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Fatherly Move

[Cameroon Tribune] In All forms of problem-solving, no matter the degree of tension, a fatherly approach to the task at hand is vital. (AllAfrica)

President Paul Biya's Message to the Nation - South West Taking the Olive Branch

[Cameroon Tribune] The population of the sinister region was anxious with the Head of State's speech. (AllAfrica)

National Dialogue - Cameroonians, International National Dialogue Community Welcome Announcement

[Cameroon Tribune] President Paul Biya announced the National Dialogue to resolve the crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions in his message to the nation on September 10, 2019. (AllAfrica)

2019 U23 AFCON Qualifiers - Objective: Tokyo 2020

[Cameroon Tribune] After their qualification for the final phase of the U23 AFCON the Lions are focused on the tournament. (AllAfrica)

National Dialogue - PM Dion Ngute Begins Consultations

[Cameroon Tribune] The Head of Government received cabinet ministers and other officials from the North West and South West Regions on September 11, 2019 evening. (AllAfrica)

Arts, Culture Sub-Sector - for Consolidation of Peace, Harmonious Living Together

[Cameroon Tribune] The Prime Minister chaired the opening ceremony of the celebration of the fourth edition of the National Artistic and Cultural Season Relaunch in Yaounde on September 10, 2019. (AllAfrica)

'If the Brain Doesn't Work, the Rest Doesn't Matter'

[Cameroon Tribune] Our brains are currently at serious risk because of diseases such as epilepsy, stroke, AIDS, dementia and so on. There is also danger from drug abuse and addictions, especially amongst youths, resulting in behavioural disorders which contribute to some of the major crises the nation is facing. Therefore, brain or mental health problems stand among the most common and severe in Cameroon. In the following interview, Prof. Alfred Kongnyu Njamnshi, lecturer, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Univers (AllAfrica)

Cycling Tour of Côte d'Ivoire - Cameroon On Top Roll

[Cameroon Tribune] The third lap of the competition took place yesterday, September 10, 2019. (AllAfrica)

Cycling Tour of Côte d'Ivoire - Six Cameroonian Cyclists In The Race

[Cameroon Tribune] The competition will serve as preparations for the Chantal Biya International Cycling Tour that will take place from October 16 to 20, 2019. (AllAfrica)

Biya Orders Immediate Dialogue to Solve Cameroon's Problems

[VOA] In a rare address to his nation, Cameroon President Paul Biya said he has ordered the country's prime minister to engage in an inclusive dialogue to discuss problems that are tearing the central African state apart, including violence that has killed more than 2,000 people in the troubled Anglophone regions. (AllAfrica)

Maintaining a Sense of Patriotism

[Cameroon Tribune] In a nation like Cameroon that is linguistically diverse, multi-ethnic and culturally diversified, as well as sociologically complex, it is important that the building blocks should be based on certain visible values. Since independence, the country has embarked on ensuring that the main pillars on which society is founded should include peace, concord, security and progress. Yet, getting such results cannot be like a magical solution provided from nowhere. It can only be achieved through the actions of ci (AllAfrica)

"I Have Decided to Convene a Major National Dialogue"

[Cameroon Tribune] 11 sept. 2019 11:41 (AllAfrica)

For Pacific Solutions

[Cameroon Tribune] The much-awaited state-of-the-nation's address has come and Cameroonians, likewise friends of the country, are certainly digesting President Paul Biya's announcement that the highly-clamoured inclusive dialogue will at last hold end of this month. That sons and daughters of a united Cameroon, irrespective of their cultural and linguistic leanings, will meet to discuss how best to forge ahead a better common future is certainly raising anxiety as to its outcome. (AllAfrica)

Football Cooperation - National Academy, Manchester City Strengthen Partnership

[Cameroon Tribune] The visit was in line with the return of one of ANAFOOT's boarders, Noh Nafeng Yvan, who attended a try-out camp last month in Manchester City (AllAfrica)

'Yvan Nafeng Has Gained in Experience'

[Cameroon Tribune] "I want to thank QNet International that has enabled Yvan Nafeng to participate in the programme in Manchester City. We cannot develop youth football without partners. We are trying to see how we can work with QNet International and Manchester City for an eventual partnership. I am grateful for the partnership because Yvan Nafeng has gained in experience and even if he is talking today it is not the same as before. He went to Côte d'Ivoire as well to share his experience with other African youths. We (AllAfrica)

Impunity Paralyses State of Law

[Cameroon Tribune] The much talked of dialogue to dissipate the socio-political crisis that has hit the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon for the past three years has finally been announced. The Head of State, President Paul Biya in his radio/televised address to the nation yesterday, September 10, solemnly announced the convening of an enlarged national dialogue by the end of this month to enable participants within the framework of the constitution, examine ways and means of responding to the profound aspiratio (AllAfrica)

Situation in NW/SW - Military Assistance for Repentant Fighters

[Cameroon Tribune] Defence and security Forces have stretched their role to include assistance to armed fighters ready to regain the path of education and regulated gainful activities. (AllAfrica)

Cameroon-Tunisia - Brighter Low-Cost Housing Cooperation Prospects

[Cameroon Tribune] The Tunisian Minister of Equipment, Housing and Regional Planning has been holding discussions with Cameroonian authorities. (AllAfrica)

Nigerians in the Country Call for Help After Separatist Attacks

[VOA] Nigerians living in Cameroon are asking both their government and their host country for help after at least 20 Nigerians were killed in separatist violence. (AllAfrica)

HIV National Forum - Stakeholders Re-Examine Paediatric Care

[Cameroon Tribune] 11 sept. 2019 12:15 (AllAfrica)

Positive Sign for Effective Take-Off

[Cameroon Tribune] Observably, all is set for a sound take-off of construction works on the Nachtigal Hydroelectricity Dam project. The December 2018 proposed commencement of effective work on the site, all things being equal, could be respected with the pious hope that by 2022, the much-awaited 420 MW could be pumped out of the dam into the national interconnected grid to enhance domestic and industrial functioning. That 30 per cent of the country's energy needs could be met by the dam makes the Nachtigal Hydroelectricity p (AllAfrica)

Hope Rekindling Signal

[Cameroon Tribune] The 289 detainees the Head of State ordered the discontinuance of proceedings pending before them in the Military Tribunals in connection with the crisis in the North-West and South-West Regions have effectively been released. The beneficiaries of the Presidential clemency were, according to the order «arrested for misdemeanours." The joy that swept across families of those who were effectively freed was surely a normal human reaction once proclaimed free irrespective of whatever crime that person mu (AllAfrica)

Eto'o Retires - 9 Historic Moments of Cameroon's number 9

[CAF] Africa and Cameroon legend Samuel Eto'o finally decided to hang his boots. Eto'o, four times CAF player of the year wrote on his page on Instagram on Friday (6 September 2019) "The End. Towards a new challenge. Thank you for your big love". (AllAfrica)

Bamboutos FC to Mark 50th Anniversary

[Cameroon Tribune] The team is bracing up for victory at the Njalla Quan Sport academy in Limbe. (AllAfrica)

Treason Trial of Cameroon President's Arch-Rival Opens

[Deutsche Welle] President Paul Biya's rival in a 2018 presidential race, Maurice Kamto, and his 90 co-accused appeared briefly before a military tribunal on charges of insurrection and rebellion after rejecting the vote. (AllAfrica)

Research in Health - Female Researchers Discuss Family, Career Life

[Cameroon Tribune] This is within the 5th annual workshop of the Higher Women Consortium currently taking place in Yaounde. (AllAfrica)

North West - Efforts That Need Encouragement

[Cameroon Tribune] More pupils and students are becoming enthusiastic about returning to school as well as parents and guardians are braving fear. (AllAfrica)

Election Stakeholders Holders Platform Created

[Cameroon Tribune] It serves as forum for dialogue between ELECAM and actors of electoral process to ensure peaceful elections. (AllAfrica)

Villagers Say Chinese Miners Are Ruining Local Environment

[VOA] Villagers near Meiganga, a town in northern Cameroon, are protesting against Chinese gold miners for allegedly ruining their land. The villagers say they are poorer than before the Chinese arrived, with their farms and forests now destroyed. (AllAfrica)

Revamp Quantity, Quality Production

[Cameroon Tribune] It is a truism that Cameroon's economy has comparatively been resilient in the face of global economic quagmire orchestrated by a drop in commodity prices, notably crude oil. Proof is that although Gross Domestic Product has been fluctuating over the years, it hasn't gone negative like in some countries of the sub region. As good as this may sound, it doesn't however call for chest-beating for, challenges are huge! Noticeably, President Paul Biya is bracing up to go beyond simply keeping the economy above (AllAfrica)

Aids-Free Holidays - CERAC Intensifies Campaign

[Cameroon Tribune] A two-day sensitisation and screening exercise against HIV ends today at the Yaounde III Subdivision. (AllAfrica)