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Several Dead As Storm Sweeps East Coast

[DW] Tropical Cyclone Eloise has hit Mozambique, bringing rain and powerful winds of around 130 kilometers per hour. Forecasters believe it will now move toward Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. (AllAfrica)

Cyclone Eloise Makes Landfall in Disaster-Impacted Sofala Province

[UNFPA] Sofala -- In the early hours of 23 January, Cyclone Eloise - a category two storm bringing winds of up to 160 kilometres per hour - made landfall in Sofala Province in central Mozambique, an area still recovering from the devastation caused by Cyclone Idai nearly two years ago. (AllAfrica)

Hundreds Evacuated As Cyclone Hits City of Beira

[AIM] Maputo -- As forecast, Cyclone Eloise hit the central Mozambican city of Beira early on Saturday morning, with winds of 140 kilometres an hour and gusts of up to 160 kilometres an hour, according to the independent television station, STV. (AllAfrica)

Coastal City of Beira Braces for Another Hit

[allAfrica] Geneva -- The Mozambican city of Beira and the region around it are bracing for the impact of tropical storm Eloise, expected to make landfall soon. (AllAfrica)

Cyclone Strengthening and Heading for Beira

[AIM] Maputo -- Cyclone Eloise is on a course that will take it straight to the central Mozambican city of Beira, according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC), operated by the United States navy. (AllAfrica)

Inae Seizes 220 Tonnes of Cement

[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambique's National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE) seized about 220 tonnes of cement in January, after a nationwide inspection drive intended to discourage price speculation, largely carried out by informal retailers. (AllAfrica)

Traffic Lights Working Again in Nampula

[AIM] Maputo -- Traffic lights are working again in the northern Mozambican city of Nampula, after three weeks in which they were completely dead because Nampula Municipal Council refused to pay for the electricity they use, according to a report by the independent television station, STV. (AllAfrica)

Eight People Charged With Customs Corruption

[AIM] Maputo -- The Mozambican Attorney-General's Office (PGR) on Thursday announced the arrest of eight people in connection with the theft of 11 million meticais (about 149,000 US dollars, at current exchange rates) from the Mozambican tax authority (AT). (AllAfrica)

Covid-19 Putting Huge Pressure On Hospital Capacity

[AIM] Maputo -- The Mozambican health authorities on Thursday reported a further 829 cases of the Covid-19 respiratory disease, and 12 more deaths. (AllAfrica)

Conflict in North Worsens Human Rights Situation

[allAfrica] An excerpt on Mozambique from the annual Human Rights Watch publication, World Report 2021: (AllAfrica)

Weather Service Warns of Flooding, Infrastructure Damage from 'Eloise' Storm

[South African Weather Service] "Eloise" is currently situated over the northern parts of Madagascar, expected to move south-westwards and enter the Mozambique Channel tomorrow, 21 January 2021. Once entering these warm waters, "Eloise" is expected to intensify further, reaching Intense Tropical Cyclone intensity on Saturday, just before making landfall around Vilankulos, Mozambique that evening. (AllAfrica)

'Complex' Emergency Unfolding in Cabo Delgado, UN Agencies Warn

[UN News] UN agencies voiced deep concern on Wednesday over the worsening humanitarian crisis in Mozambique's Cabo Delgado province, where attacks by armed groups have forced more than 565,000 to flee their homes. (AllAfrica)

Nyusi Urges Cne Leadership to Be Impartial and Objective

[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Thursday urged the leadership of the National Elections Commission (CNE) to work with objectivity, impartiality, competence and zeal. (AllAfrica)

Renamo Condemns Police Raids

[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambique's main opposition party, Renamo, has condemned last weekend's police action in Maputo, where police units raided shops, bars and even restaurants, and seized alcoholic drinks on the pretext of implementing the government's measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 respiratory disease. (AllAfrica)

Maputo Port Reports 13 Per Cent Decline in Cargo

[AIM] Maputo -- The amount of cargo handled by the port of Maputo in 2020 declined by 13 per cent, in comparison with the 2019 figure. (AllAfrica)

Mitsui Pulls Out of Mozambique Coal Business

[AIM] Maputo -- The Japanese company Mitsui, has announced its intention to pull out of the coal mining business in Mozambique. (AllAfrica)

Cyclone Eloise Heading Towards Beira

[AIM] Maputo -- Cyclone Eloise has entered the Mozambique Channel and is now projected to hit the central Mozambican city of Beira. (AllAfrica)

EU May Train Mozambican Troops

[AIM] Maputo -- The European Union may train Mozambican troops in order to step up the fight against terrorism and strengthen cooperation in the security area, Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva announced in Maputo on Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

Worst Day Yet in Mozambican Covid-19 Epidemic

[AIM] Maputo -- The Mozambican health authorities on Wednesday announced the worst day so far in the Covid-19 epidemic, with 1,126 cases of the disease reported in a 24 hour period, and 18 deaths. (AllAfrica)

Pretoria Puzzled By Mozambique's Silence On Aid to Fight Islamist Insurgency

[Daily Maverick] South Africa has expressed continuing frustration at the Mozambique government's failure to state what help it wants in fighting a growing Islamic State-linked incursion which has now displaced more than 565,000 people. (AllAfrica)

UN to Shine Urgent Spotlight On Cabo Delgado Crisis

[allAfrica] Geneva -- After developing under the radar for a number of years, what has been described as a humanitarian disaster in Mozambique's northern Cabo Delgado region is now grabbing the United Nations' attention. (AllAfrica)

New Army Leadership Urged to Re-Establish Peace

[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has urged the new leadership of the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM) to re-establish peace in the northern districts of Cabo Delgado province, as well as to swiftly restore order in Manica and Sofala provinces in the country's central region. (AllAfrica)

Nyusi and Total CEO Discuss Security Questions

[AIM] Maputo -- Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Monday granted an audience in Maputo to the chairperson and Chief Executive Office of the French oil and gas company, Total, Patrick Pouyanne, and the two men agreed on strengthening security at the Total camp on the Afungi peninsula, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado. (AllAfrica)

Police Seizure of Drinks Was 'Illegal'

[AIM] Maputo -- The Mozambican police who seized alcoholic drinks over the weekend, on the pretext of implementing the measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 respiratory disease were acting illegally, according to Rita Freitas, the General Inspector of the government's National Inspectorate of Economic Activities (INAE). (AllAfrica)

Covid-19 - Four Deaths and 824 New Cases

[AIM] Maputo -- The Mozambican health authorities on Tuesday reported a further 824 cases of the Covid-19 respiratory disease. (AllAfrica)

Weather Service Releases Warning Ahead of Tropical Storm 'Eloise'

[South African Weather Service] The rain which Severe Tropical Storm "Chalane" brought to southern Africa during the Christmas and New Year period last year is still fresh in the minds of the general public. Now, a fresh tropical system named "Eloise" has developed and is currently positioned off the north-eastern quadrant of Madagascar. At the current time, "Eloise" is classified to be a Moderate Tropical Storm, with a central pressure slightly less than 1000 hPa (hectopascal) but nevertheless set to intensify in the coming days. "Elois (AllAfrica)

UN Agencies Call for End to Violence, Boost in Aid, Help for Displaced in Cabo Delgado

[UNFPA] Joint Statement on Mozambique by United Nations Regional Directors for East and Southern Africa: (AllAfrica)

Cyclone Eloise Likely to Hit Inhambane Coast

[AIM] Maputo -- Tropical cyclone Eloise is now on a course that will take it towards the coast of the southern Mozambican province of Inhambane, according to the forecast of the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (JTWC), operated by the United States Navy. (AllAfrica)

- Manica Authorities Tighten Measures to Stop Covid-19 Spread

[AIM] Maputo -- Chimoio (Mozambique), 19 Jan (AIM) - The health authorities in the central Mozambican province of Manica are on high alert and taking a wide range of measures intended to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 respiratory disease within the communities. (AllAfrica)

New Record for Covid-19 Cases

[AIM] Maputo -- The Mozambican health authorities on Monday announced a record number of cases of the Covid-19 respiratory disease - 895 cases in a 24 hour period. (AllAfrica)

Beira Mayor Accuses Frelimo of Sabotage

[AIM] Maputo -- The leader of the opposition Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM) and mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango, has accused the ruling Frelimo Party of sabotaging the MDM's political work. (AllAfrica)