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Nigeria: ASUU, Strike and Future of Education

[Guardian] When will the Federal Government honour its own agreement with the academic staff of public universities in Nigeria? When will the academic staff too think out of the box called industrial action that has literally paralysed academic activities in Nigeria? When will governments at all levels pay attention to robust investment in education in the country beyond meretricious declaration of emergency on education? When will the authorities understand that there is a correlation between quality in education an (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: PDP's Meeting in Dubai Is Not Good Optics

[Vanguard] The city of Dubai is a very artificial city. It is literally carved out of the desert. That fact alone, makes it one of the great modern wonders of the world, fit to join such achievements of the human mind, as the city of Alexandria, first laid out by Ptolemy I from a swamp. Alexandria is the classical example of our contemporary Dubai. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The Power to Get Wealth (I)

[Vanguard] We will be required to give God a fulsome account of how we spent the resources he put in our hands here on earth. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Who Will Bell the Cat?

[Guardian] A time there was in South Africa when the president announced to the world that those who have evidence of corruption against him or any member of his family must show him. The implication of the statement is that with the evidence made available to him he would do something. Today, as we speak, so much evidence of evil doing by the president, some members of his family and a clique of the African National Congress, the country heaves under a huge pile of published evidence. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The Demystification of Adams Oshiohmole

[This Day] Has anyone seen Adams Oshiohmole's pretty face in public? Rather strange that such a handsome man who is not shy of talking to journalists suddenly disappears from public view. I hope all is well? (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Shock, Déjà Vu, and Justice for Gen. Alkali

[Daily Trust] Jos -I was in Saudi Arabia observing the Hajj exercise when I first read about the disappearance of Major-General Idris Alkali (rtd) somewhere in Plateau State. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Stakeholders, Not FCT, Rescued National Sports Festival From Extinction

[Daily Trust] The Director in charge of planning and Secretary of the Main Organising Committee, MOC, for the 2018 National Sports Festival, Hauwa Kulu Akinyemi has debunked claims that the Federal Capital Territory single handedly 'rescued' the games from extinction. In this interview, the director said the FCT only joined hands with patriotic stakeholders in sports to ensure that the sports festival is held this year. She also explained the choice of Abuja as the host city for the games. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Agreements That Favour Egypt's Rights to Nile Waters Are an Anachronism

[The Conversation Africa] Egypt has historically adopted an aggressive approach to the flow of the River Nile. Cairo considers the Nile a national security matter and statements continue to include threats of military action against Ethiopia should it interfere with the flow as set out in agreements signed in 1929 and another in 1959. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Prince Charles' Symbolic Violence Against Nigerian Monarchs

[Daily Trust] Prince Charles' invitation to storied Nigerian monarchs to visit him in Abuja during his Nigerian visit is a classic instantiation of what French theorist Pierre Bourdieu has called symbolic violence. Charles is only a prince, but he artfully deployed his symbolic capital as heir apparent to the British throne to derogate Nigerian monarchs who are his mother's notional equivalents. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Driving Whilst Disengaged

[Guardian] Many employees drive their careers whilst disengaged. Walking into work to do the bare minimum, keep their head down, collect their salary and exhale in gratitude when the weekend arrives, sigh in despair when it ends and Monday rears her ugly head. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Land Fraud Menace Should Be Eliminated to Protect Wealth

[Nation] The headquarters of the Lands Ministry at Community Hill, the imposing Ardhi House, has 12 floors. However, it is common to hear insiders euphemistically refer to documents that have been prepared on "13th floor". (AllAfrica)

Southern Africa: SADC On a Distinctive Spotlight for Russia

[Fahamu] In 1991, the globally recognised anti-West Soviet propaganda machine collapsed and disappeared. Nonetheless, Russia and Southern African Development Community member states have had long-standing and time-tested bilateral partnerships for nearly 30 years after the Soviet collapse. In this long-ranging interview, the Executive Secretary of the Community, Stergomena Lawrence Tax, discusses various aspects of economic cooperation with Russia, some strategies, challenges and future perspectives with Kester Ken (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Fund to Fight Child Labour Should Be Well Utilised

[Monitor] The International Labour Organisation (ILO) this week gave Uganda and Malawi $10.8m (Shs40.5b) to fight child labour. Child labour almost always abuses children's rights to education, rest and leisure. Funding to stop this abuse is, therefore, welcome. According to ILO, 152 million children are victims of child labour, with the bulk working in the agriculture sector. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: KNEC Must Tame Exams Malpractice or Lose Monopoly

[Nation] The Kenya public has seen several front-page pictures of the president and cabinet secretaries talking to or looking at children sitting examinations this year. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Anthony Anenih - Death of 'Mr Fix It'

[This Day] Anthony Anenih, intriguing politician, administrator and retired police officer, dies at age 85 (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Lessons From American Midterm Elections

[Guardian] In the aftermath of the November 6 midterm elections in the United States of America, which placed the House of Representatives in the hands of the Democratic Party and left the Senate under Republican control, it is germane to examine the entire process and distil whatever lessons there are for our nascent democracy. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: When Second Oil Discovery Risks Becoming a Cheap Stunt

[Zimbabwe Independent] There was widespread celebration across the country last week after it was announced that we had discovered oil somewhere in rural Muzarabani. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The Other Abacha Loot(s)

[Guardian] In June 2018, the Swiss Ambassador to Nigeria announced that with the repatriation of the sum of $322.5million, the Swiss government had concluded the return of about $1billion stolen and hidden in Switzerland by Sani Abacha. The Ambassador said that prior to this, Switzerland had returned close to $800million as part of the monies which Sani Abacha stole and hid in his country. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Kenya's Property Market is Sitting on Sinking Sand

[Nation] Over the last decade, many Kenyans took their lifetime savings and invested in the real estate market. Whether through chamas or saccos, this move was due to the attractive promise of a safe and secure opportunity, even guaranteed in some cases, that the property market had to offer. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Road Safety Needs Holistic Approach

[The Herald] We extend sincere condolences to families that lost their loved ones in Wednesday's horror crash that claimed 46 lives when Smart Express and Bolt Cutter buses side-swiped along the Mutare-Harare Highway near Rusape. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: 'Train Hard Win Easy' Day Here Again

[Nation] Athletes converge at Iten grounds Friday for the second edition of Athletics Kenya Anti-Doping Day. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Tinubu's Breathtaking Hypocrisy (II)

[This Day] The self-proclaimed national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, won't keep quiet. He won't leave us alone! I am constrained to direct Nigerians' attention once again to his legendary breathtaking hypocrisy on a cocktail of national issues. His frequent self-righteous attempts at moralising about corruption and good governance, in a bid to impress and demonstrate support for an out-of-date, out-of-touch and aloof president makes my blood boil; I literally throw a punch (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Crude Oil - a Blessing Too Much

[Guardian] The good old days are gone when the groundnut pyramids in northern Nigeria were a major contributor to the economy. They were the admiration of everyone from far and near; one of the pride of the nation. The production of groundnut in northern Nigeria dominated the West Africa region, 41% of the produce are from northern Nigeria. There were also Cocoa farms in western Nigeria as far back as the 1880's in Lagos and Ota. By the 1950's to 70's, Nigeria was the second highest producer of cocoa in the world. Th (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The People's Agenda (II)

[Guardian] The lack of basic facilities for self-actualisation has led to two major problems with their scally hands on the nation's jugular: poverty and unemployment. They rate as number six and seven respectively on the people's agendaPoverty. This country is living the nightmare of the paradox of a rich but poor nation. The people cannot understand why our nation is unable to convert its immense human and natural resources into wealth such that poverty would remain far away in India. They know that we have everyth (AllAfrica)

South Sudan: Should the Highest Bidder Take the Woman?

[Monitor] The internet was recently awash with news that the family of 17-year-old Nyalong Ngong Deng Jalang in South Sudan gave a chance to five men who lined up in a competition to marry their young daughter with set terms and conditions that the highest bidder (who pays the highest bride price) takes the girl. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Bundesliga's Business - Lessons From Germany

[Guardian] The German Football League (DFL), better known as the Bundesliga, is one of the most popular football leagues in the world. Fans are raving about the performances of teams from Bavaria and Berlin every weekend. The electrifying actions from the almost always full stadia usually trend on social media like other high profile leagues. However, the last time a German player won the top global FIFA award was almost three decades ago. Yet, the Bundesliga runs one of the most effective and most profitable sports (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Ethiopia in Transition Is Facing Critical Challenges

[Addis Standard] A political transition connotes a shift from authoritarian rule to democracy. Recent literature in the field, however, made it clear that there is not a strictly direct and straightforward path leading from authoritarian rule to democracy. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: City Digitises IDs, Residents Left Waiting

[Addis Fortune] Inconveniences, complaints and promises of efficiencies greet the new plan by the City Administration to digitize identification cards (ID). The city's decision to cease issuing new IDs while the digital system comes into effect has meant that expired ID's cannot be renewed in the interim. This has caused numerous complaints from residents, WRITES BEHAILU AYELE, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Ethiopia Can't Be Choosy, for Now

[Addis Fortune] Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD), soon after his swearing in as the nation's premier, made state visits to Middle Eastern and African countries. If Ethiopia had not been dependent on Western aid, skills and loans for such a long time, this would not have been too out of place. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: Despite Release of Political Prisoners, President Kagame Still Despotic

[Fahamu] The recent release of many Rwandan political prisoners should not stop campaigns aimed at a more open and tolerant political environment in the country. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: The Globe and Mail and Rwanda

[Fahamu] Canada's paper of record pulled another layer off the rotting onion of propaganda obscuring the Rwandan tragedy. But, The Globe and Mailhas so far remained unwilling to challenge prominent Canadians who have crafted the fairy tale serving Africa's most ruthless dictator. (AllAfrica)