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Refugees - Rwanda Helps Hundreds, but Thousands More Languish in Libya

[African Arguments] International policy towards refugees tends to ignore root causes and often makes humanitarian crises worse. (AllAfrica)

Italy Accepts Over 100 Africans Trapped in Libya

[CAJ News] Tripoli -MORE than 100 African nationals stranded in war-torn Libya have been relocated to Italy over the past year. (AllAfrica)

Hamdok and Maiteeq Discuss Cooperation Between Sudan and Libya

[SNA] Khartoum,Oct29(SUNA)-The Prime Minister, Dr Abdalla Hamdok met, Tuesday at his office the Deputy Chairman of Presidential Council of Libya, Ahmed Omar Maiteeq, in the presence of Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Ambassador Omar Bashir Manis and Foreign Minister, Asmaa Mohammed Abdullah. (AllAfrica)

Deputy Chairman of Libyan Presidential Council Arrives the Country

[SNA] Khartoum -The Deputy Chairman of Presidential Council of Libya, Ahmed Omar Maiteeq arrived here Tuesday on official visit to the country. He was received at Khartoum airport by Foreign Minister, Asma Abdalla and staff of Libya embassy in Khartoum. (AllAfrica)

Fewer Than 150 Islamic State Fighters Left in Libya - U.S. Military

[VOA] Pentagon -The U.S. military says there are fewer than 150 Islamic State fighters left in Libya. (AllAfrica)

African Refugees Evacuated from Libya Tell Horror Stories in Rwanda

[VOA] African migrants evacuated from Libyan detention centers to Rwanda say they still want to make the dangerous journey to Europe, despite the abuse they encountered in Libya. (AllAfrica)

Rebel Free Kidnapped Libya Doctors

[CAJ News] Tripoli -A rebel group has released six medical workers it kidnapped two weeks ago in northwestern Libya. (AllAfrica)

141 More Nigerians Return From Libya

[Premium Times] The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Thursday received another batch of 141 stranded Nigerian returnees from Libya. (AllAfrica)

Abducted Medical Staff Freed After 12 Days

[HRW] Beirut -Six medical workers abducted by a local armed group in Zintan, Libya, were freed on October 23, 2019, after 12 days of captivity, Human Rights Watch said today. The Zintan authorities should ensure that the captors are held to account. (AllAfrica)

More 120 Refugees Expected in Rwanda in November

[New Times] At least 120 refugees are expected to be evacuated to Rwanda in November from Libya where they are currently exposed to violence, sexual abuse and torture in detention centres, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), has said. (AllAfrica)

Likely War Crimes Being Committed in Battle for Tripoli - First Detailed Investigation

[AI London] Investigators examined 33 attack sites, interviewing more than 150 local residents (AllAfrica)

Death Toll Rising in Libya Hostilities

[CAJ News] Tripoli -MORE than 100 civilians have been killed in at least 33 air and ground strikes since rival factions began the battle for the Libyan capital, Tripoli, in April. (AllAfrica)

Deadly Airstrike Apparently Unlawful

[HRW] Beirut -An airstrike by the Libyan National Army (LNA), on a home in a residential area of Tripoli on October 14, 2019 that killed three girls and wounded their mother and another sister, is an apparent violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today. This attack on civilians is one of many that require an impartial and independent investigation to attribute responsibility and hold those responsible to account. (AllAfrica)

NEMA Receives 495 Stranded Nigerian Returnees From Libya in Three Weeks

[This Day] National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has in the past three weeks received 495 stranded Nigerian returnees from Libya. (AllAfrica)

We Are Paying a Heavy Price for What's Happening in Libya - President Issoufou

[allAfrica] Rhodes -The security threat to the Sahel region has been amplified by the Libyan crisis, said the President of Niger Mahamadou Issoufou. In his forthright assessment of the conflict, Issoufou said it seems the world has turned its back on countries that are dealing with the fallout of the crisis. (AllAfrica)

Over 120 More Refugees Arrive in Rwanda From Libya

[New Times] At around 11:30 pm, a plane carrying 123 migrants from Libya touched down at the Kigali International Airport. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Minister Summons Libyan Charge d'Affaires

[SNA] Khartoum -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thursday summoned the Charge d'Affaires at the Embassy of Libya to Khartoum on the background of assassination of Sudanese women in Benghazi in the past days by criminal gangs. (AllAfrica)

More Refugees From Libya Expected Soon

[New Times] The second group of African asylum seekers from Libya is expected in the country, following the successful resettlement of the initial group of 66. (AllAfrica)

When War Becomes a Tech Battleground

[ISS] Libya's current conflict is emerging as a very different one to what has been fought before in the country, or the world. Fleets of long-range drones carry out strikes, cyber-attacks proclaim the end of governments, and social media propaganda has become all-consuming. The war has devolved into a bloody stalemate, with over 1 000 fighters dead and thousands wounded in grinding urban conflict. (AllAfrica)

Justice, Delayed.

[HRW] The scars ran deep. His back was a maze of thick welts, thinner scars and parts that resembled small craters. His wrists and ankles were raw from where he'd been shackled and suspended from a ceiling for hours, and his limbs appeared limp and stretched. His eyes were expressionless. The torture destroyed me as a person, Ali[1] said. (AllAfrica)

158 Nigerians Return From Libya

[Vanguard] The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Thursday morning received another batch of 158 Nigerians from Libya. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda Received No Payment for Libya Evacuees - Officials

[New Times] Kamayirese said that the intervention is purely on humanitarian grounds and was taken in consultation with several stakeholders in refugee affairs, and it was not transactional in any way. (AllAfrica)

Rwandans React to Imminent Arrival of Refugees From Libya

[New Times] After years of preparation, Rwanda is finally in the process of receiving 500 refugees from Libya. (AllAfrica)

8 Things You Should Know About Rwanda's Offer to Host Libya Refugees

[New Times] Rwanda will soon receive refugees from Libya following the signing of an agreement between government, the African Union (AU) Commission, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (AllAfrica)

Refugees Held Captive in Libya to Go to Rwanda in Coming Weeks - UNHCR

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi/London -Libya has become the main conduit for Africans fleeing war and poverty trying to reach Europe, since former leader Muammar Gaddafi was toppled in a NATO-backed uprising in 2011 (AllAfrica)

Rwanda, AU and UNHCR Sign Agreement to Evacuate Libyans

[New Times] The Government of Rwanda Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the African Union (AU) Commission, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees regarding the evacuation of refugees and asylum-seekers out of Libya. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda Govt Signs Migrant Hosting Deal After Libya Slavery Horror

[New Times] Rwanda's intervention came amid harrowing revelations that the migrants, most of them from West Africa, are being sold openly in modern-day slave markets in Libya. (AllAfrica)

Libya Refugees Expected in Rwanda in Coming Weeks

[New Times] The deal will be signed in Addis Ababa between the Government of Rwanda, the African Union and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. (AllAfrica)

Ambassador Jerry Matjila - Security Council Briefing On Situation in Libya

[Govt of SA] Statement by Ambassador Jerry Matjila, Permanent Representative of South Africa to the United Nations, during the Security Council Briefing on the situation in Libya, 04 September 2019 (AllAfrica)

Libya Warlords Face Prosecution At ICC

[CAJ News] Tripoli -UNITED Nations' Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has hinted at seeking the prosecution, at the International Criminal Court (ICC), of perpetrators of the unrest that culminated in another airstrike in Tripoli's only functional airport on Sunday. (AllAfrica)

Morality Should Drive Europe's New Migration Policies With Africa

[ISS] Far fewer Europeans than before regard migration as among the most pressing priorities faced by the European Union (EU). This is despite Africa - and specifically countering migration from Africa to Europe - having become a key focus of the EU's foreign policy over recent years. (AllAfrica)