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Africa:Does Continent Have Jesters as Presidents?

[Daily Trust] The world may have leaders, but Africa mostly has jesters as presidents. Does anyone remember that Ghana's current president plagiarized speeches from here, there and everywhere to ginger his citizens at his inauguration? We tend to forget things like that. Both Burundi and Rwanda are led by Joseph Kony's clone - men who believe they are God's candidates. When you are God's candidate, you cannot be wrong. Nkurunziza has butchered his citizens into submission, while claiming to be born again. His brother in (AllAfrica)

Africa:Libya, a Country With No Borders, but Slave Markets

[Vanguard] The plight of immigrants in the African country of Libya has of late been of concern as the world arose from the slumber it has been for ages. We have just accepted that African migrants, desperately seeking to cross over to Europe, are not only dying in the Mediterranean Sea, but a sizeable number of them are traded as slaves in open markets in Libya. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Enough Deadwood to Build an Ark in Cabinet

[Zimbabwe Standard] My People, As soon as we were officially toppled through a military coup, some of you celebrated wildly. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Mugabe - How African Despotic Leaders Are Facing Their Day of Reckoning

[Leadership] The road to justice may be very long, especially if the process of delivering it is long drawn out, but no matter how long it takes, justice is sweet when it is finally done. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Of Jonathan, Politics and Love for Nigeria - a Post Mortem

[Leadership] More than two years after former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan left office, his person and tenure have continued to occupy the front seat in the nation's political discourse, especially as the politics of 2019 has started. ANDREW ESSIEN writes. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Building Foundation for Hajj 2018

[Leadership] The 2017 Hajj has gone with the controversy, drama and of course its successful end- what more can one ask for? (AllAfrica)

Sudan:Will Opposition Coalition Oust Govt in Upcoming 2020 Election?

[SudaNow] Despite the caveat that accompanied the call by Malik Agar Chairman of SPLM-N faction on opposition forces to use the upcoming 2020 election as a mean to dismantle the current regime and replace it peacefully represents a major political development. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Lessons From the Arowolo Saga

[Leadership] Recently, there have been high profile cases of domestic violence, of spouse against spouse. One In Ibadan earned a lady lawyer seven years imprisonment for killing her husband. Also in Abuja, the son of a former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was allegedly murdered in cold blood by his wife who stabbed him severally. Before now, what was more common was the killing of wives by their husband. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Of Haunting Songs and Dying Dreams

[Vanguard] At a wedding reception recently in Lagos, the father of the bride was called out to counsel the newlyweds and he focused his advice on his daughter. He warned her to remember that her husband had been with other women before her but never proposed to them. He chose her. He told her that her husband also has other women in his life who are just his friends, colleagues or acquaintances and therefore should not raise the roof whenever she meets another woman around him but to try and find out who they are to (AllAfrica)

Zambia:Freedom of Religion Trumps Culture

[Legalbrief] In an extraordinary example of a clash between religion and culture, the Zambian High Court has been asked to declare that a prominent traditional leader was engaged in a 'vicious onslaught' on the free conscience rights of a group of his villagers. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Why Judge Turned Down Gay Couple's Surrogacy Bid

[Legalbrief] Something about the application troubled the judge. She needed more clarification; just what was going on here, she wanted to know. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Opposition Leaders Have Now Lost the Plot

[Zimbabwe Independent] On November 20, one US dollar was fetching the equivalent of $1,90 in bond notes on the streets of Harare. The next day, Zimbabwe's new president Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn in. Today, the value of a US dollar has fallen to $1,30. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:After the Downfall of Mugabe

[Zimbabwe Independent] IT was always going to be important to celebrate the downfall of former president Robert Mugabe, one of Africa's last standing dictators who ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 37 years. His authoritarian and disastrous rule perpetrated untold damage to the nation and its people. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Parastatal Reform Crucial to Recovery

[Zimbabwe Independent] Respected economist Ashok Chakravarti, who is part of a team of advisors to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has told the Zimbabwe Independent that the new government will, in the short-term, privatise all underperforming parastatals. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Empowering Youths Via Peace Corps of Nigeria

[This Day] Before the recent altercation between the Nigerian Police and the Peace Corps of Nigeria over the legality or constitutionality of the establishment of the latter as an organisation, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalung, had granted me an interview at a function in London early this year during my studies. (AllAfrica)

Namibia:Swapo Is State-Owned

[Namibian] Walking through the packed Safari Hotel's parking lot over the weekend, one could not ignore the spectacle of the sleek vehicles parked there. (AllAfrica)

Liberia:Liberia Needs the Rule of Law, Not Political Expediency

[Fahamu] The US government officials who have attempted to browbeat Liberia into political submission clearly have selective amnesia. They have forgotten that in 1985, allegedly rigged elections sanctioned in the name of expediency led to more than 15 years of death and destruction in Liberia. (AllAfrica)

Kenya:Why Elections Don't Always Equal Democracy - the Case of Kenya

[The Conversation Africa] Kenya's transition to a multiparty democracy in 1991 was one of the most promising cases of political change in Africa. Before then, the Kenya National Union Party (KANU) had monopolised power since outlawing political opposition in 1982. The transition from a single to a multiparty state was a truly significant event. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Zimbabwe Is a Wake Up Call for Africa

[Fahamu] With 18 earned and honorary degrees, Robert Mugabe was the most educated African president. His leadership of Zimbabwe was messed up by neocolonial terrorists who wanted its resources. Zimbabwe is a wake up call for Africa. Western imperialism is not dead. Africa will be destroyed unless its leaders strengthen its sovereignty. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Mnangagwa Must Create a Sovereign Wealth Fund

[Zimbabwe Independent] PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa, refreshingly, is giving economic matters an inordinate amount of attention. (AllAfrica)

Namibia:Steering Swapo and Country Towards Prosperity

[New Era] "Viva SWAPO" were my words when I was defeated by the late Comrade Hendrik Witbooi at the 2nd SWAPO Congress of 1997. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Advice to the New President

[Zimbabwe Independent] "There are books to teach you how to build a house, how to repair engines, how to write a book. But I have never seen a book on how to build a nation or how to make a living for its people," said Singapore's founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Cabinet - Understanding Mnangagwa's Balancing Act

[The Source] On 15 November President Robert Mugabe tendered his resignation letter to the Speaker of Parliament. The resignation was greeted with euphoria which continued until the new President Emmerson Mnangagwa was sworn into office. (AllAfrica)

Namibia:Winners and Losers From the Congress

[Namibian] The 2017 Swapo congress is history, with Team Harambee having whitewashed Team Swapo both at the top four positions of the party and the central committee. (AllAfrica)

Namibia:Gambling With the Nation's Health

[Namibian] Five surgeons sent an SOS missive to health minister Bernard Haufiku this week in which they state that more people are dying because of "unprecedented shortages" of basics in the country's busiest hospitals. (AllAfrica)

Namibia:Implications of Geingob's Roaring Congress Victory

[New Era] The 766 Swapo congress delegates, by handing a Historic two thirds majority victory to President H.G. Geingob and his slate, which removed all top seven rival contenders from the central committee and the politburo, have spoken as one. They unequivocally upheld the sacrosanctity of "One Namibia, One Nation" as the chief cornerstone principle of the Namibian house. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:How Early Child Development Can Tackle Out-of-School Challenge

[Leadership] WINIFRED OGBEBO writes that early child development can contribute meaningfully to nation building. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Remembering Peter Takirambudde

[HRW] We at Human Rights Watch remember Dr. Peter Takirambudde, head of our Africa division from 1996 to 2008, with great respect and affection. We were deeply saddened to learn of his passing on November 16 in his native Uganda. (AllAfrica)

Uganda:It's High Time We Took HIV/Aids Fight Away From Conference Halls

[Monitor] It is without doubt that Uganda as a country has made tremendous strides towards creating awareness about HIV/Aids both in schools and communities spearheaded by the government and the different stakeholders. (AllAfrica)

Uganda:Fight Against HIV Should Continue

[Monitor] Today, Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate the World Aids Day. On this occasion, we should extend our gratitude to those who have championed and led Uganda in her pursuit to bring HIV infection to an end. In this regard, we must not forget to appreciate, especially people living with HIV/Aids, who have confronted the Aids scourge head on. (AllAfrica)


[Zimbabwe Standard] The old adage that "a week is a long time in politics" rang true for President Robert Mugabe and his over-ambitious wife yesterday as euphoric crowds took to the streets demanding an end to the dictator's ruinous rule. (AllAfrica)