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South Africa: SABC Crisis - the Public Broadcaster Is Sitting On Its Solutions

[Daily Maverick] The solution to the crisis facing the state broadcaster lies in addressing its own financial inefficiency and confronting years of mismanagement, not in requesting yet more aid from the state, nor retrenching hundreds of staff. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: KBL Boss Who Shrugged Off a CAF Beer Advertising Ban

[Nation] Sometime in 1986, the Confederation of Africa Football (Caf) banned the display of alcohol and tobacco advertisements on stadiums hosting its matches because of what it described as "the nefarious effects these products have on sportsmen's health." (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Late Musician Jonas Gwangwa 'Embodied the Struggle for a National Culture'

[The Conversation Africa] Music is not a zero sum game with only one 'best'. But if you seek to name one musician whose life embodies the South African people's struggle for a national culture, it must be trombonist, composer and cultural activist Jonas Mosa Gwangwa, who was born on 19 October 1937 in Orlando East, Johannesburg, and died on 23 January 2021 in Johannesburg aged 83. (AllAfrica)

Guinea: Swiss Jail Mining Magnate for Bribing Mamadie Touré

[Public Eye] At the conclusion of a widely followed trial, French-Israeli businessman Beny Steinmetz was today found guilty of bribery of foreign public officials and document forgery by the Geneva criminal court. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: What Your Ugly Handwriting Says About You

[Nation] I read that my chicken scrawl could also mean that I am careless, impatient, or absent-minded (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Covid-19 Vaccination and Vaccines

[This Day] Ogun State -- Adewale Kupoluyi writes that while the availability of vaccines is a positive development, non-pharmaceutical measures should not be abandoned. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: A Shortage of 280,000 Public, Private School Teachers

[This Day] The dearth of teachers should be addressed urgently (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Of Toyin Falola, African Scholars and the Western Academy

[Premium Times] ... the bottom-line is that doctorates from Nigerian universities would not be taken seriously in Euro-America unless, largely, the graduates from Nigeria are able to match the research skills of graduates from Euro-American universities... What makes a university is not the teaching but the research. (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Out At the Organic Farmers Market

[Nation] In my research for this week's article, I was looking for somewhere dog-friendly in Karen, where my wife and I could enjoy a sunny Saturday afternoon. I then remembered that the Organic Farmers Market was open every Saturday at KSPCA on Langata Road. (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Whose Gamble Is Sudan Playing?

[Ethiopian Herald] It has become evident that the Sudanese armed forces have pushed deep into Ethiopia's border while Ethiopia is busy stitching the wounds caused by its own internal affairs in the fighting of a bitter feud between the Federal government and the now outlawed Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) forces. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: All Herdsmen Are Not Bandits

[This Day] Crime has no ethnic face. When criminality is defined according to ethnic origin or religion, social cohesion is threatened. There are people of criminal inclinations in every group, race, place and religion. In fact, we defeat the fight against insecurity if we lend ourselves to ethnic prejudices. The insecurity devouring Nigeria affects everyone - Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Idoma, Jukun -- and people of different religions. The criminals pillaging the country do not select victims based on ethnicity an (AllAfrica)

Kenya: Vaccinate Girls to Save Them From Cervical Cancer - Bosire

[Nation] Despite the world convening for ICPD25+ in 2019 and Global leaders making commitments to safeguard the health of women and young girls, there continues to be increased opposition against reproductive rights of women; opposition that has hindered access to safe reproductive services including cervical cancer prevention interventions. As a young girl who grew up in the slums of Kibera, in an environment where quality, affordable and timely healthcare did not exist, this reality remains true for many young gi (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Chief John Nnia Nwodo - Ijele Ndigbo Takes a Bow

[Premium Times] On Sunday, January 10, Professor George Obiozor emerged as the new president-general of Ohaneze Ndigbo, the apex socio-cultural body of an estimated 40 million Igbos at home and in the diaspora. The change of guard was a sombre ceremony following an election held earlier that day at Dan Anyiam Stadium in Owerri. The day also marked the end of a pivotal era that started in January 3, 2017. The dramatis personae of that epoch was no other than the Ike Ukehe, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, a man whose vision and char (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Land Disputes and Communal Clashes

[This Day] The authorities must do more to contain the growing problem (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Restructuring Before 2023

[This Day] Critics of the 1999 transition to civil democratic rule programme make the pertinent point that it amounted to walking blindfolded into the fourth republic because the rules of engagement (constitution) were not made manifest prior to the swearing in of elected officers. This non sequitur, putting the cart before the horse, stemmed from the choice and strategy of the supervisory military dictatorship of General Abdulsalami Abubakar to prioritise the rapid withdrawal of the military from governance. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Cross Rivers' Unpaid Magistrates

[Leadership] The recent protest by some aggrieved magistrates in Cross River State has again underscored the need to critically look at the welfare of the nation's judicial officers in view of the crucial roles they play in ensuring peace and order. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: So, What Has Happened to Wadume?

[This Day] Last Friday, the nation marked the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, a day set aside to remember and celebrate men and women of the armed forces who paid the supreme price in their effort to defend their fatherland. Usually, they are those felled by the bullets of their enemies or those who suffered death while tackling the enemies of state. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: The Battle for Anambra State

[This Day] Val Ozigbo has the capacity and vision to improve on the fortunes of the state. (AllAfrica)

Southern Africa: Lessons in Lockdown - Love & Light in the Time of Corona

[Gender Links] Johannesburg, 20 January: As the saying goes, "life is what happens while you are planning the next move." 2020 proved this in the most dramatic way possible as the COVID-19 pandemic changed every plan; thrust us into lock down, confusion and moments of despair. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Curtail Excesses of Amotekun

[Daily Trust] The idea of establishing the Southwest security outfit, Western Nigeria Security Network, popularly known as Amotekun, was conceived by governors of the region to bridge the gap created by the federal police in tackling some security challenges in the region about a year ago. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Re - Fair Play or Foul?

[This Day] Lagos -- Cosmas Odoemena argues that Bishop Kukah spoke the truth to power (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: On Young Domestic Workers and Abuse

[Daily Trust] Once, at church in Enugu, a woman had her help - this girl could not have been much older than 6- running after her 3 children, the oldest of whom was a bratty boy older than the girl and the youngest was maybe 2. It was easy to tell this kid was the maid because she did not have ribbons in her hair like the other 2 girls and her 'Sunday dress' was a washed-out T-shirt over a skirt. She was in charge of doling out snacks and water to the children but I never saw her eat or drink once. Apparently, she was n (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Landlords

[Vanguard] "Wisdom we know is the knowledge of good and evil, not the strength to choose between the two -- John Cheever(1912-1982), American novelist. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Biden, Kamala Inauguration - the Triumph of Democracy

[Vanguard] TODAY, history, in the class of the famous American and French Revolutions, is being made in the United States of America. Although the history is taking place in the US, it represents a victory for all countries of the world where people value freedom. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Covid-19 Has Shown What Happens When We Destroy Nature - 2021 Must Be the Year We Change Course

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] For years, we have ignored the silent crisis of biodiversity loss, but we cannot risk another damaging decade for nature (AllAfrica)

Africa: We Need a Global Coordinated Effort to Secure Equal Access to Safe & Effective Vaccines

[IPS] Geneva -- Ilze Brands Kehris is Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights heading the UN Human Rights Office in New York (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Teach Our Kids How to Be Entrepreneurs - It's a Way Out of the Unemployment Impasse

[Daily Maverick] All learners should be exposed to entrepreneurship at school. It teaches young people to create work for themselves instead of just looking for work. Thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, but the pandemic has also created many new opportunities. Entrepreneurship studies will open the eyes of learners to these opportunities. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Different Forms of Media Investment Could Give New Life and Hope to the Industry

[Daily Maverick] We need only to look at the Murdoch empire, the Guptas' foray into TV and the press, and the not-so-Independent Media Group to see how things can go wrong. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: President Buhari, Oby Ezekwesili and the Kankara Schoolboys

[Daily Trust] Kwara State -- Nigeria's calumny campaigners got a brand new agenda recently when former Education Minister, Oby Ezekwesili, in her usual mudslinging, ridiculously and shamefully stated on Channels TV that, "President Buhari sent the Kankara schoolboys on excursion to terrorists." Oby's all negative vituperations on the president since 2015 is understandable and un-worrisome. But, very worrisome is the bandwagon effect her nefarious conversations are having on gullible Nigerians. To be sure, since she made that statement (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Trump and Wole Soyinka's Green Card

[Premium Times] Tomorrow, Trump intends to leave Washington early in the morning for Palm Beach, Florida, about 1,000 miles away. He will still have in his possession the nuclear briefcase and the nuclear codes called the "biscuit". But that would not matter. The nuclear codes will be changed at noon EST... It is a new dawn in the United States. But will Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka restore his Green Card and embrace Biden's America? (AllAfrica)

Africa: Climate Primer - Why Is Everyone Talking About 'Net Zero'?

[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Countries, cities and businesses are aiming for 'net zero' emissions - but what does that mean and why does it matter? (AllAfrica)