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Herd Mentality

This herd of hippos is a little bigger than the average 10-15 member group. It is likely made up of only one mature male, many females and their immature offspring. Male hippos are violently territorial, and other deadly battles happen when groups compete with one another.

Blade Runner

Dew drops still hang on the leaves of young maize plants in freehold farmer's field in town.

The Warm Heart of Africa

This was my first visit to a Malawian village. Two observations stuck out to me: the people had so little, but they were so cheerful. It was part of what made me decide to move here long-term.

Touches of Gold

After a night storm, the early morning light brings a beautiful, soft golden hue to the lake surroundings


ajakubik posted a photo:


Sunset at Liwonde

The sun sets at Liwonde National Park, Malawi.
(I have been playing around with the Instagram edits lately due to being on tour and not having a whole lot of time to get my photos properly sorted on Aperture. I'm probably using to many effects but I'm having fun with it for the time being).

Sunset at Niassa Lake

Lago Niassa - Malawi, Reveillon 2010-2011

Fishermen at Niassa Lake

Lago Niassa - Malawi, Reveillon 2010-2011

Kudu Male

A lone male kudu, unusual in that he had no females nearby.

Butterfly Malawi

One of many insects crowding onto a single bush in the forest.

Hippo Yawning

Hippos dont do much during the day but it always seems to be tiring as they often yawn.

Small boys selling mice

Two small youngsters selling mice at the roadside in Malawi.
The mice are caught after the fields are burnt. Sold as a roadside snack, sadly I was not bold enough to try one, but they are very popular.

Fisherman on Lake Malawi

A group of fishermen getting into position on Lake Malawi at sunrise.

Bull Elephant

This bull was stopping our progress for some time and at one point looked to charge us. But in the end he just moved to one side.

Hippo: up periscope

Taking pictures of this pair of Jacanas I noticed that they were moving to the right as a pair. This seemed very odd until their patch became an island formed on the back of the rising hippo. They carried on feeding regardless.

UN Women Executive Director Meets Minister of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare of Malawi

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women meetsPatricia Kaliati, Minister of Gender, Children, Disabilities and Social Welfare of Malawi at UN Women Headquarters on September 26, 2014.

Photo: UN Women/Ryan Brown

School uniforms are mandatory for children in Malawi.

These uniforms will be sewn and distributed to 1,420 children so they are able to attend school.

Zulunkhuni River

Ruarwe, Malawi

Malawi Trip | Lukwe / Livingstonia

Chomwe Plateau

Malawi Trip | Lukwe / Livingstonia

Lovers Nest Restaurant

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