Rice, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, as delivered: Chairman Berman, Ranking Member Ros-Lehtinen, Distinguished Members of the Committee, thank you for convening this hearing on the opportunities and challenges for interna

What I’m Reading – 8/3/09

The Chronicle of Higher Education An Intellectual Movement for the Masses – Positive psychology fights off New Age approaches that detract from ongoing scholarship. Will Higher Education Ever Change as It Should? – Robert Zemsky proposes methods for bringing about systemic change in higher education.  I’m not certain he does a thorough job of outlining the specific problems he seeks to correct.  Zemsky focuses on the Bologna Process in Europe, which “has resulted in greater integration a

Save Children Burnt by Caustic Soda!

In Sierra Leone mothers use caustic soda to home-make soap, and children often exchange it for water and drink it. During 2008 alone, 249 children have been admitted in the surgical pediatric unit of the Emergency center in Goderich, near Freetown - a number twice higher than that recorded in 2007. Patients who ingested caustic soda are subjected to periodic esophageal dilatation, which is the only way to give them the hope of autonomous nutrition and thus a life. Emergency is an independent