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South Africa:Zuma's State of the Nation Postponed #SONA2018

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete announced that the State of the Nation, to be delivered by President Jacob Zuma in Cape Town, will be postponed until further notice. (AllAfrica)

Africa:High Level Event on Empowering Women in Agriculture in Addis Ababa

[allAfrica] A High Level Breakfast Meeting was organized on January 27, 2018, by Femmes Africa SolidaritÚ (FAS) on the theme Empowering Women in Agriculture (EWA) at the margins of the 30th African Union Summit of Heads of State and Government in Addis Ababa. Chaired by Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria, the event was attended by representatives of heads of states, rural women in agri-business, partners and other stakeholders. (AllAfrica)

Cameroon:Heavy Fighting Reported in Southern Cameroons

[allAfrica] There was heavy military activity in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon on the night of February 3. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:ANC Postpones Decision on Zuma's Fate... For Now

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Talks among leaders of the African National Congress on the future of President Jacob Zuma ended late Monday without any announcement on his fate. (AllAfrica)

Cameroon:Chad Deploys Military to Southern Cameroons as Crisis Persists

[allAfrica] According to multiple sources Chadian soldiers, dispatched by Chadian President Idriss Deby at the request of Cameroonian President Paul Biya, have been fighting for several weeks alongside Cameroonian's armed forces against the English-speaking separatists. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Adriano Campolina - "Expanding Tax base in a progressive way is a sustainable way to increase education spending"

[allAfrica] The solution for quality of education for the benefit of all crystallizes the attentions during this high level meeting on the global partnership for education which taken place, 1st to 2 February 2018 in Dakar. A recognized actor in this sector, especially in Africa, ActionAid International suggests an approach based on two essential pillars: the financing of education through progressive taxation and the equitable redistribution of resources and power to get every child to school. The Secretary General, (AllAfrica)

Senegal:Rihanna 'Not Welcome in Senegal' - Religious Groups

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Expected in Senegal on Friday, the singer has reportedly been told she is not welcome by 30 religious organizations part of a group called "No to Freemasonry and homosexuality". Some of its members suspect her of belonging to the Illuminati, according to Jeune Afrique. (AllAfrica)

Africa:President Trump Wishes 'Successful Summit' to African Union- TEXT

[allAfrica] Washington, DC -Three days before an assembly of African heads-of-state and government that begins this weekend in Addis Ababa, the White House sent a letter from President Trump expressing "best wishes for a successful Summit." (AllAfrica)

Africa:Alert to News Outlets - Free & Innovative Video Conferencing for Meetings & Interviews

[allAfrica] Washington, DC -AllAfrica has been beta testing a free video conferencing service that greatly enhances our work, and we want to share this with media colleagues across Africa -- and to try it out for a new initiative that many of you have asked us for -- collaborative content production that will provide original African reporting to news organizations around Africa. (AllAfrica)

Africa:78 Former U.S. Ambassadors Ask Trump to 'Reassess His Views'

[allAfrica] The White House on Tuesday night received a letter signed by 78 former ambassadors who represented the United States in 48 African nations. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:A Glass Half Full - Preparing for Day Zero

[allAfrica] Level 6 water restrictions are here - this means the crisis in the Western Cape has intensified to the point where 'Day Zero' is looking more real by the day. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Pretoria to Deliver DÚmarche Over Trump Vulgarity

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The South African government will on Monday register one of the highest forms of diplomatic protest with the United States over President Donald Trump's reported vulgarity in describing African nations. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Ramaphosa Outlines Plans for Radical Change - With Assurances

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The African National Congress's new leader, Cyril Ramaphosa, sketched out a path for the party's future on Saturday which carefully balanced demands for radical change to address South Africa's deeply-rooted inequalities with assurances to investors, business people, farmers and minorities feeling threatened by the change. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Donald Trump Pisses off Africa Once Again

[allAfrica] U.S. President Donald Trump has done it again, calling African nations "shithole countries". Trump said this on Thursday as he was rejecting a bipartisan immigration deal, according to Associated Press. He questioned why people from countries like Norway shouldn't be given entry instead of people from "shithole countries" in Africa and Haiti. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Biopic on Legendary Music Icon Brenda Fassie in the Works

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Bongani Fassie, the music legend's son has confirmed that a movie based on the superstar's life story. The movie will follow Fassie's journey from Langa, Cape Town, to Soweto up until her rise to stardom and becoming an iconic musician. (AllAfrica)

Africa:African Patients Twice As Likely to Die After Surgery - Report

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Patients in African hospitals are twice as likely to die after surgery than the average patient across the globe, and the most common complications suffered after operations are infections. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Now Is the Time to Invest, Say U.S. Analysts

[allAfrica] Readers of a prestigious American business publication have been told that now is the time to re-engage with Zimbabwe if investors want to get in on the ground floor ahead of a resurge in the economy. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Celebrity Couple AKA, Bonang Call It Quits Again

[allAfrica] Popular rapper AKA has announced on Twitter that he and his girlfriend Bonang Matheba had broken up. The couple have been together for two years. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Exclusive - Turkey's President Erdo─čan on Africa's Importance

[allAfrica] Ankara -In his first interview with an African news organization, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan discussed his government's interests and priorities with AllAfrica's executive chair Amadou Mahtar Ba. The Turkish leader traveled to Sudan, Chad and Tunisia this week, bringing to 24 the number of African countries he has visited. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Turkey's President Erdogan on Africa - allAfrica's Exclusive Interview

[allAfrica] Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, speaking in an interview with AllAfrica ahead of a visit to three Muslim-majority African nations, has spoken out strongly against the selling of African migrants into slavery, and in favour of women's rights. He has also rejected criticism of Turkey's record on media freedom. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Top Trump Administration Diplomat Addresses Africa's Toughest Issues

[allAfrica] The current U.S. administration's top diplomat on African affairs, Acting Assistant Secretary Don Yamamoto, recently completed a 10-day trip to Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda which included talks on a wide range of issues with the African Union. Upon his return to Washington, D.C., he was questioned by African journalists in a telephone news conference. Excerpts: (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa:Shortages Force Slashing of Food Rations in Kasai

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Food shortages have forced the UN World Food Programme (WFP) to slash food rations in the conflict-ridden DR Congo province of Kasai, where more than three-quarters of a million people have been displaced from their homes. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Ramaphosa Wins ANC Presidency, Succeeding Jacob Zuma

[allAfrica] Cape Town -South Africa witnessed a watershed transition in political leadership today when a succession of governing party leaders who were formerly in exile or prison was replaced by a leader of the internal resistance to apartheid. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Africa's Health Challenge is a Human Rights Issue

[allAfrica] Johannesburg -Access to health is a human right. The Constitution of the World Health Organization states that "the enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being" . (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Local Movie The Wound Shortlisted for Oscars

[allAfrica] The Academy announced the nine films that will compete for the Oscar nomination for the best foreign-language film. (AllAfrica)

Sierra Leone:Constitutional Review Goes Up in Smoke ÔÇô And the People Lose Again

[allAfrica] After three years of arduous work collecting, deliberating and collating views across the country for a new constitution, it looks like Sierra Leone may end up not having one -- yet again. (AllAfrica)

South Sudan:Govt Declares State of Emergency

[allAfrica] Cape Town -President Salva Kiir has declared a 3-month state of emergency in the Lakes region. This comes after fighting between rival cattle herders left 170 dead and nearly 200 wounded, according to Dharuai Mabor Teny, a member of parliament from the Western Lakes area. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Ordinary Citizens Can and Will Now Transform Zimbabwe

[allAfrica] Some have questioned whether Zimbabweans have any reason to celebrate the fall of President Robert Mugabe, and sentiments are divided over the meaning of this change to the struggle for democracy and their aspirations for a better future. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Presidency Drafts New State of Emergency Regulations - Report

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Regulations to the State of Emergency Act of 1997 have been drafted by an inter-departmental task team, according to the Rapport newspaper. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Next Up - Running Credible, Trusted Elections

[allAfrica] Cape Town -As Zimbabweans begin to look ahead to next year's elections, a survey of public opinion shows that only half the country has confidence in the country's electoral commission. (AllAfrica)

South Africa:Deputy President Ramaphosa 'Would Believe' Zuma's Rape Accuser

[allAfrica] Cape Town -During a radio interview with 702's Karima Brown, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said he "would believe" Fezekile Kuzwayo - also known as Khwezi - who accused President Jacob Zuma of raping her. Ramaphosa added that he respected the legal process and the fact that Zuma was acquitted of the charges. (AllAfrica)