News : Peacekeeping

Uganda [guest column]: DP Being Opportunistic On the Northern Question

The 2006 Presidential campaigns are heating up. Promises have been made by various Presidential candidates geared at improving the lives and livelihoods of their potential voters, all of which are rather impressive. (AllAfrica)

Uganda [column]: When Peaceful Campaigns Mean Something is Wrong

The first month of the presidential campaigns has been largely peaceful, by most accounts. You would think Ugandans would be celebrating. On the contrary, many, especially the political watchers, are intrigued. What is going on? Something is not right, they say. This is Uganda. If the electoral process is peaceful, the peace can only be superficial, they add. (AllAfrica)

Côte d'Ivoire: Calm Returns After Four Days of Riots Against UN, French Peacekeepers

Business resumed as usual with cars and taxis back on the streets of Cote d'Ivoire on Friday after protesters demanding the departure of UN and French peace troops called an end to four days of riots by lifting roadblocks and going home. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Widespread Abuse, Violations, Says UNMIL Report

Several local human rights and pro-democracy organizations had raised alarm against the wanton abuse of human rights bordering mainly on the social, political, and labor rights of citizens by some concessions and private individuals. Those allegations had often been brushed by the side, but now the Human Rights and Protection section of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) has published the second in a series of its bi-monthly reports on the promotion and protection of human rights in Liberia. (AllAfrica)

Côte d'Ivoire: Country Calm But Hate Broadcasts Still Target Peacekeeping Forces, UN Says

Protesters left the streets outside United Nations and other international agency offices and calm was restored across Côte d'Ivoire after leaders inside and outside the West African country appealed for an end to four days of violence, which left western provincial UN offices looted and sometimes destroyed. (AllAfrica)

Gambia: Sudan to Check AU Soldiers After Gambian Succumbs to Aids

The Government of Sudan is insisting to check African Union peacekeepers against Hiv/Aids after two AU officers from Malawi and The Gambia reportedly succumbed to the disease in September 2005. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: Gen. Obiakor Commends NIBATT 6 Troops

The Force Commander of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Lieutenant General Chikadibia Isaac Obiakor has commended officers and soldiers of NIBATT 6 UNMIL for discharging their duties credibly. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Bishop Wins Coveted Peace Award

A Methodist bishop has followed in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela, Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan by winning the latest World Methodist Peace Award. (AllAfrica)

Côte d'Ivoire: Anti-UN Protesters Refuse to Budge Despite President's Plea for Calm

Barricades continued to cripple Cote d'Ivoire's economic capital, Abidjan, and many people stayed home from work for the fourth day running on Thursday as anti-UN protesters ignored a plea from President Laurent Gbagbo to remove the roadblocks and end street protests. (AllAfrica)

Côte d'Ivoire: UN Reacts to Attacks With Restraint As Diplomatic Bid to End Crisis Intensifies

As hate media in Côte d'Ivoire broadcast messages inciting attacks against United Nations peacekeepers, diplomatic efforts to defuse the crisis are intensifying, a spokesman for the world body said today. (AllAfrica)

East Africa: Border Between Ethiopia And Eritrea Still Tense, UN Says

The military situation in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ) between Ethiopia and Eritrea remains tense, the United Nations mission there reported today, about six weeks after Eritrea demanded the pullout of UN personnel of certain nationalities. (AllAfrica)

Côte d'Ivoire [press release]: Ivorian Government Must Rein in Militias

The Ivorian government must take concrete steps to stop recent attacks on United Nations peacekeepers by pro-government militias, Human Rights Watch said today. Warning of disastrous human rights consequences for ordinary Ivorians if events spiral out of control, Human Rights Watch called on the United Nations Security Council to increase the number of peacekeepers on the ground. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Shell/Ogoni Reconcilitation: MOSOP Starts Town Hall Meetings

In a bid to enhance reconciliation between Anglo Dutch oil giant, Shell and Ogoni people, Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), has started what it called town hall meetings in all the four Ogoni local government areas in Rivers State. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Annan Urges More Aid to African Force in Darfur As Security Council Weighs Options

With tensions persisting in Sudan's Darfur province, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today urged more resources for the African Union (AU) mission in the region, while the Security Council considered future plans, including a possible United Nations force there. (AllAfrica)

Sudan [press release]: Africa Action Welcomes Momentum Towards UN Action on Darfur

Africa Action today welcomed the recent momentum towards a United Nations (UN) intervention to stop the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan. But the organization emphasized the need for the international community to move beyond rhetoric to action, and urged the U.S. to introduce a new UN Security Council resolution that would accomplish such an intervention in Darfur. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: UNMIL New F.C. Pays Familiarization Visit

In line with military tradition whenever a General who has just assumed a command embarks on a familiarization visit to various formations and units under his command, both officers and soldiers under his command are usually very itching to see and hear him talk to them. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: UNMIL Launches 2nd Report

The United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) yesterday launched the second in a series of UNMIL bi-monthly reports on the promotion and protection of human rights in Liberia. These reports are intended to increase public awareness of the human rights situation in the country. (AllAfrica)

Ghana: ADR Proves Its Worth

THE ALTERNATIVE Dispute Resolution (ADR) system seems to have proven its worth, as developments emanating from the few cases listed for the exercise within the one week pilot project ending January 13, this, according to litigating parties interview by the Chronicle, had been very satisfactory. (AllAfrica)

Sierra Leone: Sheila Dallas Urges Press to Support Uniosil

Erstwhile Station Manager/Executive Producer of Radio UNAMSIL, Sheila Dallas has urged media practitioners in the country to fully support united Nations Integrated Office in Sierra Leone (UNIOSIL) and the Government of Sierra Leone in the country's rebuilding this process. (AllAfrica)

Liberia: 'Come Home,' New President Urges Refugees in UN Video

Liberia's new president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, is urging tens of thousands of her compatriots who fled brutal civil war in their country to consider returning now to join in rebuilding it, the United Nations refugee agency said today. (AllAfrica)

Côte d'Ivoire: Annan Condemns 'Orchestrated Violence' Against UN

As protesters gathered for a second day outside United Nations offices in Côte d'Ivoire'