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Djiboutian President Praises PM Abiy for His Commitments to Regional Peace, Prosperity

[ENA] Addis Ababa -President Ismail Omer Guelleh of Djibouti has praised Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his deep-seated commitments to bringing sustainable peace and prosperity in the region. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Cashing in Millions From Power Export to Sudan, Djibouti

[The Exchange] State-owned electricity producer, Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo) has announced that it has earned $28.4 million from exporting of electricity to Sudan and Djibouti (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia-Djibouti Railway to Start Moving Goods Early in 2019

[East African] The Ethiopia-Djibouti electric railway will start transporting containerised goods from next January, official said. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Port to Provide Services to S. Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi

[East African] Djibouti will resume providing port services to South Sudan following the restoration of peace in the latter, official said. (AllAfrica)

Ethio-Djibouti Ties to Contribute to Economic Integration in Horn

[ENA] Djibouti -The bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Djibouti that the two countries have been enjoying for more than two decades would contribute to attempts towards economic integration in the Horn of Africa, officials of the two countries said. (AllAfrica)

Now the Onus Is On Eritrea to Reform

[allAfrica] This month's United Nations Security Council decision to lift sanctions on Eritrea is the clearest signal yet of the international community's confidence in regional peacemaking efforts in the conflict-prone Horn of Africa. (AllAfrica)

U.S. Assistant Secretary to Visit Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya

[ENA] Addis Ababa -U.S.Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of African Affairs Tibor P. Nagy will travel to Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya, and Germany from November 27 to December 8, 2018, according to a press release from U.S. Department of State. (AllAfrica)

Oasis Dreaming - Regreening the Djiboutian Desert

[UNEP] Ali Omar remembers a time when the practically bare patch of desert in northern Djibouti he calls home was a bustling seaside resort and the waters around it were teeming with fish. "Lots of people lived here and they had shops all along the seaside," says 75-year-old Omar, recalling his hometown Khor Angar's 1970s heyday, before it was hot year-round and the village had dwindled to just a few huts in the desert. (AllAfrica)

Tunisia Will Be Able to Access Comesa Through Djibouti

[Tunis Afrique Presse] Tunis/Tunisia -Tunisia can, through the development of its economic relations with Djibouti, gain access to the Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Ethiopia and Somalia, said President of the Tuniso-African Business Council, Bassem Loukil, on the occasion of the opening of the Tunisian-Djibouti business forum, held Thursday in Tunis. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Data Centre On New Cable Connections for Region and Operating Neutral, Third Party Combined Landing Stations, Data Centres

[Balancing Act] London -With the recent peace initiatives in the Horn of Africa, the region has suddenly become much more interesting: new fibre links may be built between old enemies. Also someone will eventually build a cross-continental fibre to West Africa and Djibouti would be a logical end point in East Africa. Russell Southwood interviewed John Melick III, Chairman, Djibouti Data Centre. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti's Takeover On Doraleh Fans Flames of Dispute With DP World

[Addis Fortune] DP World announces that it would continue to pursue all legal means (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Emerges As Arms Trafficking Hub for Horn of Africa

[RFI] The rapprochement between Ethiopia and Eritrea has repercussions that go beyond diplomacy on the Horn of Africa. A recent investigation shows that while Eritrea is no longer isolated, Djibouti is emerging as the new regional arms trafficking hub. (AllAfrica)

Peace Prospects in Horn Better, but Obstacles Remain

[The Conversation Africa] It's just five months since Abiy Ahmed took over as Ethiopian Prime Minister yet the pace of change in the Horn of Africa has been simply staggering. Insuperable obstacles have been swept away. So many hurdles have been vaulted that it's difficult to keep track. (AllAfrica)

The Government of Djibouti announces the nationalization of the shares held by Port of Djibouti, S.A. in Doraleh Container Terminal

[35°N] Republic of Djibouti, September 10 2018 - On 22 February 2018, the State of Djibouti terminated the concession for the Doraleh container terminal, granted in 2006 to Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), a company controlled de facto by the minority shareholder, DP World (33.33%). The implementation of this concession contract was severely prejudicial to the fundamental interests of the Republic of Djibouti, to the development of the country and to the control of its most strategic infrastructur (AllAfrica)

Through Regional Diplomacy, Eritrea Normalizes Ties with Djibouti

[VOA] The Horn of Africa continued to resolve diplomatic impasses with the announcement Friday that Eritrea and Djibouti will normalize relations. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Ministers of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia Left for Djibouti

[Shabait] Asmara -Foreign Ministers of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia have travelled to Djibouti. (AllAfrica)

Impoverished Djibouti Has Nothing to Show for Its Wealth

[CAJ News] Djibouti -WITH vast amounts of aid flowing into government coffers and its strategic position boasting one of the busiest shipping lanes, Djibouti ought to be among the wealthiest countries in the African continent. (AllAfrica)

Xi Meets Djiboutian President

[Focac] Xi stressed that China supports Djibouti in pursuing a development path in line with its national conditions, and is ready to expand exchanges between governments, legislative bodies, political parties and local regions of the two countries. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Ports Sufficient for Serving Ethiopia - Official

[Ethiopian Herald] Hassan Abdillahi Waberi (AllAfrica)

Somali President Arrives in Djibouti for Official Visit

[Shabelle] Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Thursday arrived in Djibouti after receiving an official invitation from his counterpart Ismail Omar Guelleh. The plane carrying President Farmajo and his entourage took off from the Aden Adde International Airport at around 08:00 a.m. local time. (AllAfrica)

Farmaajo to Arbitrate in the Eritrea-Djibouti Diplomatic Row

[Dalsan Radio] Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo will on Thursday jet off to Djibouti for what an insider has told Radio Dalsan the first stage to initiate talks between Eritrea and Djibouti. (AllAfrica)

Farmaajo Meets Eritrean Foreign Affairs Minister Saleh Despite Djibouti Protest

[Dalsan Radio] Eritrea's Foreign Affairs Minister Osman Saleh on Monday arrived in the Somali capital Mogadishu in a follow up to a previous visit to the Red Sea nation by President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo. (AllAfrica)

Six Ethiopians Killed in Djibouti

[Shabelle] Witnesses in Djibouti say six people of Ethiopian origin have been killed in alleged revenge attacks over the past three days. (AllAfrica)

Arbitration Court Upholds DP World's Concession

[Addis Fortune] Though Djibouti has rebuffed the trial and its outcome, an arbitration tribunal in London upheld the validity of the concession agreement DP World has with the nation to operate the Doraleh Container Terminal. Djibouti claims the agreement is still nullified because it fails "to protect the fundamental interest of the nation." (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Criticises Somalia Appeal

[Citizen] Djibouti -Authorities in Djibouti are unhappy with Somalia's calls for the lifting of the United Nations sanctions on Eritrea. (AllAfrica)

Unresolved Eritrea-Djibouti Tensions Threaten Regional Peace

[VOA] When Eritrea and Ethiopia agreed last month to end their decades-long conflict, the international community responded enthusiastically. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Does Not Recognize The Arbitral Award Rendered By The London International Arbitral Court

[35°N] Djibouti, August 3, 2018 -- On February 22, 2018, the State of Djibouti terminated the concession for the Doraleh container terminal, awarded in 2006 to Doraleh Container Terminal (DCT), a company controlled de facto by the minority shareholder DP World. (AllAfrica)

DP World Wins Case Against Djibouti Over Doraleh Port

[East African] Dubai-based DP World has won a legal battle against Djibouti over the termination of a contract to manage the Doraleh Container Terminal. (AllAfrica)

Govt Working for Restoration of Friendly Relations Between Djibouti, Eritrea

[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA--In the spirit to effectively bringing the countries of the East African region together to work for peace and regional cooperation in all areas much better than hitherto, Ethiopia is trying to contribute towards the restoration of friendly relations between Djibouti and Eritrea, so said Ethiopian Ambassador to the UN Tekeda Alemu. (AllAfrica)

Row Brews Between Djibouti And Somalia Over Call for Eritrea Sanctions to Be Lifted

[Dalsan Radio] Djibouti says it is "deeply shocked" by the statement made by Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo in his last week visit of Asmara where he called for the UN Security Council to lift sanctions on the Red Sea nation. (AllAfrica)

Djibouti Slams Call for End to Eritrea Sanctions

[VOA] Djibouti, an increasingly strategic nation in the Horn of Africa, has condemned last week's call by Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed for the lifting of U.N. sanctions against Eritrea. (AllAfrica)