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South Africa: Check Out Full List of All The Safta Nominees

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The 13th annual South African Film and Television Awards nominees have been announced (AllAfrica)

Africa: Leaked Letter Alleges Cronyism by African Union Boss - Report

[allAfrica] The deputy chairperson of the African Union Commission has launched an unprecedented attack on his boss, chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat, South Africa's Mail & Guardian newspaper reports. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Uganda's Women Are Not Products to be Sold to Tourists

[allAfrica] Johannesburg -How on earth did the Ugandan Tourism Ministry think that adding "curvy and sexy" Ugandan women to the list of tourism products to attract tourists was a good idea? Tourism products... are they serious? (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Zimbabwe Govt Paper The Herald Runs Headline 'Unpacking Maimane's Monkey Tricks'

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The Democratic Alliance and its leader Mmusi Maimane have taken it upon themselves to play a part in resolving Zimbabwe's current crisis by pushing for foreign intervention. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Leadership and Africa's Youth Bulge - Rosa Whitaker, CEO of the Whitaker Group

[allAfrica] AllAfrica will be looking at the issue of 'leadership' during 2019 - what it is, who has it, and what is needed for Africa to develop and prosper. Most of the voices will be African. Some, like today's, will be long-time friends of Africa. Rosa Whitaker, CEO of the Whitaker Group, was the first U.S. trade representative for Africa and is one of the foremost experts on U.S./Africa trade and investment. She shared a series of thoughts on what leadership can accomplish. First up - how can Africa's youthful po (AllAfrica)

Ethiopia: Ethiopia Gets Its Teff Back

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The Ethiopian government is celebrating a major victory in a long-running dispute over who owns the patent for products made from teff - an ancient grain that forms the basis of Ethiopia's staple food, injera. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Invites Opposition Leaders for Talks

[allAfrica] Cape Town -President Emmerson Mnangagwa has invited presidential candidates who participated in Zimbabwe's 2018 elections to a meeting to discuss the framework for post-election dialogue, SABC News reports. (AllAfrica)

Somalia: Dubai Company's Port Official Shot Dead in Puntland

[allAfrica] A senior representative of Dubai-based harbour operator DP World has been killed in the port town of Bosaso in Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland, Bloomberg reports. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Police Unit Arrests Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for Money Laundering

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Shepherd Bushiri has been arrested, according to a post on the controversial self-proclaimed prophet's Facebook page. (AllAfrica)

Uganda: Musician and MP Bobi Wine is Considering Running for President

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Ugandan MP and musician Robert Kyagulanyi - also known as Bobi Wine - says he is considering running for president in the country's next elections. (AllAfrica)

Cote d'Ivoire: Fake News Lands MP in Jail

[allAfrica] Alain Lobognon has been sentenced to 12 months in prison and a fine of 300,000 FCFA reports L'Intelligent d'Abidjan. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: EFF Pulls Out All the Stops to Woo Voters

[allAfrica] Cape Town -A community meeting in Atteridgeville, Tshwane saw Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy president Floyd Shivambu promise the community that t-shirts and food were just the beginning of what the EFF would offer once in power, TimesLive reports. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: South Africa's Top Woman CEO Retires - Where Will Ramos Go Now?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The retirement announcement of Absa Group CEO Maria Ramos has sparked speculation about what could be next for "the fixer", who was part of the national treasury in 1994, and went on to head up Transnet and lead Absa for 10 years. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Supporters of 'Please Call Me' Inventor Vow to take on Vodacom

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Supporters of Nkosana Makate, inventor of Vodacom's "Please Call Me", have vowed to shut down the service provider's head offices in Midrand on Thursday, 702 reports. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Lauryn Hill Promises She'll Show Up For South African Fans

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Those fans who were doubting that award-winning artist Lauryn Hill will be a no-show apparently have nothing to worry about. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Major Restructuring Looming for Cash-Strapped Power Utility?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has said that a discussion will have to be held on whether energy parastatal Eskom should be split into three separate entities, ESI Africa reports. The minister spoke at a panel discussion at the Business Economic Indaba in Midrand on Tuesday. (AllAfrica)

Mozambique: Frelimo Wants Chang Back, But Opposition Smells A Rat

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Mozambique has asked for the extradition of former finance minister Manuel Chang, who is detained in South Africa on U.S. charges over a corruption scandal in his home country, Verdade reports. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Why Surveillance of Essential Vaccines is Important

[allAfrica] Immunization is one of the most effective public health interventions that prevent millions of deaths every year in all age groups from vaccine-preventable diseases. Despite all the efforts by the World Health Organisation to have all children vaccinated no matter their economic circumstances, one in every four children still misses essential vaccines. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: Lawyers March Against 'Threat to Rule of Law by Military'

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Zimbabwe lawyers have taken to the streets to protest against the alleged abuse of rule of law by the State. (AllAfrica)

Tanzania: Diamond Reveals How Much He Paid for Ne-Yo and Rick Ross Collabos

[allAfrica] The popular singer has opened up about how much he spent to pay American artists he has worked so far during a recent meeting between Tanzanian musicians and the Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Sub-Saharan Africa, Home of The World's Most Corrupt Governments

[allAfrica] Cape Town -The nations of sub-Saharan Africa are still perceived on average to have the world's most corrupt governments, according to the latest index published by Transparency International (TI). (AllAfrica)

Africa: Are the Days of WhatsApp Chain Messages Numbered?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -"Saturday morning whatsapp will become chargeable. If you have at least 10 contacts send them this message." Sound familiar? This and more chain messages - many of which promise anything from discounts on Louis Vuitton handbags to good luck for the year or a health hazard warning - may become less frequent if WhatsApp has its way. (AllAfrica)

Africa: The Time for Silence is Over

[allAfrica] This is the Year to Stop Child Sexual Abuse (AllAfrica)

Uganda: When Electricity Means Life or Death for Hospital Patients

[allAfrica] Electricity is considered a luxury in parts of Africa. When it comes to its supply in public health facilities however, it can mean life or death. (AllAfrica)

Africa: Africans Offer Different Lenses On the Future of Work On a World Stage

[allAfrica] Geneva -South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa has served all three legs that make up the International Labour Organization (ILO) - representing at one time or another, workers, employers and now the government. (AllAfrica)

Africa: AllAfrica Launches Peacebuilding Focus

[allAfrica] Cape Town/Dakar -Over the next two years, the AllAfrica Foundation will be examining issues of peacebuilding in Africa, in collaboration with African media partners and African researchers and research organizations. The reporting, which will be published on and made freely available to online, print and broadcast media, is supported by a philanthropic grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. (AllAfrica)

Nigeria: Meet Fatima Madaki

[allAfrica] Nigeria - Africa's most populous nation and the continent's largest economy - is a vibrant, diverse country, with a history of world-class universities, a thriving film industry, strong civil society organizations and media, influential artists and designers, and musicians that top global charts. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: Historic Day as Citizens Watch First Presidential Handover

[allAfrica] The world watches today as the country holds its first ever presidential handover ceremony. Since gaining independence from Belgium, political power in the Democratic Republic of Congo has always been taken through the barrel of the gun. In 1965 Joseph Desire Mobutu, then chief of staff, overthrew the president Joseph Kasa Vubu. (AllAfrica)

Congo-Kinshasa: Can The Country Dare to Dream Again?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Forty years after the brutal assassination of Patrice Lumumba, the first and only elected prime minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo, then known as Zaire, the country and the continent can dream again. (AllAfrica)

South Africa: Schweizer-Reneke Teacher Wins Court Battle Over Suspension

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Laerskool Schweizer-Reneke teacher Elana Barkhuizen has won her Labour Court challenge and had her suspension lifted, according to Times Live. (AllAfrica)

Zimbabwe: What Now After a 2nd Internet Shutdown, and Treason Charges for Activists?

[allAfrica] Cape Town -Zimbabwe's government has again forced a "total Internet shutdown", Misa Zimbabwe says, after a violent crackdown by police when huge crowds protested against dramatic fuel price increases. (AllAfrica)