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Ethiopia and Somalia Deny Somali Soldiers Fighting in Tigray Region

[East African] Ethiopia has joined Somalia in refuting claims that Mogadishu sent troops to fight in the Tigray war under a secret plan. (AllAfrica)

Dar, Addis Trade Volume Soars

[Daily News] THE trade volume between Tanzania and Ethiopia has tremendously gone up from 1.5bn/- to 13.5bn/- in 2012 to 2019 respectively, as the two nations look for increased business ties. (AllAfrica)

Whose Gamble Is Sudan Playing?

[Ethiopian Herald] It has become evident that the Sudanese armed forces have pushed deep into Ethiopia's border while Ethiopia is busy stitching the wounds caused by its own internal affairs in the fighting of a bitter feud between the Federal government and the now outlawed Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) forces. (AllAfrica)

UK Announces Support for Independent Media in Ethiopia

[Ethiopian Herald] The UK has launched a new funding project to improve skills and capacity among Ethiopian media outlets. The project focuses on countering, fight COVID-19, and secur fund for media organizations, said Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. (AllAfrica)

Journalist and His Friend Shot Dead in Tigray

[Nation] An Ethiopian journalist was on Tuesday shot and killed in the capital of the troubled northern Tigray region. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia, Without Shame

[Ethiopian Herald] A country's soul is more than its borders, its current government, its debt and exports. (AllAfrica)

Human Rights, Security Erode as Govt Struggles to Keep Order

[allAfrica] An excerpt on Ethiopia from the annual Human Rights Watch publication, World Report 2021: (AllAfrica)

Ethnic Conflict Could Unravel Ethiopia's Valuable Garment Industry

[The Conversation Africa] Ethiopia has long been considered one of Africa's economic wunderkinds. Until recently, it had relative political stability in comparison to other countries on the continent. And, with an average GDP growth rate of 10% in the past decade and a government that instituted policies friendly to foreign investors, the country was able to attract South and East Asian clothing manufacturers. These sell to international brands, such as Decathlon and H&M. (AllAfrica)

Sudan, Ethiopia Fail to Resolve Simmering Border Conflict

[East African] Sudan and Ethiopia have failed to resolve a simmering border conflict in what may be a prolonged dispute where their common boundary should pass. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Aid Groups Active in Tigray

[Ethiopian Herald] Addis Ababa -- Albeit to defamation campaign of some irresponsible individuals and organizations, Ethiopia has been working in collaboration with various foreign aid groups in Tigray State, said Mitiku Kassa, Commissioner of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC). (AllAfrica)

Cement - Construction Industry's Catch-22

[Addis Fortune] Even after a change in government policy, builders and developers are having trouble receiving a sufficient supply of cement. Broken machinery, the insecurity in different parts of the country, and a lack of spare parts has hamstrung the industry, writes MAYA MISIKIR, FORTUNE STAFF WRITER. (AllAfrica)

Outgoing U.S State Department's Top Africa Official Cites 'Significant' Achievements

[allAfrica] Washington, DC -- At the end of his tenure as the top Africa policymaker in the State Department, Assistant Secretary Tibor Nagy says the legacy of the outgoing administration includes a number of 'concrete achievements' that have strengthened U.S. ties to Africa. Nagy, who assumed the post in June 2018 nearly two decades after retiring as a career foreign service officer, which included ambassadorial tours in Guinea and Ethiopia under Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, was interviewed by AllAfrica's Reed Kram (AllAfrica)

Food and Healthcare in War-Torn Tigray - Preliminary Insights Into What's At Stake

[The Conversation Africa] It is now over two months since a war broke out in Tigray between the regional government and the federal government of Ethiopia. The military hostilities have led to a sudden disruption in essential services and endangered the lives and wellbeing of around 6 million residents and over 100,000 Eritrean refugees sheltered in the region. It's estimated that 2.2 million people - close to a third of the regional population - have been internally displaced. At least 56,000 citizens, mainly women and children, h (AllAfrica)

Electoral Board Revokes Tigray People's Liberation Front's Legitimacy

[Nation] The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) announced that it has revoked the legal status of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) as a political party. (AllAfrica)

'Swift Action' Needed in Tigray to Save Thousands At Risk, UNHCR Warns

[UN News] Two months after conflict forced humanitarian workers to withdraw from the Tigray region of Ethiopia, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR), on Tuesday, stressed the need for "swift action" to restore safe access to "save thousands of lives at risk". (AllAfrica)

Tensions Escalate Between Ethiopia and Sudan

[DW] The already-uneasy relationship between the two countries is showing signs of simmering over into protracted conflict. But how did it reach this point? (AllAfrica)

Education Ministry Cancels Mask Orders

[Addis Fortune] The Ministry of Education has cancelled the contract it gave to five plants at industrial parks to supply 50 million face masks to be disbursed to schools after the plants supplied a little over half of the order. Regional education bureaus were informed about sourcing the face masks that were planned to be disbursed across 46,000 primary and secondary schools. (AllAfrica)

Ministry Writes Digital Literacy Plan

[Addis Fortune] The Ministry of Science & Higher Education, with the support of three consulting firms hired by the World Bank, has prepared the Plan, which passed consultative stages. (AllAfrica)

How to Counter Rising, Unbridled Nationalism

[Addis Fortune] It was a sunny day on September 12, 1974. A machine gun mounted on top of a tank was standing in front of a fortified Jubilee Palace. There was a strange calm even as people gathered outside of the gates, if video documentaries are to be believed, in anticipation of the rumour that had swept the nation. Ethiopia's nearly half a century old ruler, Emperor Haileselassie Mekonnen, was to be removed from the power he said he was anointed with by God. (AllAfrica)

Universities to Undergo Accreditation Assessments

[Addis Fortune] Higher Education Relevance & Quality Agency (AllAfrica)

Profits Face Slight Hiccup At Bunna Bank

[Addis Fortune] Bunna International Bank netted 440.3 million Br in profit during the last fiscal year, a 4.6pc decline from the year before. The Bank's earnings per share (EPS) also receded by 21.6pc to 225 Br. (AllAfrica)

Investment Income, Claims Cut Boost Abay's Profit

[Addis Fortune] Reduced claims and improved investment income ushered Abay Insurance toward increasing its net profit by 12.3pc to 63 million Br in the last fiscal year. Yet its earnings per share (EPS) declined slightly. (AllAfrica)

Midroc Foundation, Ex-Manager Dispute Continues

[Addis Fortune] A dispute between MIDROC Foundation Specialist and a former employee and shareholder continues even after a court closed the six-year-old legal wrangling. Although the Court ordered the company to pay the former employee 23 million Br six months ago, he claims not to have received the payment. (AllAfrica)

Abyssinia Reintroduces Mobile Wallet

[Addis Fortune] Bank of Abyssinia has replaced its former mobile wallet application with Gizepay, which allows its customers and users to create a mobile wallet account without an account at Abyssinia. The new system replaces Enqupay, a platform that the Bank used for a year and a half. (AllAfrica)

New Dawn to Break for Ethiopia Soon - Premier

[Ethiopian Herald] It is a matter of time that the stockpiling challenges in Ethiopia will be overcome, and a new dawn is going to break for Ethiopia, said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD). (AllAfrica)

Cemented Fate

[Addis Fortune] Bags of cement are stacked up high in Megenagna, one of the more famous retailing areas in Addis Abeba. But the closed warehouses in the photo betray the turbulence of a market where production is low, prices escalating, and the authorities are at a loss on how to address the challenge. (AllAfrica)

Scholars Acknowledge Revised Policy Importance

[Ethiopian Herald] The Ministry of Agriculture stated that Ethiopia has made clear and trusted policy revision regarding Lowland and Pastoralist communities that could profoundly facilitate inclusive development and enhance the pastoralists' livelihood sustainably. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Diaspora Engagement Gaining Momentum

[Ethiopian Herald] The engagement of the Ethiopian Diaspora community in investment activities at home and in supporting flagship projects has gained momentum, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency disclosed. (AllAfrica)

Timket - a World Heritage for Peace and Fraternity

[Ethiopian Herald] Have you ever visited Ethiopia to watch the colorful celebrations of Timket at Jan Meda? If not, I assure you that you have missed a major religious and cultural event that takes place in this country. Try it this time and do not forget to get your camera to record the celebrations for friends here or abroad who have not got the chance to attend Timket. (AllAfrica)

Kenya, Ethiopia Won't Fight Because of Community Disputes - Administrators

[Nation] Kenya and Ethiopia have vowed not to be drawn into waging war against by the longstanding disputes related to ethnic antagonism between the Gabbra and Borana communities. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia to Hold Elections Taking General Precautionary Measures - Speaker

[Ethiopian Herald] ADDIS ABABA - Speaker of House of Peoples' Representatives Tagesse Chaffo said Ethiopia will conduct the sixth general elections this year taking general precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. (AllAfrica)