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South Africa:World's Largest HIV Prevention Trial Wraps Up Door-to-Door Testing

[allAfrica] Cape Town -One of the crucial aspects of the largest HIV prevention trial in the world is nearing an end, with HIV counsellors wrapping up four years of door-to-door visits to many thousands of homes in and around Cape Town and the Winelands region. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia:South African University Honours Health Minister

[allAfrica] Cape Town -A South African university has lauded an Ethiopian health minister, Dr Amir Aman Hagos, for the country's "amazing progress in a number of sectors, particularly in the area of maternal and child health, and human resource development". (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia:More Than 20 People Killed in Ethiopia Clashes

[allAfrica] The Ethiopian government says the fatalities last week are part of "ethnic tensions between Oromo and Somalis" over a longstanding border dispute. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Building Small Businesses Creates Jobs for Africa

[allAfrica] Job creation is undoubtedly one of the most pressing priorities for African countries. It is no longer feasible to rely on the public sector as the driver of employment - increasing attention is now being placed on the role of the private sector in the economic development of the continent. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Why the Death of a Woman after Giving Birth to Quadruplets Should Change Healthcare

[allAfrica] Last month the medical professionals at Malumfashi General Hospital, Katsina State, helped Gaje Zubairu bring the blessing of quadruplets into the world. The initial widespread jubilation at such wonderful news soon, however, gave way to sorrow. One of the babies passed away and was tragically followed four days later by Gaje herself. (AllAfrica)

Southern Africa:Graca Machel Urges Better Nutrition for Mothers, Children

[allAfrica] Cape Town -One of every four children under five years old in southern Africa suffers from stunted growth in that they are too short for their age, often as a result of inadequate nutrition. (AllAfrica)

Namibia:Swapo Remains Strong, United and Stable - President Geingob

[allAfrica] Windhoek -Comrade Sam Shafiishuna Nujoma, Founding President of the SWAPO Party and Father of the Namibian Nation;Comrade Hifikepunye Pohamba, Former President of the SWAPO Party and the Republic of Namibia; Comrade Nangolo Mbumba, Secretary General of the SWAPO Party; Comrade Laura Mcleod-Katjirua, Deputy Secretary General of the SWAPO Party; Members of the Politburo and Central Committee of the SWAPO Party; Comrades, Delegates to the 6th Congress; Comrades, Veterans of our Liberation Struggle; Distinguished Specia (AllAfrica)

Africa:Governments Are Closing Down Space for Civil Society - Jay Naidoo

[allAfrica] Currently a political and social activist, Jay Naidoo was a pioneering trade unionist who fought apartheid in South Africa and went on after liberation to serve as a minister in Nelson Mandela's cabinet. He is also a member of the board of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, which this week published the latest edition of the Ibrahim Index of African Governance. He discussed this year's findings in an interview with AllAfrica's John Allen. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Breaking News - Mugabe Quits

[allAfrica] President Robert Mugabe has finally heeded calls to resign, AllAfrica's news partners in Zimbabwe report. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Warning Signs Flash As Governance Progress Slows

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Forty of Africa's 55 nations have improved their standards of governance in the past decade, while only 12 have seen a decline. But the rate of improvement has slowed in recent years. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:Mugabe Axed From Ruling Party

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF party has axed President Robert Mugabe as leader and first secretary of the party, reports NewsDay from Harare. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs As the Next Generation of Hunger Fighters

[allAfrica] Des Moines, Iowa -Considered the "Nobel Prize of agriculture," the World Food Prize is awarded each year for a specific and exceptionally significant contribution to the production or distribution of food. This year, the prize was awarded to Akinwumi Adesina, a former Nigerian agriculture minister - and currently the president of the African Development Bank - for his contributions to increasing productivity in that country's agricultural sector. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:'Mugabe Likely to Go Gracefully, Mnangagwa Unlikely to Stay Long' – Former U.S. Diplomat

[allAfrica] Herman J. Cohen was the first President George Bush's top Africa diplomat, serving as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs from 1989 to 1993. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Equipping Youth to Renegotiate 'Africa Rising'

[allAfrica] Accra -Keynote address on the occasion of National Youth Day, Ghana, by H. E. Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SPSG) for West Africa and the Sahel, and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe:What Led to Situation in Zimbabwe?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Here are the most recent events leading to the tense political situation in Zimbabwe: (AllAfrica)

Africa:African Media Must Shape the Narrative & Tell Africa's Story Responsibly - Ghana President

[allAfrica] Remarks by President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of Ghana at the 2017 Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators Event (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa:33 Dead in Train Crash

[allAfrica] Thirty-three people died on Sunday in a train accident of the National Railway Company of Congo in Buyofwe, a railway station located about 30 kilometers from Lubudi in Lualaba province, according to Radio Okapi. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Act Now to End Pneumonia

[allAfrica] The numbers of children who die of pneumonia each year is staggering. In 2015, a child under five died every two minutes -- 920,000 in all -- and pneumonia is the leading cause of child deaths around the world. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Economic Growth Rides on Wireless Rails

[allAfrica] A telecommunications boom is lifting an industry and a continent. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Commonly Used Drug May Be Key to Stopping Thousands of Mothers Dying

[allAfrica] Roughly every six minutes, a woman somewhere in the world bleeds to death in child birth. But a new medical trial shows that there is a way of combating the problem. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Toyin Saraki Says Why Drug Trial for Women is Close to Her Heart

[allAfrica] London -Toyin Saraki was speaking at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to raise awareness of the issue of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH), which kills around 100,000 women each year, and to highlight the findings of the WOMAN trial, which uses tranexamic acid to treat PPH. (AllAfrica)

Africa:How to Sustain High Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

[allAfrica] After significant strides across sub-Saharan Africa over the past quarter-century, there is now a deterioration in the macroeconomic health of many countries, warns Abebe Aemro Selassie, director of the African Department of the International Monetary Fund. He cites high levels of public debt as a matter of particular concern. But, he adds, if policy makers respond urgently to the growing vulnerabilities their economies face, the region can and will return to a path of strong growth. This analysis is excer (AllAfrica)

Nigeria:Examining The Untapped Power of Citizens in Governance

[allAfrica] Ibadan -The role of active citizens in an effective democracy cannot be overemphasized. Nigeria is believed to have a population of over 180 million of which 120 million are said to be of voting age and yet in the last election only 28,587,564 votes were cast. (AllAfrica)

Liberia:Sirleaf's Legacy and the New President's Challenge

[allAfrica] In the second round of historical presidential elections, Liberians must ask themselves what they have to gain and what they stand to lose if they do not get this right. Here are some of the things which should be on their minds and on the candidates' agendas. (AllAfrica)

Africa:An Unfortunate Reminder That Dark Skin Is Still 'Not Beautiful'

[allAfrica] "You are pretty for a dark-skinned girl" (AllAfrica)

Egypt:TV Presenter Jailed for Talking About Sex Outside Marriage

[allAfrica] Doaa Salah, a presenter on Al-Nahar TV has been sentenced to three years in jail after she discussed ways of becoming pregnant outside a conventional marriage, reports news site (AllAfrica)

Africa:What Africa Needs - Roads and Bridges, Cooking Oil and Cement

[allAfrica] Addis Ababa -Roads and railways, bridges and harbours - that's what we need to invest in if we are to grow Africa's economies and provide jobs for the millions of young people who want to become part of the continent's growth. (AllAfrica)

Africa:The Role of African Media in Regional Integration

[allAfrica] Most of the founding leaders of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), today's African Union (AU), are not remembered for their support of free press and democratic rule. Yet, they had a strong vision for the integral role that media should play in the liberation and integration of the continent. (AllAfrica)

Africa:Experts Explore Infrastructure and Cooperation to Improve Lives

[allAfrica] Addis Ababa -African economies require structural transformation to attain sustained growth that trickles down to all its peoples, an official from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) told experts gathered at the organization's Ethiopian headquarters. (AllAfrica)

Ghana:'Most Business-Friendly' Investment Destination Is Our Goal – Trade & Industry's Kyerematen

[allAfrica] Washington, DC -Ghana received welcome news last week from the IMF: real GDP growth for the country is projected to reach 5.9 percent in 2017 and 8.9 percent in 2018, following three successive years when the increase was four percent or less. This is but one of several indicators of economic recovery, according to Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, the Minister of Trade & Industry. Kyerematen was appointed to the post in January by President Nana Akufo-Addo following his election in December 2016. He says, in this interview, th (AllAfrica)

Africa:Where Journalists Are Killed With Impunity

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Somalia has the world's worst record for solving the murders of journalists -- and holds it for the third year running, says a new report. (AllAfrica)