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The first few miles of the railway between Asmara and Massawa or used occasionally for this tourist steam train.

These later, and much larger, compound Mallet locomotives were built by Ansaldo in Genova in 1938 to largely replace the earlier types, both the 440 Series and the unsuccessful 441 Series. The latter were simple locomotives (i.e., non-compound) and found liable to run out of steam on the heavy grades of the line. Four of them are still in existence of which three are in running order.

Eritrean Air Force Sukhoi Su-27

Flying over Asmara. They were preparing for the National Day fly overs in a couple days. And probably reminding the Ethiopians that Eritrea can take care of it's self.....


Eritrea 1992 In the streets of Masawa, a house in ruins after the liberation of the city by the Eritreans .Erythrée 1992 Dans les rues de Masawa, maison bombardée pendant la reconquete de la ville par les combattants erythréens


Eritrea 1988 Fighters of EPLF on their way to the front line.Erythrée 1988 Combattants du FPLE montant au front, traversant Atchurum ou l’armée ethiopienne a subi une grande defaite


Eritrea 1992 The tanks’graveyard in Kanew, suburbs of Asmara.Erythree 1992 Le cimetiere des chars ethiopiens a Kanew, faubourg d’Asmara

Eritrean Bride+Groom in Traditional outfit



Eritrea 1984 Nacfa and the mosque near the front line.Erythrée 1984 A Nacfa, ville sur la ligne de front : la mosquée


Eritrea 1984 A fighter of EPLF in Mersa Tekle in ruins .Erythrée 1984 Les ruines de Mersa Tekle sur la mer Rouge


Eritrea 1984 Tigrayans on their way to the Sudanese border fleeing drought and famine.Erythrée 1984 Au petit matin , pres de Chilalo, Tigréens sur le chemin de l’exil fuyant la secheresse et la famine

Aderde (Eritrea) - Town Panorama

View over Aderde, the first town in Gash-Barka region after crossing the border from Anseba region.

Engerne (Eritrea) - Hut

Traditional Tigre hut (called Tukul in Tigre language and Agudo in Tigrinya) in Engerne, a village between Keren and Akurdet.

Gash River (Eritrea) - Dry Riverbed

Most rivers in Eritrea only have water in rainy season (July-September). The river in the picture is called Gash, but further upstream its name is Mereb and it forms the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia.


Eritrea 1988 Training of women fighters in Sahel during the war of independence.Erythrée 1988 Entrainement de femmes combattantes dans le Sahel pendant la guerre d’independance


Erythrea 1988 Portrait of a fighter Erythrée 1988 Portrait d'un combattant du FPLE


Eritrea 1984 During the war of independence, meeting with nomads in Sahel at sunset.Erythrée 1984 Pendant la guerre d’indépendance, réunion de nomades dans le Sahel

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