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Has Healing Taken Place At Faraba Banta?

[Foroyaa] A man walked into the offices of Foroyaa with crutches to explain his predicament. Mr Baboucarr Darboe visibly showed that he was in agony after bullets caused injuries and fracture to his legs which were treated in both Gambia and Senegal without his full satisfaction. There is no injuries compensation scheme for such a victim. Foroyaa will publish his concerns in the next edition and then refer him to the National Human Rights Commission for a follow-up on his case. (AllAfrica)

Reason Has Prevailed Bail Granted to Killa Ace and Others

[Foroyaa] A constitution and its accompanying laws if rooted in safeguarding the liberty of the human person would not back indefinite detention without trial. (AllAfrica)

National Assembly Adopt Revised Standing Orders 2019

[Foroyaa] The National Assembly of the Gambia has adopted the Revised Standing Orders 2019 as its new Standing Orders and also agreed for it to become operational on the date of the commencement of the fourth ordinary session of the Fifth Assembly of the 2019 Legislative year. (AllAfrica)

High Court Grants Bail to Killa Ace, 6 Others

[Foroyaa] Rapper Killa Ace and six others who were remanded by a Magistrate's Court in Kanifing, following a protest in July, were on Thursday granted bail by the High Court in Banjul. (AllAfrica)

Remembering President Jawara

[Observer] Sadness fell upon me late August when I heard of the death of Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara, former President of The Gambia. The Daily Observer's article breaking the news in Liberia and narrating the recollections of Kenneth Y. Best refreshed my memory of this soft-spoken man who made invaluable contributions to the peace process in Liberia and whose standard of decency and sense of humanity earned for The Gambia the privilege of becoming the home of the African Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies. (AllAfrica)

The Dilemma of the Barrow Administration

[Foroyaa] The transitional administration which did not try to take stock of the past to learn its lessons and start afresh to shape the institutions of a country is bound to pass through many hurdles and try to govern through trial and error. This is what should have been avoided by maintaining a comprehensive transitional agenda involving stakeholders whose aim is nothing more than building the instruments and institutions of a new state that is founded on the principles of accountability and transparency. (AllAfrica)

Gambia Ferry Lost 70 Percent of Revenue to Senegambia Bridge

[Foroyaa] Bai Lamin Jobe, the minister of transport, works and infrastructure has on Wednesday told deputies that the Gambia Ferry Service Company Limited has lost about seventy percent (70%) of its revenue to the Senegambia Bridge during construction period. (AllAfrica)

Gambia, Qatar Sign Four New Bilateral Agreements

[Foroyaa] State House, Banjul, 11th September 2019 - His Excellency, President Adama Barrow and the Emir of the State of Qatar, His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani presided over the signing of four new Memoranda of Understanding and bilateral agreements between the governments of The Gambia and Qatar. (AllAfrica)

MOBSE Poise to Pay D54m Debt Owed to Gambia College, UTG

[Foroyaa] The Minister of Basic and Secondary Education has on Wednesday confirmed that even though they have paid several millions of dalasi to Gambia College and University of The Gambia, they still owe them millions. (AllAfrica)

Lawmakers to Consider 12 Bilateral Air Services Agreement

[Foroyaa] The National Assembly has referred the Bilateral Air Services Agreement (BASA) between The Gambia and 12 countries to the relevant Select Committee for consideration. (AllAfrica)

National Assembly Session Starts Today

[Foroyaa] The National Assembly is to sit from the 11th to the 27th of September. It is gathered that the President will address the National Assembly on the 19th of September. This will be his third address. (AllAfrica)

Code of Conduct of Some Parties Yet to Be Received

[Foroyaa] The codes of conduct of some political parties which Foroyaa has long promised to publish, are yet to be received. (AllAfrica)

President Barrow Inspired By Qatar's 2022 World Cup Plans

[Foroyaa] State House, Banjul, 11th September 2019 - Following a conducted tour of facilities being built ahead of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Doha, His Excellency, President Adama Barrow expressed his admiration for Qatar's state of preparedness for the forthcoming global sporting event. (AllAfrica)

Inexperienced Gambia Axed Out of World Cup Pre-Q

[Foroyaa] Gambia yesterday afternoon bowed out of the race to reach the 2022 Qatar World Cup after losing on both legs to Angola. (AllAfrica)

'Government Subsidizes Fertlizer to Ensure Affordability' Agric Minister Fabureh

[Foroyaa] The Minister of Agriculture Amie Fabureh has confirmed to this reporter that the Government of President Barrow has subsidized fertilizer to make it affordable to the farming communities during this cropping season. (AllAfrica)

Foreign Affairs State Who Is Entitled to Diplomatic Passport

[Foroyaa] The communications officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mr Saikou Ceesay, has told Foroyaa the persons who are entitled to diplomatic passports in The Gambia. (AllAfrica)

State Withdraws Charges Against 30 Youths

[Foroyaa] State prosecutors have on Tuesday dropped charges against thirty out of the 37 youths who were facing 8 criminal charges including arson, unlawful assembly and riot. (AllAfrica)

NHRC Investigate Death of Serrekunda Market Vendor

[Foroyaa] The Gambia Human Rights Commission has commenced investigation on the death of a Serrekunda Market vendor who died in July. (AllAfrica)

Barrow Warns Against Undermining Govt Policies

[The Point] President Adama Barrow has warned that it is not acceptable for anyone entrusted with a position and undermines the government's policies and programmes for political considerations. (AllAfrica)

Janneh Commission's Full Report Set for Publication

[The Point] Banjul -President Adama Barrow has decided to publish the full report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Financial Activities of Former President Yahya Jammeh and His Associates, following a Special Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 4 September 2019. (AllAfrica)

Climate Change and Its Impact!

[The Point] Nearly 80% cities around the globe are expected to undergo dramatic and potentially disastrous climate changes, study finds. (AllAfrica)

Sainfiet Says He Is Not Going to Beg Anyone to Play for the Gambia

[The Point] Scorpions Coach Tom Sainfiet said last Thursday that he will not beg any player to play for the country's national team, the Scorpions in their international matches. (AllAfrica)

Barrow Applauds Sir Dawda's Family

[The Point] President Adama Barrow Applauds Sir Dawda Jawara Family, Gambian People and Friends of The Gambia (AllAfrica)

Herdsman Justifies His Reasons for Killing Antelope

[Foroyaa] A herdsman facing charges for killing an antelope has on Wednesday, 4th September, commenced his defence before a magistrate's court in the North Bank Region. (AllAfrica)

Education Is Fundamental to Development & Growth - Adelaide Sosseh

[Foroyaa] Adelaide Sosseh, has said education is fundamental to development and growth. (AllAfrica)

People Are Still Waiting for Sanity to Prevail

[Foroyaa] Destruction of property can never be justified. Selective justice can also never be justified. Two wrongs cannot make a right, so says the wisdom of the ages, wisdom that should guide the actions of authorities as Gambia stands at a crossroads. (AllAfrica)

Weather Update

[Foroyaa] Moderate to heavy rains and thunderstorms occasionally associated with strong winds are expected during the period from Wednesday evening, 4th September 2019 to early hours of Sunday 8th September 2019, particularly over the coastal areas. This may cause flash flooding over Greater Banjul area and threat to fishing activities. The public and fishermen are advised to observe maximum terrestrial and sea safety regulations. (AllAfrica)

Government, Funding Partners Agree to Fast-Track UTG Faraba Campus Completion

[Foroyaa] State House, Banjul, 3rd September 2019 - President Adama Barrow was informed that The Gambia government and a consortium of donors have agreed to fast track construction works of the permanent campus of the University of The Gambia in Faraba Banta, following a two-day financing meeting. (AllAfrica)

Full Janneh Commission Report Will Be Published

[Foroyaa] A State House Press Release issued yesterday, 4th September 2019 has revealed that President Adama Barrow has decided to publish the full report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Financial Activities of Former President Yahya Jammeh and His Associates, following a Special Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 4th September 2019. (AllAfrica)

Scorpions Raring to Go Ahead of Angola Tie

[Foroyaa] Gambia is targeting to unleash venom on Angola when they battle the Southern African nation. (AllAfrica)

Farewell to Sir Dawda Alhaji Karaiba Jawara, a Great African Patriot

[Observer] The post-conflict history of Liberia will never be complete without mention of the name of Sir Dawda Alhaji Kairaba Jawara, now of sainted memory, for the pioneering role he played in restoring peace to war-torn Liberia. At the time in 1990, when the nation was in flames and Liberians were fleeing the land of their birth in search of safety and when the West, particularly the United States of America, Liberia's oldest ally, with subsisting traditional and blood ties could do little or nothing to stop the c (AllAfrica)