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Zimbabwe: Opposition Urges President to Dump Tour, Come and Deal With Unrest

[New Zimbabwe] OPPOSITION Build Zimbabwe Alliance (BAZ) leader, Noah Manyika says President Emmerson Mnangagwa should abandon his foreign tour and return home to personally deal with citizen unrest that has elicited a ruthless military reaction resulting in civilian deaths. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Revolt and Repression in Zimbabwe

[ICG] The Zimbabwean government's decision to hike fuel prices has sparked fierce opposition. In this Q&A, Crisis Group's Senior Consultant Piers Pigou explains how economic hardship is driving ordinary citizens to unprecedented acts of resistance. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Christian & Muslim Leaders Issue Joint Call for Peaceful Elections

[KAICIID] Fears are growing in Nigeria that the upcoming presidential election that will be held on 16 February may be accompanied by violence, and that religious identities may be misused to stoke conflict. Muslim and Christian religious leaders from across Nigeria have come together and committed to calling for peace and interreligious solidarity among their communities. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Police Pursue Looters Countrywide

[The Herald] Police have set up security checkpoints across the country to account for all hooligans who looted groceries and destroyed property during three-day violent protests orchestrated by the opposition MDC-Alliance and its civil society partners in pursuit of regime change. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Zim NGOs Claim 12 Dead During Army Clampdown On Protesters

[New Zimbabwe] ZIMBABWEAN NGOs say 12 people have died as a result of a police, army crackdown on anti-government protesters early this week, contradicting official claims only three people who include a police officer had died. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Fear of Bandits Grows in Zamfara

[Deutsche Welle] In Nigeria's state of Zamfara, villages are regularly attacked by armed gangs. Hundreds of people have died and thousands are fleeing as they no longer feel safe. Why is the government not taking action? (AllAfrica)

South Africa: SANDF Makes Progress With Vaal Project

[SAnews.gov.za] The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) says it is making inroads with the Vaal River rehabilitation project. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: SA Calls for Continued Peace Efforts in Sudan

[SAnews.gov.za] South Africa has urged the African Union (AU)/United Nations (UN) Hybrid Mission (UNAMID) to continue to provide technical and logistical assistance to support peace efforts in Sudan. (AllAfrica)

Africa: AU's Kagame, Heads of State Step In Over DR Congo Electoral Crisis

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The African Union (AU) appears determined to make a decisive, high-level intervention to resolve the political crisis generated by the contested results of the Congolese elections. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: How WhatsApp Group Helped People Caught in Riverside Attack

[Nairobi News] On the fateful day of the 14 Riverside Drive attack, I was on my laptop when reports reached me at about 3:50pm. My diary on January 15, 2018 included many things but creating a WhatsApp group for victims trapped in a building was not one of them. (AllAfrica)

Africa: No Citizenship, No Financial Aid - Refugee Students Get Raw Deal

[Daily Maverick] The National Student Financial Aid Scheme received almost half a million applications for the funding of higher education in 2019. Among those who need not bother applying, however, are students who do not have a South African ID book. The idea that financial aid should be reserved for South African citizens might seem fair enough on paper -- but when you consider the case of refugees or asylum seekers, everything starts to look more morally complicated. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: 9/11 Survivor Dies in Kenya Terror Attack

[VOA] Growing up, Jason Spindler was an all-American kid. (AllAfrica)

Namibia: Geingob Calls for Help of DRC

[New Era] Windhoek -Sadc chairperson Dr Hage Geingob yesterday said the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is at crossroads after its contentious December 30 presidential election. (AllAfrica)

East Africa: FCAEA Urges Respectful Debate on Media Coverage in Kenya

[Foreign Correspondents Association of East Africa] The Foreign Correspondents' Association of East Africa (FCAEA) would like to express its deep condolences to the people of Kenya for the appalling terror attack on the Dusit D2 Hotel on Riverside. We understand these attacks send shockwaves not just through the communities of those directly affected, but across the city and the country as a whole, and can have a traumatising impact on many citizens. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Attack Shows That Al-Shabaab Is Still a Potent Threat to Kenya

[The Conversation Africa] The terror attack in Nairobi was a tragedy. But also, to some extent, unexpected. Kenya suffered relatively frequent attacks between 2013 and 2016 - Westgate in 2013, the Mpeketoni attack and the Gikomba attack in 2014, the Garissa university attack in 2016. Since then there's been a break in larger attacks. And since the earlier Gikomba attack, Nairobi has been spared, and Kenyan authorities have scored some successes in dismantling al-Shabaab networks in the country. They also thwarted a larger operation (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Long Queues for Cash As Khartoum Banks, ATMs Run Dry

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum -Cash withdrawals have been severely limited in Khartoum state in Sudan as the country-wide liquidity crisis continues without a solution in sight. Each day sees hundreds of residents queueing at the cash points. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Uprising Week Four - Protests in 8 Cities

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum / Kassala / New Halfa / El Gedaref / Kaud -Yesterday, thousands of Sudanese demonstrated in eight different cities in the country for the fourth consecutive week of the Sudanese uprising demanding the immediate step-down of President Omar Al Bashir and his regime from power. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Sudan Responds to Anti-Bashir Coverage With Censorship and Arrests

[CPJ] "We were all journalists, so we went to work. We wrote about what happened to us that day," Ashraf Abdelaziz, editor-in-chief of the privately owned al-Jarida daily told me over the phone this week, while recounting how he and his colleagues reported on their own arrest while still in detention. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Fuel, Cash Shortages in Sudan Capital and States

[Radio Dabanga] Khartoum / El Rahad / El Geneina -On Wednesday, the fuel crisis returned in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. The city saw long queues of vehicles for fuel and the main bus stations experienced huge crowds waiting for transportation. (AllAfrica)

Sudan: Darfur Displaced Distance Themselves From Al Bashir Visit

[Radio Dabanga] Nyala -The leaders of the displaced people in Darfur have publicly distanced themselves from the visit to the South Darfur capital of Nyala by President Omar Al Bashir on Sunday. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Global Leadership Deficit Leaves Development Goals in Doldrums

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Madrid -"There has been ... a lot of lip service but not enough action," says former head of U.N. Development Programme (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: EU Blasts Harare's Crackdown, UK Summons London Ambassador

[New Zimbabwe] The European Union (EU) condemned disproportionate use of force by the Zimbabwe government Thursday while Britain summoned Harare's ambassador to London as pressure against President Emmerson Mnangagwa's administration increased. (AllAfrica)

Rwanda: 140 Rwandan Peacekeepers Depart for CAR Stabilisation Mission

[New Times] A contingent of 140 Rwanda National Police (RNP) officers under the Specialised Protection Support Unit (PSU IV) yesterday departed to the Central African Republic (CAR) aboard a RwandAir flight for a one-year peacekeeping mission. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: 68 Zim Protesters Treated for Gunshot Wounds, Says Doctors Group

[New Zimbabwe] THE Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) said Thursday it had treated 68 Zimbabweans from gunshots wounds sustained during a heavy handed state reaction to three days of a national protest by angry locals over a government hike on fuel prices. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: 11 Arrests So Far After Riverside Drive Attack

[Capital FM] Police are closing in on more suspects believed to have played part in the terror attack at 14 Riverside Drive Complex, after the arrest of 9 on Thursday. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: All Missing People in Riverside Drive Attack Accounted For - Red Cross

[Capital FM] Nairobi -All the 94 cases of people who were reported missing after the dusitD2 complex terror attack have been closed positively. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: We Had No Intelligence On Dusit Terror Attack, U.S. Govt Says

[Nairobi News] The United States has dismissed claims it had prior knowledge of the 14 Riverside Drive attack, which left 21 people dead, 16 of them Kenyans. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Families Identify Kin After Dusit Attack

[Nation] Families of the DusitD2 Hotel terror victims bore the agony of mixed-up details amid delayed and scanty information from the authorities as they camped all day in sweltering heat at Chiromo Mortuary yesterday to identify bodies of their loved ones. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Why Photographs of Dead in Nairobi Terror Attack Failed Journalism

[The Conversation Africa] An article by the New York Times on the Riverside terrorist attacks in Nairobi has provoked fury and consternation in Kenya. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Commander Dismisses Involvement of Air Force in Attacking OLF Faction

[ENA] Addis Ababa -Ethiopian Air Force Commander Brigadier General Yilma Merdasa has dismissed the allegation spread by the social media that air support was given to attack the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) faction Shene in West Wollega. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: President Kabila Speaks on Elections

[Deutsche Welle] Speaking to DW, President Kabila confirmed that the election to determine his successor will take place on Sunday after a delay of one week. However residents of some Ebola-affected areas will have to wait until March. (AllAfrica)