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News : Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) : News

Time to Test Félix Tshisekedi's Vision for the Country

[ISS] The Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) new government was finally sworn in last week. This was after eight months of drawn-out deliberations between former president Joseph Kabila's Front Commun pour le Congo (FCC) platform and new President Félix Tshisekedi's Coalition pour le changement (CACH). In line with the FCC's overwhelming majority in parliament, it got 42 ministries against CACH's 23. (AllAfrica)

Ebola Preparations Falter in War‑Weary South Sudan

[The New Humanitarian] Yambio/South Sudan -After vomiting blood and exhibiting fever - two of the virus's telltale symptoms - the teenager had come to the Ebola isolation ward here in Yambio, a South Sudanese town near the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. (AllAfrica)

Ebola - A Forgotten Conflict Became a Danger to World Health

[The Conversation Africa] The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recognised the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Ebola epidemic as a "public health emergency of international concern". (AllAfrica)

Pope Appoints Three African Cardinals

[CISA] Vatican -Pope Francis has appointed Archbishops Fridolin Ambongo Besungu of Kinshasa-DRC, Cristóbal López Romero of Rabat-Morocco, and Bishop Eugenio Dal Corso Emeritus of Benguela-Angola as cardinals of the Catholic Church. (AllAfrica)

UNHCR Calls for Action Against Violence Targeting Foreigners in South Africa

[UNHCR] Pretoria -UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is gravely concerned over the recurring violent attacks against foreign nationals, including refugees and asylum-seekers, in South Africa, most recently taking place in the commercial business districts (CBD) of Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng Province. (AllAfrica)

Bishops Welcome Formation of Coalition Government

[CISA] Kinshasa -The National Episcopal Conference of Congo (CENCO) has welcomed the formation of a coalition Government in Congo, with the hope that it will serve the Congolese people without exclusion. (AllAfrica)

German Foreign Minister Urges Govt to Step Up Ebola Fight

[Deutsche Welle] When it comes to fighting the Ebola outbreak, the German foreign minister had a straightfoward message for DRC President Felix Tshisekedi. Fabian von der Mark reports from Kinshasa. (AllAfrica)

Why Women and Children Are At Greatest Risk As Ebola Continues to Spread

[The New Humanitarian] As schools reopen this week in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the situation is worrisome for some two million children and their families in the Ebola outbreak zones in the east of the country. (AllAfrica)

South Africans and Others Take Stock Amid Violence

[VOA] South Africa has begun assessing the toll of the week's anti-immigrant violence, which, according to authorities, has claimed 10 lives, injured scores more, incited fear, hobbled business activity, and strained relations with other African countries. (AllAfrica)

DRC Refugees Situation Worrying - Official

[ANGOP] Dundo -The State Secretary for Social Action Lúcio do Amaral Wednesday considered worrying the situation of the 11,910 Congolese refugees in Muenhambulo, central Kassai province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), due to poor living conditions. (AllAfrica)

U.S. Gives $21 Million More to Fight Ebola

[USAID] The United States, through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is providing more than $21 million in additional humanitarian assistance to help end the ongoing outbreak of Ebola in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This brings total USAID funding for the Ebola response efforts to nearly $158 million since the beginning of the outbreak in August 2018, including for regional preparedness activities in neighboring countries. (AllAfrica)

UN Chief Appeals for Donors to Follow Through on Ebola Pledges

[VOA] United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres encouraged donors to honor the pledges they have made to combat Ebola as he visited the Democratic Republic of Congo to offer support in fighting the outbreak. (AllAfrica)

38 Peacekeepers, 24 Soldiers Killed

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -THE global community has paid tribute to the 38 peacekeepers and 24 soldiers killed in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

Is Angola's Lourenco the New Mr Fix It?

[East African] The reconciliation of presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Rwanda's Paul Kagame in the Angolan capital Luanda on Wednesday came from an unlikely peacemaker. (AllAfrica)

Testimony in Support of Agoa Eligibility for DR Congo

[Foundation for Democracy in Africa] Washington, DC -Good morning Chairman Treat, and members of the implementation Subcommittee. (AllAfrica)

Congolese Singer and Dancing Ace Yondo Sister Lands in Nairobi

[Nation] Versatile and talented Paris-based Congolese singer and dancer Yondo Kusala Sister is in Nairobi on a private visit. (AllAfrica)

Congolese Soukous Singer and Dancing Ace Yondo Sister in Nairobi

[Nairobi News] Versatile and talented Paris-based Congolese singer and dancer Yondo Kusala Sister is in Nairobi on a private visit. (AllAfrica)

Angola - 5.379 DRC Refugees Repatriated

[ANGOP] Dundo -At least 5.379 refugees have returned to Central Kassai province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), as part of voluntary and spontaneous repatriation started on February 19. (AllAfrica)

New Cabinet Prompts Accusations that Kabila's Regime Still Holds Power

[VOA] As the Democratic Republic of the Congo's new president unveils his coalition government, opposition members are complaining about being left out. (AllAfrica)

Is President Tshisekedi a Puppet of Former President Kabila?

[Deutsche Welle] The opposition in the DRC has long maintained that President Felix Tshisekedi is a puppet of former President Joseph Kabila. The new Cabinet shows how powerful the ex-president still is. (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Announces Government 8 Months After Vote

[VOA] The Democratic Republic of Congo has announced a coalition government. (AllAfrica)

New Government Named After 7-Month Delay

[Deutsche Welle] Most members of the new executive have been drawn from former president Joseph Kabila's Common Front for Congo. DRC will now have a female vice prime minister, minister for foreign affairs and minister for planning. (AllAfrica)

A Coalition Govt is Formed, 7 Months Late

[RFI] Authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo announced a coalition government on Monday, seven months after the inauguration of new President Felix Tshisekedi. (AllAfrica)

Ntaganda to Call Three Witnesses At Sentencing Hearing Next Month

[International Justice Monitor] International Criminal Court (ICC) judges have granted Bosco Ntaganda's request to call three witnesses to testify at his sentencing hearing scheduled for September 17-20, 2019. A request by the prosecution to call an expert witness to testify about the effects of sexual violence was rejected. (AllAfrica)

Thousands of Refugees in Angola Head Home to Kasai

[VOA] The U.N. refugee agency said Saturday that 8,500 refugees from the Democratic Republic of the Congo's Kasai province had spontaneously abandoned their camp in Angola and were heading to the homes they fled more than one year ago. (AllAfrica)

How Outbreaks Like Ebola Extract Huge Social and Economic Costs

[The Conversation Africa] Epidemics, or infectious disease outbreaks, are invariably disruptive and tend to have far-reaching effects on individuals and communities. Humanity has endured a myriad of epidemics, some of which have wiped out entire communities. (AllAfrica)

Why the Ebola Outbreak Was Declared a Global Emergency and Why It Matters

[The Conversation Africa] In mid-July the WHO declared the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. At the time over 2000 cases had been reported. A factor that is likely to have influenced the decision was that a new case had been noted near Goma near the border with Rwanda. The fear was that the disease would spread through Goma, a city of 2 million people, and that it would rapidly cross into Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. (AllAfrica)

UN Chief to Travel to Epicenter of DRC Ebola Outbreak

[VOA] U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will travel to the epicenter of an Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo next week. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda, DR Congo Agree on Joint Mechanism to Fight Ebola Outbreak

[New Times] Rwanda and Congo on Wednesday discussed and agreed on joint mechanisms for prevention and control of Ebola virus. (AllAfrica)

Glencore's Closure of Cobalt Mine 'Could Backfire'

[Deutsche Welle] Plummeting cobalt prices have been blamed for the closure of the giant Mutanda mine, but other factors are at play. Owner Glencore is struggling to get the DRC's new president to overturn a 50% super-profits tax. (AllAfrica)

Angola Supports Congolese Refugees

[ANGOP] Dundo -Exactly two years ago (2017), the Republic of Angola reached out to 35,000 refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), welcomed in Lunda Norte province, due to the extreme and widespread violence caused by political tensions in their country. (AllAfrica)