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Interpol Say Victims of Ethiopian Airlines Crash Successfully Identified

[East African] Six months after the Ethiopian Airlines crash that killed 157 people, families of victims of the crash may have closure after the International Criminal Police Organization on Thursday said it had helped identify all human remains. (AllAfrica)

Five Scenes Disappearing From Social Life in Addis Abeba

[Addis Fortune] There was a time back in the 1980s and 90s where different scenes and consumer products were commonly used and practised. However, changes have led these trends and consumer products to start phasing out or completely disappear. The younger generation is not even aware of some products or services, since they have already gone extinct. (AllAfrica)

Enterprise, Trade Ministry At Loggerheads Over Oil Supply

[Addis Fortune] The Enterprise claims it was not paid 597 million Br for the oil it has supplied to the Ministry of Trade & Industry (MoTI), over the past five years beginning 2012. (AllAfrica)

Japan's Tool to Out Compete Other Asian Giants in Africa

[Addis Fortune] The three-day TICAD 7 Summit, which Japan launched to strengthen its presence in Africa, was held last week in Yokohama under the theme of "Advancing Africa's Development through People, Technology and Innovation." Inaugurated in 1993, TICAD was held every five years until its fifth session in 2013. Possibly sensing China and India pulling ahead in trade with the continent, since then Japan has held the summit every three years with the goal of strengthening corporate and trade relationships with Africa. T (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian New Year in Joburg Is a Show of Resilience

[New Frame] A shared culture and history bind Ethiopians living and working in central Johannesburg. It is what keeps them going when the police raid their businesses and xenophobic attacks threaten their safety. (AllAfrica)

Five Reasons Why Ethiopia Could Be the Next Global Economy to Watch

[Addis Fortune] Ethiopia is Africa's oldest independent country and its fastest growing economy today. With a population of over 100 million and an annual economic growth rate of 10pc over the past 15 years, it presents a unique opportunity. Currently preventing it from joining the global map of successful economies are several challenges: a low per-capita GDP of under 800 dollars per year and poor internet and smartphone penetration, mainly due to the largely rural population and a government monopoly on the telecommunic (AllAfrica)

Saudi Co. Ahead of Contenders to Build 250mw Solar Project

[Addis Fortune] ACOA placed its financial offer of 0.025 dollars a kilowatt-hour on Friday, September 5, 2019, through the Independent Power Purchase agreement framework. (AllAfrica)

Now You Can Buy WiFi on Ethiopian Airlines Flights

[CIO] Surfing the internet with seamless reliable connectivity has now become the new normal onboard Ethiopian Airlines flights thanks to the onboard WiFi internet connectivity the Airline introduced on its A350 fleet using the latest broadband satellite technology (Kaband). (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Crash - Another Kenyan 'Set to Testify' Against Boeing

[Nation] The man from Nakuru County whose five relatives died in the March 10 Ethiopian Airlines plane crash says he is set to testify in a compensation case against aircraft manufacturer Boeing. (AllAfrica)

New Year Offers a Chance to Unite the Country

[The Conversation Africa] Meskerem is the first month in Ethiopia's unique 13-month calendar. Ethiopia celebrates its New Year on the first day of Meskerem, which falls on September 12 of the internationally recognised Gregorian calendar. But amid the celebrations, there are still concerns about the country's peace and stability. (AllAfrica)

Interpol Identifies Remains of March 10 Ethiopian Airlines Crash Victims

[Capital FM] Nairobi -The International Police Incident Response Team (IRT) has identified the remains of all victims of the March 10 Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 crash, 48 of whom were matched through fingerprints. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Largest Recipient of FDI in Eastern Africa

[Monitor] Nairobi -Ethiopia beat all other eastern African countries last year as the largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), according to a new report authored by financial consulting firm EY. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia to Celebrate Its New Year Tomorrow, 12th September

[WHO] Today, Pagume 6 is the last day of Ethiopian year 2011; Ethiopia will enter the New Year 2012, Enkutatash, on September 12th. (AllAfrica)

Why Ethiopia's Rastafari Community Keeps Dwindling

[Deutsche Welle] Rastafarians from around the world have been settling in Ethiopia for the last 50 years, after being given land by Emperor Haile Selassie. Today, life in "the promised land" is far from the paradise they had imagined. (AllAfrica)

60 Ethiopian Students Awarded EU Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship

[EASS] "This scholarship is a life defining moment for me. I have no words to express my happiness on winning the Erasmus+ scholarship. My dream has come true!" said a delighted Bethlehem Solomon, one of the Ethiopian students, when she was granted with this opportunity. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia Launches Investment Case for Noncommunicable Diseases

[WHO] Addis Ababa. 9 September 2019 - On 5 September 2019, Ethiopia disseminates the results of a case report for Investment in prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases (NCDs): a cost-benefit analysis including considerations on the impact of khat. The dissemination workshop took place at Jupiter International, Addis Ababa with the presence H.E Dr. Amir Aman, Ethiopian Minister of Health, representatives from the Ministry of Health, World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Development Programme (AllAfrica)

Minister of Finance Travels to Ethiopia for Summit

[Shabelle] A delegation led by Federal government of Somalia's minister of finance Abdirahman Duale Beyle travelled to Addis Abba, Ethiopia's capital on Sunday, his office confirms. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Commends Rwanda's Recovery

[New Times] The Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Birtukan Ayano, has commended the progress Rwanda has registered in various fields since 1994. (AllAfrica)

Gates Open On Infamous Maekelawi Jail

[HRW] Today, Maekelawi, the infamous police station in the heart of Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, was opened for the first time to the public. For years, Maekelawi has been synonymous with abuse and repression. It stopped being operational last year soon after Ethiopia's prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, took office. (AllAfrica)

Aid Groups Suspend Work After 2 Killed

[VOA] Humanitarian aid efforts by the United Nations and other groups have been suspended in Ethiopia's Gambella regional state after the deaths of two aid workers there, a local U.N. official said Friday. (AllAfrica)

New Film Stirs Controversy

[Reporter] Mere days after it made its premier at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the newly adopted film from the 2005 novel, Sweetness in the Belly by Camilla Gibb is bringing unintended controversy, accused of whitewashing an Ethiopian story on social media, prompting the main actress to respond. (AllAfrica)

Govt Partners With Kenya, Uganda to Develop Bamboo Sector

[Reporter] Ethiopia has forged a partnership with Kenya and Uganda to develop the bamboo sector in what is called Triangular Bamboo Development. (AllAfrica)

Board Downplays Resistance to Election Law

[Reporter] Birtukan Midekesa, Chairwoman of the National Election Board of Ethiopia (NEBE), has downplayed the recent move made by a coalition of opposition political parties, which has rejected the recently ratified Election law of Ethiopia, The Reporter has learnt. (AllAfrica)

UNHCR Calls for Action Against Violence Targeting Foreigners in South Africa

[UNHCR] Pretoria -UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is gravely concerned over the recurring violent attacks against foreign nationals, including refugees and asylum-seekers, in South Africa, most recently taking place in the commercial business districts (CBD) of Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng Province. (AllAfrica)

Airlines Eye Stake in Air Namibia

[Namibian] Three major airlines - South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and German-based Lufthansa - have all shown interest in acquiring part of cash-strapped Air Namibia. (AllAfrica)

FAO Provides Immediate Livestock Protection Assistance to Drought-Affected Pastoral, Agro-Pastoral Communities in Ethiopia

[Addis Standard] The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is providing immediate livestock protection assistance to drought-affected pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

Corp. Revives Leather City Project Despite Delays

[Addis Fortune] After a five-year delay, the Industrial Park Development Corporation took 290ha of land to construct a leather industrial park in Modjo, Oromia Regional State. (AllAfrica)

New Tool to Quell Violence in Refugee Camps - Podcasts

[VOA] A team of researchers and humanitarian professionals have developed a unique approach to combat domestic violence in the refugee camps of Dollo Ado in Ethiopia. (AllAfrica)

Israel Looks to Boost Security Coordination With Ethiopia

[Dalsan Radio] Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday called for strengthened security cooperation with Ethiopia, during a meeting in Jerusalem with his Ethiopian counterpart, Abiy Ahmed. (AllAfrica)

Let's Walk the Talk to Defeat Climate Change - African Leaders Told

[IPS] Addis Ababa -African leaders have been asked to walk the talk, and lead from the front, in order to build resilience and adaptation to the adverse impacts of climate change on the continent. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia's Lucy Has Company - New Male Skull Discovered in Afar

[RFI] Lucy, the famed partial skeleton found in Ethiopia in 1974, has a new companion - a male skull found just 55 kilometres from her resting place, which scientists say helps to fill a major information gap on the early evolution of man. (AllAfrica)