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Kenya:Long Trips Leave World Cup Players Weary - and Coaches Short-Tempered

[Nation] Moscow, Russia -Fifa's policy at the 2018 World Cup here is simple: You win your knock-out matches and you stay. You lose your match, and you leave the team's training base immediately. (AllAfrica)

Gambia:The Cabinet Reshuffle and the Gender Agenda

[Foroyaa] On Friday June 29th, 2018, President Adama Barrow effected a major cabinet change. The change saw two women lose their cabinet positions while two men joined the new cabinet. The purpose of this article is not to question the cabinet reshuffle as it is the President's prerogative to appoint members of his cabinet and to change them as he deems fit. What I can question however and hold President Barrow to account is his lack of adherence to commitments made by government to the gender agenda. It is worrying (AllAfrica)

Africa:Making the Case for a New Relationship Between NGOs and the Media

[Mercy Corps] Dear journalists, we want to be more honest with you. For starters, don't call us charities. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:NGOs - Milking the Cow Dry, Inciting the Starved Calf

[The Herald] The United States of America's confirmation that the civil society organisations it has been funding in an effort to push for regime change have diverted the funds elsewhere, makes interesting reading in more than one way. The confirmation brings to the fore the multifaceted nature of democracy, especially when read on the backdrop of the fact that the US, through its embassy in Harare, has previously denied playing a role in attempting to effect an illegal regime change in Zimbabwe by availing $850 millio (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:What Was Presidential Hopeful Chamisa Doing in Israel?

[The Herald] In the midst of a gruelling election campaign, MDC Alliance presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa surprised many by posting pictures on social media holidaying in Israel, which he dubbed a private visit. On any other day, no one would care about the young politician's jaunt to a country largely viewed as practising modern-day apartheid against the Palestinians; but what many found vexing was the timing of Chamisa's trip. (AllAfrica)

Tanzania:Monitor Fuel Situation to Protect Consumers

[Citizen] When Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) said that, "in this world, nothing can be certain - except death and taxes," one would be forgiven to think the US President (1785-1788) had the oil business in mind. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Confession Time for Zimbabweans Abroad

[The Herald] After learning that President Mnangagwa survived a recent assassination attempt, daughters and sons of Africa at home and abroad heaved a collective sigh of relief. Our extended family in Ethiopia shares this sentiment, primarily because of the botched attempt on the life of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali that occurred on the same day. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Manual for Poll Observors - Provision of the Voters' Roll

[Zimbabwe Independent] At the time of writing this piece, three weeks after the closure of the voters' roll, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) had not yet availed the voters' roll to parties, candidates and the public as required by law. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Executive Order 6 - Buhari Acquires a Big Stick Against Corruption

[Daily Trust] Nigeria's widespread corruption, which has been eating the eco-system like termites, met on audacious response from President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday afternoon with the signing of a new Executive Order No.6 on preservation of assets connected with corruption. President Buhari holds the view that after three years in office it was another good time to further review the achievements of the administration and set goals in a key policy area, the anti-corruption war. (AllAfrica)

Mozambique:How Is Mozambique Doing, 43 Years After Its Political Independence?

[Fahamu] The author examines the current socio-economic and political situation of Mozambique after 43 years of the country's independence from Portugal. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Unpacking Expropriation Without Compensation

[Fahamu] After years of supporting a market-led land reform programme and not heeding criticisms of this policy, the African National Congress (ANC) leadership has adopted a radical policy of land expropriation without compensation, which would make it legal and within the constitutional bounds for the state to expropriate land in the public interest without compensation. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Messi - 'By Far The Smartest Footballer I Have Witnessed Play'

[FirstTouch] I don't think my fanatical appreciation of Lionel Messi appears as a surprise to anyone in my immediate life at this point. When it comes to athletes, I have a high level of respect for plenty, but only a couple would really make me feel some type of way if I met them in real life. The list goes Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic (who I actually got to see him during the Mexico 🇲🇽 vs Germany 🇩🇪 game, and lost it for a good 30 seconds). (AllAfrica)

West Africa:Nominate - West African Youth Awards

[Fahamu] Nominations are now opened for the 2018 West African Youth Awards (WAYAwards), which recognizes spirited youth leaders who are making outstanding contributions to the development of Africa - and the realization of the Agenda 2063 vision plan of the African Union. (AllAfrica)

Libya:War Against Civilians - the U.S. in Libya and Yemen

[Fahamu] During the Vietnam War, American historian Howard Zin wrote: "all wars are wars against civilians, and are therefore inherently immoral" and "political leaders all over the world should not be trusted when they urge their people to war claiming superior knowledge and expertise." (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Forces in the Current Power Struggle in Nigeria

[Fahamu] Although participation in "bourgeois politics"--as we used to call electoral politics--has never been absent from the Nigerian Left's general programme, it has also not been made a "categorical imperative". I am, however, now persuaded that it has become generally accepted in the ranks of contemporary Nigerian Leftists that intervention and participation in the country's electoral struggle--for office or for power, as an organised political force and in alliance or acting separately--have become both categ (AllAfrica)

Africa:Professor Adebayo Adedeji - An African Cassandra, Ahead of His Time

[Fahamu] Professor Adebayo Adedeji, one of Africa's foremost development thinkers, who passed on last April, will be laid to rest on 7 July. He was instrumental to the formation of several Regional Economic Communities in Africa, earning him the title of "Mr. ECOWAS". This is an articulation of the immortal vision of this great son of Africa, who became a professor at 36 and government minister at 40. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Russia to Host High Level Russia-African Union Summit

[Fahamu] Faced with persistent criticisms, Russia has finally announced it will most likely host the first high-level Russia-African Union forum next year, a replica or a carbon copy of the Forum on China Africa Cooperation or European Union-African Union summit, signalling its readiness to work towards deepening and strengthening multifaceted engagement with Africa. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Nikki Haley - Damn the UNHCR and the Rest of You Too

[Fahamu] On Tuesday, 19 June 2018, our United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley announced United States' withdrawal from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) now meeting in Geneva. The UNHRC is stacked with human rights abusers including Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, and, till now, the US itself, but this is still an ugly gesture, like refusing to accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, ditching the Paris Climate Accords, and shredding the Iran Nuclear Deal. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia:An Open Letter to Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed

[Fahamu] We are Ethiopian Americans and Ethiopians living in the United States. Our open letter is a follow up to a letter that 32 leaders of conservative organisations sent to President Trump that was copied to you in your capacities as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia and the head of the host nation to the African Union. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Mnangagwa's Economic, Re-Engagement Policies Laudable

[The Herald] Since President Mnangagwa assumed leadership in November 2017, Zimbabwe has marked a clear, positive trajectory that has given the country hope, underpinned by a new culture and work ethic, hence the nomenclature that this is a new dispensation. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda:The 'Silent' Contributors to the Liberation Struggle

[New Times] Every Liberation struggle has its own silent contributors. (AllAfrica)

Sudan:Waleed, Sudan's International Football Referee in the World Cup

[SudaNow] Sudanese international football referee Waleed Mohamed Ahmad is refereeing in the ongoing Russia 2018 World Cup Finals which will continue up to 15 July. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda:Kwibohora24 - the Little-Known War Monument With a Powerful Story

[New Times] It is 10 o'clock as we depart from our office located at Gishushu, heading towards Nyarutarama, an affluent Kigali suburb. We ascend towards a seemingly hilly area surpassing the bustling town of Kinyinya before descending to Kagugu. (AllAfrica)

Liberia:President Weah - Do You Know Why Doe and Tolbert Died?

[New Dawn] Most African presidents organize their early demised because they blatantly bid farewell to the relevance of their nation's history especially what led to the sudden deaths of past presidents. It is believed that presidents who willfully forget their historical past are condemned to repeat the same inaccuracies during their tenures. The magnitude of history cannot be overemphasized. It is that part of human life and the foundation of society's activities that constitute the beauty of history. Some may have (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:'Never Too Old to Learn'

[The Herald] Most pupils at 18 in Zimbabwe are either in Form Four or doing A-Level. Some at this time are already moving to tertiary education. But would anyone imagine being 18 and in Grade Three? Although it may seem like an impossibility, it's the reality that face the Doma pupils. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Editorial - African Youth Square Up to Life

[Africa In Fact] "Young, dumb, broke, high school kids." These lyrics from a contemporary pop song often heard on repeat do not exactly inspire confidence. On the contrary, Africa's youth, while they are obviously young, are bright and "woke", to use another trending word. That is, they are highly aware of the social world around them and conscious of the injustices that prevail. Sadly, however, many of our continent's children will neither make it to high school nor complete their secondary education, through no fault of (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Stigma in Mental Health Must Stop!

[The Herald] The word stigma referred originally to a mark or brand on Greek slaves, clearly separating them from free men. In common usage the word signifies a disgrace or defect placed on another human. There are two ways stigma is expressed: (AllAfrica)

Kenya:William X Scheinman, the American Who Rests Beside Tom Mboya

[Nation] Exactly 49 years ago, an assassin's bullet robbed Kenya of hero Tom Mboya, one of the country's brilliant sons whose death changed the political landscape. (AllAfrica)

Liberia:What's Behind Governor Weeks' Departure?

[New Dawn] Though Central Bank of Liberia Executive Governor J. Milton Weeks tendered in his resignation to President George Manneh Weah Tuesday, July 3, news of his departure came as no surprise, as the writing has been on the wall ever since. (AllAfrica)

Liberia:NEC, Be Warned of the Unforeseen Dangers of Holding Elections Using a Fraudulent Voters Registry!

[Observer] The Daily Observer in its July 3, 2018 edition reported that official campaigning for the senatorial by-elections began yesterday, and that the elections will be held on July 29, 2018. The elections had been postponed owing to what the NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya said was the lack of money to hold the elections. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:ED Returns to Gwanda, Where His Journey Began

[The Herald] Gwanda -Ten months ago, he left Phelandaba Stadium unconscious, a victim of poisoning as the G40 cabal sought to stem the popular tide that saw him receive thunderous receptions at rally-after-rally, adulation that dwarfed what met then incumbent president Mr Robert Mugabe who grew increasingly paranoid whenever the crowd lapped up his deputy's trademark, long-drawn party slogans that ended with the prophetic punch line, "Pasi nemhanduuuu! (Down with the enemy!)" (AllAfrica)