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CIC Reveals Meaning of His Debut Album 19ninety4

[Observer] Rapper and singer CIC: Finally, what I tried to do was to diversify and to make a little something for everyone, mostly to honor women. (AllAfrica)

Mustapha Kennedy Appointed Manager of Invincible Eleven

[Observer] Enterprising coach Mustapha Kennedy has been appointed the head coach or manager of Invincible Eleven, with a mandate to take the team to the first division. (AllAfrica)

Bomi Supt. Robinson to Answer to U.S.$2 Million 'Missing' Scrap Claim Today

[Observer] Supt. Adama J. Robinson of Bomi County to answer involvement into disappearance of US$2M scrap and truck claims (AllAfrica)

For Local Fishermen, Senegalese Deal Not Ideal

[Observer] Fishermen of the Montserrado fishing community in the meeting with NaFAA. (AllAfrica)

The Potentials of Wonegizi As a Protected Area

[Observer] Figure 1. Location of Wonegizi, North-eastern Lofa County, Liberia (AllAfrica)

'Liberia Remains Committed to Integration'

[Observer] The Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Nathaniel R. Patray, III, told a gathering of West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ) Central Bank Governors on Thursday, February 6, 2019 in Accra, Ghana, that Liberia remains committed to the effective implementation of the Road Map geared towards regional monetary and economic integration in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in keeping with ECOWAS Monetary Cooperation Programme (EMCP), to which Liberia is a signatory. (AllAfrica)

LIPO DG Vows Protection for Creative Sectors

[Observer] Participants pose for photo after opening LIPO seminar. (AllAfrica)

Patel Endorses Cargo Tracking Note Deal

[Observer] PATEL, a trade organization which represents the interest of small and medium enterprise businesses across the country, has endorsed the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) deal between the Government of Liberia (GoL) and Global Maritime Tracking Solution (GMTS). (AllAfrica)

Legislature Passes Bill to Rename Bridges, Streets

[Observer] On Thursday, February 7, 2019, which was the 9th day sitting of the lawmakers, the House of Representatives concurred with the Senate to establish a law to re-name certain roads and bridges and dedicate them in commemoration of the lives and memories of some personalities who had played meaningful roles in the country. (AllAfrica)

Where Does President Weah Stand On Morlu's Assassination Allegations?

[Observer] This newspaper is gravely concerned about statements by CDC chairman Mulbah Morlu that the opposition is dangerous to democracy and that some opposition political figures who he named as Alexander Cummings and Charles Brumskine have plans afoot to assassinate President Weah. (AllAfrica)

Kolahun Talks Justice

[Observer] Flomo Theater climaxes Musu's Diary roadshow in Monrovia this weekend (AllAfrica)

Nationall Traditional Council 'Ready to End FGM'

[Observer] In observance of the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), members of the National Traditional Council of Liberia (NTCL) on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, committed themselves to end the practice of FGM. (AllAfrica)

Musicians Union of Liberia Gets New President

[Observer] 'We will alleviate musicians of poverty,' says MULIB's President-elect, Sammy Gray Gboguy (AllAfrica)

ANC Partisans Gear Up for 2023

[Observer] ANC Chairman Gould presents party membership form to one the the new members. (AllAfrica)

Senate Passes KAK Act of Press Freedom

[Observer] The Act is named in remembrance of the late journalist Kamara Abdullai Kamara (KAK), former president, Press Union of Liberia. (AllAfrica)

Stakeholders Decry Low Budget for Soldiers

[Observer] Flashback: AFL Captain Nathaniel Waka instructs soldiers under his command at a ceremony. (AllAfrica)

Atty. Woods Wants Govt Investigate Attack On Roots FM

[Observer] The station technician at Roots FM briefs Atty. Woods (far right) and team on Feb. 4, 2019. (AllAfrica)

Quincy B's Mother Accuses Lewis McCarthy of Embezzlement

[Observer] The mother of the late pop singer Quincy B, Christiana G. Burrowes, has accused her son's manager Lewiz McCarthy of stealing US$14,000 meant to be shared equally without giving the family a dime. (AllAfrica)

Several Importers Accusing Ministry of Commerce of Issuing Import Permits to Selected Businesses

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -Several importers are accusing the Ministry of Commerce and Industries of withholding their Import Permits or IPDs and preferring a selected number of importers. (AllAfrica)

The Struggles for Liberian Citizenship

[Fahamu] Why has Liberia not enacted dual citizenship or repealed a constitutional "Negro clause"? (AllAfrica)

Gobet231 Again? -Employees Go Months Without Salaries

[New Republic] GoBet231, a registered Sports betting company in Liberia, financial problems seem to be deepening by the month with employees feeling the pinch of it. (AllAfrica)

Rights Group Tasks Liberia On FGM Measures

[New Democrat] Equality Now, a human rights advocacy group has called on the Liberian government to act on anti-Female Genital Mutilation, FGM, laws that have elapsed. (AllAfrica)

What Is Female Genital Mutilation and Where Does It Happen?

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -FGM is practised in at least 30 countries, mostly in Africa but also in pockets of the Middle East and Asia (AllAfrica)

A Plea for the Liberian Government to Permanently Ban FGM

[FrontPageAfrica] IN THE FINAL YEAR of her presidency, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf took a giant step albeit temporary, in placing a ban on Female Genital Mutilation. The Executive Order No. 92 was however valid for only one year and became effectively invalid on January 22nd, 2019. (AllAfrica)

Dangerous Political Rhetoric Self-Evident in the Recent Wave of Political Violence Must Stop Now

[Observer] Local media reports of statements attributed to an official of this government which are said to have been posted on his Facebook page has roused the attention of the public and for no mean reasons too. (AllAfrica)

'Transporter' Booked With U.S.$2 Million Gold At Airport

[Observer] Madam Sackie: "The LRA have transferred the consignment for appropriate legal action." (AllAfrica)

VP Taylor Faces U.s.$1.2Million Lawsuit

[New Republic] -As Court Orders Her To Appear (AllAfrica)

Senate Probes New Cargo Tracking Regime At NPA

[New Republic] The plenary of the Liberian Senate has mandated its committee on Commerce, Trade and Industry to probe into new cargo tracking measure put into place by the National Port Authority (NPA) and a foreign company. (AllAfrica)

Rep. Dopoh Denounces FGM At UN-Women Seminar

[Observer] River Gee County Electoral District #3 Representative Francis Dopoh has told the just-ended UN-Women seminar in Ganta, Nimba County that, as a lawmaker, he will work with his colleagues to ensure the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is abolished through the passage of laws that will come before that august body against FGM. (AllAfrica)

'Weah Risks Repeating Failings of Prior Administration'

[Observer] -Says Chatham House Official (AllAfrica)

Alleged Hacking of Lonestar Cell/MTN Network Occurred Months After Orange Acquired Cellcom

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -According to court transcripts including oral submissions for the Prosecution in the case involving a large scale and unlawful interference, known as a cyber-attack, aimed at disrupting the regular operation of Lonestar Cell-MTN, telecommunications company, at the time of the alleged offense, Orange had already completed the purchase of Cellcom, raising new questions about the motive of Mr. Daniel Kaye, the man accused of hacking into Lonestar's telecommunications system? (AllAfrica)