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Sudanese Prime Minister, South Sudan President Discuss Peace, Open Borders

[Radio Dabanga] Juba -Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok arrived in the South Sudan capital of Juba today for meetings with the South Sudan President Salva Kiir, and to participate in negotiations (brokered by Kiir) with Sudan's armed movements. (AllAfrica)

Campaign for Release of Hilal, Followers At Sudan Justice Ministry

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The families of the Revolutionary Awakening Council led by detainee Musa Hilal staged a protest in front of the Justice Ministry in Khartoum on Wednesday to demand the release of Hilal and his comrades who were arrested two years ago in Darfur. Hilal and his sons and followers are currently facing a court martial in the Sudan capital. (AllAfrica)

Symposium Launches in Gaziera State On Climate Changes

[SNA] Madani -Public Administration for Agriculture of the Ministry of Production and Economic Resources in Gaziera State organized a symposium on Thursday entitled" Climate change, its Impacts on Rain Fed Sector and Troubleshooting". The symposium was organized in collaboration with Meteorological Sudanese Society, Gaziera State Branch. (AllAfrica)

People Are Waiting for Government Excellence Performance - Al Bushari

[SNA] Khartoum -Head of Sudanese Universities' Staff Members' Initiative Dr. Mustafa Najm AL Dein Al Bushari assured the importance that the new Transitional the Government has to work in Harmonious performance as one team and picked the country to safety side. (AllAfrica)

Workshop On Glaucoma Disease to Be Held in Medani Friday

[SNA] Medani -The Sudanese Glaucoma Society is due to organize an educational workshop on Glaucoma Disease at internal conference hall in Gezira university and to be attended by numerous specialists and deputy specialists from neighboring states and in presence of members of the society in capital Khartoum. (AllAfrica)

Mass Rallies in Khartoum Demand Fair Judgment

[SNA] Khartoum -Large masses of citizens Thursday marched in Khartoum to demand appointment of the Chief justice, the Attorney General and fair trails and retribution judgments against the killers of the martyrs and those who injured the peaceful demonstrators and identifying places missing persons who participated in the revolution. (AllAfrica)

Lina El-Sheikh Affirms Importance of Partnership With World Bank

[SNA] Khartoum -Minister of Labor and Social Development, Lina El-Sheikh underscored importance of strengthening partnership with the World Bank , commending the bank support to the Ministry' social projects. (AllAfrica)

Sit-in Against Toxic Mining Continues in South Kordofan

[Radio Dabanga] Talodi -Activist and residents of Talodi in Sudan's South Kordofan have reiterated their demands that all companies working in the field of gold exploration should be expelled, as their protest sit-in, entered its third day on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

Cholera Cases Rise in Sudan's Blue Nile - Who Responds

[Radio Dabanga] Blue Nile State -The number of cholera cases in Blue Nile State has risen to 57 in various hospitals in various localities on Tuesday and Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

Council of Movements Welcomes Juba Declaration

[SNA] Khartoum -Council of Movements Signatories to Darfur Peace Deal welcomed Juba Declaration. (AllAfrica)

Minister of Information Affirms Necessity of Making KIBF 17th Session a Success

[SNA] Khartoum -Minister of Culture and Information, Faisal Mohamed Salih has underscored necessity of exerting efforts to make the 15th session of Khartoum International Book Fair a success which would be launched at fair site in Burri in Khartoum on 17th of the coming October. (AllAfrica)

North Darfur Farmers Demand Protection From Herdsmen

[Radio Dabanga] El Fasher -In Darfur, dozens of displaced farmers from Zamzam camp demonstrated in front of North Darfur state government buildings in the capital of El Fasher on Wednesday to protest against being prevented from cultivating their land. (AllAfrica)

High Food Prices Push-Up Inflation

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -The rate of inflation in Sudan recorded a new high during August of 53.13% compared to 52.59% for the month of July, according to the Central Statistical Organisation, which attributed the increase to the high prices of food, beverages, meat, and grains. The food group contributes 61.88% of the general inflation, according the official figures. (AllAfrica)

Minister of Foreign Affairs Receives Representative of World Bank

[SNA] Khartoum -The Foreign Minister, Asma Abdallah, on Wednesday received the Director the World Bank for Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan, Carolyn Turk, and her accompanying delegation. (AllAfrica)

U.S. Affirms Its Support to Transitional Government

[SNA] Khartoum -The US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has affirmed the United State's support to the transitional government which was formed by the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdallah Hamdok, in response to the will of the Sudanese people and based on the commitment to ending the internal dispute, realizing economic reformi, issuing a new constitution and holding elections at the end of transitional period. (AllAfrica)

Khartoum Vigil to Demand Release of Activists

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Activists staged a protest in front of El Awsat Criminal Court in Khartoum during the trial of nine youths of Burri El Lamab district (Khartoum) yesterday, who were arrested after the violent break-up of the sit-in in front of the army command on June 3. (AllAfrica)

Oil Spill in Red Sea Near Port Sudan

[Radio Dabanga] Hoshiri / Port Sudan -The Red Sea coast off Hoshiri near the port of Port Sudan witnessed an oil spill for the fourth time. Journalist Osman Hashim told Radio Dabanga that the oil spread to large areas. (AllAfrica)

Health Ministry Confirms Four Cases of Cholera

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum / ED Damazin -The Ministry of Health confirmed four cases of cholera in Blue Nile state. It said in a statement issued yesterday that the National Laboratory for Public Health notified the ministry of the presence of cholera bacteria in four of the six samples it received from infected patients in Blue Nile state. Cases of typhoid have been found as well. (AllAfrica)

Darfur's Zamzam Camp Farmers Protest Farming Restrictions

[Radio Dabanga] El Fasher -Farmers of camp Zamzam for displaced people near El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, will hold a protest vigil on Wednesday in front of the state government secretariat to demand intervention that will allow them to cultivate their land in the Abu Deleig area, southeast of El Fasher. They also seek protection against local militias. (AllAfrica)

HAC Supports Efforts of Stability in BNS

[SNA] Al Damazin -Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Abdel Monuem Abbs AL Amir vowed to support efforts of Blue Nile State's (BNS) government that aimed at realization of peace and strengthening of stability in favor of the aspiration of the people in the state. (AllAfrica)

An Economist Demands Cancellation of 2019 Budget

[SNA] Khartoum -The renowned economist Suleiman Hamid has requested the minister of finance to cancel working on 2019 budget. Because he said it was estimated on unrealistic figures. (AllAfrica)

World Bank Pledges to Support Sudan in Transitional Period

[SNA] Khartoum -The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, received Wednesday at his office the Director the World Bank for Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and South Sudan, Carolyn (Carrie) Turk, in presence of the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed Al-Badawi. (AllAfrica)

Hamdok Affirms Sudan Keenness to Consolidate Relations With Britain

[SNA] Khartoum -The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdalla Hamdok, has affirmed the keenness of Sudan to strengthen its relations with Britain in all domains. (AllAfrica)

Study At Universities to Be Resumed At Beginning of October

[SNA] Khartoum -Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Omer Bashir Manis headed Wednesday at the Council of Ministers' General Secretariat a meeting on arrangements for opening universities where the meeting discussed requirements resumption nd stability of study at universities. (AllAfrica)

Khartoum Stock's General Assembly to Be Held Next Tuesday

[SNA] Khartoum -The Khartoum Stock Exchange (KSE) is due to hold its 16th Ordinary General Assembly Tuesday at the Police House in Berri. The KSE General Assembly is to discuss the approval of the its agenda and review the level of recommendations implementation, in addition to the endorsement of the Board of Directors 'recommendation on the selection of the National Audit Bureau as an external auditor for the KSE to audit the accounts of 2019 as well as the review of the annual report of the KSE performance. The general (AllAfrica)

Education At Universities to Be Resumed On October 1st, 2019

[SNA] Khartoum -The Cabinet Affairs Minister, Ambassador Omer Bashir Manis, chaired Wednesday at the Council of Ministers' Secretariat General a meeting designed to discuss the arrangements for resuming the academic year at universities. (AllAfrica)

Al Tawil Praises Daglo for Facilitating Reconciliatory Deal Between Kirr and Mashar

[SNA] Khartoum -Head of Liberal National Independent Party Chairman Othman AL Tawil has praised member of Transitional Sovereign Council and Commander of Rapid Support Forces Lt (Gen) Mohamed Hamdan Daglo for mediating in holding reconciliatory deal between President of South Sudan Salva kirr and the leader of the opposition Dr. Riak Machar during a meeting held between them in Juba. (AllAfrica)

ASRY Hasten Implementation of Rescue Program

[SNA] Khartoum -Information Official at Associations of Sudanese Revolutionary Youth (ASRY), Omer Adam Omran called the interim government to speed up execution of the rescue program , pointing out that people are awaiting for economic breakthrough and decent living under the civilian state. (AllAfrica)

Sovereignty Council Reassured On Arrangements for Sucess of Summer Season

[SNA] Khartoum -Member of the Sovereignty Council and Head of the Council's economic committee, Maj. Gen. Ibrahim Jabir was assured of arrangements made for success of the Summer season and preparations for Winter season. (AllAfrica)

Wali of Gezira State Lauds Sovereignty Council Visit to State

[SNA] Medani -Member of the Sovereignty Council, Ayesha Musa Al-Saeed underscored that the Sudanese revolution has become an example for change in the world. (AllAfrica)

Country Comes in From the Cold As It Transitions to Civilian Rule

[The New Humanitarian] Nairobi -Sometime in the next few days, Sudan's new cabinet will meet for the first time. That will mark the start of a three-year transition that, if all goes well, will end decades of civil war, reform a moribund economy, entrench new-found freedoms, and usher in democratic elections. (AllAfrica)