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News : Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire) : News

President Kabila Speaks on Elections

[Deutsche Welle] Speaking to DW, President Kabila confirmed that the election to determine his successor will take place on Sunday after a delay of one week. However residents of some Ebola-affected areas will have to wait until March. (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Elections - Reversing a Dangerous Decision

[ICG] After postponing long-awaited elections, the Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission has announced a second delay in voting in some conflict-affected areas - until after a new president takes office. This decision disenfranchises 1.25 million Congolese and risks major unrest. The commission should rescind it. (AllAfrica)

Oxfam Forced to Suspend Ebola Response in DR Congo Following Pre-Election Violence

[Oxfam] Oxfam has been forced to suspend its work in the Ebola ravaged areas of Beni and Butembo, due to violent protests following the announcement that people in these areas won't be able to cast their votes for a new president, when the rest of country goes to the polls this Sunday. (AllAfrica)

Women Join Hands to Oust Ebola From the Democratic Republic of the Congo

[WHO] Twice a week, Mama Mwatatu rises early and makes a two-hour trek from her home in Beni's Cit Belge neighbourhood in North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the local radio station. For the past 12 years, she has hosted a call-in radio talk show called "Women and Development" and has a devoted audience, earning her the nickname Mother Counsellor of Beni. (AllAfrica)

Govt Expels EU's Ambassador Over Sanctions

[Deutsche Welle] Parts of Congo where a widespread Ebola outbreak has taken hold will not be able to vote until March. The country, meanwhile, has expelled the EU's ambassador after Brussels renewed sanctions on 14 Congolese nationals. (AllAfrica)

45 Killed in Mai-Ddombe Province Battles

[CAJ News] Kinshasa -CLASHES between rival tribes have left at least 45 people dead in the western Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

Police and Protestors in DR Congo Clash Over Election Delay

[Deutsche Welle] Parts of Congo where there are fears of a widespread Ebola outbreak will not be able to vote until March. The area is also a stronghold of support for the opposition to longtime strongman Joseph Kabila. (AllAfrica)

Miss Congo Wins Miss Africa Beauty Pageant

[Premium Times] Miss Congo, Dorcas Kasinde, has won the 2018 Miss Africa Beauty Pageant hosted by the Cross River Government. (AllAfrica)

AfDB Boosts Congo SMEs Through Rawbank

[The Exchange] The African Development Bank (AfDB) will boost the private sector in the DRC by providing a USD15 million credit line to Rawbank. (AllAfrica)

Elections Delayed in Three Cities

[Deutsche Welle] Legislative elections have been pushed to March in parts of the eastern DR Congo, as well as a city in the southwest. The leading opposition candidate has questioned the motives behind the decision. (AllAfrica)

Regional Leaders Meet in Congo Brazzaville to Discuss DRC Elections

[RFI] Several heads of state from southern and central Africa are due to meet in Congo Brazzaville this evening. The delayed elections in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are expected to top the agenda. (AllAfrica)

African Leaders Voice Concern Over DRC Violence

[RFI] Five African heads of state on Wednesday voiced strong concern over the violence during the presidential campaign of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where voting has been postponed until March in the regions of Beni-Butembo and Yumbi. (AllAfrica)

4 Humanitarian Hurdles for the DRC's Next Leader

[Citizen] Kinshasa -As elections to replace President Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo were postponed on Thursday, after a delay already of more than two years, a host of humanitarian crises - from Ebola to protracted conflicts - continued to await his successor. (AllAfrica)

Opposition Media Still Closed Just Days Ahead of Presidential Election

[RSF] The continuing closure of five opposition media outlets in the Democratic Republic of Congo violates media pluralism and violates the 2016 political accord for holding a presidential election now due to take place at the end of this month, say Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and its local partner organization, Journalist in Danger (JED). (AllAfrica)

Opposition Rejects Election Delay

[Deutsche Welle] Opposition parties in the DRC have condemned the decision by the electoral commission to postpone the December 23 vote. The postponement threatens to throw the mineral-rich country into further political turmoil. (AllAfrica)

Election Postponement Deals Further Blow to Voter Confidence

[Deutsche Welle] Elections in DRC have been postponed by seven days - a ridiculously short time against the background of the country's many problems, says DW's Dirke Kpp. (AllAfrica)

Security Council Press Statement On the Postponement of the Elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo

[Monusco] The members of the Security Council took note of the decision by the National Independent Electoral Commission of the Democratic Republic of Congo (CENI) to delay until 30 December the Presidential, Parliamentary and Provincial elections previously scheduled for 23 December. (AllAfrica)

Ugandan Printers Reaping Big From DRC Campaigns

[Independent (Kampala)] Kampala -Ongoing campaigns and preparations for the upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has given a boost to printing and graphics businesses in Kampala. Several traders operating along Nasser Road have secured numerous orders from DRC politicians in the run up to the election. (AllAfrica)

Ugandan Printers Reap Big From DR Congo Election Campaigns

[Monitor] The current campaigns and preparations for the upcoming elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo have boosted the printing and graphics industry in Kampala. (AllAfrica)

Four Humanitarian Challenges for Congo's Next Leader

[IRIN] As elections to replace President Joseph Kabila in the Democratic Republic of Congo were reportedly postponed on Thursday, after a delay already of more than two years, a host of humanitarian crises - from Ebola to protracted conflicts - continued to await his successor. (AllAfrica)

Electoral Commission Postpones Voting By a Week

[Deutsche Welle] The announcement marked the latest step in a two-year saga of vote delays in Kinshasa. The presidential election is meant to mark Congo's first democratic transition of power. (AllAfrica)

Ravaged By Ebola and War, Congo Named Most Neglected Crisis of 2018

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] London -With an Ebola epidemic raging and millions caught in a forgotten "catastrophe" of conflict and hunger, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was the most neglected crisis of 2018, according to an annual Thomson Reuters Foundation poll of aid agencies. (AllAfrica)

Steps New Government Must Take to Get the DRC Onto a Sounder Footing

[The Conversation Africa] The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has been consumed by conflict and instability over the past two decades. The state is weak while unemployment is rife and good health care and education are inaccessible for most people. The Conversation Africa asked Marta Iiguez about the country's troubles, and what can be done to turn the situation around. (AllAfrica)

New UN Rights Report Paints Bleak Picture in Eastern DR Congo

[UN News] OCHA/Vicky Prekabo (AllAfrica)

DR Congo Elections - 'Historic Opportunity' for 'Peaceful Transfer of Power' Says Security Council

[UN News] MONUSCO/Alain Likota (AllAfrica)

UN Reports Hundreds of Human Rights Violations As Security Situation in North Kivu Deteriorates

[Monusco] Hundreds of extrajudicial killings and cases of torture and sexual violence against civilians have been documented during the last two years in North Kivu province in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), according to a UN report issued Wednesday. (AllAfrica)

In a Year of Deepening Hunger, WFP Reaches a Record 5 Million People in Democratic Republic of Congo

[WFP] Building on a surge in food assistance that averted famine in Kasai and Kasai Central, the UN agency quickly scaled up its interventions in the troubled eastern provinces of Ituri, Tanganyika and North and South Kivu, where flaring conflicts forced many more people from their homes. (AllAfrica)

Why Ebola Is Proving Hard to Beat in the DR Congo

[The Conversation Africa] Nearly this time exactly two years ago I wrote about the latest positive results showing - for the first time - that a vaccine against one of the world's scariest viruses, Ebola, could work. I was writing after the epidemic that hit Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone from 2013 until 2016. Since then, there have been three more outbreaks of the disease: all in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). (AllAfrica)

'Election is Time of Reckoning for Congolese People'

[allAfrica] If the presidential election scheduled for Sunday in the Democratic Republic of the Congo actually takes place, it could lead to the first "peaceful" transfer of power since the United States' Central Intelligence Agency, in cahoots with the United Nations, Belgium and other Western nations, overthrew Patrice Lumumba, the country's first democratically-elected Prime Minister in 1960. (AllAfrica)

Congo's Election Sham

[Atlantic Council] Joseph Kabila's reluctant withdrawal from the Democratic Republic of the Congo's December 23 presidential election, after seventeen years in power, was supposed to be a big victory for democracy. (AllAfrica)

39 New Ebola Cases Confirmed by WHO in a Week

[WHO] Data as reported by: 10 December 2018 (AllAfrica)