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Curaçao International Airport

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Curaçao International Airport, also known as Hato Airport of Aeropuerto Hato

Submitted: 27/11/2018
Accepted: 06/12/2018

Pregnant female

Huge, mature, nurse shark who is believed to be pregnant. We estimate that she is 3m long. She was hanging out under a ledge protected by several boulders, which made getting an angle on the shot difficult. Thank goodness I didn't have the macro lens on for this dive! She is the largest creature we have seen in our diving.

A total thrill to spend time watching her. To non-divers the thought of finding a shark is generally terrifying. But to divers the complete opposite is true - it is an electrifying experience.

Flamingo kitsch?

Caribbean flamingo, Phoenicopterus ruber ruber

The image is reminiscent of plastic flamingo lawn statues. Hence, the title of the post. But this is a wild bird taken in one of only four locations that they use to breed. Due to their limited range, they are under threat. The economic crisis in Venezuela is also not helping them - there is some evidence that they are being hunted for food in Venezuela.

What a face!

Scorpion fish. They lie on the reef, waiting motionless with their camouflage for an unsuspecting treat to come by. Their eye's are a solid red, which contributes to their creepy look. The feathery growth all over their face and the mottled colors also helps with that.

Slave huts on Bonaire

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Bonaire Slave Huts
Before it was a scuba destination, Bonaire's main industry was the production of sea salt. In the days of slavery, men and women were forced to work as saltrakers in the salt evaporation pans of Bonaire's south shore. Slaves were housed in these small huts, now maintained by the local parks department.

Submitted 07/02/2015
Accepted 05/03/2015

- AMADEUS SAS (France) 04-Sep-2018

Where lighting strikes

Lighting is often seen, but when do you actually see where is strikes? In this case we had a clear visual on the strike point.

Not only is it impressive to see the lightning streak across the sky all the way to the ground, because it was so close, the thunder was deafening, not only for your ears, but also like a punch to your chest.

Based on the single bolt and the sonic boom thunder, this is probably a positively charged cloud-to-ground lightning strike, which is less common than the negatively charged cloud-to-ground strike which generally has many branches.

I didn't have a lightning trigger, so I had to trigger the shutter manually. That gives you a sense of how long the bolt lingered.

When the show was over, we discovered that many people on the island had their routers and other electronics fried. It was impressive, and unfortunately, also destructive.

Ride 'em cowboy!

Spotted cleaner shrimp on a giant anemone. While a photo freezes motion, this shrimp indeed looked like it was riding a bronco with the arm of the anemone swaying back and forth in the current.

To see the detail on the shrimp, hit "z".

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Saban Cottage with Gingerbread Trim

RockyTop_fotos posted a photo:

Saban Cottage with Gingerbread Trim

Salt works on Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

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Much of Bonaire's Southern half has been made into a giant system of ponds and pools which take seawater and allow incrimental evaporation of the water until the only remaining product is sea salt. Bonaire's solar salt works produces 400,000 tons of industrial grade salt per year primarily using wind to operate windmill-driven pumps and gates and the sun to evaporate the collected seawater.

Submitted: 09/12/2017
Accepted: 14/12/2017

- KLM AMS/MS (Netherlands) 11-Jan-2018

Turtle castle

Found this green turtle scratching his shell on this coral head while on a drift dive from Something Special to Eden Beach. The turtle was so enjoying the scratch that it didn't cared that I slowly approached. At the time I took the shot, I was inches away from the turtle (the effect of a fisheye lens). At that point the turtle decided that I was getting a bit too comfortable, so it turned to move on. I was able to get this shot as it twisted towards me just before it left its coral head.

Jewellery store shutters - Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, Eastern Caribbean

_DSC7685 Anx2 1400h Q90 Ap Q11

Yellow shutter - Philipsburg, Sint Maarten, Eastern Caribbean

_DSC7659 Anx2 2018-10-15 1400h Q90 Ap Q11

Spotted lobster, Bonaire

Off the Sand Dollar Condos, where I stayed on Bonaire. These seemed unusually abundant where I snorkeled in Bonaire and were more common than the usual Caribbean spiny lobster.

French angelfish, Bonaire

Off the small island of Klein Bonaire.

Palometa, Bonaire

Off the small island of Klein Bonaire. These fish are in the jack family and are related to pompano.

Up close and personal with a porcupinefish, Bonaire

"Andrea" dive/snorkel site.

Salt extraction - Bonaire

Sjak11 posted a photo:

Salt extraction - Bonaire

Blue whiptail lizard, Bonaire

Only the males have this bright color: females are smaller and drabber.

Netherlands Antilles flag themes idea design

Netherlands Antilles flag themes idea design

SC Aviation Hawker 800XP N474CF

SXM/TNCM -- 11/2016

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