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Zambia: Kambwili and His Daily Corruption Anthems

[Zambia Reports] With a running mouth Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili is always going to land himself in trouble. This week Kambwili ran himself in trouble in parliament when he was slapped by Copperbelt minister Bowman Lusambo and later 'baptized' by Jean Kapata at parliament. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria/Zambia: The World Cup Beckons, Along With It the 'Patriots'

[This Day] In a few hours our dear country would almost certainly qualify for the 2018 World Cup after a showdown with Zambia in Uyo. The Super Eagles would secure the ticket to Russia, with a game to spare, if they manage a win over the plucky Chipolopolo who grabbed continental attention last month after a stunning double over star-studded Algeria. Despite the form of the Zambians however, many still expect the job done by the Super Eagles who themselves have had a near perfect campaign. Should we book our place at (AllAfrica)

Africa: Is Climate Change Driving You to Despair? Read This.

[Ensia] To maintain our capacity to address climate change, we need to recognize and address the trauma it creates. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Electoral Manipulation Through Voter Registration

[Zimbabwe Independent] For a lot of people, the mention of "vote rigging" conjures up images of shady characters in dark glasses busy stuffing ballot boxes and disposing of ballot boxes in rivers, replacing them with pre-loaded ballot boxes. To be sure, vote rigging is a broad and amorphous term which includes a lot of things in its boundaries. It is not a single act and oft-times it involves multiple activities at different times before, during and after the electoral process. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Liberian Senate Has Become Safe Haven for Rapists

[FrontPageAfrica] ONE OF THE COMMENDABLE achievements to come out of Liberia in the past twelve years was the passing of a legislation making statutory rape a non-bailable offense in Liberia. (AllAfrica)

Namibia: Muharukua - May the Hero Rest in Eternal Peace

[Namibian] DURING my many years of interaction with her, professionally and personally, I came to know comrade Muharukua as a selfless, assertive and principled person, who was always on the side of the most vulnerable. (AllAfrica)

Namibia: Gender-Based Violence Crisis in the Black Community

[Namibian] AT the beginning of this week, Namibians woke up to a nightmare that they are already accustomed to. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Our Greatest Weakness Lies in Giving Up Easily

[Zimbabwe Independent] Amos Maungwa was among thousands of Zimbabweans who made the great trek to South Africa after 2000 at the height of the country's economic crisis which was characterised by runaway inflation. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Is Democracy Un-African?

[263Chat] Libya has experienced nothing but war and brutality since the reign of King Idris I started in 1951. Colonel Muammar Gaddafi deposed the monarch in a bloodless coup in 1969. Under Gaddafi, or 'Brotherly Leader,' as he loved to be called then, oil-rich Libya was ruled by decree for an astonishing 42 years. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Why I Would Vote for Charles Brumskine If I Could

[Observer] Driving to my home in Virginia, Montserrado County, in the early morning hours last Saturday, I detected the swift movements of lithe bodies running desperately for cover. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Bobi Wine Threatened for Protesting Museveni Life Presidency

[Fahamu] Ugandan dictator Yoweri Museveni is on the warpath against leaders and citizens who are resisting his attempt to rule the East African nation for life. One of those targeted is outspoken popular musician-cum-politician Kyaluganyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi Wine, who recounts here recent threats to his life. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Markets Are Never Wrong

[Financial Gazette] Followers of American investor and securities analyst Jesse Livermore are divided over what he meant with the quote: "Markets are never wrong; opinions are." (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Maintain the Peace - Say No to Electoral Violence!

[New Dawn] Maintaining the peace worth speaking about in this electioneering period of our country's history. This historic legislative and presidential elections will mark the first time in 73 years that political power will be handed over peacefully, and democratically, from one elected leader to another. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: How China Tamed the Effects of Social Media

[The Herald] Big Sam, as America is affectionately known, is in mourning once again, and this time it is not at the hands of a bearded, tan-skinned and gun-totting jihadist. In fact, Sunday's attack on concert-goers in Las Vegas, which claimed the lives of 59 people and wounded over 500, was the handiwork of a thoroughly white, thoroughly American loony. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Nigeria's Anti-NGO Bill - Contextual Inaccuracies

[Guardian] Nigeria's National Assembly (NASS), for long on the defensive over allegations of chronic institutional opacity, appears to have found a way to turn attack into defence. Its device of choice is the NGO Regulatory Bill, which is presently in committee in the House of Representatives. Flipping around the script, the NASS is accusing Nigeria's voluntary sector of being a den of crooks in need of proper policing. The proponents of the NGO Bill have organised their defence of its provision around five broad the (AllAfrica)

Liberia: A Memo to Mr. Boakai - Be Wary of Sycophants & Breeders of Dictatorship

[FrontPageAfrica] TWELVE YEARS after the ruling Unity Party assumed command of post-war Liberia, the incumbent government is embarking on a third quest for power. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Mr. Cummings, How Realistic Is Your Pledge to Provide 100,000 Jobs in the First 100 Days?

[Observer] As part of his platform promises to the Liberian people, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, said that if elected, he would provide 100,000 jobs in the first 100 days of his administration. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Opposition Alliance Reflects Failed Politics

[The Herald] These are indeed interesting times when calls for unity among Zimbabwe's opposition political parties turn out to be the cause of disunity and acrimony. In normal political discourse, calls for unity should just be such: calls to unite the leadership and general membership of the concerned parties in pursuit of common goals. In Zimbabwe's case, the voices of ordinary opposition parties' membership have been drowned or are not given any consideration. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Inclusive Electoral Processes - A Pathway to More Peaceful Societies

[IPS] United Nations -The Sustainable Development Goals 16 (SDG16) calls on UN Member States to promote responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making, and to build effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Catherine Namuye's Controversial as Youth Fund CEO

[Nation] Little was known about Catherine Namuye, the former Youth Enterprise Fund Chief Executive who collapsed and died at her Nairobi home on Wednesday, when she was appointed to the position on an acting capacity in February 2013. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Discovery - Ape Fossil Now Recognised

[East African] When Kenyan palaeoanthropologist Isaiah Nengo received a grant from the Leakey Foundation to carry out field studies in northern Kenya's Turkana basin, few scientists wanted to join him in the harsh, sweltering landscape. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Mental Health and Me

[Guardian] My first few therapy sessions were strange. Having usually been someone who bottled things up, this opportunity to safely let things out felt unusual to me at first. Bottling up things didn't deal with them, and I would sometimes overreact to situations, often more as a result of pent up emotions, than an appropriate reaction to the situation. Luckily, the therapist was skilled enough to make sure I was comfortable, and I didn't have to explore too much too quickly. I was eased in with fairly simple, albei (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Secularism, Religiosity and Human Rights

[Daily Maverick] Liberation theologies are needed in the struggle for human rights and gender justice. By ZANE DANGOR. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: Clamping Down on Human Trafficking in Rwanda

[New Times] Every year, thousands of people, majority of them women and girls, fall into the hands of traffickers either in their own countries and abroad. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Al-Shabaab Killing of PS to Be Avenged

[Nation] Every Kenyan life is precious, and so, the killing of Public Works Principal Secretary Mariam El-Maawy by Al-Shabaab will be responded to comprehensively. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Story of the Elderly Should Be One of Hope

[Nation] The International Day of Older Persons was marked last Sunday amid growing concern that the rising number of senior citizens in Kenya could spiral into a big crisis. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: Taking Stock of Maternity Leave Benefits Scheme

[New Times] It is over eight months since the new law on maternity leave was published in the national gazette, effectively compelling all employers to implement maternity leave benefits scheme. The law facilitates working mothers to have access to fully paid maternity leave. But months down the road, has the maternity leave benefits scheme achieved the anticipated benefits? (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Prince Johnson's Pledge to Bring Killers to Justice - How Serious Can He Be?

[Observer] Today he is Senior Senator of Nimba County and a candidate seeking the presidency of Liberia. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: It's Time for Direct Democracy Instead of the Corrupt Representative Democracy

[Observer] After 170 years on the wrong track led by Liberia's political elites, it's time to make democracy work in Liberia by introducing a government of the people, by the people and for the people, starting with a constitution that empowers the people. In 2017, Liberians should not focus on the presidency or platforms of politicians or what candidates promise to do in 100 days or 1000 days because with widespread barbaric human sacrifices of innocent children during this election cycle, skyrocketing unemployment, (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Alternative National Congress, Unity Party Same Day Rally Cause for Concern

[FrontPageAfrica] THE ALTERNATIVE NATIONAL CONGRESS complained the Unity Party to the National Election Commission of organizing its rally on the same day it has a planned campaign activity at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The Phenomenon of Biafra (IX)

[Vanguard] One thing is certain: the killing of Ndigbo in 1966 left very deep physical and psychological wounds on the Igbo, making them to begin considering seriously the desirability of creating an independent nation for themselves since their belongingness to Nigeria had been put into serious question by recent events particularly in northern Nigeria. (AllAfrica)