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South Sudan: A Fantasy of Finality - the UN Impasse At the Protection of Civilian Sites

[African Arguments] Debating Ideas is a new section that aims to reflect the values and editorial ethos of the African Arguments book series, publishing engaged, often radical, scholarship, original and activist writing from within the African continent and beyond. It will offer debates and engagements, contexts and controversies, and reviews and responses flowing from the African Arguments books. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Cash Transfers Can Help Refugees, but They Also Carry Risks. Insights From Kenya

[The Conversation Africa] Humanitarian organisations - such as the World Food Programme (WFP) - are increasingly using cash transfers as a way of assisting vulnerable people. Conventionally, humanitarian organisations procure food or other goods and distribute it directly to recipients. But cash transfers allow people to choose and purchase what they need for themselves. (AllAfrica)

Morocco: HCP - Rabat, Casablanca and Oujda Are Home to a Third of Refugees in Morocco

[MAP] Casablanca -- More than a third of refugees (35.8%) live in the cities of Rabat (14.6%), Casablanca (13.9%) and Oujda (7.3%), according to a survey conducted on June 02-08 by the High Commission for Planning (HCP), in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: More Burundi Refugees Leave Rwanda for Home

[East African] The third cohort of Burundian refugees in Rwanda began their journey back home on Thursday as more continue to register for repatriation citing sustained peace in Burundi. (AllAfrica)

Libya: EU Must Stop 'Collaborating' With Horrific Abuse of Refugees - New Report

[AI London] Tens of thousands of refugees and migrants in Libya are trapped in a vicious cycle of cruelty, Amnesty International said in a new report today. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: 'They Have to Give Us Our 100 Percent Food Ration Back'

[African Arguments] Hit by 30% ration cuts and with no land to grow our own food, South Sudanese refugees in Uganda are stuck between a rock and a hard place. (AllAfrica)

South Sudan: Heavy Floods Threaten the Lives of About 500 000 People

[MSF] Doctors Without Borders (MSF) teams are deeply concerned by the impact of the ongoing severe and fierce flooding across South Sudan where anestimated 500 000 people have been displaced. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Xenophobia Turns Migrants Into Scapegoats

[New Frame] A report by Human Rights Watch found that South Africans turn against migrants when they are looking to blame somebody for the government's failure to provide essential services. (AllAfrica)

East Africa: U.S. Volunteer, South Sudanese Refugee Find Love in a Pandemic

[WFP] Uganda -- When American Faith Blanchard moved to Uganda to do charity work, she wasn't expecting to find love. But during her time volunteering at Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, that's exactly what happened. It was there she met Seme Ludanga, a South Sudanese refugee and United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Storyteller who changed her world. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Mohamed Salah to Call for Connected, Quality Education for Refugee Children, At UN General Assembly

[UNHCR] Salah's message to world leaders at the UN General Assembly: 'Let's make sure all children, including refugees, can go to school and achieve their dreams.' (AllAfrica)

Africa: UNHCR and IOM Call for a Truly Common and Principled Approach to European Migration and Asylum Policies

[UNHCR] On the eve of the launch of the presentation of the European Commission's new Pact on Migration and Asylum, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and IOM, the International Organization for Migration, are appealing to the European Union (EU) to ensure a truly joint and principled approach that addresses all aspects of migration and asylum governance. The two UN bodies are hopeful that the Pact will provide a fresh start to move from an ad hoc crisis-driven approach to asylum and migration in Europe to a common one (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Interior Minister Meets Refugees Commissioner

[SNA] Khartoum -- Minister of Interior, Lit-General, Al-Terrifi Idris Dafalla met, Monday, at his office, the Commissioner for RefugeesAbdulla Suleiman Mohammed Hamed. (AllAfrica)

Africa: 'If The Coronavirus Does Not Kill Us, Hunger Definitely Will'

[Norwegian Refugee Council] More than three quarters of displaced and conflict-affected people surveyed by the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) have lost income since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The devastating economic impact is tipping many into a hunger, homelessness and education crisis, the organisation said in a report released today. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Concern Over Huge Number of Expiring Refugee Documents

[GroundUp] The Scalabrini Centre is concerned about a backlog of asylum seeker and refugee documents soon to expire. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Why South Africa's New Plan to Fortify Its Borders Won't Stop Irregular Migration

[The Conversation Africa] South Africa has just passed a new law in response to growing concerns in the country about its porous borders. The socioeconomic and security dangers posed by having large numbers of undocumented migrants have become key political issues in the country in recent times. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: #zimbabweanlivesmatter - Can South Africa Get It Right This Time?

[Africa In Fact] Amid a spiralling economic and political crisis, President Emmerson Mnangagwa addressed the people of Zimbabwe on Tuesday 4 August. His speech, although sudden - four days after his government's violent clampdown on the July 31 citizen protests - was highly anticipated. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Govt to Bring Some Migrants Home As Concern Over Saudi Camps Grows

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Addis Ababa -- Concern is growing over migrant detention camps that the United Nations says are overcrowded and unsanitary (AllAfrica)

Uganda: UN Staff Accused of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

[The New Humanitarian] Kampala -- Allegations include trading food for sex from vulnerable women. (AllAfrica)

Libya: Migrant Disaster Stoked By EU Strategy

[ISS] Detention centres and corrupt coast guards prey on migrants, but the EU continues to support Libyan border authorities. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Critical Underfunding Exacerbated By Covid-19 Pushing Displaced People to the Edge

[UNHCR] UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has warned that millions of displaced people in need of protection and assistance, and their host communities, are feeling the pinch of massive underfunding, as the COVID-19 crisis continues to increase humanitarian needs globally. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: How Xenophobia Robbed One Young Girl of Her Sense of Belonging

[HRW] There is one thing 10-year-old Keshia (not her real name) wishes for with all her might: to leave South Africa for good. South Africa might be the place of her birth and the only country where she has ever lived, but she cannot call it home. When, she keeps asking, will her family finally return to the country her parents left so many years ago? A country she has never been to and knows little about but where, she is sure, they would feel more welcomed and safer than in South Africa. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Govt Probes Killing of 10 Refugees in Row With Locals Over Water

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Nairobi -- Uganda says it needs more funds to look after the 1.4 million refugees it hosts as dispute highlights tensions over resources (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Widespread Xenophobic Violence - Implement National Action Plan, Hold Attackers Responsible

[HRW] Johannesburg -- Xenophobic harassment and violence against African and Asian foreigners living in South Africa are routine and sometimes lethal, Human Rights Watch said in a report, video, and Witness article released today. Despite the March 2019 adoption of a government action plan to combat xenophobia, the government has done very little to ensure that attacks by members of the public, the police, and government officials are investigated and that those responsible are held accountable. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Govt to Capture Details of Internally Displaced People - Official

[Premium Times] The Nigerian government plans to capture the details of internally displaced persons (IDPs), the minister of communication and digital economy, Isa Pantami, has said. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: 'They Have Robbed Me of My Life' - Xenophobic Violence Against Non-Nationals in South Africa

[HRW] "Jean," a Congolese shop owner, received a disturbing call on the night of September 2, 2019. On the other end of the line was his landlord, a South African, who told him that rioters had broken into his shop in Johannesburg. Jean promptly headed to his shop, where the violence was still ongoing. The rioters chased him away from his shop, threw stones at him, and forced him to flee. He counted himself lucky to escape unscathed, unlike his experience in a similar situation in 2008 when rioters beat him, and (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Lawyers for Human Rights to Release Corruption Report in SA's Asylum System

[Lawyers for Human Rights] On Tuesday, 15 September 2020, Lawyers for Human Rights (LHR), in collaboration with Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town and Corruption Watch, released its report "Costly Protection: Corruption in South Africa's Asylum System." The report tracks changes in corruption in the asylum system over the last five years, as well as instances of corruption purported to occur in and around the Refugee Reception Offices (RROs). (AllAfrica)

Uganda: UNHCR Alarmed By Refugee Killings, Calls for Investigation

[UNHCR] UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is saddened and alarmed by the violent events that left 10 refugees dead and 19 injured, including one member of the host community, in Madi Okollo district in the northern region of Uganda. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Govt to Repatriate Nigerian IDPs in Niger Republic - Zulum

[Vanguard] Abuja -- Nigeria has assured its citizens living as refugees in Diffa, Niger Republic,of its ongoing arrangements to return them to the country. (AllAfrica)

Mozambique: 368,000 People Displaced in Northern and Central Mozambique

[AIM] Maputo -- The attacks by islamist terrorists in the northern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado, and by the self-styled "Renamo Military Junta" in the central provinces of Manica and Sofala, have displaced more than 368,000 people from their homes, according to Luisa Meque, general director of the country's relief agency, the National Disaster Management Institute (INGC). (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Nigeria, Niger Republic to Finalise Strategies for Return of Refugees

[This Day] Maiduguri -- Nigerian team has visited Diffa in Niger Republic to finalise strategies for the return of refugees to the country. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Returnees - We Left Our Wives, Children in South Africa

[Daily Trust] Lagos -Returnees: Xenophobic attacks have official approval (AllAfrica)