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Photos: Facebook Detectives unveil Sponsor of Betty Kyallo’s latest vacation

After weeks of speculation on who might be funding Betty Kyallo’s latest vacation to different places including naivasha coast and tours to other parts of the nation. For the past few hours pictures that could only be identified by King people have been trending on social media. The media personality was taking a photo somewhere […] (Kenya Today)

Banana Peddler set to respond to two homeless Kenyans in the US who slurred him

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya aka Banana Peddler Some things really discombobulate me. A homeless man called Fred Amisi coaches a homeless woman called Caro Nyatichi to traduce me in his live show and allege that I was paid a hardscrabble 50$ to asperse his reputation in an article. 50$ for an article? A journalist of […] (Kenya Today)

Why Nairobi gubernatorial by election suicidal for Statehouse operatives, courts cannot help

There are talks that Ms. Anne Kananu is likely to be cleared by courts for vetting as the DG nominee and ultimately become the Nairobi Govenor. ????? NOO I don’t see how this will be possible on earth and that would be the most illegal move in the history of politics for:- 1.One can only […] (Kenya Today)

“I Chose Work Over Christmas Holiday After Mum Divorced My Dad”, Lady reveals

Around this time of the year, I always think about an overlooked demographic for whom Christmas means nothing. People who come from broken homes. Abusive father or mother. Divorced parents. Fucked up extended family. And the orphaned. And boy, do we ever stop to think how modernity has messed our lives. See, Christmas is all […] (Kenya Today)

How Hon. Duale melted from high office to almost nothing

Duale has given Gashuri a marinda. Now Gashuri looks like Omanga, but that’s a non-issue Duale has become very scarce on TV, nowadays. Indeed power is as temporary as an erection. In his heyday, he was a regular feature on TV, insulting his benefactor’s political opponents under the guise of articulating Jubilee’s position in his […] (Kenya Today)

DP Ruto in Panic as activist Okiya Omtata set to contest for Nairobi governor, to mess Margret Wanjiru clear chance

OKIYA OMTATA is a renowned civil rights activist The man can’t sit down and watch any injustice happen. He has stood up for justice for decades now On several occasions, he has taken the authorities head-on and challenged various decisions by the government, in court. Other “activists” are known T9s in a sheepskin, but Okiya […] (Kenya Today)

Lessons from 2020: Special memo to all young men out there

Photo: CAS Health Ms Mwangangi,a model wife material that all men wish for… Memo No. 27 from The National Welfare Desk of Men Lessons from 2020: Last Memo of the Year It is dedicated to all good men. As the bad year draws to an end, I have compiled the best lessons we have learned […] (Kenya Today)

Shame as 7 Kisii men in diaspora gang up against successful Iron lady Doroh Ogega

By Josephine Msamula They say the Kisii community is one of the most hardworking in Kenya. Kisiis are the most industrious people after the Kikuyu community. If you go to any corner of the world, you’ll hardly miss a Kisii or Kikuyu. However, someone once said that some Kisiis men are the most jealous over […] (Kenya Today)

Why chamber president Richard Ngatia is avoiding parliamentary probe over Tender at Kemsa

By Dominic Mutinda Reports have emerged on how a powerful businessman is using all means to avoid scrutiny following a special audit report detailing how mandarins at the premier medical supplies’ agency dished out tenders to Covid entrepreneurs in total disregard to procurement processes. Mr Richard Ngatia the owner of Megascope Healthcare limited is reported […] (Kenya Today)

By-election: Nairobi Gubernatorial race set for Feb. 18th 2021

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has set February 18, 2021 as the date for the by-election to replace Mike Sonko as Nairobi Governor following his impeachment. IEBC Chairperson Wafula Chebukati, in a gazette notice, directed political parties intending to participate in the by-election to submit the names of the persons contesting in their […] (Kenya Today)

Asked and Answered: Dec. 27

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BILL HEYER FROM KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC: Do you think the Steelers will ever draft a running back like Jerome Bettis instead of these lightweight guy (Kenya Star)

Nothing Promised After Lackluster Offensive Showing Against 49ers

Cardinals' passing game bogs down in 20-12 loss Kyle Odegard

The offense was supposed to lead the Cardinals to the Promised Land in 2020.

Now, the only thing promised i (Kenya Star)

Detectives Probe Cash Theft Scandal at Health Insurance Fund

[Nation] Authorities are investigating four separate allegations of theft of funds at the national health insurer. (AllAfrica)

Queries As Teachers Return to Dirty Schools

[Nation] Are teachers expected to clean and sanitise schools or will they stick to their core teaching duties? (AllAfrica)

Disaster in Waiting At Nandi's Karebe Mines

[Nation] If everything had gone as planned, Karebe Gold Mine, which is the largest of its kind in Kenya, could be part of the country's efforts to jump-start its limping mining sector. (AllAfrica)

Kambua - My Ups and Downs in the Joy of Motherhood

[Nation] Tonight, Kambua Mutsembi Mathu, will be hosting a live performance on Studio Tisa, an online platform. Thus, she was a little anxious, but looked forward to the event as she spoke to Sunday Nation recently. (AllAfrica)

Athletics Legends Pace Amina's Big WTO Race

[Nation] With the race in Geneva down to the wire, Kenya's athletics legends have drummed up support for Sports Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed's bid for the World Trade Organisation (WTO) director-general's position. (AllAfrica)

Nyashinski - Life in the U.S. Was Too Harsh, I Had to Return Home

[Nairobi News] When the family of Nyamari Ongegu, who is popularly known by the stage name Nyashinski, got a chance to relocate to Delaware, USA, the then 21-year-old was excited, but he did not know what lay ahead. (AllAfrica)

Nairobi National Park's Land Size Doubles

[Nairobi News] Nairobi National Park wildlife ecosystem has more than doubled its land size to 78,000 acres after two institutions agreed to integrate their land with the wildlife conservancy. (AllAfrica)

Kenya Among Countries Most Prone to Cyber Attacks, Kaspersky Report Shows

[Nairobi News] Kenya among countries that faced more malware attacks in the continent so far this, and remains among the most affected by cyber attacks, according to research from Kaspersky. (AllAfrica)

Rita Kavashe - Shattering Stereotypes in the World of Vehicles

[East African] For a long time, vehicles have largely been the domain of men. (AllAfrica)

Cash Transfers Can Help Refugees, but They Also Carry Risks. Insights From Kenya

[The Conversation Africa] Humanitarian organisations - such as the World Food Programme (WFP) - are increasingly using cash transfers as a way of assisting vulnerable people. Conventionally, humanitarian organisations procure food or other goods and distribute it directly to recipients. But cash transfers allow people to choose and purchase what they need for themselves. (AllAfrica)

Tough Visa Rules for Students Seeking to Study in U.S.

[Nation] President Donald Trump's government is planning to bar Kenyan students from pursuing degrees in the US through limiting their stay in the country. (AllAfrica)

Gangs Still Drive Mombasa's Narco-City Image

[ISS] Criminal gangs in Mombasa, Kenya's second largest city, continue to operate with impunity despite having a law passed against them and being banned twice within a decade - in 2010 and 2016. Their violent activities are likely to intensify as Kenya faces hard economic times due to the effects of COVID-19, and as the country heads towards its 2022 general elections. (AllAfrica)

Covid-19 - Kenya Records 13 More Deaths As Cases Reach 37,707

[Nation] Kenya's Covid-19 death toll rose by 13 to 682 on Friday, the highest number recorded in a 24-hour period over the last few days. (AllAfrica)

Kisumu's Unique History and the Origin of Its Nickname 'Mboka'

[Nation] As fans of the legendary Congolese Rhumba maestro Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi look forward to celebrating the 31st anniversary of his death next month, Kisumu city will be remembering him for different reason all together. (AllAfrica)

Learners to Test Enforcement of Covid-19 Health Protocols

[Nation] The huge number of learners in primary and secondary schools will test the enforcement of Covid-19 health protocols when the academic year resumes next month. (AllAfrica)

Malindi Residents Protest Suspension of Sh67m Road

[Nation] Malindi residents on Friday held a peaceful demonstration to protest the suspension of the ongoing construction of Sh67 million World Bank Absa- Mtangani Prison Road in Kilifi County . (AllAfrica)

Sonko Presents Same Nominees Rejected By MCAs for County Board Membership

[Nation] Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has, once again, presented the names of nominees who had been rejected by MCAs to the Nairobi County Assembly for vetting for positions in the Nairobi County Public Service Board. (AllAfrica)

Top Court Allows Waititu to File More Documents

[Nation] The Supreme Court has allowed former Kiambu county boss Ferdinand Waititu to file more documents in a case where he is seeking clarification on whether a governor's denial of access to office amounts to removal from power. (AllAfrica)

National Potato Council Signs New Deal to Benefit Farmers

[Capital FM] Nairobi -- Smallholder potato farmers in Kenya stand to increase their yields significantly following the announcement of a collaboration between Corteva Agriscience and the National Potato Council of Kenya. (AllAfrica)