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President Receives Message From Gabonese Counterpart

[ANGOP] Luanda -The President of the Republic, JoŃo Lourenšo, received on Thursday, in Luanda, a message from his Gabonese counterpart, Ali Bongo, about the ongoing political reforms in the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS). (AllAfrica)

Fresh Questions Over Bongo's Fitness to Rule After UK Medical Trip

[RFI] Libreville has denied reports that President Ali Bongo Ondimba, who suffered a stroke last October while visiting Saudi Arabia, was in a London hospital in "worsening condition". (AllAfrica)

Wasteful Black Queens Triumph Over Gabon

[Ghanaian Times] The Black Queens of Ghana yesterday defeated the Les Pantherese of Gabon 2-0 at the Accra Sports Stadium to advance to the next stage of the 2020 Olympic Games football qualifiers on a 5-0 aggregate. (AllAfrica)

President Bongo in First Live Public Appearance After Stroke

[Vanguard] President Ali Bongo of Gabon on Friday made his first live appearance in public nearly 10 months after suffering a stroke, attending ceremonies in the capital Libreville, an AFP reporter saw. (AllAfrica)

Gabon's Media Regulator Does it Again, Suspending a Leading News Site

[RSF] Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is appalled to learn that Gabon's media regulator, the High Authority for Communication (HAC), has shut down one of the country's most popular news websites for a month. The HAC keeps on harassing the media and this latest arbitrary sanction confirms its complete loss of credibility. (AllAfrica)

Gabon Appoints British-Born White Minister of Forests

[RFI] The British environmentalist Lee White has been appointed Gabon's new forestry minister, charged with fighting a high profile wood smuggling scandal. (AllAfrica)

RSF's Calls for Overhaul of Gabonese Media's 'Executioner'

[RSF] After another media outlet's arbitrary suspension by Gabon's High Authority for Communication (HAC), Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls for an overhaul of the way this media regulator functions so that it fulfils its original role of defending press freedom instead of the government's interests. (AllAfrica)

President Kagame Visits Gabonese Counterpart

[New Times] President Kagame said he was happy to be in Gabon, a visit he said was part of efforts to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries. (AllAfrica)

Pres Weah Heads to Nigeria, Gabon

[Observer] Pres. Weah said he is leaving the country for official visits to Nigeria and Gabon. (AllAfrica)

400,000 African Pangolins Are Hunted for Meat Every Year - Why It's Time to Act

[The Conversation Africa] Pangolins, a group of unique African and Asian scaly mammals, are considered to be one of the most heavily trafficked wild mammals in the world. They are hunted and traded for their meat, scales, and other body parts, and used as traditional medicines in parts of Africa and Asia. (AllAfrica)

Does Regime Security Come Ahead of Real Reform in Gabon?

[ISS] Since Gabon's coup attempt on 7 January, President Ali Bongo Ondimba has been making changes to restore confidence in his government. Bongo, who was recovering from a stroke in Morocco at the time of the attempted coup, named a new cabinet under Prime Minister Julien Nkoghe Bekale. (AllAfrica)

Poorer African Nations Rank High in Disease-Fighters' League Table

[Uniting to Combat Neglected Tropical Diseases] Addis Ababa -African countries with modest national incomes are outperforming some richer nations on the continent in the fight against diseases of poverty known as neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), according to a new league table ranking. (AllAfrica)

Amissa Bongo - Cyclist Didier Munyaneza Claims the White Jersey

[New Times] Team Rwanda cyclist Didier Munyaneza won the White Jersey-given to the upcoming rider in the 2019 Tropicale Amissa Bongo cyling event that came to a close on Sunday in Gabon. (AllAfrica)

Team Rwanda Embark on Amissa Bongo Title Defence

[New Times] Joseph Areruya, and Team Rwanda, begin their quest for title defence with the first stage of the 2019 La Tropicale Amissa Bongo on Monday - from Bongoville to Moanda covering a total of 100 kilometres. (AllAfrica)

Tropical Amissa Bongo - Six Cameroonian Cyclists to Pedal

[Cameroon Tribune] The list of cyclists to represent Cameroon at the competition that kicks off on January 21, 2017 was made public by the coach of the national cycling team. (AllAfrica)

The Coup in Gabon Surprised Everyone. Why Forecasts, and the Plot, Failed

[The Conversation Africa] Coups d'Útats have become increasingly rare across the world. (AllAfrica)

President Back Home After Prolonged Medical Absence

[Deutsche Welle] President Ali Bongo has returned to Gabon after receiving treatment for a stroke he had in October. His reappearance came a week after a coup attempt was thwarted and days after he appointed a new government. (AllAfrica)

Ailing President Bongo Arrives Back in Gabon, but Not for Long

[RFI] Gabon's President Ali Bongo arrived in Libreville overnight on Tuesday following several months of absence after suffering a stroke, just over a week after the country experienced an attempted coup d'etat. Bongo returned from Morocco to preside over a ceremony for the swearing-in of a new government. He is expected to return to Rabat shortly to continue his hospital treatment. (AllAfrica)

President Expected Home After Prolonged Medical Absence

[Deutsche Welle] President Ali Bongo is returning to Gabon after receiving treatment for a stroke he had in October, government sources say. It comes a week after a coup attempt was thwarted and days after he appointed a new government. (AllAfrica)

Gabon Gets New House Speaker and Government

[Cameroon Tribune] This follows the appointment of Julien Nkoghe BekalÚ as new PM on January 12, 2019. (AllAfrica)

Gabonese Want Democracy, Reject Military Rule - Survey

[Afrobarometer] Libreville, Gabon -Despite massive public dissatisfaction with the status quo, Gabonese citizens strongly support democracy and reject military and one-man rule, Afrobarometer's most recent national survey shows. (AllAfrica)

Botched Coup Highlights Uncertain Future

[Deutsche Welle] After decades of political certainty, the central African nation has entered a state of political flux. An attempted coup has raised questions over who is actually in charge as the president recuperates abroad. (AllAfrica)

What Next After Failed Coup Attempt?

[RFI] Calm has returned to Libreville and internet has been restored, a day after a coup attempt aimed at overthrowing Gabon's government and President Ali Bongo. The ailing leader remains out of the country, recovering from an apparent stroke, and the opposition has seized upon the moment to express frustration over the 2016 elections and Bongo's health. (AllAfrica)

Gabon Closes Border With Cameroon After Failed Coup Attempt

[VOA] Gabon has closed border crossings with Cameroon since Monday's attempted coup against President Ali Bongo, halting trade and leaving Gabonese unable to return home. Goods and passengers destined for Gabon are stranded in Cameroon's border town of Kiossi. (AllAfrica)

Coup May Be Over, but Its Many Crises Are Not

[African Arguments] It's not just a few soldiers that are perturbed by Gabon's deepening political crises and President Bongo's ill health. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Affairs Says No Kenyans Affected in DR Congo and Gabon So Far

[Capital FM] Kenya -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has assured of the safety of Kenyans living in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon amid tension fueled by election jitters and a failed coup. (AllAfrica)

Buhari Reacts to Gabon Attempted Coup

[Premium Times] President Muhammadu Buhari has asked the military in Gabon to respect the constitution of the country and democracy. (AllAfrica)

Govt Condemns Attempted Gabon Coup

[] The South African government has condemned the attempted coup d'Útat undertaken in the Republic of Gabon in the early hours of Monday morning. (AllAfrica)

Information Restricted After Coup Attempt

[RSF] Reporters Without Borders (RSF) calls on the Gabonese authorities not to restrict the flow of news and information and to guarantee the ability to journalists to work amid the turmoil following a coup attempt early yesterday morning, in which soldiers stormed into the national radio and TV station, RTG, and broadcast a call for an uprising. (AllAfrica)

Things are Under Control, Says Govt

[Premium Times] The Ali Bongo-led government in Gabon has announced that an attempt to topple the administration had failed and four of the plotters have been arrested and are in custody. (AllAfrica)

Coup Attempt 'Under Control,' Government Says

[Deutsche Welle] Soldiers went on state radio to say a recent speech had "reinforced doubts" in President Ali Bongo's ability to rule. The government has said the situation is under control after arresting the failed coup leader. (AllAfrica)