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Congo-Kinshasa: President Kabila Speaks on Elections

[Deutsche Welle] Speaking to DW, President Kabila confirmed that the election to determine his successor will take place on Sunday after a delay of one week. However residents of some Ebola-affected areas will have to wait until March. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Bobi Wine Supporters Hold Protest in Jinja

[Monitor] Supporters of singer-cum-politician Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine held a protest in Bugembe Town Council along the Jinja-Iganga Highway which paralysed traffic flow on Friday afternoon. (AllAfrica)

Somalia: Chief Shakes Up Military After Commanders Killed

[Shabelle] The Somali army chief, Dahir Adan Elmi has appointed Gen Tawane Ahmed Mohamed and Colonel Abdisalaam Aden Ahmed as the Force Commander and Deputy Commander of 12th April Division. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Islamic State-Linked Militants 'Seize Nigeria's Baga Town'

[Vanguard] Militants linked to the Islamic State (IS) group have hoisted their flag in a Nigerian town after seizing control of it, three residents have told the BBC. (AllAfrica)

East Africa: Eritrea Dismisses Report Alleging Plans to Send Troops to Somalia to Replace Amisom

[Dalsan Radio] The Government of Eritrea has denied a report by a think tank claiming that an agreement had been made between the Red Sea country, Ethiopia and Somalia to send troops to the latter to replace the Amisom troops. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: DR Congo Elections - Reversing a Dangerous Decision

[ICG] After postponing long-awaited elections, the Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission has announced a second delay in voting in some conflict-affected areas - until after a new president takes office. This decision disenfranchises 1.25 million Congolese and risks major unrest. The commission should rescind it. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Police Deny Plans to Block Bobi Wine From Performing At Lubiri Fete

[Monitor] Kampala -Uganda Police Force has denied blocking singer also Kyadondo East MP, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine from performing at Buganda kingdom end year fete popularly known as Enkuuka y'Omwaka. (AllAfrica)

South Sudan: Respond to 'Legitimate Grievances' of Sudanese People, UN Human Rights Experts Urge, Following Protests

[UN News] The excessive use of force during large-scale demonstrations against food and fuel shortages in Sudan is alarming, and an infringement on the right of peaceful assembly, said UN independent experts on Friday. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Oxfam Forced to Suspend Ebola Response in DR Congo Following Pre-Election Violence

[Oxfam] Oxfam has been forced to suspend its work in the Ebola ravaged areas of Beni and Butembo, due to violent protests following the announcement that people in these areas won't be able to cast their votes for a new president, when the rest of country goes to the polls this Sunday. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Boko Haram Is Broken, but Not Finished

[Daily Trust] Since 2015, Boko Haram's capacity to carry out daring attacks especially on civilian populations has greatly diminished. Of recent, it mostly carries out isolated attacks in the fringes of the Lake Chad in far Northern part of Borno, on the borders of the lake, Niger and Cameroon Republics. Though there are occasional attacks along the Sambisa and Alagarno forests axis, military and civilian authorities as well as locals all agree that Boko Haram's ability to inflict serious damage has been greatly reduced (AllAfrica)

Uganda: State Tortures Bobi Wine for the Truth - Besigye

[Monitor] Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has said the government is frustrating the music career of Kyadondo East MP Robert Sentamu Kyangulanyi alias Bobi Wine because he is speaking the truth and exposing their injustices. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Police Dismiss 121 for Absconding From Deployment Against Boko Haram

[Premium Times] The police have dismissed 121 of at least 167 police officers who absconded from a counterterrorism training facility to avoid deployment against Boko Haram insurgents last week, PREMIUM TIMES can report. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: Govt Expels EU's Ambassador Over Sanctions

[Deutsche Welle] Parts of Congo where a widespread Ebola outbreak has taken hold will not be able to vote until March. The country, meanwhile, has expelled the EU's ambassador after Brussels renewed sanctions on 14 Congolese nationals. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Official Sudan Protest Casualty Figures Released

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The Sudanese government has released figures of deaths and injuries during the past week's mass protests, however the numbers quoted by Khartoum fall considerably lower than independent estimates. (AllAfrica)

Libya: WHO Warns Repeated Attacks Could Close Key Hospital

[Premium Times] The World Health Organisation (WHO) has strongly condemned an armed attack on Al Jala Hospital in Libya's second-largest city of Benghazi, which took place on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: 45 Killed in Mai-Ddombe Province Battles

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -CLASHES between rival tribes have left at least 45 people dead in the western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Boko Haram Reportedly Takes Control of Baga After Attack On Military Base

[Premium Times] Reports coming from credible sources indicate that Boko Haram terrorists may have taken control of Baga town, following series of heated battle with Nigerian soldiers. (AllAfrica)

South Sudan: Six Killed in South Sudan Communal Clashes

[Monitor] At least six people have been killed and 17 others wounded in communal clashes in South Sudan's former Lakes State, security official said. (AllAfrica)

Somalia: Al-Shabaab Abducts 30 People Near Adale, Say Witnesses

[Dalsan Radio] Residents of El Muluq near Adale have told Radio Dalsan that at least 30 people including elders were on Thursday abducted by Alshabaab militants. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: Police and Protestors in DR Congo Clash Over Election Delay

[Deutsche Welle] Parts of Congo where there are fears of a widespread Ebola outbreak will not be able to vote until March. The area is also a stronghold of support for the opposition to longtime strongman Joseph Kabila. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Bashir Talks Tough On Protests

[Radio Dabanga] El Gezira -Sudan's President Omar Al Bashir has branded those participating in country-wide protests as 'traitors' during a short visit to Wad El Haddad in El Gezira state on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Sudan News Media Call Three-Day Strike

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -On Thursday, Sudanese journalists embarked on a three-day strike in response to peaceful demonstrations and protests across the country, protesting the authorities' continued crackdown on press freedom and expression, and the arrest of a number of journalists. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Sudanese Professionals Association Calls for More Protests Today

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Protests against hunger, skyrocketing prices, and the government of President Al Bashir continued across Sudan yesterday. Further mass demonstrations are expected today. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Darfur Bar Ass - Accusations Against Darfuri Students Unfounded

[Radio Dabanga] El Fasher / Sennar / Khartoum -A committee formed by the Darfur Bar Association to investigate the claim of Sudan's National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) that a number of Darfuri students have been trained by the Israeli Mossad to carry out acts of sabotage, says the students have nothing to do with the current protests in the country. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The Ominous Silence On Herdsmen

[Vanguard] There are inherent conflicts between sedentary farmers and itinerant herdsmen because of their competing needs for water and ever diminishing arable land and pastures. With population growth and increasing urbanisation steadily encroaching on available land, the competition for land between them continually intensifies; increasing the possibility of their periodic clashes. Unfortunately, a new dimension has crept into this understandable rivalry between farmers and herdsmen. Their clashes took a macabre tw (AllAfrica)

Africa: World Has Failed to Protect Children in Conflict in 2018 - Unicef

[Unicef] New York -The futures of millions of children living in countries affected by armed conflict are at risk, as warring parties continue to commit grave violations against children, and world leaders fail to hold perpetrators accountable - UNICEF said today. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Gunmen Kill Eight in Plateau, Troops Pursue Fleeing Insurgents

[Guardian] Maiduguri and Jos -Five persons were killed by gunmen on Wednesday night in Puju village, Fan District of Barkin-Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State.It was gathered that the victims were among those attacked while returning from a birthday party in a neighbouring village. Two other persons sustained gunshot injury. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Newly Displaced Fleeing Attacks in Northeast Nigeria, Top 2,000

[UN News] After fleeing terrorist attacks, as well as clashes between Government forces and militia, more than 2,000 newly displaced Nigerians have arrived in an already over-stretched camp known as Teacher's Village, in Maiduguri, the capital of the country's Borno State. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Boko Haram - Need to Deploy Drone

[Guardian] Benin City -If we must defeat Boko Haram, we need Israeli military equipment which, is 'Drone Dome' developed in the Jewish state that can be used to stop Boko Haram drones in the Sahel of Africa. The military equipment can be used to stop further drone attack in Nigeria and is capable of jamming signals to the rogue devices as well as tracking them. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: 11 Retired Generals Get Shs7 Billion Package

[Monitor] Eleven army generals, who bowed out of military service this year, have received Shs7.1 billion as their retirement package. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: Four Humanitarian Challenges for Congo's Next Leader

[IRIN] As elections to replace President Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo were reportedly postponed on Thursday, after a delay already of more than two years, a host of humanitarian crises - from Ebola to protracted conflicts - continued to await his successor. (AllAfrica)